Edinburgh life

Saturday 30 continued

3D/2D Craft 8. Design Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). l0.30am 4.30pm. ‘)0p (o0p). (‘ontemporary cr'altwork sold direct by the makers.

Spring Flower Show 2002 Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7l7l. llam 5.30pm. £l.50 (Free). The Royal (‘aledonian Horticultural Society hosts its third gardening extravaganza. Great Easter Eggstravaganza lloly‘r'ood Park. 550 1761. l lamw-3pm. l-‘ree. See Fri 2‘).

Scots Traditional Dance in Edinburgh Southside (‘ommunity (‘entre. ()ld ('hurch. Nicolson Street. ()67 22l2. l 5.30pm. £5 (£2). liorurn organised by the ALP Scots Music (ir’oup. aiming to bring together anyone interested in Scots traditional dance. Daybreak On The World’s Edge The Hub. ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 7.30pm. £‘) (£7). Top traditional musicians Rod Paterson. Mick West. Wendy Weatherby and others perform their own material bel'ore readings of the work of Scots poet William Soutar. Sean O’Connell Number One. I Princes Street. 557 (i727. Spm. £75 per person. See Fri 2‘).


Edinburgh Rocks v Derby Meadow bank Sports ('entr'e. 13‘) London Road. (ibl 535l. 5pm. £7 (£5). BBl. (‘hampionship basketball match.

Other events

Spring Flower Show 2002 Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7171. l lam 5.30pm. £l.50 (Free). See Sat 30.

Great Easter Eggstravaganza llolyrood Park. 556 17o]. l lain 3pm. l-‘ree. See Fri 2‘).

Fishy Frolics Bowhill llouse & ('ountry Park. Bow hill. Selkirk. ()l750 22204. 2 3.30pm. £l. Take part in some liaster Sunday lishy quizzes and actiyities to w in a prize.


Building Brutalism: Henderson And Paolozzi National (iallery of Modern Art. Bell‘ord Road. 024 (i200. 12.45pm. liree. ((iymnasium). Art historian Martin Harrison talks about the work of Nigel Henderson and liduardo Paolo/Ii.

Other events

Great Easter Eggstravaganza Holyrood Park. 556 l7ol. l lam 3pm. Free. See Hi 2‘).

Art Workshop Borders Books. [hit 20. l-‘ort Kinnaird Retail Park. 057 4041. (rpm. Art classes for eyct‘yortc with Lynda l‘rarne with hints and tips for all mediums.

Edinburgh Zoo Cf)’f$lf)’_l;l‘.ll‘(} Road. 1*}311 To". Da 3. .(L'éll't-iFJTD'Y‘. ctr-fat firm ‘tcr'i Mon 1 Ac" E‘?’ 'E‘r'w? 'txct 3‘20— ET2«’-.:';I) \.'.’ dely accepted as one a“ tire “nest mos; S'Itat‘.

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Georgian House {L'tat‘lotfe Sztuare. 275) WU) Mon Sat

10a": f;t,".‘; Stlt‘ 2' 5pm.


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98 THE LIST 2?“, Mat 1 ‘: Apr 7(1)?

Edinburgh when the New Town was built.

The Life And Times Of Inspector Rebus

Meet Old Quad. University 0‘ Edinburgh, 53:37 (340-4. Wed. Fr: & Sat 2.13()~4.I$()ptn. 5T6 (SIS—Rh. Folios: Hi the footsteps; of Ian Hankrn's tamed <2()I(3(;‘t|‘.’(3 on this walking

Museum Of Edinburgh (fort'ierly l‘luntiy House». 14?. Canongate. 532$) «fit/.3. Mon-«Sat thtn-op'n. l ree. Packed tenth ll‘fSlQTlC

century rnansron tells; the

Who's pulling the strings? The past, present and future of puppetry in

Scotland comes into question at the Symposium On Puppetry Today, Gateway

Other events

Adult Acting Classes Level 2 (iateway Theatre. lilm Row. l.eith Walk, 3l7 3‘)3‘). 0.30 8.30pm. l-‘ull course £60 (£40). (‘ome along and take part in the (iateway 's weekly programme of classes and Workshops.

Stella Screen Cinebar ()xygen Bar a (irill. 3 5 lnlirmary Street. 557 ‘)‘)‘)7. 8pm. liree. Tonight's lilm is ('eei/ I). Demented.

Wednesday 3


Scotching The Myth - Scotland’s First National Interpretation Conference Royal Botartic (iarden. lnyet‘leith Row. 01738 444177. l-‘ree. Noyice and experienced interpreters working in a Variety of fields come together to discuss their work.


General Sir James Hope Grant National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. (324 (i200. 12.45pm. l‘ree. Alan ('arswell. curator at the Scottish National War Museum. discusses Sir Francis (irant's painting.

Peter Green & Co Wine Tasting Queen’s Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7pm. £ l 2.50 (£25 inc supper). A tutored tasting. this month looking at the wines of New Zeal-and.

Other events

Plant Auction Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7171. 7pm. Free. A sale ol‘ exotic and traditional plants.

Book events

Big Word Performance Poetry (iilded Saloon. 233 (‘ow gate. 226 (i550. ‘)pm. £4 (£3 t. More high energy poetic outpourings courtesy til-lty‘pCt‘1tcliy‘c slam champ Annie Wallace. plus Hawaiian

stop, o‘ Edinburgh's past and rts people.

Old Town Weaving Company

513:3 Castlehrll, Royal lee. 226 7:355. Mon- Sat 9i]ltt-5.30l)llll Sun 10am-6pm. $7.4 4‘2» ‘73 . Watch tartan appear before your eyes at this s'teawng '~.'.tondertand.

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Royal Male. 5530 1000. Daily ‘).f%()arn—A.A:3t)m (open lrll 0pm from Mon 1 Apr). £6.50 (S.‘13.13()—S‘:3r; faintly ticket 5‘1050. Starting; life at; a 13th century abbey.

Theatre, Sun 7 Apr

Daye. Michael Mc(iil| and comic poet \‘iy (lee.

James Patterson Waterstone‘s. 128 Princes Street. 226 Zorro. (rpm. Free. A great opportunity to see this best-selling author in conyersation with ST\"s Stephen Jardine.

Out Loud Athletic Arms. Angle Park Terrace. 337 3822. 7.30pm. liree. The Phoenix Writers (it'otlp hosts this monthly open mic night l‘or‘ boets. writers. musicians and per'l'ormers.


Scotching The Myth - Scotland’s First National Interpretation Conference Royal Botanic (iarden. Inyerleith Row. 0l738 444177. l’ree. See Wed 3.


Monet’s Haystacks, Snow Effect And Science Of Colour As Light National (iallery of Scotland. The Mound. 624 (i200. 12.45pm. Free. Art historian lilectt'a McKinnon gives a talk.

Other events

World Premiere Weekend Of Haunted Mine 'l‘urlmy'euture. l-‘ountainpark. Dundee Street. 22‘) 0300. Take a rickety journey through an abandoned mine on this the l'K's biggest motion simulator.

Saturday 6


Artist Talk l.eith School 01' Art. 25 North Junction Street. l.eith. 554 5761. l 2pm. Free. Artist Peter White giyes a talk on his work currently on show.

Other events

World Premiere Weekend Of Haunted Mine 'l'urboVenture. liountainpark. Dundee Street. 22‘) 0300. See Fri 5.

the palace has evolved into a sumptuous 'egal residence crammed full 0‘ parntrngs; and artefacts; dating back pnrnarzfy' to the 17th century.

Royal Botanic Garden Inverlerth Row. {>52 7171.

Dally ‘).30arn—(ipn‘- (open t:i= 7pm frorn Mon 1 Apr‘. Free. A sea 0‘ trandtr'ilrty ll‘. the hubbub of the cm. the Botanic Garden 3 home to a '.'..'ea;tl‘. of flora ‘rom ar‘out‘d the globe,

Royal Museum


Symposium On Puppetry Today (iateway Theatre. lilm Row. l.eith Walk. 3l7 3‘)3‘). 10.30am 4pm. £l0. The (iateway teams tip with the Puppet Animation liestiyal to present key speakers. discussions. lunch and a performance. Whose Land Is It Anyway? Trayerse 'I'heatre. ('ambridge Street. 020 745l (i868. o. 7.30pm. Free. Issues of land ownership. politics and access to land are debated by Tommy Sheridan MSP. conyenor ol' the Scottish Socialist Party. and Keyin ('aliill. the author of Who Owns Britain. The debate will be chaired by Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman. ('all for more information. or email land (It rsa.org.uk

Other events

World Premiere Weekend Of Haunted Mine 'l‘urlmy'enture. littllllttlllpttl'k. Dundee Street. 22‘) 0300. See Fri 5.

Spring Craft Fair Paxton House. Paxton. Berwick lipon Tweed. 0128‘) 38629]. linjoy a day otrt at Paxton House.

Monday 8


Kelso Races Kclso Racecourse. Kelso. 01573 224767. 2pm. £7 (£4: under lbs l‘reel. National hunt horse racing.

Other events

Art Workshop Borders Books. [hit 20, Fort Kinnaird Retail Park. (>57 404i. (rpm. Sec Mort l.

Tuesday 9


Football Forum liaster Road. I: Albion Place. 0800 ()27 032 l. £3.50. Have your say as titba pundits James 'l‘raynor. Keith Jackson and Radio (‘lyde's yery own sports monkey Hugh Keeyinsjoin a panel ol‘ top managers. players and legislators to answer your questions.

Adult Acting Classes Level 2 (iateway Theatre. lilm Row. l.eith Walk.

3 l 7 3‘)3‘). 6.30 8.30pm. liull course £00 (£40). See Tue 2.

Stella Screen Cinebar ()xygen Bar & (irill. 3 5 lnlirmary Street. 557 ‘)‘)‘)7. 8pm. Free. Tonight's lilm is When Brendan .llet 'I‘rtuly. See photo caption.

Wednesday 1 0


Astronomy In 17th Century Scotland National Portrait (iallery. l Queen Street. (i24 (i200. l2.45pm. liree. Marianna (‘lyde. historian at the ['niyersity ol (ilasgow and Trinity ('ollege. Dublin giyes a talk.

SNH’s Natural Heritage Futures Project Quaker Meeting House. 7 Victoria Terrace. 557 (i238. 7.30pm. £2. Scottiin Natural Heritage's (‘liye Mitchell explains the Natural Heritage l‘ttltlt'c‘s project in more detail.

2 Chambers Street. 247 $219. Mon—Sat ll)atn—5t)'n; Sun noon—Spm: Tue ‘Oatn—Bpm. Free. A t‘.)th century muse.rm housang 'nter'vrtronai :tol‘ectrons of natural lustory. ueocgy. sczence. technology and

the decorate. e arts. Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

313:2 Castlehlli. 22001.11. Daily TLZani—iipt't. £70130 STSQEt-S‘int)‘: faintly ticket E‘t-Z. Take a romp through the i'ilUlllQHS and listory 0‘ ye" natzona’ drink at thzs T'trity .nteractave attraction.