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This offer has no cash alternative. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with another offer. One voucher per product. This voucher cannot be redeemed against a pre-owned purchase. Valid against one product over £30.

The voucher is valid until 28 April 2002.


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1 10 THE LIST 28 Mar—1 1 Apr 2002


ORIGINAL SIN (18) 1 11 min 0

Cuba the late 1800s. A wealthy coffee plantation owner (Antonio Banderast falls for a mysterious dusky lady (Angelina Jolie). She is the most sensual lover he has ever known. but all is not as it seems . . . blah, blah. blah. Let's be honest. this is soft porn Without the porn. All that's left is dire acting and cliched. supposedly saucy dialogue. while ‘hot' scenes are bereft of real passion.

How actors of the stature of Jolie and Banderas can put in such lacklustre performances is a mystery. A dull erotic thriller dressed in the trappings of costume drama. Or/g/na/ Sin? Unoriginal shite more like. (Fox Pathe VHS and DVD rental;

(Henry Nerthmorel


At The Height Of Summer New drama from acclaimed Vietnamese filmmaker Tran Anh Hung (Cycle. The Scent Of Green Papya). (Artificial Eye VHS and DVD retail) The Circle Powerful pertrait of Iranian women and the harsh society Within which they live. (Artificial Eye VHS and DVD retail) Bloody Sunday One of two compelling dramatisations of the Northern lreland CiVil Rights protest which ended in tragedy. (Granada VHS and DVD rental and retail) Driven The correct title of this Sylvester Stallone racing car mOVie is. of course. Drivel. (Warner VHS rental; DVD rental and retail)

iirri‘imziip‘; GOING DOWN

5.7 7”” HWI, ,lt‘ffii.t)i.’llll6 T4“. a

ltlFti'iIi‘f‘lfil'li’tfit PIER-N Large BBC Online said. ‘Does for Birmingham what Trainspotting did for Edinburgh'. Best av0ided. then. (VHS and

DVD rental)

DOCUMENTARY SERIES GAUDI’S BARCELONA Channel 5, Fri 29 Mar & Mon 1 Apr, 7pm 0..

This holiday weekend two-paiter is an interesting if underwhelming documentary about the eccentric and devout artist and architect Antonio Gaudi whose fantastical cathedrals. townhouses and parks dominate the City of Barcelona.

Robert Elms he's the one that went Out with Sade and isn't Teny Parsons in case yOu've forgotten narrates this terribly sober affair alongside dry comments from Professor Juan Bassegod such as ‘children understand Gaudi better than the architects and professionals: apparently. he made houses based On fairytales. bones and magic. Gaudi was a big kid lucky enough to have his hands in the deep pockets of business leaders who bankrolled many of his efforts.

The programme actually becon‘es interesting when it covers his sguabbles WIIII later patrons. his Catalan passions and tragic death: dressed like a tramp with a pocketful of nuts. he was run over by a tram. (Paul Dalel


MAN AND BOY 8801, Sat 30 Mar. 9pm 0000

Flash cars and one night stands are all very well in your 20s. but Harry's

just reached the big three—O. has a beautiful Wife. a smart Job in TV and an adOrable five- year-old son. Despite this domestic bliss. he still hankers after a spoity vehicle and the warm bed of assistant Jasnnne.

Left in sole charge of yOung Pat. when his understandably heartbroken wife Jets off to Tokyo to “find herself'. Harry sinks to the bottom of the parenting pool before finding his water wings and swmming ably against the tide.

Dominic Howell is astonishing as the tug- of—love youngster. acting parents loan Gruffudd and Natasha Little off the screen and yanking at our heartstrings with aplomb. Although at times guilty of mawkish sentimentality and embarrassing clic'ne. what this adaptation of Tony Parsons' novel loses in humour it more than makes up for in astute human emotion. Keep the Kleenex close at hand. (Kelly Apterl


BBC2, Tue 2 Apr, 11.20pm .000

This horrifying documentary investigates the possible circumstances surrounding the murder of a young black boy whose torso was found floating in the Thames last September. The child. who has since been nicknamed Adam, is thought to be the Victim of muti. an extreme form of witchcraft practised in South African townships which is believed to cure many ailments.

A minority of muti followers believe that by using the dismembered sexual organs of a young child the iiiedicine becomes a thousand