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want one of those.’ The name and the company were born.

Launching in January 2000 and growing children’s parties. Edinburgh have a new . . . . . Find out more about outlet to shop in as ever Since, this IS still a hands-on operation .th th h . M t t th fl. the products on allzsports has opened w' e ware ouse "9 ,nex o e O '08 its largest Scottish so all the staff can play With the gadgets . IF YOU'RE TRYING store at 119 Princes before sending them on to their eager TO come up with an Street. stocking major

customers. ‘lt’s great fun,’ says Morrison. ‘We always have that personal touch.’

So what do they stock? To name but a few, there’s the remote control UFO, Airgo pogo stick, ninja hamsters, erotic join-the dots-book, inflatable chill-out room, stylish kitchenware and even a DVD in-car entertainment system. From the genuinely useful gadget to the plain silly (singing golf bag, anyone?) this is the ideal place to go to find a gift for that difficult-to-buy- for friend. ‘We started off aiming at youngish males, but we realised a lot of girls were coming on the site saying: “Girls like gadgets too”,’ says Morrison. ‘80 we try not to make it male- orientated, even though it’s blokes designing it.’

brands such as Reebok and Adidas as well as skate and surf specialists Airwalk.

Easter gift idea for someone who won't thank you for chocolate (like there's many of them around) then head Vans and 0098“

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l IF YOU’VE BEEN striving to capture the Zena, Warrior Princess look without success, look no further than the Bulletproof

So, something for everyone then? ‘We try to advocating flowers jeweuery range, reach as many people as possible. from instead of chocolate subtitled ‘products students to colonel’s wives in Hertfordshire.’ with suggestions for a hostile world’.

As for the future, if all goes well they’ll be including the Amazonian Designed by Jack expanding further. Already the proud owner of a massage bar (£3.50) Richter, the range map of the worid with plenty of tacks to with cocoa and shea proclaims: ‘Next time represent wherehe’s shipping to, Morrison is Dimer and an Orange you are few"? optimistic: ‘lnternet shopping’s been very :Sisaotggljfiaffisacgs 22:33‘%:r':3: 5:::33;;:IT:J:::;?yy;:rZQS:Z:?h Garden bath ballistic more aggressive and become part of the mainstream. There’s no (£165.) With garqema' wamh the patnamhy

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From the issues to the ethical W9b§igt?§__w ._ ._____.. - i ~ M

At some point over the last 30 years. clothing companies realised that human -~ -4 nature leads the shopper to buy a product that is either well made or cheaply » i; priced. But they needed a way to sell their bland products for a king's V ransom. They came up with the idea of branding: a way of making the poor think they can buy into a Utopian heartland. Luckily, there are some brilliant websites out there that may stop you weeping. wwwgetethicalcom deals with every major consumer issue and includes a superb A-Z of ethical consumerism. Edinburgh-based vmrwoneworldshopcouk provides a wealth of information about the fair trade movement. listing outlets and lettting you shop online. www.cleanclothesorg is just great, a site dedicated to the closure of sweatshops that details every and any campaign against the usual suspects. (Paul Dale)

To celebrate the opening of Scotland’s biggest allzsports store at 119 Princes Street. Edinburgh. The List is offering you the chance to win:

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