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Eat out, drink up

homeless. Words: Barry Shelby

he numbers are finally in: Scottish diners

donated £9500 during the festive season as part

of the StreetSmait scheme to help those with no permanent abode. Sponsored by Barclays Batik with media partners such as The List and thaw magazines as well as celebrity support from the likes of Irvine Welsh and Stephen liry (pictured). StreetSmart raised a total of £36300 throughout the 17K. While this was up more than £10,000 over the previous year‘s total. it didn‘t quite reflect the increased number of restaurants participating for the first time.

But Nick limley. StreetSmait L’K coordinator. says more ambitious targets were missed because of a downturn in the market. especially in London where bookings in December were off by 15%. ‘We‘ve done reasonably well given difficult circumstances.‘ limley says. ‘Next year we‘ll do better.‘

Locally. three charities will receive a portion of the money donated in (ilasgow and lidinburgh: a key aspect of the programme is that any money raised locally stays locally. In lidinburgh. the (‘yrenians and B- friends will receive £3500 each. while (ilasgow's Lodging House Mission will get the balance.

Scotland‘s StreetSmart co- ordinator Whitney Byng says: "l'hrough a simple. unobtrusive way of raising money. restaurants and customers have made a difference to the lives of the homeless in Scotland.”

(‘yrenians director Des Ryan estimates that 80.000 people are effectively homeless in Scotland and that

perhaps as much as 70‘)? of them suffer some form of

reels head

Scottish diners have made a real difference for the

80,000 are homeless and 70% suffer malnutrition


The Apartment

The Atrium

Blue Bar

Britannia Spice

Cafe St Honore Channings Restaurant Creelers

Ducks at the Marche Noir Haldanes



Prestonfield House Hotel Restaurant at The Bonham Restaurant Martin Wishart

malnutrition. (‘yrenians help to feed those without a roof over their heads by redistributing

. . . Scalini

fresh food past its Skippers supermarket shelf date The Rock

(but well before its sell- The Scotsman Hotel by date). The Shore

The Waterfront Valvona & Crolla Caffe Bar


B-friends targets its aid on younger people who have left fractured families. while the Gamma del Rey MlSSlOll HOUSC glVCS Groucho Saint Judes shelter. support and Lux education. Salsa

The StreetSmart Stazione

scheme is simple. £1 is added to diners' restaurant bill after a meal. and the money raised is distributed to homeless charities. That‘s £1 per table: nothing more. But the money adds tip. And all of the donations go to the charities: StreetSmart's administration fees are covered by the generous sponsorship of Barelays.

The company has the third largest community investment programme in the UK with £3 1 . l m spent in a variety of areas. ‘I am delighted that our support is contributing to the success of StreetSmait.‘ says Barclays consumer and community affairs director Martin Mosley. ‘And that Barclays is continuing to develop its relationship with this inspired scheme.‘

116 THE LIST .7“. .’."I;:' “. Apr 1’03?

Side dishes

An extra helping of news . . .


Malcolm lnnes of the Apartment in Edinburgh has (finally) spilled the beans to Side Dishes about the new restaurant he plans to open this summer with business partner Mark Lawrence at 15-16 George IV Bridge. It doesn’t yet have a name, but lnnes promises an ambient cafe/restaurant culture with ‘European sexiness’. Head chef Kenny Waugh will be responsible for a completely new menu, which will share the same ‘anarchisty formula’ of the Apartment. Flory Stewart will move across as front-house man. Furniture, such as chairs of French oak, for the venture has been designed and made by Concrete Butterfly’s Alasdair Gall. Launch date is 1 July.

I THIS WEEK. OPUS HAS taken over Eurasia on St Vincent Street in Glasgow. After a quick bit of reconstruction. which has expanded the bar area and removed the one-time member's Club. the re-Iaunched restaurant/bar now opens 8am for breakfast and has a late 3am licence. as well. Chef John McGeever has overseen the transition of the former Ferrier Richardson flagship and some of the dishes on the menu look familiar, such as the selection of five Asian hors d‘oeuvres. Prices are a bit more down to earth. although one could certainly blow a lot of dough, if so desired.


is a new sandwich shop

on Edinburgh’s Waverley Steps from the proprietors of Duck’s at Le Marche Nolr. Many of the same standards will apply at the new operation: freshly baked croissants, home-made soups such as courgette, basil and brie plus sandwiches and wraps that include fillings with everything from Peking Duck to Jarlsberg and ham. The shop is open weekdays from Tam-7pm, and from 9am-6pm at weekends.

The Apartment