Men seeking women

Professional, male, 6'4", 30. enjoy s com ersation. dancing & literature. Seeks attt'acti\e. pc‘lllc‘ female. Ill-.3”. for fun & adyentures. ('all me on (1906‘) 514260

Male, 41, likes pubs. cinema. by e music & clubs. quiet. sincere ck friendly. \\'l.'l‘.\l someone of similar age. 5'9" approximately. red hair & brown eyes. medium-large build. (‘all me on 09069 514306

Glasgow male 38, 6'. fit. romantic. (iSUll. likes sport. music & comedy. \\‘1.'1‘.\1 female 26-40. for nights in «k out. sharing laughs 1k romance. leading to HR.

(‘all me on 09069 514267

4%” Nice guy, nice looking. 38. lit. intelligent tk educated. \\'l.'l’.\l 20 something female. for friendship tk more. ('all me on (1900‘) 514368

Shy guy, 24, seeks smart. funny girl for good times. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514351

tit-59 Handsome, boyish, gentle bloke. tall. skinny. 34. many interests including films. old bikes. seeks lidinburgh female companion. perhaps shorter stature but with personality. humour & affection. ('all me on 09069 514269

W3 Young, romantic Cupid 25. likes reading

noy els. music. theatre. seeks thoughtful. literature loying. lidinburgh female. 18-25. for conyersation. (‘all me on 09069 514270

Male, caring, easygoing 40. 5'10". slim. black wayy hair. likes sport. music. travel. hoping to meet someone nice. caring ck easygoing.

(‘all me on 09069 514271

“:49 Handsome male, 39 vegetarian. shayed head. \VIII'M woman. 20-30s. for friendship. fun & laughter.

(‘all me on 09069 514272

“149 Average male, 52 medium build. 08011. easygoing. caring nature. likes cooking. driy ing. holiday s. animals. \\'l.'1'.\l lady with similar interests. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 1341467

Quiet male 33 S's“ enjoys cinema. pubs bttt not clubs. (18011. \\‘l.'l‘.\l similar female. for friendship. fun perhaps more. ('all the on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 1341552

Attractive male, 31 6'. short fair hair. likes keep lit. swimming. football. enjoys pubs. cinema. \\'l.'l‘.\l female for romantic meals out. ('all me on (191107 503.557 tttttl enter ll) no. 1154159

W Single male, 36 62'. good looking. (iS()ll. enjoys keeping fit. walking. cycling. swimming. clubbing. \VIII‘M lady for fun & friendship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter 1]) no. 1306907

W Slim male, 54 5‘9“. widower. likes driying. films. cinema. smoker. does not drink. seeks lady 46+ for companionship ck maybe tnore. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 1307047

W Easygoing male, 25 6’. dark hair. medium build seeks female for laughs. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 1 180556

Women seeking men

Gentle, thoughtful, female artist. 5'4". 43. \‘egan. n/s. \\'1.'l‘.\1 \egan or Veggie male. to share interest in Jewish Mysticism. animal rights. theatre. beach walks & homelife. (‘all me on 09069 514250

“at Thoughtful, loving, spiritually minded woman. seeks intelligent. actiye. mature man. 30-40. who enjoys culture. the sea tk". mountains.

('all me on (1906‘) 514252 Sporty girl, 31 slim. 5'5". blonde. many interests. WIII’M smart. caring guy with (£8011. (’all me on 09069514255

Wt Female, 24, 5’7” enjoys horse riding. music. pubs. clubs. \\'1.'l‘.\l man for good times. friendship possible [[1‘R. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter [1) no. 1341612 Glaswegian female, 35 Clthiy's st)ciullslltg. cittettta. dining ottt. clubbing & meeting new friends. \\'1.’l‘.\l male for some fun. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no.

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Genuine female, 29, professional & fun loying. \\'l.'1‘.\l hunky male for good times. friendship & possible l.'1'R. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 1147047 Attractive female, 20 easygoing. seeks charming male to share fun times. friendship possibly leading to more. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter ll) no. 1147655

Female, 45, 5’2” n/s. (18011. kind. caring. honest. trustworthy. romantic. seeks male for friendship & maybe more. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter 1]) no. 1307469

w Friendly 42 yr old 5‘3“. tanned. romantic lady. blonde hair. enjoys busy lifestyle. \\'[.'l'.\l good-natured. talkative. hunky guy" to care & protect her. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter ll) no. l 173964 Slim female, 23 long blonde / brown hair. brown eyes 52". enjoys pubbing. dining & cinema. \\'l.'l‘.\l male who enjoys going out (Q has a (iSUll. ('all lite on 091167 563557 and enter 11) no.

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"W’ Well-built, 37yr old single mum. 5'4". enjoys quiet limes. walking. beach. swimming. seeking hottest. car- ing. genuine male for l.'l’R. ('all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 5013133

Women seeking Ffiends

Straight female, early 30s. enjoys tnusic. trayel. cinema & clubbing. \\'l.'1'.\l males & females. for nights out & friendship. (‘all me on 09069 514254

Women seeking women

Bubbly, fun loving 22yr old honest gay female. curly brown hair. blue eyes. genuine. caring with (ESOH. \Vlfl'M similar female for fun. friend- ship & possibly more. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter 11) no. 5012707

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Gay girl, 19 good looking ck fun. enjoys pubs & clubs. swimming. WIII'M new people for conyet‘sation & friendship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 and enter [1) no. 5013017

24yr old, gay male. 5'1 1". dark hair. blue eyes. looking for male for friendship & possibly more. ('all me on 09069


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Women seeking men

I Professional female, age 55 with (iSOH seeks tall gentleman age 50-60 yrs for friendship. Iinjoys meals out. walking. cinema and cosy nights in. Photos ill possible. Box No 437/1.

Women seeking women

I Seriously phased by the scene in lidinburgh‘.’ .»\ttractiye. intelligent and sexy"? 'l'hen write. 1 want to meet you! (lay female. 33 awaits... Box No 437/50.

Men seeking women

I Coupley things, Listy stuff. ('aring. professional. creatiye. single 40s man seeks similar 35-40ish woman. 1"un. arts. trayel. laughs. adyentures. outdoors. nights in. kisses. [[1’R. Sharing. sensitiyity. sensuality essential. Box No 437/2.

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