V I saw you Wed 6 March at easy everything. Rose Street. You: tall. dark hair. cream

jacket. Me: blond with brown fur-trimmed coat. You held the door for me. 1 mumbled. Care to meet'.’ Box No U/437/l.

V I saw you you sexy you you. You is the you I wanted you to be. Yo you sheepish ewe you. You you you you It's you I do adore. Box No [3/437/2.

V I saw you Mediterranian man in Leonardo's. Byres Rd. Talking to girl at side door. You looked incredibly sexy in uniform. with your ruff 'n' ready looks. So did she. Hi 1) Man. Box No [5/437/3.

V I saw you in lchiban. West End. Fri 22 Feb. You: the 32 year old blonde babe going to Whistlers. Me: the older 33. heading for the CC A. We chatted briefly. Would love to see you again. Box No [7437/4. V I saw you A. at DACE. I was the tutor and you the student. Never thought then that this would happen. Thanks for making me so happy. Cxx. Box No U/437/5.

V I saw you tartan tie boy with your (girl )friend after the Polo Lounge. Fri 8 March. Was going to get your number but had no pen & my friends fone didn't work. Would like to see you again!l Robert. Box No [7437/6.

V I saw you suckin' sooshy in lchiban. 14 March - you cool cat - me birthday boy. Box No [7437/7.

V I saw you making a film about eye saw you. Box No [7437/8.

V I saw you trying to cross the road and I knew that things would never be the same again. love you. HB! Stella xxx. Box No U/437/9.

V I saw you Ayr "Time PC's". 13 Mar. Me: male. confused about connecting printer. You: lovely male. built like a twinkly tank with substantial ammunition. Floppy turned to hardware. Are we compatible? Please reply. Box No [5/437/25. V I saw you Mermaids! 32 yr old part-time mature Glasgow L'ni List woman. Thanks for great card but e-address won't connect. Please try again. We'll compare lists. (Educated man). Box No U/437/26.

V I saw you ZoeWhat a stunning exception to the fetnale species. Box No [7437/27.

V I saw you at Polo. You were the most gorgeous girl a girl would ever want. 1 told u my name - call fora night of passion. Box No [7437/28.

V I saw you the boy with The Mo]. on his face in front of tis in English Lit lectures Joseph Black. 1 lam. Monday to Thursday. Box No [l/437/29.

V I saw you big Al. you sweaty bitch. When are you going to give tne the brown lovin' that I need‘.’ Phone me big boy. Box No [.7437/30.

V I saw you shorn-headed Fury's bloke (black top. chunky mate) 9.3.2002. [' kept butnping into me (psychedelic skin petite brunette). Was dragged away so never talked. u seemed nice. Fancy meeting? Box .\'o [7437/31. VI saw you 80's thro back with the mouse tail in the Arches. Box No [5/437/34.

V I saw you geeky (‘hris. awesome slayer of orcs. You turn me on. Me: 6'3". green scaly skin. I'd love for you to put your mighty chopper in my eye. Box No U/437/35.

VI saw you being all beautiful the day before you went to London. Don't go Pox! Box No [.7/437/36.

V I saw you in the Arches cafe bar. Hey Mr [)J ((i) put a record on. 1 want to dance with my baby. ()r you! Fancy a one night stand'.’ Xxxx. Box No [7437/37. V I saw you wearing a green jacket and specs at the art school. You looked happy. I adored your sweet smile. Hope you fancy more than one first. Box No [7437/38.

V I saw you weanus in the Arches. Dancin' so gracefully. (‘all me. n‘ I'll show you some moves of the horizontal type! Beyonce xxx. Box .\'o [7437/39. V I saw you were wearing cargos and a blue jacket. dark hair and alabaster skin. . .l)arcy. I want you. Jinty's/Brel. Box No [7437/40.

VI saw you du ist Jill. ich bin Jack. you pretty. we met Monday. . .Box No [7437/41.

V I saw you Jock the tart. flirting in the bar. with strangers in your bed! You big stallion! Box No [7437/42.

VI saw you Stevie. better than ever. You've been the sun shine of my night. 1 love you. Betty. Hoho. Box No [7437/43.

VI saw you the Irish "Spider" luring people into your web. Box No [7437/44.

what is saw-you..elyl

* - " With Dim-tum ' " i reuniffiénds' '

' : (Unleasfof course

126 THE LIST 28 Mar—11 Apr 2002

V I saw you (ieorgia W. partying your tits off in Glasgow before we chucked ya on the barbie. Miss you!!! M. and J. xxx Box No [7437/45.

V I saw you dark haired minx wearing a nice suit & trainers!! (Strange combo!) Me - silver biker boy! Lets meet and I'll give ti bunches! Box .\'o [7437/46.

V I saw you Morven. let me spank you love J. Box No [7437/47. V I saw you complaining at the Sense staff meeting! [' - Jordan lookalike! Me - forceful stud! (‘lean those sheets u filthy minx! Box No [7437/48.

VI saw you Lorna I) - white eyed beaut! I know you're really a secret lesbo tool! Love '1‘ xx. Box No [7437/49.

VI saw you dancing like a fish in front of the top right speaker at the Art School. 1 could only see your shoulders. Box No [7437/50.


V I saw you my angel in Bar Blue 1T. See the in SRT's'.’ I'll be wearing your heart! Box .\'o [7437/10.

VI saw you foxy cltick. Beauty and brains are a dangerous combination. Keep being beautiful. Box No [7437/1 l.

VI saw you all in lidinburgh. (‘an‘t believe 1 have been in Atts for 6 mths. Miss all u nutters ((iranty. Becs. Alex. (’at and all the Film Fest crew). Would be back now but it‘s too sunny. See you soon. lain x. Box .\'o [7437/12.

V I saw you Bus Lynda in my work. If! ring your bell will you bring my stationery“? Box .\'o [7437/13.

V I saw you in (‘ity ('afe. You sexy beast. diesel jacket. blondish hair. what a bod. Box .\'o [7437/52.

VI saw you 13 March. 2.30 pm. Wash ‘n’ Spin Laundromat. You: trying to get yellow stains ottt of sheets. blankets. Said you were newly single. 1 lent you some soap. and while my back was turned. you stole my laundry coins. (‘an we meet for coffee'.’ ()r will you at least give me my coins back‘.’ Box No [7437/14. V I saw you hey '/.ac. it's been a while!!! Loved your exhibtion. bttt didn't have the courage to talk to you! Is it true you sleep naked! (iood luck on stopping smoking! xx Yli. Box .\'o [7437/15.

V I saw you at the (‘itrus (‘lub liightie's (‘lub. Planet liarth. You were there on the 8 March. You have been before. You were wearing green top and black trousers. You have red/strawberry blonde hair and that night you left without your friend. The friend you were with was not the friend you normally come with. The one you come with is smaller. I work there as 1)]. Box No [7437/16.

VI saw you shorts & T shirt on. prefer the natural look. Want to share another shower sometime. you know I'm a I)..W..B.. too !! Box No [7437/17.

V I saw you Rose St. Wed 20 March. [.7 girl with shortish dark hair heading towards Hanover St. Me: girl. short. dark hair walking towards lirederick St. We exchanged eye contact. (‘offec'.’ Box No [7437/18.

V I saw you at Planet ()ut. Tues 12th. Me at table near bar. Female. shoulder length. blonde hair. blue eyes and glasses. You at comfy seats. long curly dark hair.we stared bttt never chatted. A drink '.’ Box No [7437/19.

VI saw you Jo at Po Na .\'a. late January. with your long dark hair. seductive smile and job in architecture. We chatted fora while before you were whisked away leaving me to stomp and sing ‘(‘an't get you out of my head'. (iet in touch . . . Box .\'o [7437/20.

VI saw you or rather. I heard you. on the phone in the bath. See you again soon for drinks (coffees‘.’). lit-crit and lake district camping. ('annae wait. babes. xxx. Box No [7437/21. VI saw you sexy Vegas Showgirl on 9 March. You 'cotnplemented' tne on how brave l was to wear pink and how it suited my dusky looks. Should've chatted longer and got your number. .\'ow you have mine. Box .\'o [7437/22.

V I saw you every time you buy T/lt’ List from me in the early to late. Please see tne too! Box .\'o [7437/23.

VI saw you .‘s'icki. the girl from Stirling [in who burnt down ASH. At Dougie's play. lllil.MliT. Box .\'o [7437/51.

V I saw you behind the bar at l)irty Dick's. Then you helped me find the cinema (thanks! ). Your warm smile made my night.

Maybe we can see a film together

if we find ourselves in the same city again... Box .\'o [7437/53. VI saw you Sat 2 Mar at Indian Rest. Me. pink jumper. u smoking a lot. We exchanged looks and smiles across tables. thottgh neither of tts alone. Box .\'o [7437/54.

V I saw you Jo at the Swarm lecture theatre. The length of your legs amazed me! We should meet up for friendship & laughs. Please reply. the Short ()ne xxx. Box No [7437/55.

V I saw you curly girl with your unique dress. I loved your curls. l was the girl outside KB. 1 know we're meant for each other. Maya. Box No [7437/56.

You ' address...wflh,¥°ur ’v :

': "i Vial )— I


V I saw you at Fairy Liquid. Me: Ample. Fancy a foursome‘.’ Me. you and the twins! Box No [7437/57.

V I saw you beardy. baldy Barclay at the Traverse 12 March. I miss you at work. (‘ome and get your old job back darling! Box .\'o [7437/58.

V I saw you on the internet a year ago. then at Pride in June. bttt it took tne until December to really see you. Now 1 see you every day and it's still not enough. ..1 love you millions you mad thing. Box .\'o [7437/59.

V I saw you Blue Moon (are. Friday 15th March. You drinking red wine with your sister next to a fire. I've started smoking again - got a ligltl‘.’ Box No [7437/60. VI saw you in Marks and Spencer’s l997. liven though you have departed 1 will always count you as a true friend. Love \'(i x. Box No [7437/61.

V I saw you boy, you've got some stare on you. and it's penetrating... where is Buddy llolly'.’ We like the glasses and the mullet. Some may say so 80's but it's so now...keep on keeping on. Box No [7437/02. V I saw you sexy. sexy boy. I think your name was Paul - you were sweating so mttch. I wasn‘t sure it was you. (iod damn. you Irish boys are amazing! Box No l 7437/63.

V I saw you sexy man with the blond dreads. livery day in KB house you stare at tne and I stare at you - let's meet... Box No [7437/o4.

VI saw you 'I‘aste 17/3. I fondled your fish-shaped charm. We never exchanged names. If you fancy a drink get in touch. Xx. (ireat snog! Box .\'o [7437/65.

' .tguanaj 1 . Traverse. ._ or Btackfrtars. (Bray-0.4166380; G: _ Tinderbox. Tho'Tronv(Gta§gpwyy


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