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The Adventures of Robin Hood (H .0... (Michael (’urtil. l'S. l‘J33l lirrol Flynn. ()Iix'ia l)e llavilland. Basil Rathbone. 102 niins. Sparkling. ()scar-winning excitement as Flynn and his merry men light the evil Prince and the wicked Rathbone to help the poor and capture the hand of the fair l)e llax‘illand. l’eerless s\\'()ftl-pl;l}‘ and an

lnl'L‘CllUus sense Ul- high spirits. (il'vli. (ilttsgou.

Ali G Indahouset 18).... (Mark Mylod. l'K. 2002i Sacha Baron (‘ohen. ('harles Dance. Michael (iambon. 88 mins. So da boy from Staines links he can make it big. _\'eah'.’ ('ohen has taken his greatest imention; replete with gold and 'me Julie' and headed for the corridors of power. From Staines to Westminster and then the world wicked. All the old tricks. catch phrases ‘Is it because I is black'.". play with misunderstanding and political incorrectness. are exploited to the max. lt‘s fantastically liilarious. (ieneral release.

Ali 1 15) C... (Michael Mann. l‘S. 2002i Will Smith. Mario Van Peebles. Jon Voight. lS-l mins. The trouble with Ali is that two and a half hours is not enough time to relixe the tale of the Sports Personality ()l' The (‘entury liven condensing it into the ten )ears l'rom 196-1. when .-\li beat Sonn} Liston to w in the world title. to his Victor} in the Rumble In The Jungle against (ieorgc Foreman still proves unsatisfying. The lilm urges as to forget what we thought we knew. steering the action awa) from the ring as much as possible. Yet there are still 30 minutes of ring time to appease light tans. (ieneral release. Alien ( I8» .000. iRidIey Scott. [S 1979) Sigourne)‘ Weaver. lan llolm. John Hurt. 1 lo mins. Agatha ('hristie in outer

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3 film by Shohei Imamufraw “Pace as a freighter lands on a mysterious tr .

planet and is ingenioust invaded b) a pf.“ 0 g E ‘11:

l raienous intruder which proceeds to chomp M is , \l . . y f. its way through the cast list. ladge-ol-the-seat gig C G P m i O N . . . ' . - , .. . 'v m. g”: 1 stispcnsc thriller w ith a strong cast and *squ‘ JA E Q {Iggy ghastly special cllects. (II'USVCTTUI'. (ilasgow. 4%» me

Amelie l 15) 0.... (Jean-Pierre Jeunet. France. 200l l Audrey Tautou. Mathieu Kassm ill. Serge Merlin. l20 mins. :\s with his two pi'L‘VlUUS French fantasies. Ut'lit‘rlh'ix‘t’ll and The (‘I'li' (II-1.0x] (.lllltll't'll. Jeunet creates a fantastical world. here reimagining l’aris' oldest quarter. Montmartre. Within it the eccentric adventures of his epon) mous heroine (played b} captixating ellin newcomer 'l'autou) unfold in a manner as complex as a Swiss timepiece w hen Amelie ; decides to bring happiness to deserving people by pla} ing elaborate practical jokes on them. (‘omposed of man} moments of absolute wonder. this is a lilm which celebrates all the little. great things in life. Selected release. I 0 The American Nightmare l lxi (Adam Simon. [S 2000) 75 niins. Documentar) about the horror lilm. including interview s with some ol‘ the modern American masters of the genre: John (’arpenter. \Ves ('ra\'en. l)a\id ('ronenberg. etc. Part of Dead By Dawn. l-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Amores Perros (Love’s A Bitch) t Ixi .0... (Alejandro (ion/ale/ l-ifirritu. Mexico. 2001) limilio licliemr‘r'ia. (iael (iarcia Bernal. (io_\a Toledo. l5.i mins.

“raunchy. tenderand giddin entertaining"

lnarritu's debut feature is billed as 'the i r‘ Mexican Pulp l-‘iru'on'. a description which sells it short. The 'I‘arantino comparison is a flit;

useful starting point: the film tells three overlapping stories - a teenager drawn into the world of illegal dog-lighting. the inlidelit) of a middle-aged media executi\ e and an elderl) homeless man b) Using shitting time-frames. tangentially linked characters and jagged \erbal rh_\thms. Fierce humanit) underpins lnarritu‘s beautiful. grainy \ isuals and (iuillcrmo Arriaga Jordan‘s multi-la) cred script. The lk‘sl lilm Ul- lltL‘ )L‘ut‘ so liar. and unlikel} to be surpassed. l'(}(' (‘inemas. lidinburgh.

like anything _. have it Seen before

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