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Apocalypse Now Redux t 15) oooo (Francis Ford (’oppola. l'S. l‘)7()/2()()l J Martin Sheen. Marlon Brando. Robert Duv'all. 202 iiiins. (‘oppofa's new. longer cut of his Vietnam war masterpiece includes more of Duvall's cra/y chopper commander Kilgore. a second encounter with the Playboy Bunnies. a new sequence set on a remote French plantation adding historical background and Brando expounding upon the insanity of war. It isn‘t an improvement. but considering the circumstances under which it was filmed - in the Philippines where everything from hurricanes to heart attacks plagued the cast and crew you want to see everything they got on film. The Lumiere. Edinburgh. Arachnid t lSl (Jack Sholder. Spain. 200i ) Alex Reid. Chris Potter. Pepe Sancho. 93 mins. A group of scientists fly to a South Pacific island to investigate an alien virus that has wiped out the population. only to find the place overrun with great big hairy spiders. Part of Dead By Dawn. Filmhouse. lidinburgh. Atanariuat, The Fast Runneri I5» .0... iXacharias Kunuk. (‘anada. 200f l .\'atar l'ngalaq. litigene lpkarnak. Peter llenry Arnatsiaq. I72 mins. This remarkable singular beautiful film is the first to be entirely in the Inuit language. It is quite simply as pure and perfect a piece of narrative cinema as you are ever likely to see today. When an unknown shaman puts an evil spell on a group of nomadic lnuits living off the (’anadian Arctic it takes twenty years before two brothers emerge to challenge the evil order. Director Kunuk never lets the stunning scenery overpower the many minute dramas being acted otit by a mostly non-professional. though impressive cast. (il’l‘. (ilasgow. A Beautiful Mind f IZi ooo (Ron Howard. IS. 2002) Russell (‘rowe. Jennifer (‘onnclly. Paul Bettany'. 135 mins. .4 Beautiful Mind once more presents (‘rowe with the opportunity to alternate his tough gtry roles i(i/iiili’iiiori with ‘serious acting' tsee 'I'lii' Instr/err. Herc ('row'e play s John Nash. the

mathematics genius during his college day s in America in the l‘)40s. bill also a paranoid- schi/ophrcnic. w ho was nevertheless awarded the Nobel Prize late in his life. On the negative side of the equation. Howard's direction stinks. His efforts to make math interesting fail dismally'. A for ()scars effort. btit (' - for contribution to the field of biopic cinema. (ieneraf release.

C) Behind The Sun (12)....

(Walter Salles. Brazil. 2002! Rodrigo Santoro. Jose Dumont. l‘lavia Marco Antonio. I05 inins. [n a remote northeastern province in Brazil circa 1910 a deadly feud is being waged between two neighbouring fam- ilies. Tonho (Santoroi. the middle son of an impoverished sugar-cane farmer fl)ttmoffll. is asked by his father to avenge the killing of his elder brother. A terrified Tonho fulfils his filial duty. btit the cycle of violence resumes. (‘onvincingly acted and impressively shot. lie/rim! The Sun incorporates symbolic ele- ments within the framework of an emotional- ly engaging storyline. It may draw on an array of sources. not least (ireek tragedy and the .-\merican Western. and yet in a world scarred by atav istic conflicts. the film's cott- temporary resonance is considerable. See pre- view arid review. (icneral release.

Blade ll I IS) t(ittillct'tno del ‘l'oro. l'S. 2002) Wesley Snipes. Kris Kristofferson. Ron Perlinan. 1 lo ruins. Where the first mission of the half human. half vampire titular bloodsucker hunter tplay ed by Snipes as a cross between Shaft and Bruce l.eci was confined to a nocturnal world unseen by anyone other than victims. Blade's further adventures take place in a world in which the human race is on the verge of evtrnction. .-\nd so to are vampires. .\ mutant vampire known as The Reaper suffers such an insatiable bloodlust that he turns to sucking vampire blood. which creates yet more Reapers to reap unholy bloody carnage. l'nsurprisingly. it falls to Blade to take down these super- suckers. (‘ool beans. no doubt. See rev icvv. (iencral t'L‘lL‘asc.

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3 Blood Feast 2 All u Can Eat tlb’i tllerschell (iordon Lewis. 1S. 2002) W mins. The self-proclaimed ‘( iodfatlter of (iorc' gets back behind the camera after more than a quarter of a century for another ever- cise in camp. lurid shocks. l.L'\\ls will intro- duce the film. Part of Dead By Dawn. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

‘13 Blood Feast t IS) illcrschell (iordon Lewis. (S. I‘JoRi 75 mins. l.ewis' most famous iinfanious'b film. a camp. gruesome tale about a chef who recreates the titular feast for an ligyptian love goddess. l'sing human body parts. Watch out fot' the tongue extraction sequence. Part of Dead By Dawn. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

The Blue Room irhci iv'arions. t‘fs'. loot mins. An evening of short films by new and established local filmmakers. follow ed by discussions of what you've seen. If you want your film to be considered for future gatherings. then send a VHS copy to film :\ttd \‘ideo Access (t‘ttlt'c‘. 25a Sottllt \Vcsl 'l‘liistle Street lane. lidinburgh. lill2 lli\\'. ()r call 0131 220 0220. ('ameo. lidinburgh. Brass Unbound if’( it ifohan van der- Kcuken. .\'ethcrlands/Scotland. 1093: SS mins. Ketrken prov ides a world view of brass bands with this documentary that traces the music through Nepal. Surinain. Indonesia and (ihana. countries that have fused their own musical traditions w ith what colonists brought in. Part of the Sheffield International Documentary liestival. (il’l'. (ilasgovv. Broken Silence (Silencio Roto) f 15» (.\lontxo .-\rmendari/. Spain. 200i r |.ucia JitttL‘ttCI. Juan Diego Bollo. .\lcrccdcs Sampietro. 110 mins. Set against the background of Spain's post-(av il \Vai' period. when many Republicans took to the mountains as guerrilla fighters battling liranco's fascists. a romance between a new arrival in a v illagc arid the local blacksmith sparks off tension vv ithin the community. Part of the Spanish Film Festival. (il‘i'l‘. (ilasgow. Cats And Dogs (PG) .0. tl.awrettce Guterman. CS. 2001 l Jeff (ioldblum. Elizabeth Perkins. .\firiani .\fargoy fes. 87 mins. This refreshing approach to cute talking pets films is a kind of subversive lame meets .i/IfSXHHIJ Intposvihle. These dogs don't just talk. they use surveillance equipment and have a solemn mission to protect scientist Goldblum as he invents a cure for dog allergies. The cats are evil. hell-bent on conquering the world; their special agents have deadly ninja skills and vicious weapons. The anirnatronic effects are of a pretty high standard. but it's the animal trainers you're in real awe of. The occasional wander into sentimental territory and slow mg up of pace can be forgiven by the madly original idea. lively action sequences and knockabout humour. l‘ilriihouse. lidinburgh.

Charlotte Gray: IS» ooo f(illll.lfl Armstrong. l’l's'. 2002i ('atc Blanchetl. Billy ('rudup. .\licbael (iambon. l2] mins. ’l’hcre‘s a fundamental flaw in this adaptation of Sebastian l‘aulks‘ novel about a young Scots woman who is trained as a spy by the British Army during World \Var II and dropped into

Wesley Snipes kicks super vampire butt in Blade II

occupied France to work with the Resistance rnov erncnl: it‘s about as tense as an episode of '.\//o. ‘ii/lo. The film focuses too much on the characters and not enough on the action. In contenting himself w ith character arc and [tics of Passage ff;tf’t';tll\c. screenwriterJeremy Brock and .\r'riistr'ong have abandoned the heightened drama of the story. line perfiirmances. though. Dominion iv Ster ('entury ('incina. lidinburgh.

Chicken Run it”. oooo «.\Jick l’arkfl’etcr l.ord. PK. 2000) \ttlct‘s of .\lcl (iibson. Jtilia Sawalha. .\firanda Richardson. 85 units. l’or their first feature .\aidman \lttdlos l1;t\ c re-w rule” the “Will l’.( ).\\i. evperiencc as an ()rwellian satire. albeit w itii laughs. So. Stalag l" becomes a battery farm and the camp coriirnandant farmer ['weedy 's domineering w ifc. while in the hutchcs. (imger rallies her fellow liens to fly their coop. Though the characters aren't as established as Wallace and (ii'omit and the feature length running time slow s the action. .-\ardman continue to work real wonders w ith their familiar l’lasticirie animation. (irosvenor. (ilasgow.

Collateral Damage i 15: «Andrew Davis. 1S. 2002» :\rno|d Schwar/engger. lnlias ls'otcas. l‘rancesca Neil. 108mm» In his new action flick .'\l'lllL' play s a l.os .\iigelcs fireman who. upon witnessing his w He and son killed during a terrorist action and subsequently written off as 'coilateral darnagc' by the government. takes it upon himself to head off for ( 'ofumbia to hunt down the murderous mastermind known as lite “on. Although. post September I I ll might seem (‘o/liiti'i'iil [Li/Hirer has a good deal of contemporary relevance ran unfortunate coincidence the film was completed in .-\ugust 200f i. this is merely another dumb Schwar/cnegger actioner. Sec rev revv. (ieneral release.

Commédie de l’innocence l f’(‘.i O... iRaouf Rui/. France. 2002» Isabelle lluppcrt. .\{ils llugon. Jeanne Balibar. f03 mins. lluppert plays a wealthy. uptight mum whose son flitlgont disow its her as he‘s semi- adopted by another woman altogether: Balibar's grieving music tutor. whose own son died two years previously. An emotionally rewarding relationship developes between the eccentric Balibar and the isolated llugon. as all those around him lose themselves not in shared emotions btit singular aims. 'l‘herc's liiippert's obscure work as a sculptor. llugon's uncle's i(‘harfes Berlingi wornanising. and his father's business trips. \Vhat fascinates Rur/ rand his audience» are the real emotions at work in this film. (il‘l. (ilasgow.

0 The Convent i ts: t.\llist‘ \fentlex. IS. 301 to. Joanna ('anton. Richard liapp. .\diicnne Baibcau. \~l mms. 105" and a young girl suffers abuse III a convent. after which she av enges ia a most bloody fashion. l'asf forward to today and the convent has become. of all things. a college frat house. ('ue impressionable young folks and another cycle of slayings. Part of Dead By llavvrr l'ilmhouse. ladinburgh.