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***** "a true modern classic.

Fiercer intelligent with enough hilarity to last a lifetime"


"a fresh honest take on dating & mating... it's ‘Sex in the City' with a grittier edge"


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(.l [\SOUW tilt/(l 750 St) ()0/


30 THE LIST 28 Mar—1 1 Apr 2002

131. r ". 5; run ,.I w

Crossroads iP( ii .0 i'I‘amra l)a\ ix. l‘S. 2002i Britney Spearx. Kim ('attrall. I)an .-\ykroyd. 9-1 rninx. lt‘x \ery difficult to reyieyx ('I'riy’irmu/y ax it'x not a normal lilm. but ximply another part ol‘ the Britney Spearx World Domination Plan. And. dixappointingly. thix ix not the ttrrkey \ye xecretly hoped for. Britney doexn't act xo much ax pretend to be xorrreone xhe'x not xhe'x built her career on it. and hax become Very good. Yex. thix ix cheexy and completely lacking in originality. but then thix ix a teen movie. It you go to xee thix lilrn. you're not coming for the film. btrt for an extra large doxe of Britney. :\nd that'x exactly a hat you'll get. See rey ieyy. (ieneral r‘eleaxe.

0 Cutting Edge Shorts 1 IS) t\‘arioux. 2002i tbe minx. .-\nthology of independently produced horror xhortx. Part oi Dead By Dawn. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

G Dagon, Sect Of The Sea r l5) (Stuart (iordon. Spain. 200i l li/ra (iodderr. l-‘rancixco Rabal. Raquel .\lerono. 94 minx. (iordori once rrrore looxely adaptx ll.P.

l.o\ ecral‘t'x \xritirigx and. ax he did with Rt’rlitintulul' injectx a little humour and a lot of gore. Part of Dead By l)a\yn. l-‘ilrnhouxe. lidinburgh.

The Devil’s Backbone (El Espinazo del Diablo) t l5) 0.... ((iuillermo del Toro. Spain. 200] i Mar'ixa Paredex. l‘ederico l.uppi. liduardo de Noriega. 107 minx. In del ’I'oro‘x expertly -cr'al'ted ghoxt tale xet during Spain'x 0in War a yotrrrg ('arlox ix brought to a remote orphanage prexided oy er by an odd elderly couple il.uppi and Paredexi. and haunted by the ghoxl ol~ another orphan. .-\ poxyerl'ul political backdrop ix xeamlexxly interyyoyerr \y ith a xtrong religioux xubtext. and there are ruuner'oux cultural r‘e'i'er‘errt‘ex including the xurreal imagery of Salyador Dali and the Victorian (iothic \xritingx of MR. Jamex. (iloriouxly photographed by Almodoyar'x cinernatographer (iuillernro Nayarro. thix ix brilliant \ ixual. allegorical xtory telling. (iroxy error. (ilaxgoyx; Adam Srrrith. Kirkcaldy.

0 Dinner Rush 1 Iii oooo rhoh (iiraldi. LS. 2002) Danny :\rello. \‘ryran Wu. lidoar'do Ballerini. 93 rninx. Ne“ York r'extau- rateur Bob (iiraldi hax made a mouth-uatet- ing moy ie about one night ol‘ buxinexx and pleaxur'e in a popular ltalran eatery in Ne“ York ('ily. And thix xelllxty led \yixe-guy hax xet the a hole drama ir'eminixcent ol' Anthony llourdarn'x rextauranl memoir Kiri-lien (‘un/irlt-nlrrrli in hix oyxn dim ntou rr extablrxh- merit in ’l‘rille(’a. lt'x to (iiraldi'x credit. and hix \xrrterx Rick Shaughnexxy and Brian Kalata. that they \xeay e a number or plot xtraridx together like a big. taxty boul ol xpagheltr. 'l'heir' lilm rx iully xatixi‘ying. See lireyieyy and renew l'(}(' Reni'reyy Street. (ilaxgoyx; l'(i(‘ (‘inemax. lidmburgh. Dolphins tl'i r2000). The producerx ol' the moxt xuccexxl'ul l.\l.-\.\ moy ie e\ er. lire/ml. lake ux undcr'xea into the aquatic home of dolphinx. With narration by Pierce Broxnan and name by Sting. l.\l.-\.\ 'l‘heatre. (ilaxgou. Don’t Say A Word l lSr oo t(iary l'ileder'. l‘S. 2002i Michael l)ouglax. Sean Bean. Brittany Murphy. ll.‘ minx. .\ l'requently ltrdicr'oux. routine llollyyyood thriller in \\ lriclr l)ouglax playx a pxychiatrixt \xlro hax lexx than 2-1 hourx to retr‘iey e a xi\~ ligure number l'rorn a xeemingly -catatonic

mold Sc warzenegger deals with t

errorism in Collateral Damage

patient (Murphy i or a bunch of ruthlexx kidnapperx (led by Beani \y ill rnurder hix daughter. The rrrairr problem \\ ith (iary ‘Hiirrey lo [)0 In Dem-er When You 're Ih’rul' l-‘leder'x lilm ix that it bunglex itx climax. When it’x oy'er there'x a prol‘ound xenxe of ‘Wax that it'." Shoucaxe Cinema. (ilaxgoyyl Shim caxc. Paixley.

Down From The Mountain rl‘r 0... (Nick Doob. ('hrix llegedtrx. l‘S. 200i i 97 minx. 'I'hix record ol‘ the concert giyen by the muxicianx \\ ho recorded the xoundtrack to () Brut/rs": ll'lrere sir! 'I‘lrnuf’ l'eaturex the late John llartl'ord ax .\l(‘. liarly on. backxtage. he i.x at death'x door. but on xtage the wonderful muxie ariimatex him into a jig. llarti'ord ix only one of the arna/ing bluegraxx rntrxiciarr axxembly including l‘elloyy \etcran Dr Ralph Stanley ax yy ell ax younger artixtx xueh ax (iillian Welch and .-\li.xon Krauxx. And there are a number or xorlg.“ not on the original xoundtrack. (‘ameo. lidinburgh.

Drunken Angel t 15) t.-\kira Kuroxayya. Japan. 1948i 'l‘akaxhi Shirnura. 'l‘oxhiro Milune. Michiyo Kiguri. 08 minx. A cocky young gangxter comex to rely upon an alcoholic doctor in Kuroxayya and .\lil'une'.x lirxt collalmratron. Part of the :\kira Ktiroxayya xcaxon. (il’l'. (ilaxgim.

C9 E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial 1h 0... tSteyen Spielberg. l'S. 1982/2002) Dee Wallace-Stone, Henry 'I‘homax. Peter (‘oyote 120 minx. For the twentieth aririiyer- xary ol‘ thix i'able about a peaceful alien rnarooned on liarth. Spielberg hax duxted ol'l' hix beloyed original and re-r'eleaxed it in a tie“ and improy ed l‘orm featuring digital tin- kering tli'l"x ey ex. for example. haye been ‘enhanced' to make him appear more alien) and ne\ er bel‘ore .xcreened xcenex xuch ax li'l‘ haying a bath. But moxt interexting ix the e\cixion oi all the lirearmx the American author'itiex chaxing iii and hix human t'rierrd lilliot are no“ armed with nothing more threatening than rrrobile phonex. 'l‘here‘x xorrrethirrg a bit precioux about thix kind of cleanxing oi the iilm. Still. ax a lantaxy adyenture lor' kidx and 'adult kidx‘ alike. If‘l’ r'eruainx xorrre kind oi modern claxxic. See rey reyy. (ienet‘al r'eleaxe.

The Emperor’s New Groove rt'r 0.. r.\lar'k l)indal. IS. 2001 l l)a\ id Spade. John (ioodman. liar‘lha Kill. “8 mirrx. limperor Kit/co ix monarch of an urrxpecilied South .-\merican land \\ ho rx turned into a llarua by hix xcheming axxixtant Y/ma ryoiced moxt appropriately by Kim during a botched axxaxxination attempt. The llama emperor goex on the run and ix bel'riended by good-

illed herder' Paclra t(ioodmati r. \\ ho helpx return hix tour-legged ruler to hix throne. There are the occaxional cle\ er poxtmoder‘n touchex Kir/co xtopping the iilm reel to talk to the audience but moxtly thix ix prime old- xehool l)ixney xtuli'. lt lackx the animated landxcape inrroyationx ol' Iii/tun. nor doex it enjoy the character deyelopment ol' sl/urltlrn. \xhich ix \xhy. ultirrrately. itx mixxing edge. Selected releaxe.

The Experiment (Das Experiment) tlh'i 0.. t()ll\ er llirxehbiegel. (iermany. 2002i .\lorit/ llleiblreu. Juxtux \on Dohnirny 1. Andrea Sa\\at/kt. 115 mirrx. Although llir'xchbiegel'x lilm ix adapted from Maria (iiordano'x noy el Black Hm. itx baxix Irex in