true fact - the infamoUs 197] Stanford l'niversity psychology department experiment in which a group of men became guinea pigs in a prison simulation scenario. With shocking speed they lose their sense of identity and assume the role of guards and prisoners. the former abusing the latter and the latter excepting their lot. Hirschbiegel's film finds a disturbing parallel in the rise to power of Nazism. and the director effectively maintains an oppressive atmosphere and building sense of dread. although early scenes are overly concemed with style. L'G(‘ Renfrew Street. Glasgow; Cameo. Edinburgh. The Fluffer ( l8) 0. (Wash West and Richard Glatzer. LS. 2002) Michael (‘unio. Scott Gurney. Roxanne Day. 93 mins. Sean ((‘uniol rents (‘itirrn Kqu from a video store only to be given ('irizcn (‘mn by mistake. The star of the porno. Johnny Rebel (Gurney). subsequently becomes Sean's ‘Rosebud‘. ()bsession drives Sean to get a job at the film production company that employs Johnny. and Sean soon becomes Johnny's favourite ‘tluffer' (being the individual who arouses a porn star for the camera). The Flutter tries to break all of Hollywood's rules about what a gay man should be like. Unfortunately. the film disappoints by doing the one thing that porn is not supposed to do -— it leaves you feeling frustrated. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. From Hell (18)... (Allen and Albert Hughes. LS. 2001 l Johnny Depp. Heather Graham. Robbie Coltrane. l2l mins. As a Gothic thriller in the llamtner mould. From Hell works just fine. Blood is splattered about with the enthusiasm of an abattoir attendant. and there's not an opportunity missed to wreath scenes in mist and shroud them in shadow. However. as an investigation of the Jack the Ripper murders. From Hell is a disappointment. It brings nothing new to the plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding the brutal slaying of five Whitechapel prostitutes in 1888. But then it was always going to be a tall order. adapting Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's exhaustive graphic

novel investigation into the crimes. Showcase (‘inema & lJGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Funny Girl (L) 0... (William Wyler. US. 1968) Barbra Streisand. ()mar Sharif. lSl mins. The performance that brought Streisand superstardorn and won her an Oscar into the bargain. Young Fanny is an ugly duckling but with a hard-nosed ambition and a gritty determination to get out of the gutter and be a star. Eventually. Ziegfeld hires her for his new Follies presentation and her subversive comic style proves hugely popular. Grosvenor. Glasgow.

Ghost World ( l5) 0”” (Terry Zwigoff. US. 200! ) Thora Birch. Scarlett Johansson. Steve Buscemi. l l 1 mins. Daniel (‘lowes adapts his own cult comic with Zwigoff. opting not to translate parrot- fashiori. but to distil the essence of the source material. ThUs. characters. setting and tone are spot on. but the episodic nature of the serialised strip is shaped into a low key story revolving around high school graduates linid and Rebecca (Birch and Johanssonl who temper disgust with the bland western world of shopping malls and theme restaurants with cynical bernusetnent. The dialogue. humour. production design and performances are a world apart from lesser American teen flicks. Cameo. lidinburgh.

Gosford Park ( 15> 00” (Robert Altman. lIS/L'K. 200] ) Michael Gambon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. 137 mins. The Agatha (‘hristie-esque murder mystery at the centre of (int/Em] Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-observed period piece. Set in November W32 over a few days during a shooting party at the eponymous country estate of Sir William Mc(‘ordle (Gambon) and Lady Sylvia Mc(‘ordle (Scott Thomasl. (ins/2m! I’urk details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their put upon servants. And what detail -v the film lleshes out all 25 members of the excellent ensemble cast. along with their individual stories. No easy trick in two hours. General release.


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