The Thing (18) moo (John Carpenter. LS. 1982) Kttrt Russell. Wilford Brimley. David (‘lennon 109 mins. Scientists on an .Antarctic research station thaw out art alieti creature able to change its shape and horribly murder humans. Extraordinary effects in this tense shocker. which utilises the central gitnmick from the original short story in a way the 1951 version did not. Cameo. Edinburgh. Thir13en Ghosts l 18) 00 (Steve Bcck. LS. 2002) F. Murray Abraham. Ernbeth Davidll. Matthew Lillard. ()1 mins. The sole heir to eccentric (‘yrus Kriticos‘ (Abraham) estate is Arthur (Tony Shalhoub). a widowed father of two with money troubles. Thinking his luck has changed. Arthur takes the family on a tour of the property he has inherited only to find his evil uncle has not left his nephew a house. but a macabre machine: btiilt by the devil and powered by the dead. From here this remake of old school schlock-mastcr William castle's film follows a well-worn path through suspense arid gore to an explosive destination. (ieneral release.

Throne Of Blood (PG) 0000 (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. l‘)57)'1‘oshiro Mifurte. Isuzu Yamada. Minoru ('hiaki. l 10mins. It's Shakespeare's Scottish play. Japanese-style. as samurai Mifune is spurred on by his wife and the spirits to murder his best friend and then his master. Although the barest plot and striking images remain froin the original. Kurosawa’s atmospheric settitigs in mist- shrouded forests give the film a brooding Dower. Part of the Akira Kurosawa season. (i171: (ilasgow.

Time Code ( 18) 0.. (Mike Figgis. LS. 2000) Saffron Burrows. Salrita Hayek. Stellan Skarsgard. Jeanne Tripplehorn. 97 mins. Another audacious. experimental feature frotn Figgis. ittterweaving four improvised stories shot in real time and projected on to a split- screen simultaneously. The characters‘ lives criss-cross iii tirite and space. as they enter and leave different locations. interact face-to-face or on the phone. and slowly converge upon the office of lndie film production company Red Mullet Inc.. where a tyrannical director is in the final stages of casting his new movie. Intellectually invigorating. technologically bold and perhaps most surprisingly given the technical nature of the project always emotionally involving. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. Grime Out (Poi oooo (Laurent (‘antct. France. 2002) Aurelien Recoing. Karin \‘iard. Serge Livrozet. 134 mins. The original Frenclt title. [Cliniploi' (la Temps translates literally as ‘time-table'. suggesting the structure imposed by a working routine. Ironically so. since this is a slow-burning study of a middle-aged office worker who. having lost his job. cannot bear to tell his family. so he simply invents a new one. Btit maintaining this fiction soon becomes a full- time occupation. His wife. children and par- ents believe he is working for the 1,'.\'. and his self-deception is so effective that when his father questions their effectiveness in dealing with endemic third world poverty. he is per- sonally offended. ('aiitct was inspired by a documented case. but it is a testament to his formal control and razor—sharp insight that his fictional ending is more quietly devastating than what happened iit real life. See review. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Tore-San Takes A Vacation (PU) (Yamada Yoji. Japan. 1990) Kyoshi Astttttti. ('hicko Baislio. Ktttitiko (ioto. 106 mins. ('omedy about a loveable travelling salesman who never marries but always falls in love. (iilmorcltill(i12. (ilasgow.

024 Hour Party People (18) com (Michael Wintcrbottom. l'K. 2002) Steve (’oogan. l’addy ('onsidine. Shirley Henderson. 1 10 mins. The whole crazy tale of Factory records. the llactenda aitd all things Madchestcr is retold by writer Frank (‘ottrell Boyce who has done something quite extraordinary -- he has turned Tony Wilson's dysfunctional adventure from 1970 to now into a post-modern romp that never takes itself too seriously. Boycc's regular collaborator. Winterbottom. directs like a man possessed by the conjoined spirits of Jean-Luc (iodard attd Lindsay Anderson. arid is more than up to the task using a variety of scratchy. quirky. punky devices to tell tales from a cantankerous city. Double top. See feature and review. (leneral release.

La Vache Et Le President (PG)

0... (Philippe Muyl. France. 2001 ) Bernard Yerles. Florence Perriel. ('hristine Bujeau. 90 mins. Eight-year-old Lucas never met his mother; she died in childbirth. leaving his fartncr father to raise him with a heavy heart but lots of love. When a cow on the family farm suffers a similar fate. Lucas steps in to take care of new calf and kindred spirit. Maeva. But tragedy strikes in the form of mad cow disease. which threatens the entire herd. including Lucas' bovine pal: only a pardon frotn the French President cart save her now. Things get a touch silly when the pair head for Paris. particularly Maeva's inadvertent trip on the Metro. But the father and son relationship is touching throughout. as is the underlying message about tnoving on after the death of a loved one. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy. OWarm Water Under A Red Bridge ( 15) O... (Shohei lmamura. Japan. 2002) Misa Shimizu. Koji Yakttsho. l 1‘) mins. There has often been a sense of absurdity in Japanese filmmaker Shohei lmamura's work. but the conceit at the heart of his new film gives the whole work a warm artificiality. Shimizu plays a thirty-something woman whose excessive water content demands release either through shop-lifting or sex. After observing Shimizu in the act of the for- mer. unemployed suit Yakusho gets to help Shimizu reduce her water content by helping out In the latter department. lmamura. though. isn't so much tnaking sortie obscure sexual point about a woman's needs. but in the broader cosmic affiliations with water he plays tip its elemental power to renew life. See review. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

We Were Soldiers 1 15) O. (Rattdall Wallace. LS. 2002) .Mel (iibsott. Madeline Stowe. Sam Elliot. 140 mins. We Were Soldiers recreates the first major battle of America's Vietnam war when a battalion of the LS Seventh Cavalry Division was dropped by helicopter in the la Drang valley. only to be surrounded by 2000 North Vietnamese soldiers. There’s no criticism here of w by America chose to fight in another country‘s nationalist civil war. with writer-director Wallace llfl'rli'r’lu’tll'l. Pearl Harbor) concentrating on the heroism of the combatants. The horrors of war may be gorily emphasised in the over-extended battle sequences. but We Were Soldiers represents a troubling reactionary riposte to the likes of Platoon and .-lpm‘alvp,w' A'uw. (ieneral release.

QWIshcraft ( 15) (Danny (iraves. LS. 2001 ) Michael Weston. Austin Pendleton. Meatloaf. ()0 mins. A high school senior receives a magic talisman that grants him three powerful wishes. but also comes with a malevolent demon attached. Part of Dead By Dawn. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Yoiimbo ( 15) O... (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. 1961 ) Toshiro Mifune. Eijiro Tono. Kamatari Fujiwara. I 10 ntins. Mifune's unheroic attd la/y samurai sells his services to two rival factions iii a small town atid then sits back to watch them destroy each other. Darkly comic exercise iii Japanese violence which later served as a blueprint for Sergio Leone's For A Few Dollars .llort'. Part of the Akira Kttrosavva season. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore



Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. lbrox. 0141 41‘) 0722. £5 (£3).


For this week’s programme times. ilease contact the cinema on 0141 41‘) 0 22 for details.

Gilmorehilth 2: Glasgow

‘) L'niversity Avenue. 330 5522. Free.

SATURDAY 30 MAR Tera-San Takes A Vacation l P( i ) 7.30.

Glasgow Film Theatre

12 Rose Street. 0141 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Evenings: £4.75 (£3.50). Matinees: £3.75 (£2.50). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£2). Double bill £5 (£3.50). (EFT savers: £19 (£14) five tickets for the price of4 (valid for three months).


1. The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 1.00. 3.30. 6.00. 8.30.

2. Atanarluat, The Fast Runner ( 15) 1.45. 7.30.

Broken Sllence (Sllenclo Roto) ( 15) 5.15.


1. The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 1.00. 3.30, 6.00. 8.30.

2.Yo]lmb0(15) 1.30.

Commedle de l’lnnocenoe (PG) 4.00. 8.45.

Muhammad All: The Greatest (PG) 6. 15.


1. Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (PG) 12.30.

Nosferatu (PG) 6.00.

The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 8.30.

2. Commedle de I’Innocence (PG) 1.30. 8.45.

Yollmbo ( 15) 3.45.

Muhammad All: The Greatest (PG) (T. 15.


1. The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 1.00. 3.30. 8.30.

Throne Of Blood (PG) 5.45.

2. Muhammad All: The Greatest (P( 1) 1.30. (1.15.

Gommédle de I’lnnocence (PG) 4.00. 8.45.


1. The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 1.00. 3.30. 6.00.

Throne Of Blood (PG) 8.30.

2. Commodie de l’lnnocence (Pti) 1.30. (3.15.

Muhammd All: The Greatest (1’(}) 3.45. 8.15.

Spielberg gives ET a digital once-over for its 20th anniversary

B 24 Hour Party People From the Sex Pistols to the rave scene. via the story of Factory records. the Hacienda. Tony Wilson and all things Madchester. all told in a pleasingly playful post-modern manner. See feature and review. General release.

The Royal Tenenbaums Brilliant comic drama about an eccentric family of failed geniuses. directed by wonder boy Wes Anderson and starring Gene Hackman, Anjelica Huston. Ben Stiller. Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill

3; Murray. General release.

Behind The Sun Impressive 1.- Brazilian drama from Walter Salles (Central Station). who conveys with great skill the endless cycle of violence in a long-standing famin feud. See preview and review. Selected release.

Dinner Rush New York restaurateur and all round wise- guy Bob Giraldi directs this involving. often mouth-watering film about one crazy night in a

.-: popular TriBeCa eatery - his own. of course. See preview and review. Selected release.

Time Out (L’Emploi du Temps) Slow-burning. but higth affecting study of a middle-aged office worker who. having lost his job. cannot bear to tell his family. so he simply invents a new one. See review. GET. Glasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Warm Water Under A Red Bridge There's a nice sense of the absurd about Japanese filmmaker Shohei lmamura's drama about a woman whose excessive water content demands release either through shoplifting or sex. See review. GFf. Glasgow: Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Dead By Dawn Scotland's horror film festival previews classic and extreme genre cinema. Highlights include the five film Saturday allnighter and a guest appearance by the 'Godfather of Gore' Herschell Gordon Lewis. Fl/mhouse & Lumiere. Edinburgh.

ii ....


1.Throne01 Blood (1’(‘i) 1.00. 5.45. The Royal Tenenbaums ( 15) 3.30. 8.30. 2. Muhammad All: The Greatest (PG) 1.30. (1.15.

Commedle de l’lnnocence (PU) 4.00. 8.45.

28 Marm‘ t Apr 002 THE LIST 37