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l‘-”Ol in PLAY


Martyn Henderson, one half of the Glasgow duo the Jengaheads. We almost everywhere: Homebass. Playhaus, Bugged Out, and weekly at Air Organic and the Cul de Sac. You can also hear him every Sunday night on your wireless, hosting the ‘Heads Radio' show on

Beat 106 from 10pm to midnight.

Mhelt Project featuring Claude

Young: ‘The Chicago Bearsden’ (Under The Counter)

Claude waxes lyrical about living in Detroit. Chicago and now Glasgow over a grooving house track.

Derrick L. Carter: ‘Where Ya At?’ (Classic)

Mr Boompty Boomp himself rocking it as usual on his wicked Classic imprint. Can't wait for the album.

Logan and Heavenor : ‘Sunshine Allergy’ (T ronic Sole)

Local boys on a deep and dubby tip on a local label.

Milton Jackson: ‘Incidental’ (Bear Trax)

This has an excellent Lalo Schifrin/Portishead sample over some jacking beats.

I Homebass at Alaska, Glasgow.

74 THI LIST 28 Mar-11 Apr 2002

I Papacool at the Basement Bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. The finest in

. jazz. soul and funk.

I Paul Cowley at Air Organic. 9pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Respected Glasgow DJ Paul Cawley serves a beat and break-based selection to the Organic posse. I Phonlc at 54 Below. 9pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Phonic DJs Steven Reilly and Gordon Logan serve up some quality house grooves.

I Russell’s at Russell‘s. 6pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw kicks out the best R&B. hip-ho and swingbeat.

I Soulsa resents: Vlnyl at Strata. 9pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Another beautiful Glasgow bar with a fitting music policy. Underground house. Latin vibes and choicest disco from Andy Unger. Shae- D and special guest DJs.

I Sound Museum at CCA bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Chris ‘Beans' Geddes (Belle & Sebastian) and Hushpuppy (Divine!. GSA) uncover a forgotten world of sound. delving deeper and more carefully than many into lost realms of soul. Latin. funk. disco and exotica.

I Stateslde Sounds at the State Bar. 4-7pm. Free. Weekly. Paul Shields selects favourites. rock classics and blues cuts. A night that should be commended for doing something different and for doing it well.

I Strslght Ahead at Spy Bar. 9pm—late. Free. Weekly. Dance floor jazz. northern soul and funk spun by the superb Straight Ahead crew.


I Abnormels Anonymous at the CCA. 9pm—3am. £8(£6). 12 Apr. Monthly. Multi-discipline is the name of the game here. There‘s live music from the Arctic Circle. DJ set from Chris ‘Beans' Geddes of Belle and Sebastian in the CCA bar. aerial an and DJ Hushpuppy to ignite the night. Get busy. boys and girls: this is the place for everyone. gay or straight to get together and get all touchy-feely.

I Afterglow at Ad Lib. Monthly. Next date 12 Apr.

I The Ark at the Tunnel. 10.30pm-3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Scott Mackay and Simon Foy keep the crowd jumping with top- quality hard house in the main room. while Gary Curley moves the crowd in bar two with smooth garage and vocal house. OBsttle Of The Bootlegs at the Arches. 11pm-3am. £8 (£6). 5 Apr only. Style bastardiser Osymyso sprays out bizarre mixes like bullets while VJ don and one time Coldcut collaborator Hexstatic provides the visual backdrop. With the bootleg phenomenon growing in popularity (heard the new Sugababes sin- gle?) this night promises a primal scream from the cutting edge. See preview and Hitlist.

I Bebado at the Riverside Social. Midnight-3am. £7(£5). 29 Mar. Tribal is de-rigeur at the minute. so check this night out. Fusing modern beats with more esoteric Brazilian influences. this is a real perception-alterer of a night. If it doesn‘t sound eclectic enough yet. consider if you will the guests on the night: The Weird Attractors. Eight-piece acoustic drum & bass combos deserve respect.

I DJIan at CCA. 8pm—late. £8. (£6). 29 Mar. Monthly. Anybody who says that a lack of originality is choking Clubland would do well to check this out. In this second instalment of the melting pot of musical cultures. challenging dance performance is combined with bhangra breakbeat from Tigerstyle and guest DJ Harri. techno moods from Irian Jaya and diverse percussion from Firefly. Pay your respects. For this date only. ‘A-List‘card holders get £2 of advance tickets and £2 ofldoor price all night long.

I Bogota! at Cuba None. 9pm-2am. Free. Weekly. A night of Latin pop and house replete with food. dancing and general merry-making. Beautiful.

I Bughouse at Soba. 11pm—3am. £5. 5 Apr. Monthly. Dan and Chris cut up some meaty chunks of house in the basement while Papacool fry up funk and soul flavours in the bar.

I Latln Fever at Havana. 6pm—2am. Free. Weekly. A night that evolves. butterfly-style from chart tunes into a pulsating festival of loco Latin action. The

; latter starts at 10pm with DJ George s inning salsa. merengue and Latin pop.

9.3 E electro and breakbeats brought to you by

The Cathouse at the Cathouse. 10.30pm-3am. £1 before 11pm. £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Riding high on the nu metal wave. this is one of the busiest nights in town. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash of breakbeat across three floors at Glasgow‘s top venue for rockers and alternateens.

I Clockwork at Big Joint. 0pm-3am. £5. 5 Apr. Monthly. Techno.

Marko and Mossco.

GCIub Cubans at the Tempus bar. 10pm—3am. £4(£3). £1 off before 11pm. 5 Apr. Monthly. Toast your Cuban counter- parts with the irresistible Club Cubana. Hosted by the Scottish Cuba Solidarity

5 Campaign. this is the real deal. Featuring : the very best in Latin Music by DJ

i Duncanario. from modern salsa hits to

f classic barrio beats. this should take the

roof off of the CCA. See Hitlist. I Coded at Vault. l 1pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. They’re from a record store. so

the tunes are going to be fresh and highly

. funky. A rotating roster of DJs affiliated to :, 23rd Precinct supply house-led grooves at

the new club. Steven McCreery is the main 3 man. but the pool of talent includes Billy

f Kiltie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

GCoIours Easter Special at the

1 Arches. llpm—3am. £20 (£32 for weekend ; ticket). 29 Mar only. Colours brings out

3 the big guns for this Easter mash-up (one

F of two see also Sun club listings). It’s

quite a line up. too: Way Out West will be performing live. while King Unique.

; Quivver and MYNC Project will be pro-

: viding the entertainment in the other arch-


I Debunk at Betty's Mayonnaise.

§ 10pm—late. £6 (£5). 5 Apr. Monthly. DJ

Fuse joins DJs David Forbes and Mallorca Lee at this tribal house and trance night.

3 I Deep End at Ad Lib. llpm—3am. £5. 5 12 Apr. Monthly. Ad Lib clears the tables E away once again as the Deep End crew

take control. Jackin‘ beats and solid

1 grooves dominate while Bigfoot Monkey ? grovides the finest quality live percussion.

Foot Therapy at Alaska. 1 1pm—3am.

£10 (£8). 5 Apr. Monthly. Rob Mello and

Andy Piacentini attempt to heat Alaska just through the heat generated by yer feet. Sound mental? Well. the concept seems

less crazy when you realise the high - calibre of tunage deployed by the disk

jockeys in question. Should be a hot one. with resident Laurence Hughes also

rockin‘ a set.

I Poreslght at Rocksy‘s Basement.

10pm—2.15am. £5. 5 Apr. Monthly. New

§ night at the basement club. Expect quality i house. techno and electro from the

9 Foresight DJs.

g I Funk Room at the Arches. Monthly. 3 Next date 19 Apr.

? I Oeln at Alaska. 11pm—3am. £8. 12

'. Apr. Monthly. We are not worthy! True

innovator Andrew Weatherall braves the

3 elements at Alaska once again. dropping in ' to the night that‘s known for techno. but

i like to do whatever it pleases. That‘s the

way we like it.


Youpssstog'eatcltbnlghtslnclasgowatEdlnburgh See page 81 for details

I Global Love at Archaos. llpm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Huge clubs

l need huge nights. Progressive house and

trance is served up by resident Lisa Littlewood. and lapped up by a nicely suited and booted crowd of young

peo le.

I oodfoot at the Riverside Social. Midnight—3am. £5. 5 Apr. Monthly. The pressure‘s on at the northern soul night this month as the surprise guest DJ will be hard pushed to surpass the soulful goodness of Paul Molloy's set last time around.

I Hustle 8: Bustle at Babaza.

E 6pm-3am (DJs from 1 1pm). Free before 3 1 1pm. £5 after. Weekly. Paul Traynor and 2 Stewart McCallum get the night going

with some seriously funky. highly

charged R&B and hip-hop. mixed with

i soul and funk tracks.

3 I Life at Life. 10pm—3am. Free before

' midnight. £7 after. Weekly. Kevin

McFarlane. Bob Jeffries and Gordon

Miller take on the two rooms with a solid

funk. soul. garage and old-school classics selection.

; I Loose Jolnts at the 13th .\'ote Club I (downstairs). 10pm—3am. Free before

; 1 1pm; £4 after. Weekly. Classic

2 dancefloor madness from the Loose Joint f crew. A musical range of about 40 years

yields a huge selection of funk. jazz and

: soul masterpieces. Wind your body. 7 wriggle your belly. I

ulce at the Glasgow School of Art.

llpm—3am. £7 (£5—£6). Weekly. Things 7 can only get better after Juice's storming

opening night. Residents Felix Blakeston

and Brendan Hessle share their obsession with all things techno. electro and whatever. with a crowd that knows its

class from its ass.

I Mad Dog at the Soundhaus.

llpm—late. £tbc. 29 Mar. Monthly.

Special guests Papacool lend some funk

and soul to this mad dog electro affair

; hosted by Rufus G. Poindexter.

I MAS at MAS. llpm—3am. £6 (£5).

Weekly . Good residents. a smart venue ' and a usually attractive crowd make this one of Glasgow‘s busiest weekly Fri

nighters. Billy Woods. Danny Sharkey

; and Marcello Della Croce assume the

position. so to speak.

I Monox at the Soundhaus.

l 1pm—5am. £8 (£6 members). 12 Apr.

Monthly. Techno from the harder end of the sonic spectrum is provided by Dan

Monox. .\'ik Craig and Smartie in the

main room. while Daz. Martin Walsh and

Hamish McChlery fire the crowd up with

I some strange noises in room deux. These

people know what they're doing.

j I Muzlk Box present Basement Party at Blackfriars. 9pm—lam. Free

; (donations welcome). 12 Apr. Monthly.

i Muzik Box DJs Billy Scullion and Matt

? Reilly spoil your ears rotten with their

wilful mix of house. afro-beat and

underground disco. I National Pop League at Woodside Social Club. 9pm—2am. £2. 29

Mar. Monthly. An old—style (ie good)

independent music night, with nods to

I all the right sources of alternative

; greatness. An appreciative crowd

cements this as a night of rare.

i unadulterated quality. .\'ote that this

; month. it's an Easter Special with free

hot cross buns to the first twenty through E the door plus Easter eggs to be won in

the raffle.

3 I The N00 Groove at .-\d Lib.

' llpm—lam. £5 (£4). 29 Mar. Monthly.

? Glasgow house veterans .\'ick Peacock

and Brian Williamson rummage around in their boxes and come tip with classics § old and new. Expect a set that gives

5 knowledgeable nods to the spheres of Latin. Jazz. soul and. of course. house. i I Offset at Cube. 1 lpm—3am. £5. Weekly. L'plifting house and LS garage 5 in the main room courtesy of the Solemusic boys Geoff Montford. (‘hris

Harris and Stevie ‘Sole' Middleton.