Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued


44 High Street. 557 83(i0. Daily

10am (iptn.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still life. landscapes and figuratiye. with all works for sale.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. (307 1‘)(i(i. .Mon

‘)am 5pm: 'l'ue--l5ri ‘)am ropm; Sat

10am-- 5pm.

Mixed Show ['ntil Tue 30 Apr. A mixed show of limited edition prints and original paintings.


l'niyersity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. (150 221 1. Tue- -Sat 10am 5pm.

Bodies Of Substance t'ntil Thu 28‘ Mar. Three female Berlin-based artists Margaret Hunter. A/ade Koker and Ping Qiu show sculpture. photography and installation. Their work focuses on a shared concern for the human figure and how it reflects cultural and social change. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Jerwood Sculpture Prize t'nnl Thu 28 .Mar (rottnd room ). The winner of the £20,000 Jerwood Sculpture Pri/c Benedict ('arpenter along with the seycn shortlisted artists show small-scale maquettes in this touring exhibition. (‘arpenter’s w inning work ('nii'ersul ()bjer! will be unyeiled at the Jerwood Sculpture Park at Willey (‘ourt in Jun this year. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


3o Dundas Street. 556 (i366. Mon- I‘ri 11am (rpm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Spring Exhibition t'ntil Sat 20 Apr. A spring selection of paintings by regular exhibitors including John l.owrie Morrison. Tom Shanks. Tom Watt. (iillian (itiodhclt'. lili/abeth Reid and littld Poole Watts plusjewellery by Sheana Stephen and sculpture by Walter Aw lson.


For further infortnation call 52‘) 3930/3682 for a detailed itinerary.

Message Sent t‘nul Tue 4 .ltn). The 'l'raxelling (iallery 's latest tour is a group show of work by artists who explore \arious sy stems of communication. l‘eatured artists include Beycrley lltmd. (‘hristian Marclay. Jenny Hogarth. Judy Spark. Malcolm Brown and Wraptheworld. The gallery w ill be stopping off in Ayr (28 & 2‘) Mar) and then in (ilasgow at the (iorbals 1.eisurc (‘entre (Thu 4 Apr.

‘)am 4pm): 1"reeport. l,iyingston (Hi 5 Apr. 10am 5pm ): ('ardonald (‘ollege (Tue ‘) Apr. 10am 5pm): liastei'liousc Sports (‘entre (Wed 10 Apr. ‘)am 4pm) and Scotstoun Leisure ('entre (Thu 1 1 Apr. ‘)am 4pm).


'l‘ray'crsc Theatre. 10 ('ambridge Street. 228 5383.

Alastair Mack l'nlil Sat 30 Apr. Paintings and digital prints celebrating the microcosm by Alastair .Mack. influenced by 25 years of obsery ing and recording microscopic images.


Various residential homes in lidinburgh. 1‘ormore information call 0131 52‘) 3‘)58 or click on ww or pick tip a map and entry pass from the ('ollcctiyc (iallery.

OArt In The Home in 2‘) Sun 3) Mar. noon 4pm. This unique collaboratiye art project between lidinburgli ('ollegc of Art. the (‘in Art (’entrc. ('ollcctiye (iallery and Yamaguchi Institute of (‘ontcmporary' Art. concludes the Japan 2001 celebrations as artists from Scotland. liurope atid Japan create site-specific work in domestic resi- dences in lidinburgh. See llitlist.

THE VILLAGE lo South Fort Street. 478 7810. .Mon Sat 11am 11.45pm: Sun 12.30 11.45pm.

92 THE LIST 2“, J.’i£:' '1 fit: 2",...7

Ria Annand t'iitil Sat 13 Apr. An exhibition of paintings exploring colour and form by Ria Annand.


(formerly Malcolm lnnes (iallery ). 4 Dundas Street. 558 ‘)544/5. Mon-l’ri

10am 6pm: Sat 1 lam-“1pm.

Spring Exhibition t'nul Sun 14 Apr. Scottish Victorian paintings from

1840 1‘)20 featuring oils. watercolours and prints.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 97

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 (’harlotte Square. lidinburgh. 243 ‘)3(i5. .Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Stir) noon -5pm. 1-‘ree. .\'ot only the head office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 (‘harlotte Sqttare also houses a permanent collection of 20th centttry Scottish paintings featuring work by Peploe. Htmter and (‘adelf Display ed in a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (formerly lluntly House). 142 (‘anongate 52‘) 4143. Mon- Sat 10am ~5pm.

The Toun’s Time t'ntil Sat 4 May. To celebrate the 150th anniyersary of the Operation of the titne ball on ('alton Hill‘s .\'e|son Monument. this exhibition looks at the invention and features information of the ()ne ()’('1ock (iun. public and pillar clocks and other aspects of time around the town.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon-Sat 10am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm; Tue

10am 8pm.

Relief And Revolution: The St Andrew’s Society Of Philadelphia l'ntil Sun 30 Jttn 2002. This exhibition looks at Scottish immigration to .\'oth Atnerica and the founding of the St Andrew 's Society of Philadelphia. set up in 1747 to care for the sick immigrant Sctils.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM Newhayen Harbour. 551 4105. Mon Stui


They’re Handed Doon t'ntil Tue 31

Dec. An exhibition looking at the history

of the Paisley shawl and their adoption by .\'ewhayen fishw iycs.


53 High Street. Queensferry. 331 5545. Mon. Thu. 1"ri & Sat 10am 1pm &

2.15 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Free.

Food For Thought A look at children's diet and eating habits ox er the past 150 years.


2 ('liambers Street. 247 421‘). .Mon Sat 10am 5pm (Tue 8pm); Stilt noon~ 5pm. l‘ree.

Millennium Clock A chance to \ iew Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bet'stldsky is millennitttn clock. it kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. Textile Treasures: Caring For A Collection t'ntil Mon 0 May. A collection of liuropean wall hangings and decoratiye textiles spanning the 17th and 18th centuries. The centrepiece of the exhibition is crew elwork hangings of 171‘) with the monogram of the ()1d Pretender. Other key exhibits include a Kinghorne carpet tnade around 1(i20 and two embroideries dated 1637 showing scenes from the life ()f‘l‘lu' lirein tnade for one of the (‘atholic courticrs at ('harles l court. Prehistoric Japan: The Archaeological Collections Of Neil Gordon Munro t’niil Sun 14Apr. A collection of prehistoric Japanese artefacts discoyered by .\'eil (iot‘don

Munro. a Scottish medical doctor resident in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century.

Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame l’ntil Wed 31 Jul. An exhibition highlighting the 100 nominations for possible introduction into the first Scottish Sports Hall of' Fame at the Royal Museum. From now until Jttn next year. \‘lslttn‘s w ill be invited to nominate their own choices which will then be counted and submitted to a judging panel who will choose 50 of the nation's fayourite sporting figures for inclusion in the first ever permanent hall of fame. You can also vote on-line Slice t'ntil Sun 31 .Mar. (‘ontemporary silverware from the collection of Seymour Rabinoyitch featuring oyer 40 broad-bladed seryers or slices by British and American silyersmiths. Testimony Of The Rocks: Hugh Miller 1902-1856 l'ntil .Mon 3 Jttn. An exhibition celebrating the bicentenary of Hugh Miller. archetypal Scot. self- taught stonemason. pioneering folklorist. fossil collector. protagonist in the early eyolutionary debate. free church actiyist and lidinburgh newspaper editor. The exhibition features rare objects. manuscripts. photographs. books. pamphlets and the fossils which made Miller famous as a geologist.

Dr John Adamson: Photographic Pioneer t'ntil Sun 26 May. John Adamson was one of the pioneering photographic chemists in Scotland. who first emerged as an impressive photographer in the 1850s. The elder brother of the better known Robert Adamson who formed half of the famous photographic partnership with Dayid ()ctayius Hill. this exhibition features original prints from a collection of albums put together by John Adamson. Obesity - Why Do We Get Fat? Tue ‘) Thu 1 1 Apr. An interactiye exhibition where members of the public can find otit what causes obesity and test their own metabolic rate ttsing the latest technology.


Blackford “01.608 8405. Mon Sal l0am»--5pm; Stilt noon «5pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

World In A Spin .Mon 1 Apr— Mon 30 Sep. Iixhibition and actiyities looking at how the spinning earth creates night. day and the changing seasons.


l.ady Stair's House. Lady Stair's (lose. 52‘) 4‘)01. .Mon Sat 10am -5pm. Free.

A Revolutionary Writer: Lewis Grassic Gibbon 1901-1935 t'ntil Sat 13 Apr. A documentary exhibition looking at the life and work of one of Scotland's greatest 20th century writers. Lewis (it‘ussic (iihhon ( 1901 193.5 ). author of the classic Sunch Sung.


l'niyersity of Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. 01382345330.

Earthly Paradise l‘ntil Hi 2‘) .Mar. This exhibition of artefacts. paintings and prints selected from the l'niyersity of Dundee Mtiseum (‘ollcctions alongside works by contemporary artists. aims to create a dialogue between those of a religious/artistic background in a gallery context.

Futures l'ntil Thu 25 Apr ((‘oopet' (iallery 1. The results of workshop with schoolchildren working the electronic imaging students Alec ()hnstad and Lynne (iranger.

Portraits And Presentations l'ntil l'i'i 17 May (Lamb (iallery ). Portraits drawn from the l‘niyersity of Dundee Museum collections featuring works by Sir (ieorgc Reid. Alberto Nltit‘t'occt) and McIntosh Patrick.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS 152 Nethergatc. 01382 ‘)()‘)‘)00. Tue --Wed. Sat ck Sun 10.30am- 5.30pm: Thu & l’ri 10.30am 8pm.

‘the eye of the beholder’ t'ntil Sun 7 Apr ((ialleries 1 & 2). Diyiding the galleries into the rooms. the internationally emerging artists examine the perception of beauty in new and recent works. Polly Apfelbaum (l'SA) creates brightly coloured fabric; Atilla (‘sorgo (Httngary) transforms the space with light: Riyane Neuenschwander (Brazil) presents a film piece: Yoshihiro Suda (Japan) presents meticulously hand- caryed wooden flowers and \y’ibeke Tandberg (Norway) qttestions the beauty of the portrait photograph in “let’s. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Jessie Higginson and Sylvia Kerr l'ntil Sun 14 Apr (()ne 1"iye Two). (‘eramics by Jessie Higginson incorporating her trademark stripes in shades on blue and sily‘er and 18c gold jewellery inspired by wrought iron and cast iron work.

Kathryn Maxwell - Connections l'ntil Sttn 14 Apr (Print Studio). Religion. death and genetics are explored in this exhibition of prints by Kathryn Maxwell. an artist and professor at Arizona State l'niyersity.


Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon—Sat 10.30am ~5pm; Sun 12.30-4pm: Thu 10.30am-7pm.

Life At Liff: The Mental Health Of Dundee Fri 5 Apr-Sun to Jun. An exhibition marking the beginning of the closure of the Dundee Royal Liff Hospital. exploring the changes in mental health proyision oyer the last 200 years.


Dundee (‘ontemporary Arts. 152 Nethergate. 01382 348060. Wed -l-'ri l().30am—5.30pm; Sat & Sun

12.30 5.30pm.

Audio Arts (1973-2001) t‘ntil Thu 18 Apr (Centre for Artist Books). An exhibition highlighting the work of Audio Arts magazine on cassette who since l‘)73 haye published nineteen volumes of recordings which debate the theory and practice of contemporary art.

Paul Rooney - New Work t‘ntil Sat (i Apr. Paul Rooney presents a selection of recent collaboratiye projects including an audio guide for a chairlift. music \ ideo. old master paintings and record coyers. Rooney worked with the Stars In Their Ifyes audience warm tip man. a hotel concierge. a barmaid. a choir and an office worker to produced these works.


Outside the Cities



('allendar Park. 01324 503770. Mon-Sat 10am 5pm: Stm 2 5pm.

Caithness And Other Places l'ntil Sttn 12 May. Landscape paintings. small sculptures and a digital projection by Pattl Webster Thompson inspired by the landscape of ('aitltness.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 0178b 47‘)3(i1. Tue-Sat l lam-4.30pm.

. . . from the middle through the middle . . . Sat (i Apr Sat 18 May. A large sculptural installation by Hana Sakuma which tises extracts of death scenes from secondhand books to challenge our attitudes towards mortality.


()ld Town. 01780 450000.

The Thistle And The Rose t'ntil .Mon 20 May. £7 (£2 {5). A major exhibition about the 1502 Treaty of Perpetual Peace between Scotland and lingland. agreed by James 1\' of Scotland and Henry V11 of lingland.