303 THE BUILDER LIVE! Wed 3-Sun 7 Apr, times vary. £12.50—£15.

SECC, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow, 0870 040 4000. After scaling the pop charts and monopolising the kiddies’ TV market, everyone’s favourite builder cements his popularity with a series of live shows.

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Activities And Fun

Drawing and Painting Masterclass Thu 28 Mar.

‘).30am l3.30pm. £ l 3. St Andre“ ‘\ ('ollege. Stockiemtiir Road. Bearsden. 34l 0034. .-\ge\ I0 10. Practical help on improving drawing and painting \kills. Jock’s Easter Egg Hunt Thu 38 Sun 7 Apr. l0am 5pm. £4.50 t£3.35i. The Tall Ship .i\t (ilithtm llarhour. I00 Sittlk‘l‘tiSS Road. 33‘) 003 I. lock is the (ilenlcc\ feline maxcot \iho'x hidden liaxter eggx all ox er the \hip. ('an )011 \olx'e the clue\ he\ left and find the mining cggx'.’

Easter Art Fest Tltu 38 Mar. Tue 3 Hi 5 Apr. l0am---noon & 1 3pm. £3 per L'lttxx. llunterian .-\rt (ialler'). l‘noerxity of (ilasgow. 83 llillhead Street. 330 543 l. Adxance hooking required. .-\ge\ 7 l3. lam for the liaxter ltttlltlit_\\.

Easter Activities At St Mungo’s l'ntil Fri 3‘) Mar. 3 4pm. liree. St .\Iungo Museum of Religioth l.ife .-\nd Art. 3 (‘axtle Street. 553 3557. Agex 5 7 & 8 l3. l5un arts and crafts \tttt‘kxlttipx hased on liaster and springtime themex.

Easter Craft Workshops Thu 38 Mar. Wed 3 Apr. liri 5 Apr. Sun 7 Apr.

3.30 3.30pm. £4.50 t£3.35i. The Tall Ship At (ilaxgou llarhour. I00 Stohcroxx Road. 33‘) 003 l. Agex 5 l0. llax e a go at making lot\ of liaxter gootllc‘x or ha\e your face painted at thexe fun \L‘letmx.

Art Workshop Sat 30 Mar.

l.30 3.30pm. l‘ree. Burrell (‘ollectioIL 3000 Pollokxhtmx Road. 387 3550. Adxance hooking required. Agex 5 l3. lmpact .r\rt\ hoxtx a fun-packed \\t)l‘l\'\lltip

\\ here )ou cart dexign a coat of arm\ or create a Ill)‘llthtll monxter.

Easter Extravaganza Sat 30

Mar Mom I Apr. 3 4pm. £4.50t£3.35i. The Tall Ship At (ilttxgtm llarhour. I00 Stohcroxx Road. 33‘) 003 l. :\gc\ o\ er 4. See liaxter eggx appear from hehind _\our ears and other :txlonixliitlg liappeningx \\ hen magician \agood get\ up to hix old trickx. Circus Easter School Sun 3| .\lar l'il'l 5 :\pt'. {l H). The Archex. 35.3 :\I'f_"\ le Street. 505 NH 1. .-\d\ance hooking required. Roll up. roll up to the Arches circtix \chool run h} circux trainerx l.a\ la .\larlin and Sarah Jean ('ou/enx. '

Sing When You’re Swingin’ Mom

I Hi 5 Apr. £l l0 lc‘ttllL‘S axailahlei. The Archex. 353 Arg} le Street. 333 9000. :\d\ance hooking required. Ach l3 IS. A chance to \tol‘k \\ ith Scottixh ()pcl‘a'x performer\ and llltlSTL‘litIIS in a \pectacular interpretation of .‘IUIHIt’I'.

Arts And Crafts Tue 3 l‘ri 5 .-\pt'. ‘).30am l3.30pm. £l3 per \L‘xxltill £45 for four tla} \. Sl Andre“ '\ (‘ollcgtk Stockientuir Road. llearxden. 34l 0034.

Agex 5 l0. l-"un \\t)l‘l\‘\l]()p\ in than ing. painting and cral'tnork.

Painting Workshops Thu 4 Sat 0 :\pt‘. liree. .\Iu\eum ()f'l'ranxport. Kehin Hall. I Burnhouxe Road. 387 3730. Julie Baird hoxtx a ftui. drop—in painting \xorkxhop. Rain 0r Shine - Family Field Trip Thu 4 Apr. l0am noon. l-‘ree. Drumhreck .\larxh. Kil\)tlt. ()l0‘)8 303547. Learn more ahout the \\ ildlife on thix nature rexetwe.


Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone il’(‘ii Sat 30 Mar. l3.30pin: The Adventures Of Robin Hood tl'i Sat 0 Apr. 13.30pm. £3.35 tfamil} ticket £‘)i. (ilZISgUH l‘ilm Theatre. 13 Roxe Street. 333 8138. See l-"ilm lnde\. Human Body t l’(ii; Grand Canyon il’(ii: Dolphins it‘i; Into The Deep 0' i; Blue Planet t l ' i. timex \ttl'}. check l’ilm listiagx for \hoix'ing timex, £5 (£3.50). l.\l.-\X Theatre. (iltixgtm Science ('entrc. 50 Pacific ()ua}. 430 5000.


Humpty Dumpty’s Easter Extravaganza Sat 30 Mar. 3pm. £4 i£3i ScottiSh .\la\k & Puppet Theatre ('entre.

8 l0 Balcarrex :\\enue. Keh indale. 33‘) 0185. llumpt} Dumpt} ix in hot purxuit of the liaxtei' egg thief in lltlx ftiit production from the .-\ma/ing .\lr Bone\.

The Chuckle Brothers .\lon l Apr. 3pm. £8 i£0i. Pat ilion 'l‘heatre. l3l RL‘lllicltl Street. 3‘33 liS40. The hrotherx return \\ ith a \hott neu filled \\ ith laughx. Bob The Builder Live! Wed 3 Sun 7 .i\pr. Wed l-‘ri 0pm: Sat l0.30am. 3pm; Stm 3pm. 5.30pm. £l3.50 £l5. Sli('('. l-inniexton Qua}, 0870 040 4000. See photo caption.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe \Vetl 3 Sat 0 Apr.

730 ‘).30pm. £7.50 t£3.50i. ('iti/enx' 'l‘heatre. l l‘) (itit'ltttlS Street. 43‘) 0033. Scottixh Youth Theatre prexentx thix childrcn'x fa\ourite.


Medieval Tales Thu 4 :\pl'.

|0.30am l3.30pm & l.30 3.30pm. l-ree. Burrell (‘ollection. 3000 Pollokxhau \ Road. 387 3550. .\ledic\al cliaraclei‘S perform fun re-enactmentx in an interactite Slot‘}lclling \ioikxhop for all the famin

Edinburgh Activities Arid Fun Quickies For Kids Ro}al .\luxeum Of Scotland. 3 (‘hatnhers Street. 347 43 l‘). l‘ree. 'l'en—minute talk\ for children held ever} Sat and Sun at 3.30pm. Easter Extravaganza lit 2‘) .\l;ll' Siiii 3l .»\pr. l0am 0pm. \ormal t1tlllll\\l0ll applies. l)}namic liarth. llol_\rootl Road. 550 7800. Join iit \iith l)ino the l)ino\aur\ chaotic caperx including lace-painting. touch tahlex and liaxter-themed exentx. Activator Camp .\lon 8 Thu I I .-\pr. ‘).30am 4.30pm. £13 per tla} £00 per \xcek. .\leatlo\\ hank Sportx ('entre. l3‘)

' kids@list.co.uk'

London Road. 00l 535l. .\ mttlti-acti\ it} camp for the lizoter holida} \ dexigned expeciall} for primar} -aged children.


The Borrowers Wed 10 Sat I3 .-\pt‘. Wed 3pm; Thu 1 lam & 3pm: l-‘ri ck Sat 3pm & 7pm. £‘).50 t£8.50i. King's Theatre. 3 l.e\‘en Street. 53‘) 0000. See photo caption.


Sunday Stories Sun 3| Mar. 3 3pm. £3. National Portrait (ialler). l Queen Street. 034 04 l 8. Journe) to faraitay lillltlS and meet colourful character\ in thexe \tor}telling xexxionx for age\ in er 5 led h} l)a\ id ('amphell.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun

Easter Art Camp Thu 28 Mar.

10am noon & l 3pm. £0. Bellxhill (‘ultural (’entre. John Street. Bellxhill. 0l0‘)8 340774. Agex 7 l3. l.earn techniquex including print-making. cla_\ modelling. \Iide projection\ and more. Easter Eggcitement Hi 2‘) Mar Sun l4 Apr. l0am 5pm. £3.80 i£l.00i. Almond Valle) lleritage Truxt. .‘ililllield. l.i\ ingxton. 0l500 4 l4‘)57. Join the liaxter egg hunt. folloti ittg the \pringtime trail and meet Iamhx. chick and man} other new itl'l‘l\1ll\ on the farm.

Easter Eggstravaganza l‘ri 2‘)

Mar Mon 1 .-\pr. llant 4pm. Palacerigg ('otmtr} Park. Palacerigg Road. ('umhernauld. 0l330 730047. A humper “CCkL‘lltl of liaxter ftm \\ itlt alt liaxter honnet parade. competitionx. qui/xex. face painting and port) ridex.

Baskets And Bunnies Sat 30 Mar. Mom I. Wed 3 Apr. 13.30 3.30pm. liree. l.o\\ Parkx \ltixeum. l3‘) .\luir Street. Hamilton. 01008 338333. Drop-in liaxter- themed art\ and craft\ actiVities.

Easter Egg Hunt Sun 3| .\lar. £3

l .50i. .\lu\eum ()l' Scottixh (‘ountr) life. \Vc‘xlcl‘ Kittochxide. liitxl Kilhride.

(H 355 334181. .loin the liaxter Bunn} for write Iiaxter Sunda) fun it ith egg painting. liaxter honnet making and \tor}tel|ing. Easter In New Lanark Sun 31

Mar .\lon l Apr. llam 5pm. £4.75 t£3.35i. .\'e\\ l.anark \'i\itor (‘entre. Ne“ l.anark .\lill\. .\'e\\ l.anark. 01555 00l345. liaxter fun galore u ith egg decoration. traditional children'x game\ and more. Easter Sunday Family Funday Sun 3l .\lar. noon 4pm. l-‘ree. (’hatelherault ('ountr} Park. ('arlixle Road. llatnilton. 0l0‘)8 4303 l 3. .\ famil) extra\agan/a featuring art\ and craft\. egg painting and rolling. a countr} \ide challenge and an appearance from the liaxter hunn}.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Sun 3| Mar. 3 4pm. £4.50t£3.50 £3.75). l)una\kin lleritage ('entre. Waterxide.


Patna. A} r. ()l 3‘)3 53l 144. find the most eggs in the park to \\ in a pri/e.

Young @ Art Tue 3 Hi 5 .-\pr. £34 t£l3 i. llarhour Artx ('entre. l 14 I I0 llarhour Street. In inc. 0| 3‘)4 37405‘). .-\ge.\ 5-7 and 8-13. l‘our da_\ \ of cartoon era/inc“ and liaxler anticx for the holida} \.

Minibeast Safari Tue 3 .-\pr.

l0 ll.45am tk l3.l5 3pm. £3. RSPB Nature Rexen e. l.argx Road. l.och\\ innoch. 01505 843003. The rexcrx e\ teacher‘- naturalixtx lead an expedition to \earch for \ieird and \tonderful miniheaxtx.


The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party Thu 38 Mar. Tue 3pm; \\'ed & Thu noon tk 3pm. £‘) i£8i; famil) ticket £35. Palace Theatre. ‘) (ireen Street. Kilmarnock. 0l503 5335‘)0. Drew tip ax )our fatourite \\ ild animal and join the Kettlerx \xith llC\\ memher Ke\ in for a tropical adxenture \\ ith giraffex. chimpx and lltilh galore.

More Grimm Tales Thu 38 Sat 30 Mar. 7.30pm. £7 I£4 l. B} re Theatre. .-\hhe) Street. St Andre“ \, (H334 475000. St Andre“ \ Youth Theatre presentx poet (‘arol Ann Duff} \ adaptation of the popular \toriex h_\ the Brotherx ('irimm.

The Happy Gang’s Arabian Adventure Wed 3 .-\pr. l lam & 3.30pm. £5.50. l.anark Memorial Hall. St l.eonard\ Street. l.anark. (H555 005383. Agex up to ‘). Join the llapp} (iang ax the} emhark oti a magical. ll]tl\ic‘tll \o}age to :\rahia.

The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party \Ved 3 Sun 7 Apr. Wed 3pm: Thu Sat

1 lam .\ 3pm: Sun noon & 3pm. £‘) «£7i: famil} ticket £35. Adam Smith 'l‘heatre. llcnnoch} Road. Kirkcald}. 015‘)3 4l3‘)3‘). See Kilmarnock.

The Happy Gang’s Arabian Adventure Thu 4 .-\pr. l lam tk 3.30pm. £0.50 t£5i. Paixle) Toun llall. Ahhc) ('loxe. Paixlc}. 887 I00). Agex tip to ‘). See l.anark.

The Happy Gang’s Arabian Adventure Sat 0 Apr. 3.30pm. £0: famil} ticket £33. Vikingar Theatre. ('ireenock Road. l.argx. (0475 089777. .i\ge\ up to ‘). See l.anark.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet 'l'hcatrc. Broughton Road. 0l8‘)‘) 330031. £5 i£4i; famil} ticketx £33 tk £30. Book in ad\ance ax timex are \uhiect to change. Reductionx for partiex of li\ e or more. Slioit \ on offer in er the next [\to u eekx are:

Pips & Panda And The Magic Egg Sat 30 Mar. .\lon l .r\pr. Wed 3 Apr. Hi 5 .'\pr. Mon 8 Apr. 3pm; Tue ‘) Apr. Thu 1 l Apr. l0.45ant. .v\ge\ tip to 7. The mixcltiexoux duo are off to the heaclt \\ here the} huild \and caxtlex and pla} in the Sand. hefore \tumhling acrtm a magic

The Tinderbox Tue 3 .-\pr. Sat 0 Apr. Thu l l Apr. 3pm. ('orporal l'it/patrick goe\ in \earch of a magical 'I‘intlerhm and happenx upon \ome \ieird and \tonderful characterx along the nu).

THE BORROWERS Wed 1Mat 13 Apr, Wed 3pm; Thu 1 1am 8. 3pm;

Fri 8. Sat 2pm 8. 7pm. £9.50 (£8.50). King’s Theatre, 2 Leven Street, Edinburgh, 0131 529 6000. Mary Norton’s classic adventure tale about a tiny family who live under the floorboards and rely on ‘borrowing’ from the householders is adapted for the stage. The enchanting tale of adventure is retold using humour, mystery, theatrical illusions and original music by Richard Taylor.

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