Int_ernatmnal_ Science Festival

Various venues. Edinburgh. Fri 5—Tue 16 Apr

Venture up a nose. discover who killed Kenny then scoot off into deepest darkest space. Yes. it‘s Science Festival time again and a city brimming with fun and stimulating shows. exhibits and workshops awaits. Listed below are highlights of the Fatnily Programme until Thu 1 l Apr. Events in the Popular Science Programme are listed in Edinburgh Life. To book tickets or find

out more information call 0131 473 2070.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH lnverleith Row. 552 717l. Sat 6—Sun 14 Apr. 10am—5pm. Free—£3 for shows. Nine days of science fun with interactive exhibitions. science shows and workshops. Highlights include:

Treasure Seekers £1. Ages over 4. Can you solve the clues to follow a trail of discovery through a tropical forest and an arid desert‘.’

The Big Name Game 1 lam—4pm. 50p. Ages over 8. The secrets of naming and identifying plants are revealed at these botany workshops.

Light Fantastic Sat 6—Tue 9 Apr.

1 lam. 1.30pm 8.: 3pm. £2 (£1.50). Freddy Firefly's light has gone out and it‘s up to junior-assistant-third-class to help find a way to switch it back on. Stars In Your Eyes Sat b—Wed l0 Apr. 1 lam. noon. 2pm. 3pm & 4pm. £2 (£1.50). See photo caption.

Plant Seekers - Around The World In Eight Days Sat 6—Sat l3 Apr. noon—4pm. Free. Did you know that around 20% of plant species in the rainforests don‘t even have a name? Join this family plant collecting expedition to identify a variety of species of plants found in the gardens.

Subterranean Safari Sat (3—Sun 7 Apr. 10am—5pm. Free. Ages over 9. A hands- on exhibit illustrating the complex structure of soil and the life it supports. Masters Of The Skies Sun 7 Apr. Thu 1 1 Apr. 2—4pm. Free. Come face to face with birds of prey with a spectacular

STARS IN YOUR EYES Royal Botanic Garden. Inverleith Row. Edinburgh.

display by the Edinburgh Bird of Prey Centre.

Rainforest Roadshow Wed l()--Thu

l 1 Apr. 10.30am. noon. 2pm & 3.30pm. £3 (£2.50). Leap into the tribal cultures of South America. Borneo and Malaysia with BBC presenter Dave Shaw.

Plant Doctor Thu 1 1 Apr. l()am---noon & 2—5pm. Free. Examine plant diseases under the microscope and bring along sick plants for art expert diagnosis. WHIZZ BANG, BIG BANG @ DYNAMIC EARTH Holyrood Road. 550 7800. Sat b—Sun [4 Apr. l()am—opm. £7.95 (£4.50). A mass of explosive experiments. chemical chaos and terrific tricks for ages ()-—l2. Highlights include: Out Of This World Make badges or keyrings inspired by the planets of the solar system.

Dancing With Dinosaurs It you imagine dinosaurs as being slow. cumbersome creatures. then this workshop will put a stop to that when you make a disc puppet that can really boogie.

Exploding Custard Sat (i—Wetl l()Apr. l 1.45am 8; 2.45pm. £3 (£2). See over 30 stunning experiments which you can try out later on your kitchen table at home. The Big G Sat 6—Wed l0 Apr. 1.15pm & 4.15pm. £3 (£2). The science magic performer will illustrate how to defy gravity. plus demonstrate lots of magic tricks.

The Adventures Of Dino 5pm. Free. Dino the Dinosaur and the mad professor round off an explosive day at the centre with their chaotic capers. TECHNOPOLIS @ ADAM HOUSE 3 Chambers Street. 473 2070. Sat ()--Sllli l4 Apr. l()ani—5pm; Sun 7 Apr noon—5pm. £2. Ages over I I. More amazing tricks. challenges and interactive exhibits capturing the teen market.

The Magic Of Chemistry Technopolis' resident chemist will make things explode. fin. and freeze. Watch out for the scenes of vegetable torture. Robosports Marvel at the robust robots playing rugby like you've never seen it before.

Chemical Detectives £2. Learn chemical detection techniques and see if you can analyse a crime scene successfully.

0131 552 7171. Sat 6—Wed 10 Apr. 11am. noon. 2pm, 3pm 8. 4pm. $32 ($21.50). Constellations and planets appear before your eyes as the Royal ObservaIOry's mobile starlab takes you to on an inter-galactic journey to the stars.

2) .=

THE SECRET LIFE OF BUBBLES Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street.


Edinburgh, 0131 473 2070. Mon 8—Sat 13 Apr, 10.30am. 11.30am & 4.30pm. Marvel at the amazing world of bubbles by trying to burst the unburstable bubble. meet the sheep-bOtincing bubble. and come face to face with Bubble Bunyip an elusive child eating monster. This interactive science show explores the strangest. wildest and stretchiest creatures in the scientific world.

Cyberghost Take a virtual reality tour of Edinburgh's haunted vaults to solve a supernatural mystery.

Whose Lie Is It Anyway? I l.45ain & 4.30pm. Take a lie detector test and find otit what makes a lie obviotis before seeing if you can beat the machine and recognise when someone is lying.

Who Killed Kenny? .\'oon & 3pm. £2. Poor Kenny: he's been killed yet again and it’s tip to you to find his murderer. L'sing l).\'A fingerprinting. can you discover who is responsible for the heinous Sotith Park murders'.’

Design A Dinosaur Noon 6;- 4pm. i; l. A challenge to design and make a dinosaur with the best combination of

jaws and claws.

Mini-bot Maze Challenge .‘s‘oon & 3pm. £2. Train a robot to find its way out of a complex maze. Should the programming go wrong. it could be stuck there forever.

Wacky Races Team Challenge 3.30pm. £4 per team of four. A team challenge to design and btiild art elastic- powered racing buggy in jtist one hour. SCIENCE @ ASSEMBLY Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 473 2070. Mon S—Sat 13 Apr. 9.30am-—-5pm. £2.50 (ages 3~(i). £5.50 (ages over 6). lixplore the world of bubbles. get tip close and personal with creepy crawlies or journey tip a nose in workshops. shows and activities for ages 37 l I.

Become A Grand Prix Racer (‘lieek your fitness. pill the finishing touches to your car and then jump inside and see if you have what it takes to be a racing car driver.

Spineless Wonders An insect expert will be on hand to answer your questions about sltigs. worms. cockroaches and snails before giving children the chance to get close to some of these creepy crawlies.

AibO Puppies Spot. Hot and Bob are three robot dogs making their debut at the Science Festival. Watch them stretch and chase a ball or tell them to perform tricks.

Up Yer Hooter l()ant. 10.30am. l latti. ll.3()am. noon. [2.30pm. lpm. 1.30pm. 2pm. 2.30pm. 3pm. 3.30pm. 4pm & 4.30pm. £2. (‘aptain Bogey is embarking on a journey and he wants you tojoin him. ('limb inside a giattt nostril. wade through a windpipe to the lungs before being slice/ed otit onto a hankie at this Science Festival institution.

Lego Robotic Adventure Wait).

I lam. noon. lpm. 2pm. 3pm & 4pm. £2. Indiana Jones is on the lookotlt for cadets to help him iii his quest to retrieve the missing magic power rocks. Dare you join his robotic helpers and venture

into the desert to tackle the might dragons‘.’ This new adventure game from Legoland will ptit budding adventurers to the test.

The Best Of ER Surgery l().l5am.

l 1.45am. l.3()pm. 2.45pm & 4pm. £2. Scrub tip and prepare yourself for surgery. There's been an accident and you will he required to stitch wounds. put on a plaster cast and look inside the body using an endoscope.

Deep Sea Wonders An interactive touch pool with rock pool animals such as starfish and crabs from Deep Sea World.

Little Giants l().l5am. l 1.45am. 2pm 8; 3.30pm. £2. Take a tottr of a human- sized honey bee and a hive before taking a trip to some giant flowers in search of nectar.

Paint Set l().l5am. 11.30am. l.l5pm. 2.30pm & 4pm. £2. A practical and messy workshop combining art and science. Find otit how paints are made. grind your own pigment and then paint an Aboriginal lioor ntat.

The Secret Life Of Bubbles l().30am. l 1.30am 8.; 4.30pm. See photo caption.

Mobile Pets, Farm Animals and Birds 1 lam—3pm. A chance to handle the small critters of the Mobile Pets service and learn more about them. Fast Food l2.30pm 6’; 1.30pm. Herbert and Zach are on the lookout for kitchen assistants for the (ireased Lightning cafe. (‘ould you help them explode eggs. electrocute gherkins. or make instant ice scream'.’

Outdoor events

Marine Wildlife l-‘ri 5~’l‘ue lo Apr.

1 lam. noon. 2pm. 3pm & 4pm. £3.5()~£4.95. Scottish Seabird Centre. The Harbour. North Berwick. ()l(i2() 890202. lixplore rock pools to learn ntore about the world of marine wildlife. Rag Rugging Workshops Sat 6 Apr. 10.30am & l.3()pm. £4 (£2.20). Scottish Mining Museum. Lady Victoria Colliery. Newtongrange. 663 75 I9. lixperience life in a mining town by making rag rtigs using traditional methods and touring the museum.

Amazing Animal Encounters Sat (i Apr. 1 l.3()ani & 2.30pm. £7 (£5). lidinburgh '/.oo. ('orstorphine Road. 334 9 l 7 1. Enter the fascinating world of animals and see a chameleon dart for a tasty locust or test a python’s gripping power at this interactive show.

So You Want To Be A City Farmer? Mon 8 Sat l3 Apr. l()am. £4. (iorgie (‘ity l-‘arm. 5| (iot'gie Road. 623 703 l. (ii'oom a pony. plant crops. build a scarecrow or clear a dtick pond with this opportunity to try your hands at farttting.

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