Art listings

Glasgow Galleries continued


l 18 Douglas Street. 2-18 (i386. .\lon- l’ri l0.30am—5pm: Sat l0.30am~lpm.

Liz Knox, Muriel Barclay and May McMaster l'ntil Sat 20 Apr. Paintings.


St [Enoch Square. For more information contact The Lighthouse. 221 (3362. the Hi 10am—2pm; Sat 1 lam-"3pm; Sun noon—3pnr

Upside Down House L'ntil 'l‘ue to Apr. Iirek Stimer's (.‘psi'de Down House. an interactive installation and performance piece which contains a visually complex inverted domestic space. comes to (ilasgow after a successful run in London. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


6 Burntield Road. (iiffnock. 638 I200. Tue—Fri 11am-5pm: Sat l0am 5pm: Sun noon— 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Hi 14 Jun. A permanent display of over 1200 original paintings.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue-Sat mam—5.30pm.

On the bad relationship between Time 4- Destiny t'ntit Sat 25 Ma). ln his tirst major one-person exhibition. Glasgow-based Argentinean artist Ral Veroni shows a series of small-scale prints which relate through subject matter. the cities of Glasgow and Buenos Aires. The images are broken tip with photographed PVC modelled figures which represent time. destiny and oblivion.


at ()ffshore. 3/5 (iihson Street. 3-1] 0] 10. Mon—Fri 9am I lpm: Sat 8; Stiii

10am—l lpm. For more information e-

mail info(u .sw itchspace:

RAW l'ntil Stiii 14 Apr. See Arches listing.

Art Fair Hi 1‘) Apr. () 9pm; Sat 20 & Sun 2] Apr. Sw itchspace's art fair features original works of cotttempot'at‘} art for sale for onl_v L' H) to raise funds for their innovative series of exhibitions taking places in properties around l)ennistoun. Artists have provided qualitv works of art including paintings. ceramics. photographs. prints. audio work and books.


42 ()tago Lane. 557 4524.1)ail)‘

ll.30am 10pm.

Magic In A Magical Land t'ntil Tue 30 Apr. Photographs from Mozambique b_v Sabriana Hits and Aimee llill


25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. 'l‘tie Sat noon Spin; Stiii noon opin.

OLight Without Shadow in l2 Apr Sun 26 Ma}. A major new exhibi— tion front international collaborative group. llenr) Vlll's Wives. commis- sioned b_v 'l‘ramwav for the main galler). Made tip of six environmental art gradu- ates from Glasgow" School of Art. llenrv \'lll's Wives come together fairl} infre- quently. and then respond to a given environment b_v creating site-specific works of art. The exhibition is also accompanied b_v the first ever publica- tion. We .llurc/t I'm/er I/I(’ Banner of Visual Art. See preview and llitlist. NE‘I.’ SHOV‘J.

Lucy McEachan l'i‘i 12 Apr Sun 12 .\Ia_v. .\'ew film and mixed media installation work b_v (ilasgow -based artist Lucy Mcliachan. a recent graduate from (ilasgow School of Art's Department of Painting. NEW SHO‘."\.V’.




98 THE LIST 1‘—.’2f, Apr 21:32

Sleeping With The Elephant Hi 12 Apr Stiii l2 Ma). (‘urated b} (ilasgow-based artists ('lara l'rsitti and Natalie de Brier). this exhibition is the result of a ('anada/Scotland exchange programme and w ill provide an opportunit} to see a wide variet} of work from some of ('anada's most exciting _voung artists. NEW SHOW.

Henry Vlll’s Wives Thu 18 Apr. (ipni. Artists collective llenr} \'lll’s \Vives discuss their current exhibition. Lie/ii Hit/mu! Slim/(m1

Ross Sinclair Thu 25 Apr. opin. Rttss Sinclair talks about his work. focusing on particular aspects of his practice and recent projects.


28 King Street. 552 4Sl3. 'l‘ue Sat llam 5pm.

Group Show ['ntil Sat 13 Apr. A group show of work b_v )(itlllg Scotland- based artists including Massimo Franco. Laurence lilliot. lain llethrington. Rob (’htirm and John .\lullen.

We Win l'iitil Sat l3 Apr. Work in the project room from Neil Bickerton.


{i3 'li'oiigate. 552 4207.

Fieldwork Thu 1 I Hi 20 Apr. An exhibition documenting the fieldwork Dt'oiect where artist Louise (‘raw ford and architect littt Alexander of .\IcKeow n Alexander were commissioned to work for eight months to explore the issues that are central to redeveloping the Merchant ('it} and 'li'oiigate. An accoiiipati} ing publication reflects their findings and is available from \'isua| Arts Protects t0l4l 552 (1503 I. To accoiiipan) l'lt'lt/H'Hl‘lx. a new neon installation is on v iew in 'I‘ontine Lane Pend. (ilasgow (‘ross and the Shopfront project topposite 'l‘ontine l.ane Pendi.


IS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l-i'i 10am 5pm.

Eternal Blossom that lit 1‘) Apr. Recent works in ink and acr} lic b_v Paul l)ufftis.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 105.


Arg_vle Street. Kelvingrove. 2S7 2N”). .\lon 'l’hti ck Sat 10am 5pm; l-"ri ck Stiii l lam 5pm. ('afe. l‘ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'niil Spring. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenar} of the Art (taller) and Museum. Kelv ingrove. Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Autumn. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland. Asylum Images that war 17Apr. (’ommissioned b} the Scottish As} ltiiii Seekers (’onsortiuiii. Avv/iim Images is a poignant photographic pot‘lt‘;t_\;ll of the

journe} made by refugees to the t'ls' to

seek as} ltiiii. Photographers lloward l)av ies. Anna Kari and (iuilhem Alandrv were commissioned to take photographs in Sighthill in (ilasgow. as the_v adjusted to their new life in Scotland. lASl' CHANCE TO SEE.


'I'he (’ross. Kirkintilloch. 578 (MM.

'I‘ue Sat lllam lpm ck 2 5pm.

The Insatiable Teapot t'niil Sat 20 Apr. lit'ilitilt‘s .i(l()-_\e;tl'-oltl obsession with tea is explored in this exhibition of advertisements for tea companies and a selection of teapots and tea caddies.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Mon ’l‘hu ck Sat 10am 5pm: l-‘ri ix Stiii llam 5pm.

Treasures From The Store: 19th Century European Paintings but” further notice. a new selection of oils is on dispIa} highlighting the range of Sir William litlt‘t'cll\ taste. licaturcd works include paintings b) Born in. Ribot and .\lillet and a rarel_v seen oil b_v llenri l.e Sidaner.

Knights & Castles l‘ntil Sun 5 .laii. This exhibition explores the fascinating world of knights. castles. and medieval life through a \ai'ict_\ of objects including tapestries. arms and armour and dress. A ftill programme of events including hands-on workshops and slot'}tellitig sessions will accompan} the show. See lx'ids listings.

Food And Drink At The Burrell Mon 22 Apr. lpm. 'l‘hemed guided tour of the Burrell (’ollection with ls'ii'sti .‘vlacaula-v.


l’pper (‘oltjulioun Street. 014% ($3000. .\lon Stiii 1.30 5.30pm. Inspirations t‘niil Sun _." ()ct. ('entenai'} exhibition show casing work from some of the great names in British domestic design. all of whom have been inspired b} ('hai'les Rennie Mackintosh. The shows features furniture. glass. metalwork. textiles and include works b_v Sir 'l‘crcnce (‘oiirair .lohn \lakchace. l)anii_v l.ane. Alison Kiiiiiiiii'tl and man} others.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. l0 Dumbrcck Road. 353 4773. Hail} [0am 5pm.

Tom Chambers that the .‘ Ma}. Recent paintings l1} (ilasgow —li;tsctl itl'llSI 'l‘om (‘haiiibers


Kelvin Hall. I Burnliotise Road. 28' 2720. Mon 'l‘hu tx Sat l0ain 5pm: l‘ri ix Sun llam 5pm.

Fire! t'iitil 'l‘liu 3| ()ct. 'l'he histor} of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition.


High Street. 33‘) 5L5 1. Tue Sat

l0am 5pm; Stiii 2 5pm. l’rcc.

Old Friends And New Acquaintances l'ntil Sun H Apr. Portraits and figurative works drawn from the museum's collection featuring works b_v Alan l)av ie. \Vend} .\lc.\lurdo and two new acquisitions b} John 1%} inc. Air/[until \i'li'el and The Slut/1o.

Govancroft t’ntil Stiii 25 Apr. A small displa_\ celebrating the late lamented potter} situated in the cast end of (ilasgow.

Cecil Collins - The Vision Of The Fool l’ntil Stiii l4 Apr. An exhibition of works b) (’ecil ('ollins donated to the galler} b} his widow. lili/abeth (‘ollins Shoes t'ntil Stiii 2.\ Apr. from lurkiin slippers to stilettos. this fascinating L‘\ltll\illolt explores the world of shoes. featuring 50 pairs. some of which are artworks. complemented b} items from the museum‘s collection.


(ilasgow (ircen. 554 0223. Mon 'l‘liu ix Sat lllaiii 5pm: l‘ri ix Sun I lam 5pm. Old Ways And New Directions l'ntil Autumn. An exhibition of historic mental health items collected b} (ilasgovv Museums since WW5.

Glasgow Green Renewal t'niil Stiii 2 .ltiii. An exhibition highlighting the current project to renew and upgrade this popular(ilasgow landmark.


3 ('astle Street. 555 35.555. \loti Ililitt K Sat |0am 5pm; l‘ri is Sun llam 5pm. In The Shade Of The Tree l‘iiiil Sun 2S Apr. litteriiatioiiallv renowned photographer Peter Sanders‘ photographic insight into the world of Islam.