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Edinburgh Galleries continued unhoven rm: ms

22a Dundas Street. 556 2181. Tue—Fri 10.30am—6pm; Sat 10am-4pm.

Spring Mixed Exhibition Lintil Sat 27 Apr. Annual spring exhibition featuring over 100 new work by over 40 gallery artists. The selection includes paintings. original prints. sculpture. ceramics. jewellery. wooden and Indian lacquered boxes.

I2 66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Fri l()am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm. American Urban L'ntil Wed 1 .May. Typically American scenes by two American artists Richard Estes (born 1936 in Illinois) and Robert Cottingham (born 1935. Brooklyn) who explored the notion of almost photographic reproduction via print.


6 Carlton Terrace. 556 4441. Wed—Sat

1 ()am—5 pm.

Olan Hamilton Finlay L'ntil Sat 27 Apr. A retrospective of printed works and postcards by Ian Hamilton Finlay. the poet. philosopher. artist and gardener who is best known for Little Sparta. a classical garden that he built in the midst of a bleak Scottish moor. Hamilton Finlay began publishing short stories. poetry and plays in 1958 and his first free-standing poems were shown in 1963. Working from within a classical tradition. he has made a series of Homages to other artists and has made permanent landscape installations throughout Iiurope and America. See review and Hitlist.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9.30am~—5.30pm: Sat

l()am— 1 pm.

Livres Du Sud: Nouvelle Generation L'ntil Tue 30 Apr. A documentary exhibition introducing a new generation of French-speaking authors from the Indian ()cean. the Caribbean. black Africa. the Maghreb. the Pacific and France.


65 The Shore. Leith. 553 5255. Tue-Fri

l 1am—5pm; Sat 1 Iain 4pm.

A Discerning Eye tintil Sat 13 Apr. A mixed exhibition of paintings. ceramics. sculpture and jewellery by regular gallery exhibitors including Alan King. Daisy Richardson. James Somerville. Georgie Young and many

Wit Without Words Sat 20 Apr—Sat -1 May. Humorous works of art by various artists including paintings by Aliisa Hyslop. Steve Johnston. Diana Leslie. Grahatn H.D. McKean and Michael Ross. ceramics by Ayelet Lator. sculpture by Alan Faulds and jewellery by Alison Gollings. NEW SHOW.



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Thursday 25, Friday 26 April

12.00 - 5.30 pm Saturday 27 April 11.00 - 3.00 pm

43 Candlemaker Row Edinburgh 0131 220 1911

100 THE LIST 1 1 --2:'; Apr 2002


25 North Junction Street. Leith. 554 5761. Mon—Sat l()am—4pm.

Peter White I.'ntil Sat 13 Apr. New work by Peter White.


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Tue—Sat l lam—6pm.

Mixed Exhibition This new gallery on Broughton Street. set up by the former owner of the Bellevue Gallery. Callutn Buchanan. features a changing selection of paintings by 20th artists.


Belford Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe. Frank Auerbach L'ntil Sun 12 May. Highlights from the critically acclaimed retrospective by Frank Auerbach. held recently at the Royal Academy ofArts in London. featuring fourteen paintings dating from the mid 1950s to recently completed works.

John Bellany At Sixty L'ntil Sun 23 Jun. Port Seaton-born artist John Bellany celebrates his 60th birthday later this year. and to mark that occasion. the gallery presents an exhibition of his paintings. spanning his whole career. Highlights include Allegm'y. a three-panel painting made in 1964: My Father and The Bereaved One and linginta.

John Bellany Mon 22 Apr.

12.45pm. Duncan Macmillan discusses the work of John Bellany.

Bright Earth: The Invention Of Colour Mon 15 Apr. 12.45pm. Art and science are inextricably linked through colour. Pigmentations are found in unliker places. such as the purple of Imperial Rome was derived from shellfish and a medieval red from beetles. Dr Phillip Ball. the consultant editor of .\'aiure. leads a tour of western an to explore the chetnistry of colour.


The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am-- 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Rosslyn: Country Of Painter And Poet I'ntil Sun 7 Jul. £3 (£2). The first ever exhibition devoted to the Midlothian countryside location of Rosslyn. famous for its remarkable 1446 chapel. castle and glen which has been the inspiration for many artists and literary figures. The show features paintings. prints. drawings and images of the exquisitely carved ‘Apprentice’s Pillar". the focus of one of the most enduring Masonic legends of Rosslyn. Particulate Colour In The French Countryside: Pisarro, Van Gogh, Seurat Fri 12 Apr. 12.45pm. Art historian Iilectra McKinnon gives a talk.

A Personal Choice Fri 19 Apr. 12.45pm. Ian Howard. principal at Edinburgh College ofArt selects his favourites.


Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat l()am—Spm: Sun noon—5pm. Cafe. Free. Great Houses Of Scotland L'ntil Sun 21 Apr. Free. Treasures from seven Scottish houses Ballindalloch. Blair. Dunrobin. Glamis. Scone. Thirlestane and Traquair are on display. featuring paintings. antiques and family mementoes. Highlights include David Wilkie’s The Village Politicians. letters written by Rob Roy MacGregor. 18th century wall embroideries and Jacobite memorabilia. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. An Exile’s Eye: Photography By Wolfgang Suschitzky t'ntil Sun 19 May. Free. ()ver 40 photographs by the .»\ustrian-born documentary filmmaker and photographer Wolfgang

Suschitzky. Fleeing Austria in 1933 for Britain before travelling first to Holland. Suschitzky signed up in 1937 with Paul Rotha‘s Strand Film company. Making films for the Ministry of Information. some of his documentary filtns were shot in Scotland and in later years. he went on to work on a series of feature films including Ring ()fBri’gltI Water ( I969). Entertaining Mr Sloan ( 1970) and Ge! Carter ( 1971 ). This exhibition however. concentrates on his documentary photography which captures Britain between the 30s and the early 70s. See review.

Portrait Miniatures From The Dumas Egerton Collection L’ntil Sun 16 Jun. The second in a series of annual exhibitions exploring the world of the portrait miniature drawn from one of the most comprehensive private collections in the world. Over 70 works have been selected from the 500 strong collection revealing the skill of this delicate artform. Divided into two parts. the first section looks at the different working methods of the artists including painting in body colour on vellum which was prevalent in the 16th and 17th centuries. Part two examines the differing traditions of Scottish. Irish and English miniaturists as well as the contributions from France. Switzerland and the Low Countries.

Medical Science In 18th Century Scotland Wed 17 Apr. 12.45pm. Marianna Clyde. historian at the I.'ttivcrsity of Glasgow and Trinity College. Dublin. gives a talk.

George Romney: Our Dear Magician Wed 24 Apr. 12.45pm. David A. Cross from the L'niversity of Durham gives a talk.

NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43-45 High Street. 556 9579. Mon—Sat 1()am-~1.30pm.

Working With Oaxaca L'ntil Tue 30 Apr. An exhibition of photographs taken by the working children of Oaxaca. Mexico.


14 New Street. 558 7604. Mon—Sat

1 lam—6.30pm. L'ntil late on Bongo Club nights.

and you will know us by the trail of FLESH Fri l2—Tue 23 Apr. Photography and multimedia on the subject of the human body by students mostly from Napier I'niversity. NEW SHOW.

Object! Thu 25 Apr Tue 21 May. An exhibition of 2D and 31) works that expose or illustrate human and environmental damage associated with global production. NEW SHOW.


21 St Leonard‘s Lane. 662 1612. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—4pm. The A-Z Of Rugs L'ntil Sun 28 Apr. From chemical dyes to the intricate techniques involved. this exhibition unravels the mysteries of carpet making.


75—79 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri l()am—6pm: Sat 10am—4pm. Claire Harrigan L'ntil Wed 17 Apr. New paintings.

Claire Banks L'ntil Wed 17 Apr. New paintings.

David White L'ntil Wed 17 Apr. Porcelain and crackle-glazed ceramics. Helen Smythe L'ntil Wed 17 Apr. Jewellery.

Archie Dunbar Mclntosh RSW, RGI Sat 20 Apr—Wed 8 May. Paintings. NEW SHOW.

Leaving The Isle Sat 20 Apr—Wed 8 May. Paintings by David Schofield. Mary Brown Sat 20 Apr-Wed 8 May. New ceramics.

Catherine Hills Sat 20 Apr—Wed 8 May. Jewellery.

matched GALLERY

(WASPS) Patriothall Studios. off 48 Hamilton Place. 225 1289.

Four Artists L'ntil Tue 16 Apr (Mon—Sat l()am—6pm; Sun noon—4pm). Work in mixed media by four artists who live and work in different countries: Toronto-based Kenneth Raddatz. Helena Wikestam from Malmo and Edinburgh- based artists Shirley-Anne Johnston and Gail Wigley.

Eric Cruikshank and Kirsten Body Sat 20—Sun 28 Apr (open daily noon—6pm). A new series of drawings and paintings by Eric Cruikshank and Kirsten Body. NEW SHOW.

THE QUEEN’S HALL Clerk Street. 667 7776. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Murray Nell Until Mon 29 Apr. Landscape paintings of Scotland. Italy. Spain and Portugal by Murray Neil.


15 Rutland Square. 229 7545. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Lochend Butterfly - Design Competition L‘ntil Fri 3 May. An exhibition of the winning and commended schemes submitted for the Lochend Butterfiy ideas competition for Urban Sustainability.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Inverleith Row. 552 7171.

0 Ruth Vollmer - Drawings And Sculpture L'ntil Sun 5 May (Inverleith House: Mon & Wed—Sun 10.30am—5.30pm). The first-ever L'K showing of drawings and sculpture by the late German-born artist Ruth Vollmer. Influenced by mathematical patterns in the natural world. Vollmer inspired the likes of Robert Smithson. Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse. Vollmer was

in her late 50s before she had her first

one-person exhibition and before her success as a artist. she had worked on murals and window displays for Bloomingdales and Tiffanys. See review and Hitlist.

Science Seekers - Solutions For ScotLAND L'ntil Sun 9 Jun (Exhibition Hall). A hands-on interactive exhibition which looks at how Scottish science can improve our health and that of animals. plants and the environment. Visions Of Science L'ntil Sun 28 Apr (Exhibition Hall). A photographic exhibition featuring the winners of the Novartis Daily Telegraph Photographic Awards.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 I501. Mon—Sun 10am-6pm.

Celia Washington L'ntil Fri 12 Apr. New paintings by Madrid-based Scottish artist Celia Washington.

Christian Furr Thu 18 Apr—Fri 28 Jun. Paintings and drawings by figurative artist Christian Furr. the youngest artist to officially paint Queen Elizabeth II. commissioned by the Royal Overseas League in London. NEW SHOW.


16 Dundas Street. 558 1200. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Barbara Rae L'ntil Wed 1 May. A small show of works by Barbara Rae inspired by recent travels to Malibu. Janna Syvanoja L'ntil Wed 1 May. New jewellery by Helsinki-born artist Janna Syvanoja.

Three New Artists L'ntil Wed 1 May. New work by Poliy Harvey. Linda Short and Leigh 1). Walker.

Wood x 10 Until Wed 1 May. Contemporary furniture and sculpture by various artists including Lucy Le Feuvre. Nicola Henshaw. Markku Kosonen. Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling. Iid Teasdale and Trannon Furniture.

SHIRAK 5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue—Sat 10am—6pm.