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Book events

Richard Picciotto Borders Books. 3‘43 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. Free. Battalion (‘oinmander Richard ‘Pitch' Piccioto discusses his book l.(l.\'l.1’(ll1 [)(Ill'll about recent atrocities in America.


UEFA Cup Handover (‘ity ('hambers. (ieorge Sqttare. 1pm. Free. In accordance with tradition. 1"(' Bayern .Munich w ill return the 1'1i1’A ('hampions League trophy to l‘liI’A's chiefexecutive in this special ceremony before the final on Wed 15 May. The handover follows a 24-hour ‘Starball Match' in (ieorge Square.


Grahamston Glasgow’s Forgotten Village Adelaide's. 209 Bath Street. 248 4970. 7.30pm. Free. The Old (ilas‘gow (’lub presents a talk.

Four Seasons at Arduaine llillliead Library. Byres Road. 339 7223. 7.30pm. £2. The head gardener from .\'TS Arduaine gives a talk.

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend The Arches. 253 Arger Street. 0901 022 0300.

11am lam. liree. .As part of (iIttsgow Art Fair. the Arches hosts nightly entertainment at the RAW club featuring video. film. theatre. performance and music with 1)] Sidewinder. 1)] Millward and the cafe bar DJs. plus \'1s'1‘apehead and Addicthe TV. screenings from (’inefeel and musical theatre from (‘Nl'T

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300.

1 1am- 1am. Free. See Thu 1 1.

Book events

Poetry in the Park Tollcross Park. Wellshot Road. 556 4554. 1- 3pm. l‘ree. Read or listen to some poetry and music.


Celtic v Dunfermline (‘eltic Park. Kcrrydale Street. Parkhead. 551 X653. 3pm. £22. SP1. football match.

Kilmarnock v Hibernian Rugby Park. Rugby Road. Kilmarnock. 01563 525184. 3pm. £14 (£7). SP1. football match.

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300.

Botticelli. Whistler and

" '--"*-glaSQov‘

1 1am 1am. Free. See Thu 1 1.

30/20 Craft Fair Royal (‘oneert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 10am 6pm. (‘ontemporary crafts.

Farmer’s Market Mansfield Park. llyndland Street. 287 0901. 10am 3pm. 1"ree. Produce on sale includes organic vegetables and meats as well as seafood. eggs and cheeses.

Russian Art Sale 11i11head Library. Byres Road. 33‘) 1344‘). 9.30am 4.30pm. liree. White (‘ockroach presents this exhibition and sale of Russian etchings.


Aren’t Birds Brilliant! Lochwinttoch RSPB Nature Reserye. Largs Road. Lochwinnoch. 01505 842663. 1 3pm. Free. Looking at the waterbirds of ('astle Setnple 1.0L‘11.

Bird Box Making 1)ean('ast1e Country Park. Dean Road. Kilmarnock. 01563 522702. 2.30 4.30pm. Free. Make a borne for our feathered friends.


Junior Inter-Group Competition (‘ockburn Centre. 40 Boginoor Place. 445 1218. 10am. I’ree. Badminton.

Scottish Claymores v Barcelona Dragons Hampden Park. Letherby 1)ri\ e. 0500 353535. 3pm. £12 £16 (£4 £.S’i. The ('laymores begin their 2002 .\'1’L litirope League campaign.

Other events

30/20 Craft Fair Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 10am 6pm. See $111 13.

Tuesday 1 6

Other events

Scottish Toastmasters t'nixersiiy ()i' (ilasgow. Adam Smith Building. 40 Bute (iardens. 946 S235. 705 9pm. £30 for six months. A self-help ptiblic speaking club teaching techniques.

Stella Screen Cinebar Blackl'riai-s. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. 1"i‘ee.'1'oitight‘s lilm is modern classic Amelie.

Wednesday 1 7

Book events

Big Word Performance Poetry Nice ‘n' Slea/y. 421 Satichiehall Street. 333 0900. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). ()peiiing night of (ilasgow 's first Big Word evening of comedy and poetry with guests 1".1speth Murray. Slam champ Tim '1'urnbull and (ilasgow is \'i\ (ice.

Thursday 1 8

Book events

Isla Dewer Borders Books. 2S3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. The acclaimed novelist and scriptwriter reads from a selection of her work.

Women In Crime ()itakai-‘s Bookstore. [hit 6. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. 7pm. 1‘rcc.

886 10113. Mort-Sat



Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 23 Apr

It’s not commonly known, but in the old Soviet Union, citizens were permitted to vote on a regular basis. There was one catch, though. You could vote out one local official and supplant him with another one, but the only people you could vote for were party members. This meant the face at the top changed if you didn’t like it, but the political philosophy, and thus, your life remained the same. It all sounds alarmingly familiar, doesn’t it? These days, it might be pragmatic to consider the

Glasgow life

Conservative and Labour parties as one body, since there’s little discernible difference between them. We’ve seen politicians, in the face of falling poll turn-outs accuse the electorate of apathy, but I rather fancy that folk are voting with their arses, staying at home on election day as a

response to a lack of choice.

In an atmosphere of neo-Tory careerism in the Labour Party, Tony Benn has been a voice of quiet, lucid reason for many years. Those who brand him hysterical wish us not to see the intelligent analytical mind that is Benn in person. In a lifetime of seeing politicians speak, this reviewer has never seen a more cogent and ultimately rational argument as presented by this man some fifteen years ago at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Now Benn has even more to say, for having retired from parliament, he’s in a position to speak without the shackles of party loyalty. See him, and be reminded of what the governing authorities don’t want you to know: you

still have choices. (Steve Cramer)

Alanna Knight introduces newcomer Alex (ii'ay as she launches her new 11()\ e1. .Vt’t‘r'r .S'rmtt'ii'ltr'n' li/s‘c'.


Henry VIII’s Wives Tramway. 25 Albert Drive. 287 3000. 6pm. l-‘ree. Artists collective Henry Vlll’s Wives discuss their current exhibition. Light Hit/mu! Slim/on:

Other events

Orchids For Beginners (ilasgow Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. £1 £3. Learn more about purchasing. growing and showing orchids at this workshop.

Book events

Michael Kerins (ilasgow Association For Family Support (iroups. \Vest Street. 556 4554. 10.30am 12.30pm. 1-‘ree. Talk.


Scottish Grand National Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. Ayr. 01292 26417‘). 2.20pm. £X—£l6. The highlight of the Scottish horseracing year.

story of Glasgow's

Glasgow Cathedral

Other events

Cafes Philosophiques Alliance lirattcaise dc (ilasgow, 7 Bowtttont (iardens. 33‘) 4281. 4 6pm. £5 l£3l. French discussion group.

Saturday 20


Scottish Grand National Ay r Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. A) t'. (11292 264171). 1.35pm. £10 £27. See 151i 1‘).

Other events

CD & Record Fair 11i11head Library. Byres Road. 01360 440546. Hungarian Days t'niversiiy oi (ilasgow.(ii1bcrt Scott Bttildiitg. 330 5585. 10am. £7. A Hungarian festival With an exhibition :1 History ()fl/iuiguijv. a discussion on culture and identity and poetry translations. The 11111111 ’liiiiii w ill be showing at Spin at (iilmorehill. Plant Sale Kibble Palace. (ilasgow Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 10am noon. Free. A sale of garden plants.

Orchid Fair Kibble Palace. (ilasgow Botanic (iardcns. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 10am 5pm. 1’ree. ()rchids from around the world will be available to view and buy.

iS‘?.2(). Designed ix, foe



Art Gallery 8. Museum, Kelvingrove Argyle Street. 287 2699. Mon—Thu 8. Sat 10am-5pm; Fri 8. Sun

1 lam—Spin. Free. This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt.


Burrell Collection 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. M()ll—T11U& Sat lOam-Sprr; Fri 8. Sun 1 lam—Spin. Free. Sir William Burrell's world famous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially designed. awar<Liz/inning building. Clydebuilt Scottish Maritime Museum Braehead Shopping Centre, Kings Inch Road.

10am—6pm: Sun

1 lam—5pm. $73.50 ($51.75;: family $28. This attraction brings to life the

development from the tobacco lords in the 1700's right tip to the 2 1 st century.

Clydebuilt Scottish Maritime Muse

Castle Street. 552 8198. Mon—Sat 9.30am - 1 pm 8. 2—6‘pm: Sun 2v-5pm. Free. A stone~bui|t church has stood on this site since

i 136 and the lower church contains the shrine of St Mungo. who died around (312: however most of the present building dates 11()ll‘ the 113th or 15th centuries. Holmwood House til-.1313 Netherlee Road. Cathcart. (31%] 9120. Daily l.Ii()—fi..i()pm. £13.20

tilltT(}(1 ‘Eitl‘ (:(Elli.l". architect. Ait’EXd'Klttt' 'Greek' '111o'i‘sori. '."..E‘s house 's (11‘ exce‘iect exaii‘ple of his class (.11 style.

Hunterian Art Gallery Ui'lIVt’EY'Sli‘. of Glasgow. Eii’ 1-1illheadStr'eet. 331715.131 Mon-Sat E)..-§()ai" iiii'i‘ Free. 11()lt‘(?1()111(? 111111.’(?1’811\"E§t?()11(?(7i'()ll :i‘ flat {1"1 .ti‘tl sculpture |ll(2i11(1i'l(_] i";i.~;terpie<‘es by H(}ll‘1)ltllt(11,(ithlltiltl.

Whistler and l’issaio.

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