Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown joins a debate on Can Both The Left And Right Claim Adam Smith? Old College, University of Edinburgh, Thu 25 Apr


Through Western Eyes: The Representation of ‘Exotic’ Cultures in the West Royal Museum. 2 ('hamhers Street. 247 421‘). 6.30 8pm. £24 (£15). Ruth l’el/er uses yisual art to illustrate our fascination with ‘exotic' cultures.

Architecture, Design & The Environment Royal Museum. 2 (‘hamhers Street. 247 421‘). 6.30 8pm. £36 (£22). A nine-week study course examining the Victorian concept of ‘home‘. led by Dr Harold Booton. Adult Acting Classes Level 2 (iateway 'I'heatre. lilm Row. 1.eith Walk. 317 3‘)3‘). 6.30 8.30pm. 151111 course £60 (£40). (’ome along and take part in the (iateway 's weekly programme of classes and workshops.

Other events

Stella Screen Cinebar ()yygcn Bar & (irill. 3 5 lnlirmary Street. 557 ‘)‘)‘)7. 8pm. 1-‘ree. Stella hring cinema to the ptrh. screening classic films in a relaxed and familiar eny ironment. Today ‘s film is modern classic xtnrr'lrc.

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

Meet at The Beehrve Inn. 1,8 Qt) (5r; ssrr‘arket. ’27") 0062'). Tlttr Strrt 7.130prr‘. 3‘)" (315).. An excellent Lia): 1’)lll‘t)|1)(:(;irlttlfl; by ‘.’|f;ltl.')(1111(:i£t‘.’t)tll’lt(} ‘.'.(aterrrv.; holes of Scotland's lrterar‘, heroes. 111(;lll(tll‘:(1SITV/éltt‘fl'SCUTt. Robert Burns and l".':rv: Welsh.

Edinburgh Zoo

(mmmmrnm; Hm“. go the merchant (:Iasses rrt

i)? [1. [)ari,l frarr‘ hprrr. S’r' (3‘4 5‘5“; tarr‘rl; t.r;kr:t

‘.'.rhr|e away an afternoon. or even a whole da, .1 yo.) take ‘,/()111 ttrite. Gladstone’s Land (rt/Tb High Street. 220 558530 Mon Sat

10am 5>rrrr1;8trrt? frprr‘. 513.5%) 1317.350); 1(111‘Il‘,’ treket 510.130. Restored to

the splendour enio;ed by"

the lid) r;ertttrr‘,',

(.‘t‘arlstories l and tirxes an

Wednesday 1 7


Hugh Miller Guided Tour Royal Museum. 2 (‘ltamhers Street. 247 421‘). 12.30pm. l‘ree. See liri 12.

Medical Science In 18th Century Scotland National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. 624 6200. 12.45pm. tree. Marianna ('lyde. historian at the t'niyersity of(ilasgow and Trinity ('ollege. Duhlin. gi\es a talk.

Masterclass Wine Tastings The Point Hotel ('onference Centre. 34 Bread Street. 221 5555. £25 per session. Master of wine Rose Murray Brow n launches her first series of wine tastings. ‘littioying \Vine‘.

Thursday 18

Book events

Big Word Performance Poetry (iilded Saloon. 2.3.3 ('owgatc. 226 (i550. S31lplll. L1 (£5). Big \Vtil'tl L‘L‘lL‘ltl'zttcs 11s lirst hirthday w ith a night of comedy and poetry. 1111s seyen act estr‘aurgama

370 £24.51). Vv/rrrr; ii..i11‘:'li".1i:1)"‘:f;‘f;11i2111‘)11 accepted as one ir‘ Wu H t-w r‘ "W- "‘<::ltt:‘.‘ai ()ltr finest /oos rn B"I1£1rl‘. there's prent‘; here to

torso at this tune. Hopetoun House Short;- Road. South

includes Dominic Harris. Mike (‘ullerL lilspeth Murray. Jack Shea and Slam champ 'I‘im 'I'urnhull.

Other events

Antiques Discovery Evening Queen’s Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. £6.50 (£5). Audience memhers can try and out-guess the experts in terms of yalue. then a chance to find ottt more about your own antiques (although no yaluatiorts can he giyen).


Edinburgh V Cardiff Meadowhank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. 346 5252. 7.30pm. £10 (£5). \\'e1sh/Scottish league rughy match.


Hugh Miller Guided Tour Royal Museum. 2 ('hamhers Street. 247 421‘). 12.30pm. Free. See Fri 12.

A Personal Choice National Gallery of Scotland. The Mound. 624 6200. 12.45pm. 1-"ree. 1an Howard. principal at tidinhurgh (‘ollege t)1~.'\1‘1 sclccts his fayourites.


Home Front In The Museum: the Development of Design and Decoration Royal Mitseum. 2 ('hamhers Street. 247 421‘).

10.30am 12.30pm. £36 (£22.50). .\ hands-on nine-week cotrrse introducing techniques such as stencils. printing. sponging and colottr washing.

Saturday 20

Book events

Alastair Moffat Wyatt Theatre. Buccleuch Street. Melrose. 018‘)6 823854. 1 lam. Free. Moffat signs copies of his hook lion/cry from The [cor/it's! Times.


New Gaidhealtachds: Developing Gaelic and Irish in the City Day id Hume '1‘ower. (ieorge Square. 650 3623. ‘). 15am 5.30pm. £12 (£8). .\ one-day conference considering the challenge of huilding new (iaelic- speaking communities in lidirthurgh. (ilasgtm'. Belfast and Dtrhlin.


East Lothian Junior U14 .\1eadowmill Sports (‘entre. 'l‘ranent. ()1875 614‘)()(). l'nder 14s hadmirtton competition.

31' Cellnet Cup Final Murraytield Stadium. Riyersdale Crescent. 346 5000. 11am 4.45pm. £10 (children free). (ilasgow Hawks take on Hawick in the main final at 3pm. with the matches to decide the Shield and Bowl linals preceding the main eyent. Six other matches will also he played on the day. with the Scottish Women’s Rughy l'nion cup competition and the l'niyersity competitions taking place on the hack pitches.

()treensterr'y. 1531 24:31. Daily 10an‘—:3.I%()prr‘. 52.7043). Thrs stater horne. part of whreh rs still

lrx'ed 111 by the Adam.

Marntresses ot Lrnlrtnqow. was btrrlt in the 18th

century by arehrteets Sir tint), William Bruce and \r‘v’rllrani

Museum Of Scotland Chambers Street. 9-1 r' 1191‘). Mon—Sat

10am 5pm; Sun

noon Spot: 1tre l()arn~8pn‘. tree. Devoted soler to the history and herrtaqe ot Scotland the btrrldrnq (itflltéllltf;fI‘Jt}tt)<?ll)£11|(?£1|l\’ arranged exhrbrtrons. rrroyrrtg from pre history.

Edinburgh life

Hearts v Dunfermline 'I‘yneeastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 7201. 3pm. £17 (£‘)). Sl’l. football match.


Study Day Royal Museum. 2 (’hamhers Street. 247 416‘).

10am 4.45pm. £15 (£7). A time of reflection on the life of Hugh Miller with guest speakers recounting his early life in ('romarty. his fossil collecting and his writing.

Hugh Miller Guided Tour Royal Mtiseum. 2 (’hamhers Street. 247 421‘). 12.30pm. 1‘ree. See Hi 12.


Introduction To Japanese Woodblock Printing ii()\\‘(lC1] I’ark ('entre. Howden. 1.iyingston. ()1506 433634. 10am 4pm. £30 (£20). Learn the techniques of traditional Japanese woodcut printing at this two- day course.


Scotland v Belgium West Lothian (‘ourier Stadium. .r\1derstone Road. 1.i\‘ingston. 01506 417000. A qualifying match for the 2003 1-‘it'a Women's World (‘up.

Hibernian v Motherwell tiaster Road. 12 Alhion Place. 661 1875. 3pm. £ 17 £22 (£10) includes a youcher fora half price ticket for the Dundee game on Sat 27 Apr. SP1. t'oothall match.


Hugh Miller Guided Tour Royal Museum. 2 ('hamhers Street. 247 421‘). 12.30pm. liree. See 1’ri 12.


Introduction To Japanese Woodblock Printing Howden Park ('entre. Howden. l.i\‘iltgstott. 01506 433634. 10am 4pm. £30 (£20). See Sat 20.


John Bellany National (iallery of Modern Art. Belford Road. 624 6200. 12.45pm. 1-‘ree. Duncan Macmillan discusses the work ofJohn Bellamy.

Other events

Art Workshop Borders Books. [hit 26. I‘ort Kirmaird Retail Park. 657 4041. 6pm. See Mon 15.

Salsa Howden l’ark Centre. Howden. 1.iyingston. 01506433634.

6.30 7.30pm. 'l‘en classes £36 (£27). See Mon 15.


Through Western Eyes: The Representation of ‘Exotic’ Cultures in the West Royal Mirseum. 2 (‘hamhers Street. 247 421‘). (x30 Split. £241£15). See Tue 16.

t'trotron the lnotrstrral

RO‘XOIdIIOH. to the present

Royal Observatory Visitor Centre Blackford llrll. (3138 t 405). Mon Sat ‘()an‘ fibrr‘: Strn noonvopn‘. $13,511" 'S‘ir).:'>()r: larval; tgttket 1‘8, (at; attract'on rs a rnrne of rrttorn‘atror‘ o" tl‘e l‘eaxens. tron‘ the .atest :".te'a<:t-'.e (ID Hon‘s on space and .tstrannn‘y to 1110(71)§3(}l‘.t11()1\'f§ or) qo'nq work in 1141‘.'.{1I|;11‘(1


‘.'. .1.“ At" THE LIST 107