REVERSE SPEECH www.reversespeech. com

This is quite a chunky academic site wrth eighteen years of research published all about the subliminal power of speaking backwards. Learn to read subconscious messages by playing their voice backwards and analysing the results. Some believe that we have discovered another sense and others JUST say ‘klat y/arc'.

HOMER SIMPSON SOUNDBOARD soundboard/homer.swf

Nothing clever here. Just an ama/ing array of Homer samples. Everything from him pronouncing Uruguay 'you are gay 'i to his ever satisfying.) trademark ‘~.'/l‘:oop. They all load at once so give ;t a few minutes to display but then there is no further delay and you can almost construct sentences wrth a tev.’ deft mouse clicks.

1 00 WORDS lnere's not much that can be told in one “undretl words. but this s=te attempts to cram as ll‘LtCl‘ in as possible into ;;.st that. Contributors f'o'i‘. all over the '.'.'or'id haze their masterpieces 'ierez some are poems and some even tn, to tell a 'iar'ratzve. and some are ans.irprisirigly nonsense. Very iriipressi\.e attempts 11‘ such a snort space. \‘Jrrte ,dir own and send .2 .n and they'l‘ their best to pui;l:sl‘ 2'. onnne.

Tnere: tnat's only 7:”).



.'.i".".".'.’.§}()Oflltffit)'lll is u'ridely believed to be the most powerful search engine out there.

120 THE LIST '. '

encompassing a truly monumental database of sites all in the name of free speech on the net. However this free speech ethos was compromised by the Church of Scientology which demanded that it stop indexing a website based in Europe. This website purports to tell the truth about the religion and. although the authenticity was never questioned. the plug was duly pulled in this unprecedented move.


Do you believe your travel agent? Or do they perhaps not have all the important information about holit‘lays at their fingertips? This site throws the SUDJOCI wrde open with submitted revrews from holidaymakers who are speaking from direct experience. You may well get a great report about a hotel but would you necessarily know that room 1 131 is next to a noisy utility cupboard? Consumer power at its most powerful. and possibly the most accurate travel guide you'll see this year.


Digital radio may not have taken off as quickly as some would have hoped. but then people are taking a whole lot of convrncing to buy the right equipment. In the meantime you can check out some of them online. like here wrth the BBC's latest national station. As usual you WI” need the free Real Player f‘.i‘/\.‘.".‘/.l‘(3t'l|.(lOlll) but it's a free service. (Steve Blair)

I", Apr 74W."

Video] DVD


America's sweethearts

Ten minutes into this glossy star-fest. you'd be forgiven for wishing you'd spent your video hire money on popcorn. At least then you'd be guaranteed a modicum of snappiness. For

Angel Eyes

although he who must be laughed at. Billy Crystal. stars. co-wrote and co-produced America 's Sweethearts. this is a woefully average comedy.

When Hollywood‘s favourite couple Eddie and Gwen (John Cusack and Catherine Zeta Jones) split up before the release of their latest movie. PR guru Crystal plans an elaborate press junket to fool the world they're actually still in love. As an insight into the world of press manipulation, it's fascinating. As a love story. it's vaguely touching. As a comedy. it stinks. (Columbia Tristar VHS and DVD

rental) (Kelly Apter)

Released: 25 March 2002 Romantic thriller starring Jennifer Lopez as a Police Officer helped by mysterious stranger Jim


Bad Girls Season 3 Box Set

Released: 25 March 2002

Contains all 16 episodes of this popular lT\/ drama. WIIIl out takes. interactive prison tour and


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Released: 25 March 2002

Adaptation of l ouis De Bernieres' best selling novel starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz.


Released: 25 March 2002

first time on DVD for this Oscar winning classic about the effects of the Vietnam War. starring Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep.

Get Over It

Released: 25 April 2002

American teen movre starring Kirsten Dunst. Ben

Foster and Sisgo

Evil Dead - Book Of The Dead Special


Released: 1 April 2002

limited edition on the form of a 16 page ‘book of the dead' plus special packaging.

Absolutely Fabulous - Complete Series 4

Released: 8 April 2002

The hilarious British comedy featuring commentary from Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

Westwing - Series 1 Volumes 1-3

Released: 8 April 2002

Multi-award winning White House drama boasting a strong ensemble cast and huge critical acclaim.


EXIT WOUNDS (18) 97min 0. Somehow Steven Seagal movres get cinema releases. when surely their natural home is straight to Video hell. Here Stevre boy stars as a maverick cop. a loose cannon if you will just what the world needs another Dirty Harry rip off. He gets his balls busted and is sent downtown (do these cliches never end?) where he stumbles across some large scale dirty dealings along with rapper DMX.

CaSual violence. seemingly random punch- ups and shoot outs. a high body COunt and some cheapo attempts at Matrix-esque effects. That's the good bits' now onto the bad: the acting and plot. Just be thankful Seagal's stopped making those awful eco- actioners. (Warner VHS retail) (Henry Northmore)



(18) 97min 0..

Films with a concept make for great videos. Jake and Steven are the soul survivors of a school skiing trip that ends in disaster. On return to Britain. they forge an unusual suicide pact: they agree to kill themselves one year on from their friends' funerals. and in the ensuing twelve months plan a hedonistic and anarchic pursuit of life. eerin fulfilling the ambitions of dead classmates.

From its flickering videoed start. through a brief glimpse of avalanche tragedy. to its essence of an unlikely friendship. New Y2ar's Day is absorbing throughout. Astonishing performances from the two leads is mitigated by over-sentimentality and botched attempts at exploring tangential themes. but this is a invigorating stOry and a gritty high school alternative. (Optimum VHS and DVD rental) (Maureen Ellis)


(15) 92min .0

Toni Cocona (Ian Hart) is a Scottish-Italian crooner obsessed with

Sinatra who can't seem to get beyond the chicken—in-a-basket- circuit. Then one night he meets Brian Cox. his disparate band of scruffy Glasgow mafiosi and cigarette girl Kelly MacDonald and his easy listening life is sent into turmoil.

A silly low-rent comedy thriller from talented Scottish actor/writer/director Peter Capaldi. Grade A performances from Hart. Cox and Alun Armstrong cannot hide the fact that this is a poor man's Danny Kaye vehicle (think Walter Mitty) crossed with the embarrassing whimsy of Peter Chelsom's Hear My Song. (Universal VHS and DVD rental) (Paul Dale)

THRILLER THE SCORE (15) 123min oo

in \llltt NHKIHN

Lots of hype. De Niro in a scene with a bloated Brando - wow! plus Edward Norton doing an impresSion of a down Syndrome master thief wow radical!

However. this incredibly poor heist movie set in Montreal and concerned with the Biffifti-style theft of a diamond encrusted sceptre tries to look back at minimal 70's classics like The Driver and The Outfit. but instead gives us De Niro smirking his way through a derivative script. Brando muttering and counting the pennies and Norton looking