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along with the rest of the third year to produce four Beatles Lps, signed CDS not? Buy them at garments for the fashion show. ‘l’ve done a series of from Mull Historical WWW'OpaHondoncom designs based on mobile phone graphics,’ he says. Society. and a rare copy

With the influence of recently-appointed head of Of Beatrix Potter's The department Jimmy Stephen-Cran (an internationally Peter Babb/t MUS/C

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respected designer himself) in evidence, this year’s show should be as diverse as ever. The talented young designers have found inspiration all around them. ‘You learn as much from your fellow students as from anything . LE'TH’S OCEAN else,’ says Aitchison. (Louisa Pearson) Termina' comm?” to I Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show, the Arches, Glasgow. aura“ new retauers Monday 22 April, 7.30pm (£10. all seated) and 9.45pm (£8. and on 25 Apm’ HMV includes after-show party). Call 0907 022 0300 for tickets.

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