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With sentland’s leading entertainment The UK leader in news and sports information present jolt“? and lifestyle magazine Call: Rosie .. 0141 564 1728 T/telisris aokir‘g fora lizgni‘, organisecletiicent peso" touzom OJ Listings Editor, Scotland www.workfromhome bug; Emnm'gh office. Tnts :s a fa'itast'c opportune, ‘or a coat

The Press Association s Arts 8. Leisure department is currently recruiting 0 Listings Editor

c'racit'ite v.21": office experience "ie'esteci w" cleve'oa'nci 8 area“ an . . . . . J K to be based in the Glasgow otltce. Duties include researching Scottish arts and events

pub? Siting and media.

listings and inputting them onto a database, managing casual stoli and maintaining creative Eye You" 'T‘ain role is $0 i)l0‘.’l(l8'. '.0 the Sales & S{)0liSO'S" i) D‘rech' regular contact with arts Organisations and teams ol sub-edit0rs and researchers in PA Freelance Mite-nork on or oil am: the sales team to ensure the 317100131 avg ef‘;cie"l Qinn "r; of the offices in London, Yorkshire and Bellost. Would suit a sell-motivated, recent graduate with site t(’ontraet/l'emp/xtancl-in V t ,v on interest in the arts. Previous database experience and typing skills desirable. availahilit} l llighl}

08081." 6H Nab l".‘Ol.';b 00K: ‘1} a'iCt administrate: 5,838‘ b. " (2’ .c: '3

Clle’ll TGCOVCS. space bookings. 00X ".a"‘t)e'8. COD; 8ft). You trust ()8 ll Send (Vs with covering letter, daytime contact, salary expectations and inlormotion on \kllkid/Mlmilcncc‘l/d‘?“in “'1'

\ I name eriod to uorker/cltp/eraphie A ' n " An an I- ,c, A. \n or b. 3 n, .. s In" ‘. iterate ~..orct Excel ctl-(l passes» sro gacln. strata! sic s 80 .43 P (k.\1:_,,,c,./P,.Um Nude”

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The l/Sl is ot‘eri'ig an attract we basic sale", a ne'sarf scheme a 292 Vauxhall Bridge Road, (nos (>759 379 chance to '.'.’O.'K :n a iner,‘ ant: C'eat re Cl“.’il0f"“.0"l LondonOSW‘lV 1AE ' Immmmm WWI.“ Please “me a CV aha (:O.I,,e,:r‘:(: {318,10 or email marked CV to: \lllnni\\i‘)n\ (.V“ Mch cm W The Press Association (wwwpapressnet) is the national news agency lor the UK and lMUC 0" l’( ‘~l‘il\k‘kl- Personnel TEL l Ireland and the UKs largest single source ol arts and entertainment listings. lll"llik"‘l“”inl) l’l'cllin'cLI 4” 1'” The LISi allorclahle price - speecl. 14 H'gi1 Street aeeurae}. creativity. Edmgrm. Em .TE confidentiality. econom} a guaranteed - E _ l@r tco k call or e-mail mar: personne IS . .U ' 0795 0759 379 ausoaw AND EDINBURGH Fu||.||me screenzpagw


Deadline: Monday 22 April EVENTS GUIDE SCOTLAND YARD _ _ . F ADVENTURE CENTRE Attention scriptwriters! l)o )(lll li;t\ e a leature trim

The Yard provides indoor and outdoor Odc.vem,J,.OUS Dloy length \Cl‘lpl _\ou clreant ol

Full Time Fundraisers wanted opportunities tor C, at.y :~':glfifin'jjjgzyl:13:in1:33" v i- t b - £7 .. environmen .

l'ortheoming project. Git :s 8 ‘ast {3X{)£i"(2"‘(_} vies. organisation 'asng more, a" ne'ia‘ 0‘ n‘aa

Call 07718 166 756 for further details ASAP. char-ties are l()()K="-§; to c:0"‘:(ien'. and "art: .'.'()'v<".(} neat)»:- .'.r‘:) are passionate aorta! "‘a-cing a cos tire impact or in»: (t re 'l Sixxzess'ii. ° {’08 Dloy

appiicxtnts or (2-; teams 0‘ sire-:23 baseci fanci'aisers .'.()tr(ll‘i(_} at o.-::-' ° Working OlO'EiSlde (“id 0" Supporting ‘i’OlUi‘icerS Scottish wildlife charity, in partnership \\ ith l’.\lR Solutions. is looking l‘ot‘

enlltuxiaslic‘ people to help u ith

Applicants snoulcl nave skills and experience in:- 0 working with children witn special needs

(‘I ,,. , (c n “I” \Hi, , (0,)“ .r “"1890” d 'd ‘3“ "“l lg "“5 37 how weeicly shill rota - Monday to Saturday. No snitt Exner i3li(,’i?(l people .'.'c'3l{j()l“.C

longer tnan 8 naurs. t is not anticipated that any i-a it"ZiI'W'Vj :)-'0‘.'(tecl

.'..,O,K,.Ig “a; .tamfinn. playworker Will work more tnan 2 evenings in any week. Mcmhuqnp dcwluplmm . Part-time. \ieekclav. ewninex. It you are interested please contact Jim on 0141 4201701. Solory NJC AP 23: Sm"an at £14,984 per annum. 'I‘Cmpmhm m Pérmiumnc

Average £7+ph. lior cletailx. please send large SAli to:

Job description and Application pack from:-

_. ’The Yard’, 70 Eyre Place, Edinburgh EH3 SEJ FMR solutions PUBLBHING ADMINWTOR Tel: 0131 476 4506 Carpet, oariopé, _ . _ _ . 1 v . . . . . Penicuik Midlothian Busy children s publisher rcqutrcs gosw dole {0' Oppl'col'o'” Fr'day 26 Apr" 2002' EH26 QN’L or e-mail: individual to ensure smooth running of i "m s°"fi,‘;2"usf°"e‘°"

Regis‘e'oa ("(1” #1.. "0 SCC) 09538

omcc and co-ordinatc marketing activities. Good communication skills .

. . . . . Art teacher required and PlC111.V Of lnlllauVC qulllFCd I‘reneh art school looking for

7' ' - I junior or mature art teacher together \\llll knonlcdgc of Access and The "averse "mane seek W “ml my \mdm m [cm a Pagcmakcr (to.

group ol' l‘reneh students in

(ilaxgoxs. earl) Airgun for 3

\seeks. ll )ou ha\ e goocl

5” knovs leclge ol' clravt ingt roughx.

Please send ( 'l ' and covering letter hr 25 .lpr'r/ (U 1.1rei'./1icrkcs. Harrington Sin/cc. 10 lie/lord

' -, . . ., .‘ l U .‘ MW" l"'/1'7')""‘}7 UH JUQ‘ to work for Scotland's sketches and local ili'l lihlol‘} new mea're llU teach c‘lttxxc‘s Ill liliglhlll contact: . . To wore three deys per week patrickpicot©aoLcom mu," provrding additional assastance to the . I Finance Department oi a busy F'Imhouse Cafe Bar theatre with thriving bar caié. Comedy Writers Wanted

Do you have flair in the kitchen? Expenence 0' sage une 50 essenl'al- . .. . . ,, I, Comedy writer collaborators required tor sketch \\ riting. sitcom development.

For intormation and an application pack please send an SAE tor 41 p to:

Pauleen Ratierty. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. B~l1 28) Email ding bats@ I; .1 - .. . -- - . , - - . . _ 1. Closing date: Wednesday 24 April 2002 hotmail-Com . ~'-/: -v 1" ' -' 0131 623 8023 ' ' :' :1 : r i The Traverse is an equal opportunities employer f" further dem'ls

registered charity number 800023689

126 THE LIST 11—25 Apr 2002