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Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


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I Saw You - Glasgow

V I saw you at the i-‘lickerstick gig at King Tut‘s on 27 Mar. ['2 gorgeous guy behind mixing desk. me: girl standing next to u. We should hook up'.’ Box No [7438/1.

V I saw you briefly. then sent scary. drunken text messages. I-‘eeling very foolish now? Box No [7438/3.

V I saw you Angclcakes. Strange Shaped Matt. King Tut's. 4 July - see you at Strange Shaped Man. .\'ice Sleazy's. l l April'.’ Love]. Box .\'o [7438/3.

V I saw you at the Polo Lounge - you denims and yellow check shirt. short dark hair. me; denim jacket and jeans with very tall friend. You said hello. get in touch. Box .\'o [7438/4.

V I saw you I’rank. dancing in ('leopatra's. I.ct's never (‘['T our love short. Alex xxxx. Box No [7438/5.

V I saw you Alistair. best doorman in (ilasgovv. but hovv can you stand the smell of those Chips every l‘ri'.’ Box No [7438/6.

V I saw you queuing up for Richard Branson's autograph at the ('rucible in Sheffield. I wonder if he'll visit you. since you offered. Thanks for the autograph. thanks for being you. thanks for doing the monkey. thanks for everything. Love the grumpy bastard. Box .\'o ['/438/7.


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066 144

V I saw you vvee Tinderbox cutie. All caught tip in curls. I've a nevv £30 smile. and I'm drinking a special-made cocoa. I'tn the one with a funny American accent. dancing to a Belle ct Seb song. come dance with me. Box .\'o [7438/24.

V I saw you attd was completely stunned. Real beauty shines through the eyes. you know. Any chance of seeing a Thai elephant? X. Box No [7438/25.

V I saw you in the Argyle Arms. Buttessan. ()n the IIebridean island of Mull. At breakfast you said. ‘l'm going to the Iona'. Having only just come from there I vvas sorry vve seemed to be off iit different directions. It was a day later that I savv why you had said ‘the'. I’orgive my slovvness. Then. the other day. I saw you fleetineg on (‘ambridge Street. Please get in touch. I'd love to buy you dinner . . . Box .\'o [7438/27.

V I saw you Mein liebster 'I'exaner (vvithout the huge hat or big belt buckle. but the biggest smile around)! The chalk girl has run out of chalk. but she's sure thinking of you - all day long. ('an't wait to hold you in my arms. I)ein I’raeulein from across the river. Box No [7438/28.

V I saw you in the Polo. Sat 23/03. You dark hair. stocky build. We both live in same area. Me: a drunken sailor vvho lost your number. Hope your friettd was ok. Box .\'o [7438/29.

V I saw you again Michael. Ayr "Time I’('s". Male. sincerely smitten by tvvinkly chunkiness. I thanked you. you estimated length. called the "Sir"! Desktop or handheld. be my palm pilot. Let's dovvnload. Please reply! Box No [7438/30

V I saw you v. tall. v. sexy. v. big hands - great with lips on soup howl. Soup's on me! Box No [7438/3 I.

V I saw you Anthea. looking like a fox. You are the business! Love aivvays. your i’.A. P.S. Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Box No [7438/32.

V I saw you miss flirtatious flicking your blonde locks in the mirror. Next time get out of your cavalier and lets \vink tip close. Satnc time. .\I8. next vveck? Box No [7438/33.

V I saw you sexy. young hippy. love your style man. (iuy behind the bar ((1 Blackfriars. Let‘s share some love! Box No [7438/34.

V I saw you girl with guitar and infectious eyes. Sing me to sleep - not to say your music bores inc - I love it. Box No [7438/35.

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132 THE LIST 28 Mar—11 Apr 2002


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