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V I saw you Lion eating a waffle + maple syrup. Thank you for helping me. I'm happy now. Hugs and kisses. Box No [7438/36.

V I saw you wearing a green jacket and specs at the art school. You looked happy. I adored your sweet smile. Hope you fancy more than one first. Box No [7437/38.

V I saw you (0‘ Tinderbox playing your violin please. please. please add one more string to your bow - marry me'.’ Box .\'o [7438/37.

V I saw you Mr President in Strathclyde ['nion. Which team do you bar for'.’ Box .\'o [7438/38.

V I saw you all the Borders cafe kids! We love ['S...Thanx for the good times - Andy Xo. Box .\'o [7438/3‘).

V I saw you again ('arrina on Buchanan St. ('an't get your face out of tny mind since the VBV concert. Still in your thoughts'.’ Luv. Box No [7438/40.

V I saw you in Borders cafe 25/3. blue top. you got a star on your coffee but not from me - I served you. . .want to meet up'.’ Box No [7438/41.

V I saw you sexy boy on Woodlands Rd on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You went to buy comics + l really fancy you (tne the red head from across the street). Box No [7438/42. V I saw you Mally my darling. I saw you when the sun was rising love from your shaven haven xx. Box No [7438/43

V I saw you looby heady. your giraffe curls which tickle my ginger underbelly. Make me laugh and turn tojelly. XBx. Box No [7438/44.

V I saw you [off in Kelvingrove Park on dry hump hill - having family sized fun...lt's over! Box .\'o [7438/45. V I saw you Huh'.".’ We love vodka. I am Spartacus. Box No [.7438/46.

V I saw you Ann. You cute Scottish fluent in French! Ya de la Joie l.'souvent 11 ('ul de Sac! 'l'u me reucls cuinjue. Box .\'o [T/438/48.

V I saw you in Edinburgh Scotland France Habla Espanol limma'.’ Si l"rancesce. Port (ilasgow. Al for (ilasgow! Box No [.7438/4‘).

V I saw you Stuart and I know you saw me too. Vive les foxes. Box No [7438/50.

V I saw you slugging (‘arlsberg you gash man from Dunbar! l have to have you now Niall (‘ while Tom's away! Box .\'o [7438/51.

V I saw you big Roy you're such a big boy - you're a joy and a toy & tell lilaine to shut up! Box No L7438/52.

V I saw you Neil and .Monica iii the Tron 22/3/02 you told me of your love. You warmed my heart you are great much love l.ou x. Box .\'o [7438/54.

V I saw you limma (I I hope you have a good liaster holiday. I hope your arm gets better. Love from ‘.’ xxx. Box .\'o [7438/55.

V I saw you looking scrumptious with no bra in the Arches - you brazen strtunpet! (ICI yourself covered up before the Baron sees you. Box .\'o [7438/56.

V I saw you bad boy in Papa Cool. [I R the only mania that is Superlly xxx. Box .\'o [7/438/57.


VI saw you in Tackno (and once before) Mr shaved head. smiley face. chunky build. numbered sweatshirt. l was a tall. sober male in a sea of squill'y mates... Hello. maybe. Box No [,7438/9.

V I saw you SH(X)()GA A.\'l) (‘WlililililiAAAAM‘.’ Luv first mate. Jen. Box No [7438/l(). V I saw you hey Stevie. wot do u take in your coffee‘.".’ Box .\'o L7438/l l.

V I saw you at Belle and Sebastian on our anniversary. You were the most amazing woman there. I had a 'best night'. Here's to many more to come. Schemey Midden. I love you. from Johnny X. Box No [.7438/12.

VI saw you Ceilidh. 30 March. lidinburgh. Me. Kiwi guy working the bar - in purple. You. petite and gorgeous. We danced all too briefly together at the start of the evening. Box .\'o [T/438/l3.

V I saw you petite. sexy brunette. Peppermint Lounge. Fri 2‘) Mar. [I didn't understand why I was staring. we danced. Me: Anthony. wished l'd asked 2 go for a drink when I said goodbye. Box No [7438/14.

V I saw you in Boots. you worked on the Benefit section. you did my eyebrows for me. they look great. We chatted about my travelling and stuff. Fancy a drink before I head off'.’ Box No L7438/l5.

V I saw you spilling your Starbucks excited to see me on Lothian Road. Box No

U/438/ 16.

V I saw you Claire. in B&Q helping me buy paint. I had fun showing you around the newly decorated house. Do you want to come and "paint" again soon‘? Box No [.7438/17.

V I saw you Martin. going into l.indsays. Atholl (‘rescent every day. You: tall. dark and handsome in grey suit. Me: walking by. blonde. slim and waiting. Box No [.7438/18.

V I saw you stunning. blue- eyed Taurean at alaf in Dublin. breaking my heart. But I've had the time of my life. I'll never forget you. Be my best friend and let's put on weight together. See you at alaf next year?! Box No [7438/18.

V I saw you Clare. you broke my heart. are you still the sweetest fruit in the orchards? See you again before you go I hope. over a bottle of ('hablis. Still miss you. x. Box No [.7438/1‘).

V I saw you in a dream. You're a friend or a lover. someone new never met before - I enjoy laughing with you. crying with you. but we'll never know unless you call . . . Box .\'o [7438/20.

V I saw you Lena with your mogel litta in Taste. You were the tastiest! xx from T. Box No [.7438/(39.

V I saw you Jo in the Wash on Sat lb March. Being a tourist from Mexico in your home town sounds good. Shall we salsa'.’ Box No [7438/2 l.

V I saw you At Livingwell (0 Newcraighall (my cluhl during your last month of membership at The ('aledonian. liyes met while I swam. talked in the sauna. Would love to meet up. Box No [.7438/22.

V I saw you . . Say Hello Wave (ioodbye. Monday 18 March. halfeight-ish. foot of Broughton Street. You: dark hair. specs. far from average. Me: Petite goatee (alas no more) having after work drink with dumb blonde. l quipped and we exchanged a wave before you disappeared behind a blue door. Coming out to play‘.’ Box .\'o [7438/23.

V I saw you sucking my toes. blowing my nose. removing some clothes....Kim E. You amaze me. Box No [7438/26.

V I saw you Baza tha Bazzla. I wanna know what love is. Your love is my drug. Box No [7438/58.

V I saw you |5th March Pure versus Salivae. You with aquiline features. no hair. red t shirt - tne. melted. short hair. light while vest. Hlil.l.() AGAIN! Box No [7438/5‘).

V I saw you lady on the door at Joy. ('an I twist your afro for ya. Box No [.7438/60.

V I saw you sinister picnic freaks sitting by the Scott Monument. in the rain. You're an odd bunch. but you rock. I.ove idleben’y. xx. Box .\'o [.7438/62. V I saw you you know. You know exactly who you are. Black hair and freckles. Audrey Hepburn appreciator. My soul is yours. Box .\'o [.7438/63.

VI saw you Sat 23rd March channing indie chicks at (‘itms Club. We chatted about the Smikes conceit. At the bar I asked were the support bands good. Me guy dressed in navy. Is this it'.’ Box .\'o [7138/64.

V I saw you with your beautiful curly hair and vibrant eyes in the Traverse on Tuesday. Come and make theatre with me please?! Box No [7438/65.

VI saw you Spicey Al in the Basement. You get me hotter than a red bonnet chilli pepper. Want to spice up my life‘.’ Box .\'o [7438/66. VI saw you The Aberdeen Boys saw "I lelmet" at the Trav. And we say "Hail King Mullins" (big love) from the Posse. Box .\'o [7438/(i7. V I saw you checked coat pink jumpered girl knocking back the pints in the Trav. l. is ur first [5 is your 2nd. You know 3 + 4 let's make maths 2gether. Box No [7438/68.

V I saw you Josetine. smoking your l8()th fag of the day in lilll on Wednesday 27th. Come back and wash dishes with us! See you soon. Love B. l..xx. Box No [7438/70.

V I saw you at (‘leopatra's ('afe. strippie Jumper + an ass to die for. photography student that needs his own scanner! Good luck on your course. F. x. Box No [7438/73.

VI saw you Sarah workin at ()pium. I know you love my buck teeth and two tone hat. you can play my banjo any day. I want your one ass. Z. Box No [74.38/74

V I saw you Laura. you wanted to go home. but I wanted to walk the dog. Box No L7438f7 5.

V I saw you every day on the bus into town. L' R a big sexy Shetlander with a penchant 4 sheep. . .Box No [7438/76.

V I saw you Latin girl on a "brief encounter" towards Iidinburgh. 3pm Friday 22nd March. I thought you were amazing then we went our separate ways. Let‘s go in the same direction sometime. Box .\'o [7438/77.

V I saw you Kari. Dig the funky new dreads. Box No [74.38/61 .

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