Rear View

Phil Kay

A shaggy Doberman story of courtly romance

awful. Then. at the last minute. he changes his mind and goes and has to go through many occasions where he experiences in new thrilling combinations all the ways in which people can excruciate.

The other one concems a lawyer who is jealous

of the person she is defending because she has fallen in love with the defendant and yet so has the judge. She is speaking from jail later. recalling how she perverted the course of true love and justice by starting to make the defendant accidentally seem worse than he was which in turn brought out a deepening bisexual love for the judge who was able to keep loving the defendant despite all the crafty efforts.

Plus the prosecuting lawyer falls for the defendant and then is caught in a battle of trying to prove him innocent when it should be the other way round. It is the same for the defending lawyer. The story reaches a superb peak as the judge and

defendant have plotted through one moment alone together having been asked to approach the bench. where the judge says: ‘Don‘t worry. I love you. I‘ll get you off.. to make sure the defendant will go free and that he knows it. The other lawyer lip reads and the defendant leaps into the judge‘s box and grabs the judge by the neck and whispers a swift blackmail which he can use because he has seen the prosecuting lawyer lip read in the judge‘s reflective

enke. one of the finest ever Scandinavians, though a keen harpoonist or harpooner. always carried a leg of fudge which was considered by many to be more than enough for kids to eat until it was time to eat. Fond of the rock climbs climate. Henke was someone who always made sure never to spill a jar of anchovies on any trousers that had to be worn for international air travel that day. Henke did indeed have a fine set of matchings and. when everyone else was on about the incredible huge massive cost of the Titanic, he just thought that three pounds seventy five was not too bad. Henke had a story about Yun Geller bein locked out of his house becaugse all his keys

were bent and surely if telekinesis existed then a chess

piece or two would have moved IS by now. All that concentration

and imavined movin ,s.

In certain circlis. Henke was rejected or rather just not taken seriously in the same way that often Welsh pimps aren‘t either. Recently Henke was tripped up twice by gloves on the street bound up like a bug with ribbons over duvets. He relived the triple trashings of adopted siblings‘ bedrooms. The neat bleechings and Ajax the Doberman.

Henke’s stupidity had dignity. He thought the recovery position was sitting up in bed with a cup of Earl Grey waving slightly.

Henke is writing two stories. One is about a man avoiding a big school reunion. He is adamant about not going because he knows he is brass nameplate. He gets the judge to order the guards going to get asked a hundred times about his brother and will have to to keep back and get him later and the defendant voice a reply relating to his brother’s suicide and that would feel too escapes.

John Fardell

The main purpose, of taking a year out (see our” Feature 0“ Page l7) is to ‘08 able to [impress your feuow students when jCM Start Unwersittj....

and I went to the world to We“)! worked vMLfi 111qu the W'orld... YOM tCOK a gap wear {00,dtdttlfi teach English to the orphaned A 481» months as a Game Warden in Ljou Steve? Wizfmt dxd yau do? yang-outangs m the endangered Kenya Worked m passage on a tram? , , rainforest it was :0 inspiring steamer to Calcu Hum) out with OL‘ “9"- Nai‘ -' 4““‘1‘5'5 i learnt 50 much From them... the Dalai Lam wt Nepal {oi/a Wim/e JLKSt had CL bit or” WM Crewcd (1 Ta“ flip over to New Zenith/id ' and did at bit of Film acting in the

View Lord ofdvte Rings movie Took a

raft over to South America and helped out the Gauchos o; the Pampas with the cattle found- up Headed up to the State! and (llOted a couple of Spare {Mattie Missions

You know ...just odd jobs like that I

‘5“‘ “' I 'i

A lie—inf}... You mean you spent the whole gear in bed 3’

Look, I was tired out arhtev a” (Hose year; of schoof, alright.

i meant to get up and do Son/1861M} interesting but 1 never got round to it.

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