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Are you a gap year student looking for an incredible real world experience, a mature person with a sense of adventure, a student traveller, or a career breaker looking for a regenerating challenge? Well, read on to learn more about i-to-i and its TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and you could win a unique lifetime experience.

With English rapidly becoming the international language, thousands of institutions around the globe - from large international colleges to small, two-classroom schools - are crying out for native English speakers to teach English. Your main qualification as a teacher is your mother tongue. All you need-is the confidence to step into your first classroom. Each year i-to-i trains over 2000 teachers ranging from students to retirees, brick layers to- lawyers.

The nice folks at i-to-i want to give List readers the chance to win a weekend course in Glasgow, an on-line course or an i-Venture which is a voluntary three month placement. If you aren't one of the lucky readers who wins one of these superb prizes, then you can take advantage of our reader offer giving all List readers 10% off any course booked through the post. I

1 in one 20-hour weekend course, i-to-i gives you the skills and enthusiasm to plan,

prepare and teach your first lesson with confidence. On successful completion of the

course you receive the i-to-i Certificate in TEFL, which can be used to obtain work in

private language schools throughout the world, as well as the UK. At the end of the course you'll feel motivated, ready to pack your bags and get travelling.

The first of its kind, .this immensely popular course is invaluable to people who want to enjoy the same quality of teaching and expert support as our weekend course but who prefer to learn at their own pace and at a time that suits them. The 40 hour course consists of ten modules, plus a video CD. As you complete each module, you simply email it back to your dedicated tutor who replies with comments and enables you onto the next one.

i-Ventures are voluntary three month placements in a destination of your choice. i-to-i has’researched a huge range of projects and countries from which to choose and each is carefully selected and organised so that you have an enjoyable and meaningful travel adventure that is safe and free from hassle. You could choose to go to Costa Rica, Bolivia, Equador, Henduras, Ghana. "Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, China, India.

Australia or Russia. These are serious projects which are a lot of fun but can be hard

work . . . so only enter this competition if you are prepared for the challenge.

To enter 'this competition, just state which course you want to win and tell us: - How many teachers does I-to-i train each year?

Answers on an email marked .‘i-to-i’ to promotions@list.co.uk or on a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Please state which course you would like to win. Deadline for competition entries is 30 April 2002. Please include a daytime

GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH telephone number. One email or postcard per entry.


i-to-i would also like to offer List readers a 10% discount on any of its courses. Simply cut out the voucher below and send it with your application to i-to-i, 9 Blenheim Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9H2.

its website on www.i-to-i.com or by popping into any STA Travel and picking up a brochure.

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any i-To-i course