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0 Bellissima ( 151 (Luchino \‘isconii. ltaly. 19511Anna Magnani. Walter (‘hiari. Tina Apicella. l 13 mins. Intense drama in which a mother. whose life-long dreams of making it in the film world failed. tries to push these aspirations onto her daughter when a famous director comes to town. Part of the ltalian Film Festival. See feature. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. lidinburgh.

0 Bend It Like Beckham (12) O... ((iurinda (‘hadha. I'K. 20021 Parminder K Nagra. Keira Knightley. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. l 12 mins. The par- ents of llounslovv teenager Jess (Nagrai want her to concentrate on her studies. to learn how to cook traditional Indian food. and to marry a respectable young man. Jess. however. is far more passionate about play- ing football. and is asked by fellow school- girl Jules (Knightley) to join the local woin- cns' team. As with Bliuji ()n The [fear/i and What's ('(mki'rrei’. writer-director (‘hadlia confidently uses comedy to explore social. racial and familial issues. with football a device to investigate what it means to be young. female and self-confident in contem- porary Britain. See preview and review. (ieneral release.

Blade II ( 181.. ((ittillermo del Toro. IS. 2002) Wesley Snipes. Kris Kristofferson. Ron Perlman. l to mins. Where the first mission of the half human. half vampire titular bloodsucker hunter (played by Snipes as a cross between Shaft and Bruce Lee) was confined to a nocturnal world unseen by anyone other than victims. Blade‘s further adventures take place in a world in which the human race is on the verge of extinction. And so to are vampires. A mutant vampire known as The Reaper suffers such an insatiable bloodltist that he turns to sucking vampire blood. which creates yet more Reapers to reap unholy bloody carnage. L'nsurprisingly. it falls to Blade to take down these super-suckers. ('ool beans. no doubt. (ieneral release.

Bloody Sunday ( 151 0000 (Paul (ireengrass. l'K/lreland. 2001 1 James Nesbitt. Tim l’igott-Smith. Nicholas l-‘arrell. 107 mins. (ireengrass‘ documentary -sty le drama recreates the events of 30th Januaryl‘)72 in Derry when British soldiers fired upon civil rights activists during a peaceful demo. The effective scene setting and recreation of the mood around the vents is superb. as are the performances. particularly .\'eshitt in the lead who proves he's got anything but (old l-"eei. (irosvenor. (ilasgow.

Blue Planet tt'i (t'K. loot 1. Two specially selected episodes of the 1313("s undersea documentary. here benefiting from big screen treatment. The series' producer Andy Byatt will be on hand afterwards to take questions. l'ilttthottsc. lidinburgh. Blue Planet (l'i (2001 1. An awesome trip around. above and beyond our planet on the lMAX giant screen which prompted the llilsllfllulnlt Post to w rite: ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words. one image from Blue Planet is worth a zillion‘. lMAX Theatre. (ilasgow.

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The Blues Brothers ( 151 00.

(John l.andis. (S. 19801 John Belushi. l)an .-\y kroy d. ('arrie l-‘isher. l.‘s(1niins. Bloated. overlong anarchic ('hicago comedy w ith the two stars on a mission from (iod to salvage the imperilled fortunes of an orphanage. Lots of guest stars. musical numbers and automotive destruction in a typical product of over-emphatic contemporary :‘vmerican humour. (iiosvenor. (ilasgow, Breathless (A Bout de Souffle) 1 15) CO... (Jean-larc (iodard. l‘rancc. 10591 Jean-Paul Belmondo. Jean Seberg. ()0 mins. A chic Parisian petty criminal tllelmondoi and his American ex-patriate girlfriend (Sebergi drift through a world of stolen cars and aimless romance towards an inexorable downbeat finale. (iodard's debut feature provoked quite a stir in its day for its carefree arrogance with the conventions of filmic grammar. btit today it stands as a casual lov e letter (0 tlte .-\merican ll-ttttiv ie crime picture. (’ameo. lidinburgh.

The Bridges Of Madison County

( 121.... 1(‘lint liasiwood. (S. 10051 ('lint liastwood. Meryl Streep. ()4 mins. Robert James \Valler's book may be literary tripe. btit one's admiration for director-star liastwood increases a thousand-fold. as he conjures one of his finest achievements as a filmmaker. It's a classic love story between a passing photographer and a woman whose husband and children are off at the state fair. and liastwood has created a work with real tear-stirring potency despite its utter lack of sentimental gushincss. ()deoii. lidinburgh. Brief Encounter ( 1’( i1 ooo il)av 1d l.can. l'K. 19451 ('elia Johnson. ’l‘revor lloward. Stanley llolloway. Ho mins. Stiff upper lips and emotionally charged brushes of the hands are all that Johnson and Howard w ill allow themselves as their extra— marital ‘affair‘ doesn't develop much beyond unspoken longings at a railway station. for some. the tears will still flow; for others. the ungiving morality is exasperating. (iiven the rigidity of this linglish romance. the Rachmaninov soundtrack is unlittingly sweet. ()deon. (ilasgow.

Q Bruno Bozzetto Animation (l’(i1 (Bruno Box/euo. ltaly. 1‘)(i.‘~—‘)51 mins. .-\ collection of animated shorts which high— light the ideas and skills of ltaly 's finest animator. llo/letto was the man behind the home favourite .\lr' Rossi. and got an Oscar nomination in NW» for {ll/l gm mm Imp/m. Part of the Italian l-‘ilm l‘estival. See feature. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l-ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

0 Campo de’fiori (151(.\lario llonnai‘d. Italy. 19-13) ('aterina lloratto. ('ristiano ('ristiani. l’eppino l)e l'ilippo. 05 mins.

light-hearted romantic comedy following a couple's problems when the idea of mar- riage causes the vegetable stall owner to run from the fish seller in fear. and find comfort with someone else. Part of the Italian l‘ilm liestival. See feature. (il'vl‘. (ilasgow: l‘ilinhouse. lidinburgh.

Cast Away 1 121 000 (Robert '/.enieckis. l'S. 20001'1‘om flanks. Helen Hunt. (‘hi‘istopher .\'oth. 1-13 mins. In this solidly told tale of a modern-day Robinson ('rusoe. llanks' l‘edlix systems engineer ('huck Noland. a flag-bearer for (S capitalism and can-do kinda guy. is marooned on a deserted island in the South Pacific after his (‘ht‘isittttts l'.\c flight L‘t'ashcs during a ferocious storm. At a stroke. he‘s stripped of all the accoutrements of modern civilisation and returned to the Stone .-\ge. But like l)cfoe's hero. ('huck is an iiveryman who embodies the values of his age. here: energy. resourcefulness and consummate problem solving. ('ineworld. lirlkir'k.

Cats And Dogs ( 1’(;i ooo

(Law rence (iuterman. (S. 2001 1 Jeff (ioldbltttn. lili/abeth l’erkins. Miriam \lttt'goy’les. 87 mins. This refreshing approach to ctite talking pets films is a kind of subversive ],(I\\f(' meets .Uivviu/t.’ Int/mvvi/t/t'. These dogs don‘t just tttllv. they use surveillance equipment and have a solemn mission to protect scientist (ioldblum as he invents a cure for dog allergies. The cats are evil. hell-bent on conquering the world; their special agents have deadly ninja skills and vicious weapons. The animatronic effects are of a pretty hiin standard. but it‘s the animal trainers you're in real awe of. The occasional wander into sentimental territory and slowing up of pace can be forgiven by the madly original idea. lively action sequences and knockabout humour. Selected l'L‘lL‘il\L‘.

Cinderella ( t‘ l (Wilfred Jackson/llamilton l.uske/ (‘lydc (ieronimi. l'S.-\. l‘H‘ll “ith the voices 0f llenc \Vtttttls. lileanor .-\udley. \‘erna lielton. William l’hipps. 75 mins. The classic l)isney version of one of the world‘s most popular fairy tales makes for a welcome school holidays 1‘L‘-1‘L‘lL‘tt\L'. lllt’v‘tllv‘tl its lllllv‘ tltttt't' [hill] :1 sl;t\v' by her cruel stepmother and stepsistei's. ('inderella's life is transformed when her liairy (iodmother grants her three wishes. .‘vlagical animation and fun songs make for a film to be enjoyed over and over again. ()tlcott. (iltlsgow.

Collateral Damage ( 151.

(Andrew Davis. l'S. 20021;\rnold Schwar/engger. lilias Koteas. l‘rancesca

Kevin Spacey's miracle man fixes up the freaks as the man who fell to Earth from a planet called K—PAX

.\'eri. 108 mins. In his new action flick Arnie plays a law Angeles fireman who. upon witnessing his wife and son killed during a terrorist action and subsequently written off as ‘collateral daniagc‘ b} the government. takes it upon himself to head off for (‘olumbia to hunt down the murderous mastermind know u as The Wolf. Although. post-September 1 1 it might seem ('o/lutem/ I)(IHI(IL'(' has a good deal of contemporary relevance tan unfortunate coincidence the film was completed in August 2001 i. this is merely another dumb Schwar/enegger actioner. (iL‘ttL‘t‘ul I‘L‘lc‘ttsc.

G The Conversation ( 15 I ooooo (l-‘rancis l‘ord (.‘ll‘l‘lllit. ('S. I‘V-li (iene llackman. l’reder'ic l-'oi'i'est. ('indy Williams. 113 mins. llarry (‘aul Illackmani is a master of stirv eillancc who works alone and is secretive to the point of paranoia. One day a routine w ire-tapping iob turns into a nightmare when llarry thinks he hears something disturbing in a conversa— tion between a young couple. .'\s he begins to worry that his tape may be used as a pre- emptive to murder. he breaks his own rigid rules by getting involved. l’ost Kent State. littttg 111 lllc‘ tttlvltllt‘ of the “01's! ttlt'vtv‘tltcs of Vietnam. (‘aul was a metaphor for the American middle-aged every man. betray ed by his government. yet hated by a younger generation. A dark. existential thriller which has often been copied btit never eqtralled. Sec rev ievv. l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

The Count Of Monte Cristo (v‘et'l ibci (Kevin Reynolds. (’S. 20021 James

('av ic/cl. (iuy l’eai'cc. Richard Harris. 131 mins. New adaptation of the .v\le\ander Dumas adv enturc about a young man who is falsely imprisoned by his friends. btrt who escapes. tllsL‘(t\ L‘t's ltltltlett lt‘v‘astll'v‘. t't‘ introduces himself to high scoiety as a man of means and exacts some revenge. l’liew' Selected t‘L‘lv‘dsL‘.

Crossroads ( 1’( i1 .0 (Tamra l).i\ is. ('S. 2002) Britney Spears. ls'im (‘attra|l. llan .-\ykroyd. ‘l-l iiiitis. It's very difficult to review (‘ruvvnuu/v as it's not a normal film. but simply another part of the llritney Spears World Domination l’lan. :\nd. disappointingly. this is not the turkey we secretly hoped for. Britney doesn't act so much as pretend to be someone she‘s not she's bttilt her career on it. and has become very good. Yes. this is cheesy and completely lacking in originality. but then this Is .1 teen tiltiv 1c. ll you go [U see this film. you're not coming for the film. btit for an extra large dose of Britney. .\nd that's c\actly what you'll get, (ieneral release