BROUGHT TO BOOK Re: Book now (issue 437) l was very interested to read Allistair Burt's acc0unt of the travelling ‘Visitors book“ in which people were invited to write their thoughts in a book and leave it at a place they love. I was reminded of a story I read on the web very recently ab0ut a website called Brookcrossing. lwvwvbookCrossing.com) which promotes a Similar idea. only with published books. Anyone can register their book with the site. then write the webSite address and book number on the inSide. leave it lying around where someone pick it up and read it. Curious readers can use the address to contact the websne. and quoting the book number. can fill in a jOurnal entry about how they IOUDd the found the book. what they thought of it. etc. The webSite has been on the go for a year. and indeed the book which Allistair Burt encountered in the Botanic Gardens sounds in many ways like an inspired development of the ideas expressed in the websne. Whatever. it sounds very interesting: keep us posted. Michael James. Via email


Re: Gray matter (issue 437) Oh dear. oh dear. oh dear. Seems your ex-Billy Bragg fan from last issue lives in a parallel universe. I went to the same gig at the admittedly weird venue ch0ice of the Usher Hall and had a life affirming CVOHIIK).

Sir Bill was at times amusing at others cutting and scathing. The audience were delighted to hear a real person speak truths that are rarely if ever heard in ‘pop' music these days.

Certainly when he updated the lyrics to 'Waiting For The Great leap l orwards' the crowd roared their agreement.

I came out smiling. certain in the knowledge that I was not

2 THE LIST '.‘i ’/"> Apr 7002’


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3JD

or email react@list.co.uk

alone and that there are other human beings who don't jus accept the latest dictate from President Blair. How often can you say that about music these days’? I for one will be encouraging as many people as possible to buy. ‘Take Down the Union Jack‘. immediately prior to the Queen's Jubilee to ensure that Billy Bragg is number one that week. I hope List readers will join in.

Steven Small

via email


Re: City Cafe advert

(issue 437)

Having just read the City Cafe advertisement. I feel a separate apology should also have been added:

APOLOGIES TO ALL EDINBURGH CITIZENS . . . It has been brought to Our attention that Our door staff are the most OI)Ii()XIOUS. arrogant and intimidating door staff in Edinburgh. It would seem that they. like our bar staff. are particularly low on intelligence and personality yet somewhat high on self-importance.

i urthermore. eiir cheap rate drinks Will continue to ‘disappear' during busy periods ~ festival/new year etc and be replaced by our hugely inflated drink pricing system. This has been going on for twelve years and we won't ever stop . . . OOPS! Stuart Slater

Via email


Re: Variety pack (issue 437) Cher must be a better actress than you gave her credit for in this feature: 'River Deep- Mountain High' lsici was of course recorded by Ike and Tina Turner.

Stuart Ferguson.

Via email


Tartan Week celebrations

l was geing to take this opportunity to apologise to the entire American nation for

sending them the Largest Pipe Band in the World Ever to stomp around New York City; a place which we all know has had a pretty rough time recently. All for the spurious Tartan Week celebrations.

Then I remembered Clarisa Flockhart. Bruce Willis. David Copperfield. Sally Fields. Ron Howard, James Cameron, Bill Bryson. Justin Timberlake. Henry Kissinger. John Wayne. Jerry Bruckheimer. Richard Nixon. Ronald Reagan. Bob Hope. P Diddy. 'StoneCold' Steve Austin. George Bush. George W Bush. Carl Lewis. Meryl Streep. Tom Cruise (what a total cunt he is). George Washington, Jerry Garcia. that twat out of Limp Bizkit. David Letterman. the lead singer of Pearl Jam. Bill Gates and all those religious bawheads from the Midwest.

And I thought . . . send more pipers. Frank Tank Via email


The death of the Queen


Is this (www.mediapill.


mumhtml) the most

inappropriate animation about

the Queen Mother so far? I

think we should be told. Yours haughtily,

Alan Warrick Snr

via email

(Frankly, no. But good try: Ed)


Re: Rock doctor (issue 437) Ewan Kean recommends that your fav0urable reviews sh0uld read: ‘lt's a great album. and if you buy it. y0u won't be disappointed.‘ Well. what a fascinating magazine that would make.

l didn‘t see the review he was complaining about (though the line he quotes doesn't sound too bad to me). but if he thinks his alternative line is better. I can't imagine why he's buying The List in the first place.

We can tell whether you think it‘s a good album/film/play by

looking at the star rating at the top. The point of reading the review is to find out what it's like and why you've come to the opinion you have. ‘Buy it. you won't be disappointed‘ is not exactly Lester Bangs is it? Rose Evans

via email


Re: front cover (issue 437) By now you'll probably have been besieged by letters from small-minded whingers complaining about the word ‘twat' in big letters across your magazine. lgnore them all. I thought it was great.

In these days of censorship and self-censorship. it's so refreshing to come across a magazine that doesn't mind

talking like ordinary people talk.

It's only a collection of letters on a page. right? As ever. the real crimes are going on out in the real world in Israel, in Afghanistan. in Zimbabwe so everyone who’s pissed off about a vaguely rude word should just get their priorities right.

Joan Burchfield

via email

(Thanks for the support. but actually we didn't get any complaints: Ed)

STROKES OF GENIUS Re: The Strokes (issue 437) How predictable is Doug Johnstone? Having spent the last few months hyping the Strokes. now he decides it’s time to knock 'em down again. All I can say is if he'd have been down the front at the Corn Exchange. he'd have witnessed bliss and perfection. Cat Dickson

via email


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