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Gosford Park ( 15) 0000 (Robert Altman. l'S/I'K. 200I ) Michael (iambon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. I37 mins. The Agatha (‘Iiristie-esqtie murder mystery at the centre of (Ins/UNI Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-observed period piece. Set in November 1932 over a few days during a shooting party at the eponymous country estate of Sir William Mc(’ordle ((iambon) and Lady Sylvia McCordle (Scott Thomas). (ins-lord I’urk details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their ptit upon servants. And what detail -- the film fieshes otit all 25 members of the excellent ensemble cast. along with their individual stories. No easy trick in two hours. (ieneral release.

Grand Canyon ([7) (2001). Simulation ride bringing you the full-blown wonder of that really. really big hole in America. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgow.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (PG) 0000. ((‘hris ('oltimbtis. [TS/LK. 200l ) Daniel Radcliffe. Robbie Coltrane. Maggie Smith. John (’leese. Richard Harris. Julie Walters. 152 inins. ('oltimbus has remained true not jtist to the spirit btit. in many cases. the letter of J.K. Rowling's novel. With only the occasional nip and ttick. the film follows closely the tale of orphan boy Harry. who grows tip in suburbia little realising that he's of wizard stock. Like the novel. the film is tinsentimental. with no hint of icky whimsy. Rather. it is sustained by a set of superbly dry performances by the all-British cast and rewarded by the true. well-earned emotion of an honourable qtiest successfully fought. Ster (‘entury Cinema. Edinburgh: ('ineworld. Falkirk.

Hearts In Atlantis ( 12) 0.. (Scott Hicks. ['S. 2002) Anthony Hopkins. Anton Yelchin. Hope Davis. 101 mins. Hicks and screenwriter William (ioldman (Butch (‘ussttly And The Sum/(nice Klrl. All The President 's Men) have adapted Stephen

King's 50s/(i0s/70s-set novel. homing in on a very King concern: childliood's end. The film describes the friendship of three eleven- year-olds and a life-changing moment in their youth the appearance of Ted Brautigan (Hopkins). a secretive though kindly man on the run from government agents. .\'ice performances all round. although adapting jtist the first third of King‘s book is too modest a goal. Highland Theatre. ()ban; .\'ew Picture Hotise. St Andrews.

Heisti 15).... (David Mamet. l'S. 200l ) (iene Hackinan. Danny De Vito. Rebecca Pidgeon. I07 inins. Master thief Joe Moore (Hackman) decides it's time to qtiit and seek retirement down South with his young wife Fran (I’idgeon). However. his fence Bergman (De Vito) blackmails him into carrying otit one final score. After the patchy filmtnaking satire State And Main. Mamet is back on home-turf. offering tip a noirish world of cons and scams. while his trademark charged dialogue is still intact. Yet. Mamet is also attempting to muscle in on action-movie conventions for which he lacks the requisite visual panache. and he's now writing to at 'nothing is what it seems' formula. I‘(’I. (’lydebank.

C9 Hell In The City (Nella citta I’in- ferno) f 15) (Renato (’astellani. Italy. I058) Anna Magnani (iiulietta Masina. Myriam Bru. tbc mins. Melodrama set in a women‘s prison. where Magnani plays the profes- sional inmate helping the innocent Masina cope with the corrupt and violent people inside. Part of the Italiati Film Festival. See feature. (ii-’1‘. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Human Body (l') (2001 ). Simulation ride bringing you the full-blown wonder of all those really. really small places inside (is. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgow.

Ice Age (l') O. ((‘hris Wedge at ('arlos Saldanha. LS. 2002) Voices of John Leguizanio. (ioran Visiiiic. Jack Black. SI inins. There's a faint air of cynicism in this

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38 THE LIST 11—95 Apr 2002

story of a morose mammoth. a bumbling sloth and a wily tiger who join forces. despite all their better instincts. to return a human baby to his father. As the planet gets colder. they head in the opposite direction of the animal migration. to battle snowdrifts. volcanoes. ice caves and predators. eventually delivering their charge. The animators try desperately to make you fall in love with this unlikely band of creatures. to make you see the good hearts beneath the frosty exteriors. btit they don't deliver that all important charm. wit. flair and imagination. General release.

0 Ignorant Fairies (Ie fate Igno- ranti) ( 18) (Ferlan ()zpetek. Italy/France. 2001 ) Margherita Buy. Stefano Accorsi. 105 mins. A man dies in a car accident. The widow realises she is not alone in her grief: there is a grieving man who had been con- ducting a long-term affair with her husband. The two are drawn together by curiosity and attraction. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See feature. (iF'I’. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

In The Bedroom ( IS) 0000 (Todd Field. LS. 2001) Sissy Spacek. Tom Wilkinson. Marisa Tomei. I30 mins. Inspired by Andre Dubus' short story Killings. In The Bedroom is an exceptional debut feature from actor-turned-filmmaker Todd Field. It examines. with great sensitivity and insight. the aftermath of an unexpected bereavement when the son of Matt and Ruth Fowler (Wilkinson and Spacek) is murdered. Stylistic indulgences are prudently kept at bay. and it's also blessed with a series of expertly calibrated performances. not least from Wilkinson and Spacek. And there's no clear-cut closure or cheap redemption. Cameo. Edinburgh.

0 Interview With My Mother (Intervista a mia madre) (15) (Agostino Ferrente. Italy. 200] i 52 mins. Documentary showing four young people interviewing their mothers. giving general impressions of the childhood and youth of people growing tip in lower-middle class backgrounds. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See feature. (iI’T. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Into The Deep (t’) ([78. 200! ). IMAX presentation. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgow. Invincible ( I2) 0. (Werner Herzog. (iermany/L'K. 2002) Youko Ahola. Tim Roth. l.‘do Kier. 122 mins. With it having been eleven years since Scream (If‘Stone. Her/og's last fiction film. it was inevitable that a lot was going to be expected of Invincible. Set in I930s (iermany. Invincible is the story of a Jewish strongman Zishe Breitbart (Ahola) working for occultist and .\'a/.i collaborator Rasmussen (Roth giving another irritatingly hammy performance). Equally bad. the lead character. respectably played by the former World‘s Strongest Man. is unbelievably dull. Maybe Herzog did it for the money; he seems bored by his subject. and his usual flair is strikingly absent. Whatever the reason. Herzog's heart is not in it. and so Invincible is anything btit. l,'(i(‘ Renfrew Street. (ilasgow. Iris(15)0000 (Richard Eyre. L'K. 2001 ) Judi Dench. Kate Winslet. Jim Broadbent. 90 mins. The love story of two of this century‘s most significant writer- acadcmics. Iris Murdoch and John Bayley. is lovingly created from Bayley‘s recent memoirs. It ultimately plots Murdoch's descent into the agonising fog of Alzheimer‘s. btit is inter-cut with scenes of the early. tentative love between these two ()xford starlets. Altliotigh the later years are more involving than the early ones. the two narratives switch with deft slickiiess. Take tissues. you might need a few. Selected release.

0 Jazzwomen ( i5) ((iabriella Morandi. Italy/l'S. 200] t 7‘) mins. Documentary exploring the roles of female women in the world ofjan. performers unheard of in comparison to their male counterparts. Highlighting problems of stereotyping. it also shows Ross of Lambert. Hendricks and Ross. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See feature. (El-'1‘. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Jesus The Curry King (l'). Part of the

Digital Film Festival. ()deon. (ilasgow.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (t') 0.. (John A. Davis. 2002) Voices of Debi Derryberry. Megan (‘avanaugIL Patrick Stewart. 82 mins. Jimmy Isaac Neutron‘s inventions often cause more problems than they solve. so when he contacts an ultra-intelligent alien life form. the boy genius sets off a chain of events that lead to the Yokians - imagine an egg with a see-through shell and green yolks - kidnapping all of the parents in Retroville. So Jitnmy leads an expedition of fellow I950s retro-styled classmates into space to rescue their parents. As is the norm since '12))" Story. Jimmy Neutron is packed with pop-references. btit lacks sufficient sophistication to appeal to adults. (ieneral release.

Just Visiting (PG) .0 (Jean-Marie (iaubert. France/LS. 200] ) Jean Reno. (‘hristian ('lavier. Malcolm McDowell. 88 mins. When Medieval French nobleman Thibault (Reno) accidentally kills his wife on the eve of his wedding he iinplores his potion-concocting wizard McDowell to send him back in time to right the wrongs. Btit the wizard mistakenly sends Thibault and his devoted servant Andre (('Iavier) forward to 2 I st century Chicago where they have ‘hilarious adventures' with indoor plumbing and electrical appliances. While the original. Les liviteurs exuded a certain Pytlionesque charm with its petit bourgeoisie parody and schoolboy vulgarity. this slushy remake is saddled with an anaemic. witless script co- written by 80s teen flick director John Hughes (The Break/oi! (lab). Stcr (‘cnttiry Cinema. Edinburgh.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (PU) (India. 2001 ). Asian film presentation. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Kate & Leopold (PG) 0. (James Maiigold. LS. 2002) Meg Ryan. lltigh Jackman. Liev Sclireibcr. I2l iiiins. Leopold (Jackman). an English Duke in l876 New York. is being forced to marry for money. (iiving chase to a ftirtive fellow he finds at a party at his home. the two men finally fall from the Brooklyn Bridge. Switching to 21st century Manhattan. the man in question. Stuart (Schreiber). has discovered a portal to cross time and has inadvertently taken Leopold back with him. Stuart's downstairs neighbour happens to be his ex-girlfriend Kate (Ryan). (‘ue love interest for Leopold. What follows is an often tiresome. only occasionally amusing combination of time- travel. humour and romantic comedy. interspersed with the clumsily delivered message that in modern times we have forgotten the important things in life. especially the arts of courtesy and courtship. (ieneral release.

0 Knights Of The Quest (I cava- lieri che Iecero I’impresa) ( IS) (Pupi Avati. Italy. 200] ) Edward Furlong. Raoul Bova. Marco Leonardi. 1-17 mins. Big action adventure talc following five young ('rtisaders who. after the death of King Louis IX. meet on a mission to find to the Holy Shroud. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See feature. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

K-PAX ( l2) 0. (Iain Softlcy. LS. 2002) Kevin Spacey. Jeff Bridges. Mary Mc(‘orinack. IZI mins. l’rot is a gentle. unassuming alien front the planet K-I’AX. who visits Earth and ends tip in a mental institution where he genially allows psychiatrist Bridges to try to ‘cure‘ him. while at the same time managing to cure his fellow patients and sort otit Bridges‘ life too. Or is I’rot merely a ntit‘.’ 'I‘heoretically. this is a role made for Spacey: However. Spacey plays l’rot as a cross between his character in The (3*qu Suspects and Robin Williams in any of his vomit-inducing roles. There are some nice aesthetic touches. btit they don‘t succeed in diverting your attention from the fact that this is a bland and uninspiring waste of a good story. See review. (ieiicral release.

Last Orders ( IS) 0.. (Fred Schepisi. ['K. 2001) Michael (‘aine. Bob Hoskins. David Hemmings. Tom (‘otirtncy. Ray Winstone. I08 mins. Jack ((‘ainei. a butcher from Bermondscy. has died. Joined by Jack's son (Winstoiie). his three best friends ((‘ourtney. Hemmings. Hoskins) set