off on a road-trip to .\largate to scatter the old man's remainx. (‘ony erting (iraham

Sw ift'x remarkable noyel of loss. friendship and life's cruel decline into a moy'ie w as always going to be something akin to catching salt in the wind. Schepisi has lost the febrile xeltxe that this sad story is built on odd tender moments snatched from eternity. This is. howey er. a soap opera acted out by a right royal cast. ()deon. (ilasgow'. 9Laugh For Joy (Risate di gioia) 115i i.\lario .\Ionicelli. Italy. 1960i Anna .‘ylagnani. Toto. Ben (ia/lara. lllfi mins. New Year's liye in Rome. and .\lagnani plays an out-of—work actress who. while at a party. manages to unintentionally ruin two other guests' plans for taking adyantage of drunk people. Part of the Italian l’ilm l‘estiyal. See feature. (il‘il'. (ilaxgow: l’ilnihouxe. lidinburgli.

Les Tontons Flingueurs l IS» i(ieoi-ges l.autner. l’rance. 1903i llili iiiiiix. An ageing gangster finds his hopes for a quiet retirement put on hold w hen he inherits a fortune from an old friend. All well and good. except he also dixco\erx he has inherited his benefactors daughter. (il’l‘. (ilaxgow.

0 Light Of My Eyes (Luce dei miei occhi) i. lSi ((iiuseppe l’iccioni. Italy.

Ililll i I.uigi l.o (‘axeio. Sandra (‘eccarelli. Sily to Orlando. I IS mins. A young chauf- feur alnioxt runs down a little girl and ends tip falling for her mother. The feeling not being mutual. he becomes the family’s little helper. waiting for her to loye him back. Part of the Italian l‘ilni liextiyal. See feature. (il’T. (ilasgow: I‘ilnihouse. lidinburgh. 0Long, Long, Long Night Of Love (Una Iunga, Iunga, Iunga notte d’amore) l IS’i il.uciano limmer. Italy. Zlitil l (iiancarlo (iiannini. \larie 'I‘rintignant. Isabelle Paxco. Ill) mins. l‘rom sunset until sunrise. si\ thinly linked loye xtoricx emerge through meetings and por- tray alx of passions and contrasts. Part of the Italian l‘ilni l‘exti\al. See feature. (il’T. (ilaxgow; l'ilinhouxe. lidinburgh.

The Lord Of The Rings mm .0000 (Peter Jackson. .\'ew Zealand/I'S. 2001 l Ian .\Icl\'ellen. liliiah Wood. I.i\ Tyler. ('atc Blanchett. Viggo .\Iortenxen. I78 mins. At long last. a sword and xorcery adyenture that really deliyerx the goods. J.R.R. Tolkien'x great acliiey ement wax to create an linglish mythology. located in a fantastical yet belieyable world. Jackson's great achicyement ix to bring the author‘s 1000 page tome to life. not merely realising the fantastic elements with special effects spectacle tthough they are wry spectacular). but through storytelling flare and mary ellous performances from liix cast. Visceral and breathtakingly dramatic. 'l'lii' l-i'llmi ship ()i The Ring is an inspired labour of loy e and a monumental achiey enient. (ieneral release. 0 Luna Rossa l lSi iAntonio (‘apuano. Italy. Illlil i Domenico Balsamo. Toni

Sery illo. (‘arlo (‘ecchi llli mins. A modern (ireek tragedy telling the tragic tale of the demise of a Neapolitan mafia family. whose biggest crime was not seeing how to cope with Iiying life. Part of the ltaliaii l‘ilm

No, not Marilyn Manson, but one of Anne Rice's modern-day vampires in

l'iestiyal. See feature. (il‘T. (ilasgow; l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

C9 Mamma Roma l l8) 0... (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1962) Anna .\Iagnani. littore (iarofolo. liranco (‘itti. Ill) mins. Paxolini‘x superb second film - alter the grimy. hoodlum tragedy Areumm' - stars Magnani as a prostitute escaping a cycle of poyerty and despair. only to hayc her past reappear in the shape of a blackniailing pimp. The film encapsulates a doomed human condition by marrying high art and then-influential Italian neo-realixm. Part of the Italian l'ilni liestiyal. See feature. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l‘ilmhouse. Iidinburgh.

The Man Who Wasn’t There l lSi ..... (Joel (‘oetL IS. 3001 l Billy Bob 'l'liornton. l'rancex .\lcl)ormand. James (iandollini. llo mins. Set in the ('alifornian backwater town of Santa Rosa circa the l‘)-l()s. The Man Who Iliiyii 'I There takes its cue from the cynical world of pulp crime writers like James .\I. (‘ain. The tale turns on a regular fella. 'I‘hornton's mild- mannered barber lid ('rane. who is unwittingly the catalyst for a spiralling series of eyents beginning with infidelity and extortion and ending with. well. maybe yoti can guess. The (‘oen brothers‘ latest reiny ention of a classic Hollywood film genre ix their most audacious to date. mixing hard-boiled. small town film noir with existentialixm and metaphysics. It's a wry - litiinoured. retro-styled. wickedly -plotted. moody gem. Iiilmhouse. lidinburgh. Matilda ll’(i) .... ll)anny' I)e Vito. I'S. 109m Mara Wilson. Danny l)e Vito. limbeth I)ay idt/. 98 mins. ('apturing the delicious wickedness of Roald I)ah|'s writing. director l)e Vito l'tllly exploits exaggeration and playful camera work to tell the tale of a gifted child who uses her super brain to outwit her neglectful parents. ()ffsetting the loy'eable Matilda against a series of horribly inflated bad characters. the

Queen Of The Damned

film's empowering message for children will appeal to the mischeyious kid in ey eryone. liast Kilbride Arts ('entre. Iiast Kilbride. Metropolis ll’(il .0000 ii-‘rii/ l.ang. (ierinany. 1026) Brigitte llelm. Alfred Abel. (iustay' l-‘rolich. 12-1 mins. ()ne of the greatest films of all time. here in its longer- length. uncolorised \‘L‘l'xlml. free from (iiorgio .\loroder'x tacked-on rock soundtrack. The city scapex remain unsurpassed. althouin the allegory against totalitarianism ix a bit naiy e. I'(i(' Renfrew Street. (ilasgow.

Mon Oncle tP(ii O... (Jacques Tati. l-'i'ance. IUSSI Jacques Tati. Jean-Pierre Zola. Adrienne Sery'atie. I lli mins. Working in colour for the first time. Tati presents .\lonsieur lltilot befuddled by the modern factory w here his brother-in-law has giy en him a job. and by the all-mod-cons apartment w here he \ isits his young nephew. Superb catalogue of sight gags centring around the dehumanising effect of the new technology. lidinburgh l‘ilm (iuild. lidinburgh.

Monsoon Wedding l Iii .0000 «Mini .\'air. lndia/l‘ls'. Zlil)l l \aseeruddin Shah. I.illete I)ubey. Vijay Raa/. I 13 iiiiiix. ()n the eye of the longed-for. cooling monsoon season. the far-flung members of an upper- middle class Indian family gather in Delhi for a typical Punjabi wedding. But as the big day dawns. the wedding contractor‘s promises become more eyaxiye. while the bride‘s hard- pressed father worries how he is going to pay for eyery thing, .\'air\ sprawling. carniy'alesque drama combines the colour and y ibrancy of Bolly wood with an earthy realism. And while she can be sharply satiric. Nair treats her characters. high and low. without condescension. Selected release. Monsters, Inc. l t' l 0000 (Pete I)octer. I'S. lelil l John (ioodman. Billy ('ry‘stal. Steye Btiscemi. ()2 mins. The latest ('(il animation from 'liiy Sim-t makers Pixar

index Film

is set largely in Monstropolis. a city inhabited by the foulest of beasts. The monsters power their city by sending ‘scarers' through doors which telepon them into children‘s rooms. ()nee there. they pull faces at the kids. producing shrieks of terror. which are bottled back in Monstropolis and used as a source of energy. It's a neat idea. but what really lifts the film is the sense of fun that peryades the whole movie. .Iluiislers. 1m~ runs as smoothly as a fairground slide. that no one is too big to enjoy. (ieneral release.

The Mothman Prophecies l 12)

.. (Mark Pellington. 2002) Richard (iei'e. Laura Linney. Will Paton. I 18 mins. Pellington's paranormal chiller sees (iere's lliisliiiigimi I’osi journalist John Klein lose his wife in tragic circumstances. Two years later he finds himself inexplicably stranded in the small West Virginia town of Point Pleasant. where he discovers that the edgy locals haye been experiencing strange phenomena. including manifestations of a giant. moth-like creature. lierily. the figure recalls the strange sketches Klein's wife made before her death. Pellington is Very good at creating an atmosphere of unease. but the build tip is too slow and climax oyerwrought. Showcase. Paisley.

Moulin Rouge l 12) 00000 (Bax l.uhrmann. PS. 2001 i liw‘an .\lc(‘iregor. Nicole Kidman. Jim Broadbent. 108 mins. l.uhrmann's follow-up to Rmm'n ci- Julie! is a wildly unrestrained. gloriously camp. lewd as hell musical one story that re-iny'ents the form. from the (iolden Age Hollywood song and dance spectaculars tip. I.uhrmann has transformed the eponymous I‘)th century Parisian dancehall-cum-brothel into the rave capital of liurope. weaving Zlith century pop music hits into the Very dialogue of the film so that it becomes almost opera. And spiralling around a fairytale romance between .\Ic(iregor‘s idealistic poet and Kidiuan‘s dance girl is a barrage of riotous imagery and design. There's no middle- ground with l.uhrmann's film: if you abandon yourself to it it’ll leaye you intoxicated with pleasure. The l‘ilmhouse & l'(i(‘ Cinemas. lidinburgh.

Mulholland Drive l 15> 0000 (Day'id Lynch. I'S. 200i l Naomi Watts. l.aura Iilena llarring. .lustin Theroux. 140 mins. Given the troubled production history of Lynch's latest slice of nightmare noir ~ it was originally a pilot fora I'S teley‘ision series which w as cancelled « it's nothing short of miraculous that .llullio/lmiil Drive shines with the lilmmaker's idiosyncratic brilliance. Although set in the present day (albeit with retro styling). Lynch draws on his fascination with 40s and 50s Hollywood and its secret history of crime. here

iny'oly ing two actresses. amnesiac Rita tllarringi and amateur sleuth Betty lWattsi. The proceedings \eer into the kind of waking nightmare territory that either lluminoxes or delights y iewers as Lynch mixes the bizarre. almost laughable with the moments of electrifying fear. Selected release.


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