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WWF star the Rock shows the lady a little lovin' in The Mummy spin-off-prequel thing The Scorpion King

0 My Voyage In Italy (ll mio viaggio in Italia) (15) (Martin Scorsese. Italy. 2001 ) 246 mins. An epic documentary exploring early Italian citi- ema. As an Italian-American filmmaker. Scorcese cart be seen as partially

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responsible for the introduction of Italian cinema to the rest of the world. and here says why that is important. Part of the Italian l‘ilm liestiyal. See feature. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

15 (Le Plecard)

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The Closet is a tale of a man who is about to be fired from his job as an

accountant in a condom factory when his neighbour has a bright idea. It's simple, all he has to do is spread the rumour that he is gay and the factory management will be too afraid of being sued for sexual discrimination to fire him. These rumours have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyone con- cerned but unfortunately nothing happens as it should.

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40 THE LIST 1 1—25 Apr 2002

The Mystic Masseur t l’( i) 000 llstnail Merchant. l’K. 2(l(l21:\asif Mandy‘i. .-\yesha Dharker. ()m Puri. l 17 mins. Reyerting to the classic Merchant— ly'ory‘ tactic of taking a good noyel and getting an accomplished scribe to adapt it. \'.S. Naipul's .llyylit‘ .lluswur is brought to the screen by (‘aryl Phillips. 'l‘old almost entirely in fiashback. it charts the unlikely rise to political prominence of (ianesh tMandy i 1. an aspiring author in 'l‘rinidad whose day job as a religious healer aids his rise to the top. At two hours long it outstay s its welcome. but .llyslii' .lluxyenr neyertheless boasts charm. a strong cast and a solid script from Phillips. 1'(i(' chfrew Street. (ilasgow; l'(i(‘ (’inemas. lidinburgh.

Night Shift (Trois/Huit) l 151... (Philip 1.e (iauy. lirance. 200i 1 (ierald 1.aroche. Marc Barbe. 96 mins. from the moment hapless Pierre tl.arochel steps onto the night shift at the bottle factory he falls Victim to the resident bullyboy. The bully. liied lMarc Barbe l. is a mean inadequate. jealous of Pierre’s popularity and skills. It is. how eycr. when Pierre's son starts to despise his father's weakness and begins to hero-worship the odious i’red that the wider destructive elements of bullying are obseryed. 'I‘ense psychological talc and powerful portrayal of a social problem that scars a lot of people and their families. Pilinhouse. Edinburgh.

Ocean’s Eleven l 15) 0000 (Steven Soderbergh. 2001 l (ieorge ('looney‘. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. 1 16mins. Off the cuff is the operative term for Steven Soderbergh's remake of the Vegas casino heist thriller that Frankie and Dino and their Rat Pack had so much fun making back in 1960. But where the Rat Pack rascals used the original film as an exctise to run riot in their adopted home city Sodcrbergh. screenwriter Ted (iriffin and an all-star cast haye worked to produce a tightly-scripted stylish moyie. ()ne.

how'ey er. which remains at all times self- consciously‘ throwaway fun. .\'ot quite as cool as the original. but a better film. (iencral release.

The Oflicers’ Ward (La Chambre des Ofliciers) l IN 0. ll‘i‘ancois l)upeyi'on. France. 2002i liric ('arayaca. Isabelle Renauld. 1.15 mins. Watching Dupeyron's film you hay e the feeling that World War 1 had nothing to do with national pride or international peace. btit

simply with the nature of physical deformity. Here the war isn't being fought on the battlefields of liurope. but chiefly in the mind of Adrien ((‘arayacal as he comes to terms with facial disfigurement after being severely wounded in the w ar's early days. ()ddly'. it turns out to be well-crafted btit shallow cinema. l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh. 101 Reykjavik ( 18) C... (Baltasar Kormakur. Iceland. 2001 l llilmir Snzer (iudnason. \‘ictoria Abril. 88 mins. lllynur ((iudnasonl is a twentysomething who still liyes at home with his single mother. drinking the long days away and surfing the internet for pornography. But lllynur gets the wake up call of his life when he beds his mother's beautiful Spanish friend. Lola (Abril i. only to discover she's his mum's lesbian loy‘er. When the infidelity is revealed. the film becomes a comedy of unease. charting similarly queasy territory as David 0. Russell (Spanking The Monkey). It’s a smarting black comedy with a snow-white background and the pulsating score by Damon Albarn emphasises the film's cool credentials. Edinburgh Film Guild. Edinburgh.

The One t 15) C. (James Wong. KS. 2002) Jet Li. Delroy Lindo. Jason Statbam. 87 mins. Yulow (Lil is a power- bungry criminal. who has determined that by killing his 12-1 body doubles currently inhabiting the multiyerse‘s various uniyerses. he can achieye godlike powers. He's tip to number 123 when he stumbles across a worthy adyersary'. l..»\ cop (iabe ll.i againl. There are all sorts of holes in The ()m'. but while The .ilurrix got away with its abject silliness by being deeply cool and pseudo-inthlectual. this martial arts Vehicle has no such props. And while 1.i‘s fight scenes are technically impressiye. seeing one supernaturally hard indiyidual swap kicks with another while some no- brain metal band trasbcs their instruments in the background can be a decidedly empty spectacle. See reyiew. (ieneral t'elease.

Osmosis Jones (Pm O... tPeter and Bobby liarrelly. 1S. 2001 l Bill Murray. (‘hris Rock. l)ayid Hyde Pierce. Laurence liishburne. 95 mins. .Mixing liye action with animation. the l’arrellyk haye come up with a real w inner. Within slothful zoo keeper Murray's body. funky white blood cell cop Jones iy'oiced by Rock! is partnered with cold capsule painkilling machine [)rix iPiercei to bring down a lethal flu \ ir'tis iiiishburnel. Writer Marc Hyman explores cy cry win of this nifty idea. eny isioning Murray 's insides as a metropolis teaming with gangsters and corrupt politicians.

Say \y. satirical play on the body politic. reminiscent of Warner Bros cartoons of the 19-10s. which is exactly what this retro-

sty lcd animation looks like. ()deon. lidinburgh.

The Others 1 121 .... l.-\lejaltdt'ti .'\mcnabar. 1'S/Spain. 2001 l Nicole Kidman. l-‘ionnula l‘lanagan. .»\1akina Mann. James Bentley. 101 mins. 'I'ln' ()lllt'H combines all the elements of the Victorian (iothic thriller. but .-\men;ibar's American debut is actually set on Jersey. at the end of World War 11. Kidman plays (irace. a highly—strung woman who keeps her children locked tip in an old mansion because she belieyes they will die if exposed to the sun. Howeyer. they do not dwell there alone. .-\menabar’s is a moody tale that rests on the impossibility of working out what is real and what is supernatural. A triumph of merciless psychological manipulation. ()deon. .-\yr; Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

C? Pauline et Paulette (PU) com tl.ieyen Debrauwer. Belgium. 2002) Dora yan der (iroen. Julienne de Bruy n. Rosemarie Bergmans. 78 mins. Pauline lyan der (iroenl is a (to-year-old woman with a mental age of four. who is looked after by her doting sister. Martha lec Brtiynl. llow eyer. when Martha dies. her

w ill states that for either of Pauline's snob- by sisters. ('ecile and Paulette. to get any money. one of them must look after Pauline. The strength of Debrauw er's film lies in its simplicity. as he puts character before plot. and ensures that the emotion of