content demandx releaxe either through xhop-lil'ting or xex. .-\l'ter obxcrying Shimi/u in the act (it the former. unemployed xuit Yakuxho getx to help Shimi/u reduce her water content by helping out in the latter department. Imamura. though. ixn't xo much making xome obxcure xexual point about a woman'x needx. but in the broader coxmic alliltationx with water he playx tip itx elemental power to renew lil'e. I‘ilmhouxe. lidinburgh.

The Warrior ( 12) («xii Kapadia. I'K/lndia. 2001 l 86 ininx. I’arable about a warrior"x epic journey (ii erI. dixco\ery. being preview ed ax part of the xey en month long Imagine '\xia xeaxon. (il’I‘. (ilaxgow. We Were Soldiers ( 15'...

(Randall Wallace. IS. 2002) Mel (iibxon. Madeline Stowe. Sam Iilliot. l-lll minx. We Were Sit/(lien recreatex the lirxl major battle (it .-\merica‘x Vietnam war w hen a battalion of the IS Seyenth ('ayalry I)i\ ixion \Hlx

dropped by helicopter in the la I)rang \aIIey.

only to be xurrounded by 2000 .\'oth Vietnamcxe xoldierx. 'I‘here'x no criticixin here of why America choxe to light in another country 'x nationalixt ciy il war. with \\ rilcr—dircctor Wallace (Brat e/u'url. I’t'url Ilur/mri concentrating on the heroixm ol' the combatantx. The horrorx of war may be gorin emphaxixed in the (“er-extended battle xequenccx. but Ili' IIi'n’ Suli/ic'rx reprexentx a troubling reactionary ripoxte to the likex ol' I’lulnon and sl/uu‘aly/m' .Vmi. SCIL‘L‘ICtI t‘CIL‘HW.

Weird Science ( ISI (t‘K. 3mm Short lilm progrannne programmed by l.ondon'x Ilalloween xociety and themed around the biological and the chemical. ('('.'\. (iIaxgow. The Witness (A Tanu) (tbci (I’ctcr Bacxo. Ilungary. letlli lIZ minx. Banned in itx natiye land for ten yearx. thix political xatirc ix xct during the height of Hungary 'x Stalinixt era. (iilmorehill(i13. (ilaxgow. The Wrestlers (Ibcl (Buddhadcb I)axgupta. India. Ztltltli U7 minx. New Indian drama being prey iew ed ax part ol' the

xcycti month long linaginc.»\.xia xeaxon about two sporting palx in rural Bengal

w ho.xe l'riendxhip ix put to the text through a Variety of domextic and .xocial pt'cxxtlt‘Cx. l‘ilmhouse. Iidinburgh.

You Can Count On Me ( 1m 0000 (Kenneth l onergan. I'S. Bill)! I Laura l.inney. Mark Rul‘l'alo. Matthew Broderick. l I I minx. Single mother Sammy (I.inneyi enjoy x an orderly exixtence in upxtate-New York town. Scottxy iIIe. She workx at the local batik. deyotedly brings tip her kid Rudy (Rory ('ulkinl. and attends the local church. Iloweyer. the arrival of her brother and fellow orphan 'l‘erry (Mark Rull'alo) turnx her cosy world upxide down. Written and directed by New York playwright I.onergan. You (an (‘mmr on Me ix a touchineg perceptiye portrayal oI a xibling relationxhip. Accompanied by an elegant chamber muxic xcore. and filmed with quiet. naturalistic axxurance. Lonergan'x debut ix notable for the depth of the w ritiiig and imprexxiyely modulated perl‘ormancex. (‘ameo. Iidinburgh.

0 v Tu Mama También (And Your Mother Too) ( IS) 0... (Alfonso ('uaron. Mexico. 2002) (iael (iarcia BernaI. Diego Luna. Maribel \erdti. 105 ininx. In thix upbeat. raunchy road moyie Julio (Bernall and childhood friend 'I‘enoch (Luna) com ince gorgeoux older Spanixh woman I.uixa (\‘erdtii to join them on the road to an unspoilt beach known ax ‘Ileayen'x Mouth‘. The horny boyx' plan ix to get itito l.uixa'.x pantx. which. ax it turnx out. xhe ix quite happy with. ()l' cotirxe.

when l.uixa luckx lirxl Diego and then Julio.

the emotionally immature boyx fall out. and it'x left to their more experienced partner to teach them xmnething about line. The caxt giye ('uaron llaw lexx performancex. w hilc the director and Itix co-w riter brother ('arlox enxure the drama ix at once tender and boix- teroux. l'eelgood and full oI' pathos. and wholly free of cliche. Sec feature and

re\ iew. (ieneral releaxe.

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