The dates listed below are for one-off or ticketed shows; see below section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Henry Northmore and Kenny Mathieson.


I Sexteto Serpiente The Beat Ia/I Basement. I ('hamhers Street. 07SI I 375374. Spin. £2 £3 (free hefore I0pmt. Iixpect three sets starting at I0.30pm (approx i. Latin ia/l and loud hrass comhine for a night ol'jumping tunes.

I RBLS Big Band Henry's Jan (’cIIar. S Morrison Street. 467 .5200. 8.30pm. £5. Started in .Ianuar) I000 this fifteen piece swing hand are sponsored h} The Roxal British Legion.


I Colin McPherson Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 22I 0324. noon. I-‘ree. Ja/x. classical and eats} listening from this pianist.

I Tam White’s Shoestring 'l‘run 'I‘heati‘c. 63 'I'i'ongatc. 552 4267. 7.30pm. £ It) ( £.\’i. l'p heat thes and the gravel} \oiccd meals from White and his hand. I Fionna Duncan Trio Ramsliorn 'I‘heati'c. 0S Ingram Street. 552 3480. I0.30pm. £4 (£3 t. Renowned \‘ocalist Duncan presents a \aried repertoire of tan with special guests Iiddic 'l'oal and Kenn} I’atcrson as well as an open mic session at the opening night of this new ja// \enturc.


I The Goat Stew World Jazz Party IIenr) 's Jan (’ellar. S Morrison Street, 467 5200. midnight. £5. \Vorld roots. afro heat and Latin flavoured tall from 'I'oh} Sltlltttc‘}"s new six-piece hand.

I Live Sciences The Beat Jan Basement. I ('hamhers Street. 078] I 375374. Spm. £3 £4 (free heforc l0pm). Hip hop with a jazz influence from this 1-K act.

I Petter Wettre Sextet Ilenr) ‘s .la/x ('ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £7. See prex icw.


I Graeme Wilson Quartet Brcl. 30 43 .'\sltl()tt Lane. 342 4066. 3pm. I-‘rec. 'l‘his foursome. fronted h) talented )oung sax pIa_\ er Wilson. play hop-ish material with ethnic influences.

REBECCA HOLLWEG Reheeca Hollweg is by no means a full on 3a// singer. but her approach to the singer songx-Jriter's art reveals definite ia// irit'lections ‘.'/llllllt the mix. as does the lineup of musicians on her new Eill)tIIlI. June Bah/es. Both her parents ‘.'/ere VlfStlEtl artists. but she turned to music instead. and appears at lhe lion in the wake of the launch of her dehut alhuni. She cites Joni Mitchell and Ben Folds Five among her influences. and has featured in pop. folk and ;;i// settings (including gigs at Ronnie Scott's and the (306 Club in l ondoni. (Kenny Ivlathiesoni

I [lel/‘L’CCU l lol/weg plays at The Victorian Hal. lion ’lliealre. Glasgow. on Hill 15-} Apr.


I Soundbone & The Funk-Out- Fit Henry's Jan ('elIar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. midnight. £5. New hand from tromhonist ('hris (ireixe with drummer I’aul .\IiIIs that specialise in soul. funk and ja/l unsurprisineg.

I Petter Wettre Sextet Henr) ‘s JaI/ ('eIlar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £7. See I-‘ri I2.


I Dick Lee And Friends (‘oiiier 'I'heatre. 03 05 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. ts’pm. £7 (£5i. 'I‘ickets from Virgin .\Iegastore. (II—ll 332 4400. The Illllt hirthdax' celebrations continue with an eclectic mix of hands featuring clarinettist and saxophonist Dick Lee in a \‘ariet_\ of settings with pianist Brian Kelloch and his regular hands. Bag 0' ('ats and Swing 2002.


I Guitarzan The Beat Jazz Basement. I (‘hamhers Street. 07SI I 375374. 8pm. £2 (free hefore I lpmi. Iixpect three sets starting at l().30pm (approx). I)a\e (‘onwax ‘s new ja/z guitar group also featuring .\IaIcoin .\IacI5arIane and Nigel ('Iarls.

I Gerry Richardson Trio lIem'} \ .Ial/ ('eIIar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Hard hop. funk. samha and acid jazz from Hammond organist Richardson. a hig hit on his last trip north of the horder.

I Jazz At The Trafalgar Suite Waterloo Buffet. 3 Waterloo Place. 556 7507. 8.30pm. £3. Mainstream.

Barb Jungr play the Tron Theatre, Glasgow Fri 19 Apr

pl'ogt'essiVe and experimental jail. from the resident trio Ian .\IiIIar. [)ominic Spencer and Des 'I‘rax‘is plus guest appearances.

St Andrews

I Gerry Richardson Trio Byre 'I‘heatre. .-\hhey Street. 01334 475000. lpm. £3. See Sun l4.


I New Orleans Joymakers Harhour Arts ('entre. I I4 I I6 Harhour Street. 01204 274050. 2pm. l'p-tempo. New ()rIeans-stx'le ja/l from this popular Scottish jau hand.


I CDMK Quartet The Beat Jan Basement. I (‘hamhers Street. 078] I 375374. 8pm. £2 (free before I Ipm). Iixpect three sets starting at I0.30pin (approx). A night of ja/l standards and hop.

St Andrews

I Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer The Scores Hotel. 76 The Scores. 8.30pm. £3. (‘ontemporar_\ saxophone and piano duo.

Tuesday 1 6


I Lazybones The Beat Ja/I Basement. I (’hamhers Street. 07Sl I 375374. 8pm. £2 (free before I Ipmi. Iixpect three sets starting at 10.30pm (approx). Jaz/ standards and swing vocals from Rowena.

Wednesday 1 7


I Kevin MacKenzie’s Vital Signs - Harmony Diversity (CA. 350 Sattchiehall Street. 352 4000. Spm. £8 (£6). (('(':\ 5t. (ittitat'ist Kevin .\IacKen/ie's new nine-piece hand Vital Signs which has its roots in the (‘reatixe Scotland Award which he won last xear. present a new piece llurmmn: Divers/Ir.


I Hamish McGregor The Beat Ja// Basement. I (‘hamhers Street. 078] I 375374. Spin. £2 £3 (free hefore I0pmt. Iixpect three sets starting at l0.30pm (approx I. Jump. in c and swing as .\Ic(iregor drops in at Big Swing I’ace.

I Open Mic IIem') 's Ja/l ('eIIar. .S' \Ittt‘t'isolt Street. 467 5200. 3.30m”. £3. :\ chance for aspiring musicians and singers to perform with a professional rh} thin section.

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Kevin MacKenzie’s Vital Signs The guitarist was one of last year‘s Creative Scotland Award winners. and this project has grown out of that award. Har/pony-Diversity merges his eclectic passion for jazz. folk and contemporary groove music. and brings together a nine-piece band with players from a wide range of ditterent backgrounds. in what should he a fascinating exploration. CCA, Glasgow. Wed I 7 Apr.

Dick Lee and Friends Another Creative Scotland Award winner in action. Clarinettist. saxophonist and composer Dick Lee picked up one of this year‘s awards. and celebrates with a concert which will include sets from two of his regular bands. the folk-influenced Bag 0' Cats and the Hot Club style of Swing 2002. as well as special guest Brian Kellock on piano. Cotti'er Theatre. Glasgow. Sun I 4 Apr.

Gerry Richardson Trio The Hammond organ has lost two of its great exponents in recent weeks with the passing of Shirley Scott and Big John Patton. but the instruments funky. hard-hitting tradition carries on in the hands of men like Gerry Richardson. accompanied here by saxophonist Garry Linsley and drummer Paul Smith. Byre Theatre. St Andrews and Henry 's Jazx Cellar. Edinburgh. Sun 14 Apr.

Thursday 18


I Beat Root Orchestra The Beat Jan Basement. l (‘hamhers Street. 078! I 375374. 8pm. £2 £3 (free hefore I0pm). tixpect three sets starting at 10.30pm (approx I. World jaH with an African. salsa. Latin and sta \‘ihe. featuring the talents of Lino Rocha.

I Chris Clarke Quartet Henr} ‘s Ja/l ('elIar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. Summit. £5. (Iuitarist ('larke (hrotlier of .\'igeli makes his chr) ‘s dehut with a hand which features trumpeter Rohert Henderson. pianist I’aiil Harrison and Ronnie Rae on hass.


I Gala Concert Roxal (‘oncert Hall. 2 SaucliiehaII Street. 353 S000. 7.30pm. £I5 £25 (£l0i. .\ selection of music. special guests and surprises in aid of ('hildren's ('Iassic Concerts. starring ('arol Kidd.

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