Thursday 18


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Rina] (‘oncert Hall. 2 Satichieliall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £10.51) £25. See Wed 17.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra BBC Studio 1. Broadcaxling House. Queen Margaret [)ri\e. 338 8844. lhm. l'ree. .v\le\ander litm conducts the orchestra iii Saint-Saenx' I’iuno ('uin‘i'rln no 2 and Riiiixk} -1\'or\ako\ \ .S'lii'ln'rusmli'. 1‘rec tickets axailahle h) sending an S.v\1i to the SS() ('oncertx Secretar} at the ahme iltltll'L‘SS.


I Scottish Opera - Monster l'hexllhil 'l‘lieatre. 15 2‘) Ntcitlvtll Street. 52900011715pltt. £050 £50 1 £750 £471. ('ontemporar) colttpoxet‘ Sall} Beamixh and uriter .lanice (ialloua) e\plore the earl} lil'e o1l-‘runAnn/vin author. Mar} Shelle}.

St Andrews

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Younger Hall. North Street. 01334 475000. 7.45pm. £(i [lo @3501. Joseph S\\L‘ll\L‘ll conducts the S('() in \xorkx limit the Scandinai ian Romantic era \iliich llottt‘ixhed in the late 19th centtir}. (iuext soloist l’ekka Ktlll\l\ltt ioinx them l'or .\'ie|\en\ tin/m ("outer/o. in a programme \\lllL‘ll al\o leaturex Siheliiix' 'I‘liv Suit/i u] limin'lu. S\ciid\en\ Sir villi/i I'm/Lulu: no 2 attd \ielxeti\ Sini/r/in/ii nu /.


I Aquarelle Classical Guitar Quartet 'l‘olhooth 'l’heatre. Jail \V} nd. 01780274000.",30pm.£(ri£41.'1'1ie}oting ensemble. comprixing l’oriner \llltlt‘llh ol the Rt)_\;ll Northern (‘ollege ()1 Music. perl’oi'm a di\er\e selection ol’ \iorlu.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra ('it} llall.('andleriggx. 3538000. ".3ilpm. £(i £18 i£2.50i. See 'l'hii I8.

I Gala Concert Roial (‘onecii Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. ".30pm.

Scottish Opera perfom Monster at the Festival Theatre, Thu 18 Apr

£15 £25 t£10i (‘arol Kidd headlines [lllx e\eniiig ol' music. \pecial gllt‘\1\ and surprises in aid ol‘ (’hildren'x (‘laxxic (.UIIL‘L'I‘IS.

I Reel and Surreal Ratlixltitt'li 'liheatre. 98 Ingram Street. ’l'tclcetx lrom 548 3444. 5.30pm. 7.30pm & 0.30pm. £7

i£3 £5 1. Man ‘1'a\ ener condtich Strathchde 1'ni\er\it) \ ('horiix. Sinlonia and theatre (iroup in William \Valton'x lunar/r. ('hrixtine .\1c( ‘omhe'x .‘lll§’('/\ u/ .llounluin (Hill Slum ia \ctting o1 ( ieorge .\lac1\a} Hro\\n\ poem. lo 'I’ln' ‘li'lu'Iu/i Rel/recur and a smattering ol Beatles. ballads aitd Setth \iingx.

I Woodwind Department Concert RS:\.\11). 1110 Rt‘lllil'k‘“ Sll't‘t‘l. .552 5115—. 1pm. £5 i£3i. 'l‘he RS.v\.\ll) \Voodii ind Department pla} \xork h} Strath and .\Io/art.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra l'xher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £8.50 £22. See Wed 1".

Saturday 20


I Renfield Recitals Renlield St Stephen\ ('hurch ('entre. 200 Bath Sll'ct‘l. 5.32 2320. lpltl. l'lL‘C. See Sat 1.3.


I Scottish Opera - Der Rosenkavalier l'cxtiuil ’l‘lieaire.

15 2‘) \lctrlxttn Street. 52‘) (r1101). ()_3()pin. £10.45 £55 (£7.45 £521. See line to.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra (‘)l|L'k‘ll.\ llttll. ('1L‘l'l\ SII’L‘L‘I. 008 2111‘). 7.45pm. £0 £20 1 £2501. See Thu 18. I The Kevock Choir t‘xlier llall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £8.50 £12.50 1 £1) £10). (illL‘Sl soprano Katherine \Vilex joins the choir l’oi‘ their annual concert ol' Scottish \ongx. religious \\Ul'l\\ lrom Bach to '1'a\ erner and times lrom the likexol(icl'\|1\\in.

Glasgow I Showpieces t'ai't- (‘tmaeliok Russian (‘ultural ('entre. Ill King Street.

55.311155. 8.30pm. l'il'L‘L'.\IlUlllll\11.L‘\ Allah and friends perform a selection ot' 1a\oiirite tunes. including hit\ from popular ll]ll\lL‘£ll\.


I Spring Organ Recital Si Mar} \ lipisci’pal ('athedral. 23 Palmerston Place. 225 (i203. 4.30pm. 1‘ree. See Stiii l4.


I Fires of Love Dunhlane (’athedral. (‘athedral Square. 01786 461081. 7.30pm. £7 l£2 £5.51)l..-\ \L‘lL‘L‘llUlt till 1011] and 17t11L‘L‘lllllt‘} music perl‘ormed h) Scotland\ liarl} .\1ll\1L' quartet.

St Andrews

I Donna Crawford 1%}rc'1‘heatre. Ahhe) Street. 01334 475000. 8pm. £8 (£0). Donna ('rau l'ord l\ joined h) Buth Mitchell and (‘arol Sinclair l'or an e\ening of song and dance from the West lind and Broadna).


I Paragon Ensemble the Hub. ('astlehill. Ru} a1 .\1i|e. 473 2000. 7.30pm. £0 £10. The eontctttpot‘at‘) lllllSlCL‘llSL‘lllhlL‘[71.L‘\L'111 "llie .1a// (iig'. an informal night ot‘ standards and ne“ ia//_\ \xorks. including the [K premiere 01 Michael 1)atigliert'\‘\ ll'liiil’i 'I‘lnil .S/u'llj’. See pre\ ie“.

Tuesday 23 .


I Paragon Ensemble ’l‘lie .v\i'che\. 253 x\rg_\ le Street. 0001 022 0300. 8pm. £0.51) £111.8L‘L‘ 5101122.


I The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra t'xhei- tlall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm.

£1 1 £15l£‘) £131.'I’heorchextra make their l'K debut. lilling the l‘xher 11a11 \\ ill] the \igltl\ and \iittttd\ til Ultl lltingar}. l'rom Viennese \ialt/ex to |i\e|} g}p\} tunes.

Wednesday 24


I Scottish Opera - Madama Butterfly 'lilieatre Ro)al. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. 7.15pm. £5.50 £50. SL‘L‘ Sat 1.3.

I Impressions of Scotland Baron) 11a|1.(‘a\tle Street. 548 34-44. 8pm. £7 i£3 £51.:\lan'1'a\ener conducts Strathchde l‘ni\er\it.\

S} mphon} ()rchextra iii a tartan-tinged programme l'eatiiring Hriich‘x Smith/i l'illlltl\_\‘. .\1eiide1\\oliii\ Sim/thorn no 5’ ‘Si-nii'lr' and the \iorld premiere ol .lohii .\1a\\\ e11 (ieddex' SII'uI/ii'li'di' [hi/um.


I The Edinburgh Telephone Choir (ieorge Square '1'heatre. l'ni\er\it_\ ()t' lidinhurgh. (ieorge Square. llL‘lKL‘lS on door or 1mm .35 2758. 7.30pm. £5. The choir’\ 55th annual concert. featuring e\er) thing l'rom Nolan and Strauxx to Richard RULlfJL‘l'S.

Thursday 25


I Tatyana Lazareva \1L‘t‘L‘ltttlilx llllUSL‘. 7 \Vt‘xl (iL‘til'g'L‘ Sll‘t‘t‘l. 5.5—1 U757. 12.45pm. £4.50 t£1.50 £41. 1’1;llll\l 1,a/are\a. daughter ol~ RS.\'() l’rincipal (‘onductor .'\1e\ander 1.a/are\. perl‘ormx ('hopin'x Sonata no 3 and \\t)l'l\\ h_\ Rachmaninm.

I Cosi fan tutte 'l'lieaire 1{it};tl. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. 7.15pm.

£5.51) £51). ~SL‘U111\11()PC1'£|.\ pt'eu‘m .\lo/art\ dark comic opera. in \\ liich tuo men text the lidelit} of their lo\ ers. \\ ith iine\pectcd results.

classical & opera listings Music

7 ~

.1 l t _ i- . if

Deutches Symphonie- Orchester Berlin The RCl-l International Series continues to bring interesting music to our shores. this time courtesy of long- haired maestro Kent Nagano (picturedi and his hand of higth accomplished musicians. Glasgow Hom/ Concert //a//. Sat 13 Apr. Royal Scottish National Orchestra Principal Conductor Alexander La/arev keeps it in the family by introducing talented daughter latyana La/areva to a waiting world. Recently graduated from the Moscow Conser\.«'atory with flying colours. the young pianist shows off her skills with l'>rol<olie\./'s Piano Concerto No 2. Car/d Ha/I. [)undee 1"/(}(/ 77/1pr; (.3/asgoix‘x Roya/ Concert Ha/l. 7/ii/ ISA/)1? Usher / la//. [dinning/r Fr/ 19AM.

7:? Paragon Ensemble the contemporary music group get that ia// who. as they serve up a platter of standards and new tunes courtesy of Mare/\nthony lurnage and Michael Daugherty. See prevrew. fire Hub. Edinburgh. Mon 22 Apr: The Arches. G/asgow. Tue 23 Apr.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra BBC Studio I. Broadcasting House. Queen Margaret l)ri\ e. 338 8844. 7.30pm. l‘ree. ('ondtictor .ler/_\ .\la1\\_\miul\ and the orchestra are joined h} llaiitixt Iimil) Be) non l'orJohn 'lihottison'x Illll‘rtrllli‘ltrtll rim/:l/lr'gn'lln. Sihclitix‘ Slur/125ml: and .Si'ni/rliolii no (r are alxo on the programme. 1-ree tickets a\ai|ah|e h} sending an S.‘\l-'. to the SS() ('oncct‘tx SL‘c‘t‘L‘lat'} at [he altin e tttltlt‘c\\. I Glasgow Phoenix Choir Ro}al (‘oncei't Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. ".30pm. £8 £12. .»\n e\ening ol~ Scot'x \ongx. classics and popular (ict‘xlt\\ ttt \lillltlill'tlS a\ llti\ I'L‘ltim ned choir are joined h} (i1a\go\\ Youth (’hoir and B;ic1\()l”1'he Moon.

I Trevor Pinnock Ro} a1 ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 3538000. 7.5”1‘111. £121£llll.'1illc ‘.\1tl\1L‘t‘ Rt'k'llillS‘ series continues “111] a pei‘l‘ormance lrom harpsichordixt l’iiinock. pla} ing \iialdi'x ('uni'i'rln in I). Bach's I’urlilu nu 5 and “01'le h} 1"ixcher.'1'oriillikeiiiitsii and Rameati.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. (‘lerlx Street. («)8 201‘). ".45pm. £0 £20 i £2.50i. .\1e//o soprano Randi Stene jitith c‘ittitltlclitt' .10wplt S\\en\en and the orchestra l‘or Wagner’s lli'u'm/oni'lx Lin/('1‘. in a prograttime \\111Cllill\ll l'eaturex \\til'1\\ h} Bruckner and Schumann.

I The Edinburgh Telephone Choir (ieorge Square 'l‘heatre. l'nnerxit} ()l' lidinhurgh. (icot'gc Square. 7.30pm. £5. See Wed 24.

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