Traxx, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 12 Apr; Scratch, La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Apr

There are few names in the history of hip hop that can measure up to Grandmaster Flash. Kool Herc started using breaks and DJ Pete Jones might have started mixing tracks together, but it was Flash who, in the mid-70$, combined the skills of both on his homebuilt soundsystem and created the quick mix, inventing the basic tools of today’s turntable wizardry.

‘l was first,’ says Flash. ‘I don’t care who's better, who’s worse. My contribution is first. Because first is forever.’

Respect, as they say, is long overdue, and a rare appearance in Scotland will no doubt see Flash hailed as a living legend. The acknowledgement spans generations: a fair portion of the enthusiastic audience who will be packed into the Arches on Friday night won’t even have been born when Flash released his ‘Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel’ masterpiece.

In this earth-shattering, seven minute recording he took chunks of a dozen or so existing tunes and spliced them together live, using, as he recalls, ‘three turntables, two mixers and between 10 and 15 takes

to get it right’.

Dance music advances slowly and subtly. DJs on a scene pick out certain records and, by highlighting a particular style, spur producers to turn it into a genre. Flash’s innovations weren’t like that. His revolution wasn’t organic or accidental, it was all about vision and hard work. ‘I spent two years locked away in my room, treating it like my laboratory,’ he says. ‘I came up with theories: the Clock and the Quick Mix Theory

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Beat Jazz Basement, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Apr

\."./lil‘i song—splicing bootlegs and wildly eclectic ’7ltll) nights generating a fair bit of excitement |.'l the trendier sections of the press. Soleiiiusic's decision to sign New: Yo"k act Open Door is looking increasingly like good business. While il‘.(1'l‘£l}(}l'll".' of the abel's acts stick resigiously to the house blueprint. their (l<;(;tll 11075133; Ben/rid Door Number :: 7 fuses <lo.'.rnteii‘pc- Ja/x. soul and drum 2’. bass '.‘.'!l:'l a were upbeat house sound to a remarkably cohesive and decidedly inello'x.’ effect.

inert/s e‘.'ei: a Pink I'ond cover on there. in the lust: 'tfireatne'. a track that‘s been rr;pr,-at<,-dl, spun by late night eciecticist and professional short stuff Gilles I')r,-fei'son. ‘It '.'.'as jtlSl us messing about] says vocalist producer Vick. Hell. "y‘y’r: were listening to Dark Eiirr'e Or" [De Moor: and thinking about :rnat a great record it .‘ras and we started playing around With it. We certainly didn‘t sit do.‘.rn and think: “I l""l‘i, let's (Ir; a Pink t leyd cover.“

(Jpn-ix “01% formed in 199/, ‘.'.’ll(;ll

80 THE LIST " Eff-.11

Adventuring on the Wheels of Steel

which led to me developing the scratch, but I really

didn’t think anyone was going to get it.’

Flash will be celebrating how it was done back then, introducing us to the different aspects of the legendary Block Parties from the extended freestyle mixes to the

tracks he used to play in their entirety. ‘I had thought

Bell met classically trained IElX/ man Peter Adams. They're Joined on tour by percussionist Ray Grapppone, with Bell and Adams sir/zipping vocal duties as well as teasing sounds from a variety of retro keyboards. synths and guitars as well as a theremin. It should be a more tip-tempo selection than the album, With a few new songs thrown in. And if you thought the prog rock connection ended Wllll Pink l-loyd, steel yourselves because the next record might actually

people weren’t interested in listening to how parties sounded back then. In America no one is interested in old skool period! People just wanna hear the new stuff. But when I did a party at London’s Electrowerkz in March I came out to play a set of old skool music, music that I hadn’t played for 23 years. The crowd made me believe that night. They made history happen. Now I’m convinced.’ (Gillian McCormack)

Vicki Bell and Peter Adams

be a concept album.

‘We've started writing songs for the next album and while it's still really groovy. jazzy stuff there is a little bit of a rock edge to it.’ says Bell. ‘And Peter probably wouldn't want me saying this in fact I haven't told SteVie [Middleton boss of Solemusic] about it yet but there is a story with it. an urban love story. and in my mind that's what the album is going to be.‘ tJames Smart)


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CALLING ALL CLUB promoters! If you run a club night and want to be involved in the exclusive A- List Card that is featured in every issue of The List magazine, then now’s the time to get in touch. For more information on how to participate, send your details in an email to promotions@list.co.uk. METALHEADZ WILL ONCE again be CIIJOYIflg a Scottish presence with a series of dates scheduled over the coming months. promoting the forthcoming compilation album M0202. The first of these is the ‘Bank Holiday Super Sunday Special". due to take place at the Liquid Room, Edinburgh on :3 May. The event features Doc Scott and MC Rage plus Support from Manga reSidents DJ Kid and G-Mac. Label boss Goldie WI” then be appearing later in the week. performing excluswe DJ sets at Glasgow School of Art on Wednesday 8 May and The Reading Rooms. Dundee on Thursday 9 May. Tickets for each of the three events are 910 in advance plus booking fee and £12 on the deer.

AN UNPRECEDENTED BURST of sunshine will no doubt have turned thoughts to this year’s T in the Park (Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July), where ironically, it always rains. Anyway, acts so far confirmed to play the Slam Tent include: Groove Armada, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Layo & Bushwacka and dear old Arthur Baker. EDINBURGl-I'S LIQUID ROOM has Just confirmed the lau'ich of a new weekly Tuesday night called Wax Factor. The night. due to launch on 213 ADM. will feature mo" hip hop. breaks and funked-up house from a resident DJ display team comprising the Sgualo' Show. Smokey 8. lhe Bandit. Gav Anderson and Stmen Waniess. Future guests to the night in(:iude l-C Kahuna. booked to appear on /' May.