Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Glasgow club listings compiled by Johnny Regan.

Glasgow Thursdays


I Brel at Brel. 9pm tnidnigltt. Free. l8 Apr. Fortttightly. l)J Fran/ \'on Funkt has decided to share some tunes witlt y’all. lle's gontta be roc'lsllF Bar Brel w itlt soulful tunes of the northern. Motowtt atid Latin variety.

I Hot Latino Nights at Moda. 8pm lam. Free. Weekly. .-\ fusion of Latin atid (‘uban sottttds courtesy of l)Js Sala/ar and Andreas.

I Jengaheads at (‘ul de Sac.

L)pttt tnidnight. Free. Weekly. You can‘t keep a good thing down. The Jengaheads are one of the hardest working outlits itt town. and tlteir pre— club sets are consistently great. Drop by the lane tonight.

I The Lansdowne Sessions at the Lansdowne bar. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Jonnie Fiye atid Brendan llessle (.luice) get the fttitk flow in’ w itlt retro clectro pop and breakers classics in this classic \Vest lind bar.

I Mark ill xlttlttt‘t) (\Vc‘sl lilltl l. ()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. 1).] Mark Robb trattsforttts this e\—pakora bar into a time tnachine for the night. rey isiting the funkiest years hutitanity has yet experienced. lixpect widespread merry - tnakittg.

I Nico’s at .\'ico's. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. (iel llllo .\'ico's for it cheesy pep talk before heading ottt to disgrace yourself in a Sauchichall Street club or kebab emporium. (‘lassyf

I Phatboy’s Kitchen at Mc('huill's Way Out West.

8pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Hip hop. breaks and beats courtesy of the Wa\ Monkey.

I Phonic at Moskito. 0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Quality deep house w itlt Phonic I)Js Stey en Reilly and (iordon Logan.

I Salsa for Beginners al ('ttha .\'orte. 7pm midnight. £4 (£3 ). Weekly. The rhytlnn is inside tts all so get up and acknowledge the power of salsa. (‘Iasses start at 8pm. bttt fill up oti tapas until your time comes.

I Sample & l-lold at Bar Soba.

Spin midnight. Free. Weekly. l.i\e hip hop. complete with guest \ocalists. scratchy business attd percussion.

I Spy at Spy. t)ptn midnight. Free. Weekly. Simon (’ot'diner (Tra\\) does his thatig and deliyers some quality llollsc and funky grooy es,

I Kev Dillon at Bar ll). 7pm late. Free. Weekly. ll ragga. 2 step and hip hop is your bag then lill il tip with Key Dillon attd his Thu nights in the beatttifttl bar tip the latte.

I Virunga at Brel. ()pm midnight. Free. l8 Apr. Fortnightly. l)J Tchico scryes tip the best in ghetto gl‘ooy es and ('aribbean beats.


I Audio Intercourse at Alaska. Monthly. Next date 2 May.

I Bennet’s at Bennct‘s. l lptti 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Shawn loy ingly lays down the crowd pleasers itt this eyer— popular Thu night mash tip. Annie also proy ides high-octane tuttage. (lay. mixed. straight who cares'.’ just haye a bloody good little. people?

Soulsa’s vinyl villains Sh

I Chalk ’n’ Cheese at the Tunnel.

l lptn 3am. £4 (£3). frc with a Snapfax before midnight. Weekly. Tunnel regulars ls'ey lll McFat'lane and Scott Mackay. plus Stephen Ice in room two. spin ttpfrottt house and classic dance tracks.

I Columbian at the .'\sy lum Back Room. 8pm latn. Free to ('l'Sl' members. £l otherwise. Weekly. Pttt some breakin' funk it) your trunk. with tltis entertaining night of student madness.

I End Of The Month Club at 13th Note ('afe (King Street).

8.30pm midnight. £2. 25 Apr. Monthly. Quality night of eclecticism for the more discerning allernaliye music loyet'. lleld fttnnily enough on the last Thu of every month clc\ct‘.ch'.’

I Freak Moves at (ilasgow School of :\rt. l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. :\ rather prestigious one. this. as l)etna and .\ll' \lL‘L‘ ill‘L‘ joined ll} lllL‘ thl‘ltl l).\l(‘ champion. l)J ('ash Money (18 Apr). lf you‘ye heard the gtty scratch attd mm c through a track. then you‘ll understand why this night's such a big deal. As ever. the Freakmoy es people w ill be scratchin‘ it up big sty lee. Frug it tip attd cttt some rug with no need for drugs.

I Homework at Vault. l lpttt 3am. £5 (£4 l. Weekly. [an and Stey ie man the bo\. so all insecurities o\ er the tttttes are dispelled. This night aims for slttdenl happiness w itltottt compromising the quality leyels.

I Hype at (‘ube. 1 1.30pm 3am. £3 (£2 ). Weekly. .litn 1);) Best teams Up with the lly pe crew to pttl on a night of twisted. ultra—funky house. Plenty of cheap boo/e makes this a fun night ottt. I LiveVEvil at (’lth Budda.

lllpni 3am. £4. 25 .'\pr. Monthly. (ilasgow gets a lttuch-nccdcd shot of drum & bass it) the form of this night. This sttrelirc funky celebration features residents Pattl Reset. Adam (icco and Simon punishing your pulsating body (pleasttt'ably. mind) w ill) their brand of frttstt'aled funk.

I Off The Hook al the 13th .\'ote (‘lttb. llpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. (iel in on a piece of the ayant-aclion. as the Off the Hook crew twist hearts attd

ae D. Andy

er,~ weekly Saturdays

titittds in true 13th Note style. (‘onfuse your ears. baby!

I Polo For Me at the Polo Lounge. lllpnr lam. Free. Weekly. You. the lucky punter. take the helttt tonight. as request cards are available over tlte bar and in the booth. Notice for the unimaginatiye ones: ‘I Am What I Am' is prohibited by law and punishable by spanking.

I Seismic at l lpm- »3atn. £4 (£3). 25 Apr only. Brand new night showcasing quality underground. electronic dance music. Tlte Brave l)Js. Dan Monox. Spencer and M.Y.l..() play the records while (‘hin Scratcher contribtttes a live set. Please note that this show will be broadcast live on Radio Magnetic (

I Skint at the (‘athouse. l lptn 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Very tnuch a night to reflect what‘s going on itt (ilasgow at the tnotnent. Tough chetnical breaks attd beats. rock and indie fora crowd

much like the one outside the (iallery of

Modern Art.

I Specific at Alaska. 1 lpttt 73am. £3. 25 Apr. Monthly. (iuest DJs and live experimental electronic music at this magical titusical nteeting ground.

I Soul Shaker at Mas. l lpnt—-3attt. £4 (£2). Weekly. A mixed bag of electro. techno. house and funk courtesy of John Mitchell and Junkyard l)og (Shake the Disease). Not bad at all for at Thu.

I Trash at Trash. 10.30pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. More of a spectacle than a night ottt. with drunken studettts attd footballers from wall to wall. Insanely cheap drinks tnean a huge queue almost every ttight. Mind the bouncers. though.


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Temp rrcrrs

Nurture v Tokyo Bitches There‘s something in the air this month that just says: ‘Let us commune and savour industrial sex-silliness in the techno/electro style'. It‘s quite a rallying cry. and. as ever, Club 69 is ahead of the game, delivering the cutting edge with Dan Monox, Dr Crack Dempsey and Robbie Whiskas Dylan. Painfully entertaining. Club 69, Fri 72 Apr.

Traxx Part of the notoriously great Sugarhill Gang back in the day. leading his own furious five to a hip-hop apocalypse and now jetting in to Glasgow in 2002 to rock the hearts and minds of a whole new generation. Yes. it’s Grandmaster Flash. See preview. page 80. Arches, Fri 72 Apr.

:35? Club 69 The Club 69 crew have pulled off something a bit special bringing Bola to Glasgow once again. With his Skam label having spawned the likes of Autechre, Boards of Canada and Team Doyobi. this man knows his stuff. C/ub 69. Sat 73 Apr.

is My Machines The Suburban Knight is the twisted house don par excellence. and thus qualies as the perfect guest for one of the most accomplished yet freaky techno nights in town. G/asgow School of Art, Sat 73 Apr.

it?“ Glasnost/Radlo Magnetic Launch Party Radio Magnetic deserves respect for bringing together the cream of the Glasgow and Edinburgh house music fraternity. So give it up why don’t you. A/aska, Fr/ 79 Apr.

5" Mish Mash/Joseph Malik Album Launch Scottish homeboy Joseph Malik is proof that it's not where you‘re from, it's where you‘re at. Growing up in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, he ends up creating a sound that might just define summer with its originality and warmth. See preview. page 85. Arches, Sat 20 Apr.

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