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Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at Po Na Na. 1 lptn - 3am. £3. Weekly. D] 4th Varmint. keepittg it real with the old school to new school beats 'n' breaks formula.

I Lick Shot at the Venue (top floor). 1 lpm~3am. £5. 13 Apr. Monthly. A nascent night of hip hop. ragga attd R&B hosted by the resident b-boys ~ Proffesse. Ambassador. Nasty P attd Extra.

I Luscious at (‘lub Jay'a. ltlpm late. £7. 20 Apr. Fortnightly. l’unky t'S house night hosted by resident 1)] Stuart Perdie and his guests. Smokey & The Bandit. tf yott catclt a cab frottt the city centre straight to this simply stunning venue. you can reclaim your taxi fare (with receipt) frotn the Luscious door staff. Maxitnttttt claims are £8.

I Luvely at the Liquid Room. Monthly. Next date 4 May.

I The Mambo Club at the Matttbo Club. l()pnt—3am. £4 (£3 with tlyer) before midnight: £5 after. Weekly. Sir ()ssie takes his ragga. hip hop and reggae showcase on an African tip. tnixing it up with socca attd other indigenous llay‘as.

I Messenger Sound System at the Bongo (tub. I tpm—3am. £7. l3 Apr. Fortnightly. Bob Marley once said: ‘()ne good thing ‘bout music . . . when it hits. you feel no pain’. If Bob weren‘t feeling not very tnttch at all these days. he might rephrase this comment after sampling the bowel-shifting power of the Messenger Soundsystem as it blasts out the best it) righteous roots attd dttb reggae. No guests this fortnight bttt 't‘he Disciples are here on 27 Apr.

I Mingin at Studio 24 (upstairs). t().3()pm-3am. £6. 20 Apr. Fortnightly. Residents Brian I)empster attd Alan Joy partake of the usual Mingin' madness. playing filthy house and twisted trance fora frisky and predominantly gay crowd. Please note that tickets are now on sale for the ‘Mingin’ Ahoy" clttb cruise event on 18 May.

I Mischief at the Venue. Monthly. Next date 27 Apr with Jumping Jack Frost and Braintax.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

t lpm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. The astoundingly popular haunt for the alternateens is now a weekly affair. occupying the whole building with three rootns of up-to-date darkness on 13 Apr and hosting a rock and industrial night in the downstairs room on 20 Apr. I Opium at ()pium. ltlpm 3am. lirec. Weekly. Rock. nu metal and alternative/indie front rotational resident DJs.

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I Oxygen at ('lttb .laya. Monthly. Next date 37 Apr.

I Phosphoresence at the Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. Next date 4 May.

I Progression at the Liquid Room. l().3()pm 3am. £l2 in adyance. 2t) .v\pr. Monthly. (‘iuest 1)] Danny tlowellsjoins residents Alan t)obson. (iay‘ (irant and Derek Martin for a night of twisted. tribal hottse spread over two well- appoittted rooms.

I Radio at the (’laremont llotel.

8pm lam. £5. l3 Apr. Monthly. tune it) to t'ett'o rock it roll radio at this night of 4(ls. 50s and ()(ls sottttds. This month the action comes care of The Skip Rats and make sure to dress nice as the teddies and slick chicks make a considerable effort.

OScratch at La Belle .-\ttgelc.

llpttt ‘3am. £l2 (£l()). l3 Apr. Monthly. (iood christ altnighty. Not only is it the lifth birthday hash of this high calibre hip hop hootenanny featur- ing all the residents it) fine fettle bttt none other than (irandtnaster l-‘lash will be here to blow ottt the candles. Double cause for celebration. then. See prey iew and llitlist.

I Tease Age at the (‘itrus ('lub.

ltpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Now going ittto its tenth year. this indie stalwart featuring cy'et'ything from swinging (ills hits to baggy Manchester tunes continues to draw a packed attd sweaty crow d week itt. week ottt.

I Ultragroove at La Belle Angele. lt).3(lpm 3am. £l(l. 2() Apr. l-‘ot'tnightly. l)J (iregory. the smooth Parisian reshonsible for last year's ' tinfants du Bled’ release on :\ft'ictttti\ttl. swings by the t'ltragrotw'e lounge to indulge it) a little real deal house actiott.

I Vegas at tigo. Monthly. Next date -1 May.

QVegas: The Ocean Terminal

1 1 at the Ocean 'l‘erminal. l.cith.

ltlpttt 2am. £3() ittc. 3 course ttteal (£l() for dancing only). l3 .-\pr ottly. An evening of titre dining (care of classy eating establishment '/.inc). dancing. cocktails and casino capers all in a shop ping centre doott l.eitlt. See t-‘ottt' Play and llitlist.

I X-Live at the Bongo ('lub. Monthly. Next date 4 May.

Chart & Party

I Escape To Time at time.

llpttt 3am. £5 with flyet': £(i w ithottt. Weekly. .-\ y'crtically challenged tttatt plays commercial chart attd dattce. (her 2 ls only.

I Fiesta at lil Barrio. ‘lpnt 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. A modest ttti\ of Latin. Spanish attd l'K chart fare w ill) l)J llector and his Latin posse.


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90 THE LIST 11- 25; Apr 20’)?

I Fire Saturdays at Baby lon.

ttlpnt 3am. £tbc. Weekly. ltot chart actiott at this all-new yettue.

I Kick at l.oca. ltlpttt 3am. £2 before midnight; £4 after. Weekly. See t‘ri.

I Old School Disco at ('outtting tlottse. Sptn late. £|(l. 2t) .'\pr only. .\ back-to—school tltettte night itt aid of (’ancer Research t'ls'. ('lassic pop tunes from across the decades w ill be ptttttped ottt by l).ls attd liye cotttbo Karma lli. there‘s big. big pri/cs to be won it) the raffle and lidittbttt‘gh's all~girl netball team w ill be ltattditig ottt free home throughout the ex citing. (it) on. it‘s for a good cause. lndecd. your ow n if you're a lieayy sntoker.

I Saturday Sensation at tlte ('aycndish. ttlpm 3am. £(t (free membership attd discounted tickets ay'ailable). Weekly. 7(ls. Slls and ‘llls tunes for the sensible adults w lto refuse to hay e their cyettings spoilt by irritating tecttage beer monsters. ()y er 25s only. I Subway Lottery at the Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. l-ree before I lpttt'. £3 (£1 t after. Weekly. ('lttbbing's often like a lottery. ill that you‘re tlc\ er quite sure if you'll get a w inttcr or a shit night ottt. 'l‘his clttb features a lottery numbers game w itlt big. big pri/es tip for grabs. I The Subway at the Sttbway.

0pm 3am. l‘t'ee before I lptu: £3 ( £l l after. Weekly. See ’l'htt.

I Supernova at Reyoltttiott.

10.30pm 3am. £5 before lllltllllflllll £7 after. Weekly. .\ briglttly burning ttti\ of chart attd party fare explodes on the Saturday scene.

I Weekender at tlte .v\rk. lllpttt 3am. £(t ( £5 ). Weekly. Dance and party pap at this capacity nigltt.

Edinburgh Sundays


I Anthropology at Ham Hon.

‘lpnt lattt. liree. Weekly. .\ scientific study of human beings attd their way ot life plus a rela\ed selection front l)JRedo's ia// collection at this opulent ()rietttal style bat". Selected dt'ittlss promos.

I Beluga at Belttga. Spin lattt. l‘ree. Weekly. lilectro sottl attd ia/x frottt tlte past four decades w itlt Yogi ltaugltton and his cheery chums.

I Immersed In Music at him. ‘)pttt 3am. Weekly. l‘ront chilledout to whacked-out. Sky walker attd Solo span the musical spectrttttt at this all new Sunday social.

I I Love Music at ()pal l.ottttge. Midday 3am. l‘t'ee before ltlpm: £3 after. Weekly. (itlllll (itltllx (t'ltt'agrooye) hosts an all day session fcatttring guest [)_ls attd a plethora of musical styles ittclttding house. latin. ia/ly grooy es. disco attd Rth.

I Motherfunk Evening

Sessions at t’opRokit. ‘lptlt lattr t‘r‘ee. Weekly. Solid soul and frisky fttttk from (iino. l'ry er atid Spectrttttt (.‘ylothet'fttttk ).

I Open Decks Session at Meadows Bar. Spnt lattt. l‘ree. Weekly. .'\ltt;ltelll' l)_ls get a chance to do their worst on tltc decks.

I Smokey & The Bandit at ('ity (‘afe. ‘lpnt lattt. I‘ree. Weekly. l)irty house attd cheeky breaks and beats

w ill) Stttokey attd his trusty Battdit.

I Sunday Sessions at (‘ttha \ot'te. S’pttt lattt. l’rce. Weekly. ()ld encounters new. on a tax/ fttttk soul tip with Ben. (iay attd guests.

I 2 Urban at (‘l Bar. llpttt lattt. l’t'cc. Weekly. l).l l'tllltlltv drops the latest pressings attd iattts front tltc ltot and

iiggy world of R& B.

I UrbannHangSuite at Hahn‘s. llpttt 3am. l‘rce. Weekly. See 'llttt. Club

I Bass ‘d’ Funk at the \cttue (all three floors). lll.3(lpnt 3atn. l'rec.

Weekly. l)a funk bases are well and trttly coy cred at this new weekly shindig that‘s part discotltequc. part social clttb. Stttokey (K the Bandit play fttttk. bt'cakbcat attd house on the refurbished top floor. (ieorge 'l‘ lacks the tracks on tlte tttaitt floor attd lady ()llie spins old skool ltip hop in the (itltllk‘ll

I Blitz at Studio ll tdow nstait'st. Monthly. Ne\t date IS .\pt'.

I C.C. BIOOMS tll (i.( .. liltttutls lll,3(lpnt 3attt that front Sptttt. l’t‘cc. Weekly. the best tunes from across tltc genres to shake your booty to at this gay clttb.

I Celsius at tigo. Monthly. Ne\t date

5 May.

I Chocolate Sundae at the l’eppcrtttittt l.ottngc. ltlpnt 3atn, £3 before tttidntght: £~l alter. Weekly. (‘onttttet'cial ls’th attd ltip hop with l).l l’aul ‘l’o\y‘ l"o\. l)tcss stylish.

I Deebo at l’o Na Na. llpttt 3attt. l’t'ee. Weekly. l).l Wa//o scrycs up a selection (ll \t‘\y. disco lltltlse ttttd uplifting t'S garage classics.

I DKY at Stttdio 3-1 (upstairs).

llpttt 3attt. £3 before midnight: £4 after. Weekly. l)l\'\' strides cottlidcntly into its third year w lllt resident l).ls .lordi. (iat'etlt attd llaye play ittg rock. goth. tttctal. industrial attd pttttk. ‘l'hctnc nights attd free gifts combine to keep things interesting. week lll. week

I Kayos at ()pitntt. lllpttt 3attt. l't'cc. Weekly. Righteous rock night spanning early works to tttodcrn tttasterpieccs. I Mode Organic at the ('itt-us ('Iub. llpttt 3attt. £3. Weekly. .\ sugar sweet ttti\ of ska. soul. fttttk. tttod attd ft'eakbeat at this long running (ills \(lll'c‘e.

I Pimp at the Mambo (‘lttb.

llpttt 3ant. £3 (£1). Weekly. .\ iiggy ttigltl ol hip hop and ls’th. scryed tip a treat by Big lil and his bitches.

I The Ska Club at the Venue.

lllpttt 3attt. £5 (£71). 14 .\pr. Monthly. Rude boy s. skins. punks attd tttods let loose at this recently re lattttclted ska night. l".\pcct classic .latttaican roots through rocksteady to ( 'oy entry ska reyiyal.

I Soundbank ill the Wee ls’cd litll'. Monthly. \'e\t date IS .\pt'.

I Tackno at (‘lttb Mercado. Monthly. \e\t (littc‘ :3 .\[ll'.

I Taste at the liquid ls’ootit.

llpttt 3am. L'S' t £(i tttentberst. Weekly. the capital's tnfatttotts Sunday night session continues apacc. l'lsllel t\ l’ricc supply a pt'ogt'essiye ttti\ of house attd garage it) the tttaitt roont while \lat'tttt \‘alentine wow s the ttti\etl,'gay crowd with his fttttky t’S house gents through the back. lltts fortnight t l 1 \pt). .lon l’letlst‘d guests. Note that [lie tlttttl' charge is £ Ill on guest ntghts.

Chart & Party

I HRT at the (‘aycndtslr lllpnt ittlll. £3 (LC/fl t. Weekly. Maittstt'cattt chart attd party classics at a ttigltt wltosc acrottytnic tttontkct' stands fot ‘\lcohol ls’eplacentenl 'l'ltct’apy‘. Which would work If ‘alcoltol' started w llll an ‘h‘. I Sin at the .\l’l\. Itlptn iLttll. £3. (L'l ). Weekly. ('ltart attd patty tunes tt'ottt lll .ltiltll. [iltls lltltl/c' til sweet slittp prices. I Sundazed at Sttbway West l'.lltl. ‘lpttt 3attt. £3 (L'l l Weekly. ("heap drinks pt'otnos attd chart tunes proy tdc a debauched cltlll;t\ to the w cekend.

Edinburgh Mondays

Pro ooh

I Beluga .tt Beluga. Sptn lant. l‘tcc. Weekly. Soul ia// louttgtn‘ \\lllt l)ottt l'lanagatt t l5 \pt't. lollowetl by chilled ottt deep house and soulful garage w tth .\nthotty Small (.73 \pt I.

I Quality Control at \lcadow s Bar. llpttt lattt. lice. Weekly. ( llt ktltct' ltip