Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


" Ilowniont (iardcns. 3.“) 425 I. (II-II 33‘) 4224.

Victor Hugo I'ntil I’rt .il .\la). .\n e\liiI»ition of posters commenit>rating the biccntcnar) ol‘ the birth ol l’rench author Victor Hugo. Icaturtng c\tracts from his works and reproductions of his drawings.


l(»-«l \Voodlands Road. 552 IIIIZS. .\lon I't'i Illant 5pm; Sat Illatu l2.3llpm. Mixed Exhibition I‘ntil I‘ri I2 .'\pr. .\ selection ol paintings I») Scottish artists including John Bathgatc. .I.I). Henderson and .v\lastair Buchanan.

Water Sat I3 .'\pr Sat J .\Ia). .v\n eslul»ition ol work I») \arious artists including I.in l’attullo. .lames \Vatl. llamisli .'\lac1)onald. Ilclen 'I‘urncr and John Bathgatc. \E S’-


3S3 .v\rg) lc Slt'cet. (Mill (133 (Hon.

6 RAW: Real Art Weekend t’ntil Sal I3 .4\pr. .'\s part ol~ ( ilasgow .'\rt I'air. the .'\I‘L‘llc\ hosts nightl) cnlertairunent at the R.\\\’ clul» leaturing ) idco. lilm. the- atre. pcrl’orniaiu'e and music with DJ Sidewinder. I).l .\lil|ward and thc cal'e |»ar I).l\. [tltls \i.l\ llilllk‘llk'iltl alttl .\dtllcll\c IV. screenings l'rom ('inelecl and musi- cal thcalrc lrom (‘.\II. ()n the e\IiiI»ition side ol things. Sw itclispacc present cut- ting—edge audio and \isual work I») Scottish artists including new works I») lieaglcs is Ramsa). (‘laudinc IIart/cl and Hugh \Vatl. I.onio pln»to;_'r;u»licrs rscc separate entr) l and Scale I’roicct is a ltll\ ol pcrl'ormancc. \idco and installation dc\iscd lor the cit) ol (ilasgow. Sec llnlist.

Lomo Scotland 'I llll I l .r\pr Sun 12 \ltt). .\s part til l{.\\\'1 Real .\l'I \Vcckcnd. the results ol a )car long lomograph) protect in which \l\ loinogr;u»|iers documented (ilasgow on a dail) basis through the lens ol a Iomo camera. ’4‘



l‘) l’arnic Strcct. 552 ""‘l. \lon Sat

noon 5pm.

Director’s Choice I'nlil Mon 2‘) .\pr. Sculpture I») loin .\Ilau. ceramic sculpture I») .\pri| Young and Slurlc) I’cttigrcw and lcwcller) I») .Iuhc ll)slop.

Portfolio I’nlil \lon 2‘) .\pr. \cw paintings I») regular gallcr) cslululors including .\Ian King. .Iacquclmc \Iarr. lir)an l'.\;uts. 'Iodd (iarncr. .\lar) liatchclor. .Iudilh Ilridgland and ( 'hcr) lcnc l))cr.


lh5a Halli Strcct. 222 2.\ ill. luc Sal

Illam 5.3Ilpiu.

Blair Millen and Graeme Sharp I‘ntil \lon I5 .\pi. .\ two person show ol liguratnc paintings.

Cherylene Dyer lit in .\pt' In A \la). .\ solo show ol ligtu'alI\ c works I»)

(lit-r) lcnc l))cr.


li-l lil)ths)i.ood Strccl. ii2 lll2". .\lon lll Villain 5 illpui; Sal lllani lpm.

The Glasgow Boys l‘nul l'II <.\l;r). l’aintings I») the (ilasgow Ito)s drawn lrom the collection ol the I'lcuuug \V) Iold .\rl l'tttllltlillltllt including works I») (itillutc. llcnr). \lcl‘. illc. \\alton. (iauld. \lanu. ("rawliall and llorucl.

Jane Blackman I lllll l'll i\la) .\ solo cslulutton o1 liaud built cctauuc \csscls.

Belladonna by Moyna Flannigan will be at Edinburgh Printmakers’ stall

Roger Millar t’niil I’ri 3 .\Ia). .\ small group of sil\er I»o\cs and candlesticks. Mark Nuell and Anne Clare Graham I'ntil Hi 3 .\la). Jeweller). Richardson & Ottewill t'ntil Hi 3 Ma). Sil\erware I») sil\ersniiths .Iustin Richardson and Ste) en ()ttew ill.

CAFE COSSACHOK GALLERY III King Street. 553 0733. .\Ion Sat 10.30am midnight; Sun I Ilpm. Kaleidoscope t‘ntil Sat .S' .Iun. l’aintings. drawings. prints and other media I») artists from Iiastern Iiurope.


350 Saucliicltall Slrccl. 352 4000.

Sun Wed Ilam (»pin:'l‘|iu Sat

llam Spin.

Polaria/Gasterbyter Hi I: Tue 2?» .»\pr t(‘('.»\ 2 N 3 l. .'\I‘llsls Bruce (iilclu‘ist and lo .IoeIson create two sensor) installations lor the galler) space. In l’rl/(ll'lrl. an interactn e ) irtual da) light installation. participants enter a cube and sit on a translucent chair. ‘I'he ph)siolog) ol that person then triggers a da) light state particular to them. (ith/('l‘lrt'lr'l‘ is an installation which manifests e\pressions ol lreqttetic) through light. ) iI»ration. audible and subsonic sound. NI ‘.".’



.iI» \Vcst (icorge Street. 552 5.5.5 l.

Mon Sat Illam 5.30pm; Sttn noon 5pm. Mixed Exhibition .\ selection ol‘ paintings I») local artists.

All About Eve [hill the Rt) :\pt‘. Paintings I») )arious artists including Jo) ls'irton Smith. Douglas Ilol'mann. Robert I.enkiew ic/. (iar) Ilenlield and ('harles \Vilniolt.


I‘ni)ersit) ol' Strathcl)dc. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. .\Ion I‘ri Illam 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

Terry Setch - A Retrospective I‘ntiI Sat I3 .v\pr. In a career spanning 40 )cai's. Illls rctrospccli\c L'\ltll»lllt)ll esplorcs the dc) elopmenl ol 'I'err) Setch's work through large—scale paintings and drawings to digital imager). Much of Setch‘s work is inspired I») and constructed from seaside tlcll'lltls litllllltl till :1 beach (lit the Sc\et‘n Izstuar) but more recentl). Setch has sourced images from the w cl» and ctnail. lfsf‘rl (,I t/'\I\l{ LI l’.) .‘Sl I

Re-Used. Fused. Promoted t'ntil Sal I i;\pr. lo compliment the Setch retrospcctn c. miscd media ceramics I»)

at Glasgow Art Fair

(ilasgow School ol‘Art graduate Kirstin Brown whose work also incorporates discarded items. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Hai Huang: A Tale of TWO Cities Sat 2() .-\pr Sat IrS' .\Ia)'. Paintings and drawings I») this contempot'ar) (‘hinese artist. inspired I») urban landscapes of (ilasgow. and the artist's native town of Sit/hon. NEW SHOW.

Ten Thousand Li Sat 20 Apr Sat l8 Ma). Lens-based work I») I'our contemporar) British artists of (‘hinese descent: I)inu [.i. Pamela So. Yeun-Yi Lo and Yeti-Mai MI». The exhibition will explores aspects of (‘hinese culture in the I'K. l'rom illegal itnmigration to the (‘hinese takeawa). NEW SHOW.


I78 West Regent Street. 221 (i370.

.\lon Sat Illam 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition I'ntil Tue 30 Apr. Sponsored I») Seotwork Negotiating Skills. a selection of paintings. drawings. sculpture. ceramics and jeweller) I») leading British artists including Jack Knox. Philip Reeres. Philip Braham. (‘ath) Richmond and Peter llowson.


RI ('hisholm Street lentranee through salon). 552 7I()I). .\Ion Sat

10.30am 5.30pm (until 7pm 'I‘hul. Clemensen, Docherty and Morland I'ntil Sun 28 Apr. With the emphasis on the handmade and home- made. new work I») (ilasgow -I»ased artists (‘hristine ('lemensen. Ileather I)ochert) and Douglas Morland.


IS ('astlemilk Arcade. 63-1 2603.

Mon I‘ri Illam l.5llplll & 2.30 5pm. Willie Owens: Retrospective I'ntil I‘ri l2 .-\pr. (ilasgow artist Willie ()w ens explores relationships and the sell. in this selection of paintings.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) I‘)‘)(». .\Ion 'I‘hu & Sat Illam 5pm; I‘ri & Sun I Iain 5pm. Patricia Mackinnon-Day t'ntil Sun I‘) .\Ia). Following her residenc) in (ilasgow during last )ear. artist Patricia Mackinnon-I)a) responded to the sensiti) e and political issue of as)lum seekers. and in particular those holised in Sighthill. The resulting installation is concerned with changes in spaces and connnunities and questions our attitudes towards the relocation of the as)|um seekers itt (ilttsgtm.

listings Art

"LIST *‘

Light Without Shadow International collaborative group Henry Vlll's Wives responds to the Tramway's main gallery space with site-specific works including a reconstruction of Orkney‘s Neolithic settlement. Skara Brae. See preview. Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 72 Apr—Sun 26 May.

a: presence: New Works Of Contemporary Art From Scotland The latest showcase of Scotland‘s rising stars including Jennifer Beattie. Alex Pollard. Michelle Naismith. Fred Pederson and Keith Thompson. See preview. Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Sat 73 Apr—Sat 8 Jun.

Glasgow Art Fair/RAW This year's arts fest not only has 40 galleries to browse and buy art from. but a featured collaborative exhibition from cutting-edge art spaces CCA and Tramway and RAW. a pan city event featuring exhibitions. clubs and theatre. George Square. Glasgow, Thu 77—Sun 74 Apr; RAW, various venues. Glasgow. until Sun 74 Apr.

Fiona Banner: Your Plinth Is My Lap New and recent prints. drawings and sculptures by Fiona Banner which continue her ongoing fascination with language. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee, Sat 20 Apr—Sun 9 Jun.

'54.; Ruth Vollmer Drawings And Sculpture The first-ever showing of drawings and sculpture by the late Ruth Vollmer whose work was influenced by the mathematical patterns found in nature. Inver/eith House. Royal Botanic Garden. Edinburgh. until Sun 5 May.

:E David Mach: Hell Bent Your chance to see Mach and his team construct a sculpture made from 50 tonnes of Hera/d newspaper in the Earth Gallery (until Sun 14 Apr) along with new and recent works on the upper floor. Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow. until Sun 29 Sep.

Ian Hamilton Finlay A retrospective of printed works and postcards by the poet. philosopher. artist and gardener. Ian Hamilton Finlay. See review. lng/eby Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sat 27 Apr.

9:: 0.0. Hill And The Art Of Portrait Photography Bicentenary celebrations of the birth of the 19th century Scottish pioneer of portrait photography. Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Sat 73 Apr—Sat 78 May

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