I Double room in clean. bright flat on Sandport Street. Leith. Available mid-end April. Young professional preferred to share with 1 other. £250 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: (17778 050 528. I Easter Road. Box room in flat to share with 1 other female. Would sttit female n/s. £180 pcm + deposit + bills. Tel: 07788 834 881.

I Young, easygoing professional female. looking for other easygoing professional to share 2 bedroom flat in Easter Road. near city centre. £237.50 pcm + deposit + bills. Tel: 0131 477 6088.

I Lovely, spacious room in Georgian. Broughton flat. top floor. would suit professional. n/s female or mature student. £300 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 556 8060.

I Large double room in friendly Broughton flat. Sharing with 4 others. Spacious with great views. Would suit young professional. £192 pcm + deposit + bills. Tel: 0131 556 6101.

I Box room in flat oll' London Road to share with 2 others. GCH & WM. £140 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 661 0607 after 6pm.

I Bright room available in central fully furnished flat. near Playhouse. Sharing with 3 others. all mod cons. Available from May. £188 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 557 9878. after 7pm. I Double room in large furnished flat. off Easter Road. GC H. shower. bath. wooden floor. well equipped. Would suit n/s professional. no couples. £370 pcm including CT 8; bills. Tel: (1131 467 2696.

I Single room in large two bedroom flat to share with easygoing. young professional female. Garden & lot parking. £237.50 pctn + deposit + bills. Tel: 0131 477 6088.

I Twin/double room available. central Edinburgh. WM. colour TV. video etc. £40/£45 pw including bills. Tel: 0131 657 5555.

I Large double room with en-suite in spacious two bedroom flat. Modern flat with all mod cons. Couple preferred. to share with Australian couple. Available April 28th. £360 pcm. Tel: 0131 557 2997.

I Short term or part week let for twin en-suite room in modern Holyrood flat. £70 pw. Tel: 07810 515 541.

I Clerk Street. Large single room would suit n/s mature/postgraduate student or traveller. to share with 2 others. £150 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 667 l 167.

I Bright single room in spacious Newington flat. East Preston Street. Student preferred. available immediately for short or long term lease. £200 pcm + bills. Tel: 07870 690 034.

I Single room available from 12th May in fully furnished Leith flat. all mod cons. to share with 1 professional male. Would suit postgraduate or professional. £250 pcm including bills. Tel: 0131 662 8929.

I Room in beautiful city centre flat. All mod cons. Would suit young professional. n/s. £215 pctn + CT. Tel: 0131 557 9028.

I Marchmont. Large double room with bay window sharing with 2 girls & 1 guy. Large kitchen/living area. £215 pcm + £50 CT. Tel: 07967 482 459.

I Marchmont. Large single room in lovely. n/s flat sharing with 2 professionals. No students or DSS. £200 pcm + bills + CT. Tel: 0131 447 6747. I Friendly Bruntsfield flat. Small room with double bed available in large peaceful. mixed flat sharing with 2 others. N/s professional preferred. Available end May. £254 pctn including CT + bills. Tel: 0131 228 4197.

I Double room in spacious. attractive Marchmont flat to share with 2 others. Would suit professional female/male. n/s. DG. GCH. £300 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 447 5320.

I Friendly flatmate for Marchmont flat. Nice room with platform bed. £150 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 229 4025. I Large double room with en-suite bathroom. Excellent shared facilities. Would suit couple. £80 pw including CT. Tel: 0131 229 5124 or 07808 297 812.

I Bright room in gorgeous flat. Well furnished. Nice location. big garden. GCH. interesting building. friendly flatmates. Short-term lease considered. £190 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 667 4906.

I Sunny room in gorgeous flat. Well furnished. Peaceful location. Grange by Blackford Hill. big garden. GCH. interesting building. friendly flatmates. Short-term lease considered. £195 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 667 4906.

I Single room, in sunny. spacious flat. piano & garden. Suit n/s. house trained. sociable professional or mature student with sporty. cultured outlook. Convenient for university and Sick Kid‘s hospital. £290 pcm + CT. Tel: 0131 667 7741 or 07950 1 18 410.

I Newington. Room in large flat for n/s professional. All mod cons. £200 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 662 4099 after 6pm.

I Abbeyhill. Stylish main door flat. single room. £225 pcm. Double rootn with entry to garden. available mid May. £300 pcm + CT + bills + deposit. Tel: 0141 424 1419.

I Double room in lovely bright Canonmills flat. close to centre. Sanded floors. white decor. would suit friendly n/s professional or postgraduate. £250 pm plus bills plus CT plus deposit. Tel: Silvia 0131 556 0357.


V I saw you lookin' big cotton candy apple pie sexy in your NYPD T-SHIRT. Now you've earned your badge ( No 07974 ) and a Manhattan mission! 'All units (underscoring: WAB-WAB- Shaftissh!) be on the lookout for a cryptic postcard then STAND down. add the badge number to the pc message and the instruction then...Box No L'/439/l

V I saw you looking so angelic while attempting the pop quiz. in the Lock. Let me find the devil in you angel. Te quiero. Tinderbox for latte‘.’ Box No U/439/2

V I saw you. on Saturday night at THE POLO LOUNGE. Your name is Colin. Saw you as l was about to leave. Could kick myself - wish I had exchanged numbers with you. GET IN TOUCH. Box No U/439/3

V I saw you on the 66 bus on 1 1/4/02. You had to stand because it was so busy. I would have given you my seat. but I was trapped! We kept looking at each other - you looked as if you wanted rescued. You had long black hair (in a pony tail?). glasses and were wearing a long black coat. 1 didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw you! You left the bus near Anniesland College - and left tne with a broken heart. Will we ever meet again‘.’ Please let it be so! Box No U/439/4

V I saw you cute bloke in Lismore bar on Sunday 7th near to door. moved onto Firebird later. Wish 1 could spend more time with you. Scatty woman in denimjacket. Box No U/439/5 V I saw you macho Securicor crime fighter at Glasgow Tourist Office in Glasgow. do you fancy a chase from the Spanish girl in the red pants? Box No 11/439/6

V I saw you...k.t‘.l back in Glasgow for a fab term. d.l.j.l.c.l.l.s.k.n.j i luv you guys!!! lets rock. luv the dilster. Box No L'/439/8

V I saw you French girl. with your Doc Martin boots and silk scarf. C an you remember our private lesson in Anniesland? Box No U/439/9

V I saw you Dutch temptress. with your smell of rabbits. big blue coat and black boots. Can I be your new Bacardi bunny“? Box No U/439/10

V I saw you Hey D]! We partied. had lots of fun. I have your blue watch. get in touch... Box No L'/439/l l

V I saw you you big rampant Morris dancer taking the piss in The Tunnel...l know you saw me too because I was the one drinking Budvar in Budda with my blond buddy xx Box No L'/439/l 2

V I saw you in the Cul-de- Sac. Sunday 7th March in your blue tank top, and you with your goatee - you know who you both are! - fancy a threesome? Box No U/439/ l 3 V I saw you jacket (blue + pink) blue denim jeans. you were at the bar. me (grey + orange Levi's top) sitting down. you smiled back. (Arches cafe’ bar 13/04/02). Box No U/439/16 V I saw you sexy hippy guy with "Canadian boarders kick ass" hoody on. in Queens Park area. would love to meet & share some Canadian bearhugs with u. X. Box No U/439/l7 V I saw you bmx boy wearing lots of navy in the brice think your name was 'prince' would love to see ur tricks. Box No U/439/18

V I saw you on the 7.30pm flight from Malaga 7th April. You: tall. slim. graying. Me: tall. dark. with teenage son. Do you want to sample the delight of Spain together? Box No U/439/l9

V I saw you at the Citz theatre. looked like Russell Crowe. Are you gay? Hope ur not let me know! Box No U/439/21

V I saw you gorgeous red- haired vixen with smouldering eyes in the Arches Bar. Fri 12 April. You will be mine. Box No U/439/22

V I saw you behind the bar but it took 15 minutes 4 you to serve me. I know your number + name @‘ the Raw opening party. Box No U/439/23

V I saw you Carol. My beautiful ginger princess. Thank you for helping me develop "Bruce". 1 love you doll. Box No U/439/24


V I saw you sexy sexy spider-man. Those big mutton chops. wide nebula eyes & blue blue look. You are all mine. You look like you've travelled miles & arrived to fill your dreams & your heart. Call me! Box No U/439/25

V I saw you with that guy 1 hate. You: in a catsuit. hair to your waist. Me: grey shin. pierced lip. We smiled. we shared. Get back to me. (Arches café bar 13/4/02). Box No U/439/26

V I saw you in Sub-Culture last nite (6th). You're Graeme and I'm Cate. you told me I had nice blue eyes. Do you want to look into them again? Box No U/439/27

V I saw you Debbie Donut - did I upset U? - couldn't have meant it - love UR love - Ming. Xxx. Box No U/439/28

V I saw you playing your guitar so sweetly on your bed. And changing your trousers. i want talk. boy from Great George Street. Box No U/439/29 V I saw you you wobbled. you swayed. you wore the French soccer outfit. . .l dribbled. 1 want your love. The way you spoke of Black Sabbath - you sang in such a way as to make my very core tremble. l sat in a black t-shirt - wanting. waiting. hoping...You tapped a fag - genius... Box No U/439/31

V I saw you Dawn. beautiful. amazing. orgasmic beauty reveals itself under Russian lights. Will you come? Will anyone? Box No U/439/32

V I saw you: actually I didn't and it felt like forever. Rachel. I love you. we belong together - you are my world. universe. sky. water. air. . .Box No U/439/33

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