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V I saw you and enjoyed the sight. You - lovely example of a man. putting out the rubbish from Cafe Mediterraneo. Sunday 14th (how glamll. Me - well. it lmked like you saw me too! What happens now? Box No L'/439/59 V I saw you. Pure vs Sativae. again at Radio Babylon. then nameless.YOL' MELT ME! Box No L'/439/6()

V I saw you in Boots. North Bridge 17 April (5.35ish). Our eyes met briefly. You: blonde / brown haired. tanned. denim shirt. Me: petite. dark haired. Box No L'/439/6l

V I saw you at St Brides. You got ice; I was smitten. Rendezvous Dundas and Gt King? Box No L'/439/62

V I saw you Edinburgh Bailie Friday. Smile-Stare-Smile. Time to talk etc or stop by with the Greggs Pastie! RS. Love the red b. boots. I Box No L'/439/63

V I saw you and have done for five years. When are we finally going to stop random snogging and just go for it? I think you're beautiful. Be mine forever! Box No L'/439/64

V I saw you 23/3. Red top. black trousers. carrying a black bag and good looking. You got off at Dalreoch at 0730. Me: short hair. girley fleece. Did our eyes meet? Box No L'/439/65 V I saw you tall tanned and gorgeous. Enjoyed FK in C.C.‘s. Wasn’t murder on the dance floor. Want to meet up. After all. I earn more than 28k! Your big W. Box No L’/439/66

V I saw you Lizzy. u sexy thang in the eye saw you film. Box No L'/-139/(i7

V I saw you Belle and Sebastian last night. It was the best concert I've ever been to! You're all damn sexy! Box .\'o L'/-139/68

V I saw you newest member of the City Cafe team. I saw u and you are hot! Cater to all our needs. Love the Bertie's Girls. Box No L'/439/()9


V I saw you Gwen in Oxygen. Still beautiful even with feather cut! Xx Box No U/439/70

V I saw you in the Grassmarket. pizza slice and a crossword. You were with what looked like Thelma and Louise. I smiled at you and nicked a cigarette. Saturday at mine? Box No U/439/7l

V I saw you Norman L naked. it was quite nice. Can I see you at eleven on Saturday. You make slippers look sexy. Love Fluff. Box No U/439/73

V I saw you Eggy. boy of my youth all grown up in the Traverse Bar. Come suck eggs with me my little chicken. Box No L'/439/74 V I saw you Neil in a taxi 5/4/02. You architect from Newhaven. me Salsa-ing blonde from Leith. Let me reacquaint you with the highlights of Edinburgh - or buy you coffee! Box No U/439/75

V I saw you Susan. You were at 00-00 in your kinky. pink skirt. You are to Kylie. like beauty to a beast. Love Tx Box No U/439f76 V I saw you evening of Queen Mum‘s funeral @ Traverse. He: tall. unshaven. clubby boy. She: spangly bag and blonde locks. Me: frivolous redhead. Can I share you? Box No U/439/77

V I saw you grey boy. Sitting. eating. cavorting in the Trav. Cute. wish you were mine. Box No U/439/78

V I saw you in the Traverse bar Thursday night. 4/3 You: Northern poet. Me: where's my copy of Egil? Thanks for talking to me! Box No L'/439/79

V I saw you on your birthday! Can‘t wait til the next Fairy Liquid - let‘s blow bubbles! Toodle-oo luv. Lx Box No U/439/80

V I saw you Pumpkin lover with your warm lemonade bottle. Get a loaf of bread (warm) and some ketchup and I'm all yours. Jason Dx Box No U/439/8l

VI saw you @ Garbage. Corn Exchange. You: blonde-haired boy went from side of stage to middle. with shorter (girl) friend in black. Banged into me. said sony. Me: dark. spiky-haired boy with blue shirt. grey t-shirt. beige jumper round waist. Interested? Box No U/439/82

V I saw you in Medina on Saturday 16th February. You had light brown hair and were sitting near the entrance of the stairs. looking at me. as I was about to walk upstairs. Box No U/439/83

V I saw you sexy blonde at the Filmhouse on Monday. You know who you are. Seen any punks lately? Box No L'/439/84 V I saw you in the corner near the window on Thur lunch. Box No U/439/85

V I saw you in Tackno (and once before) Mr shaved head. smiley face. chunky build. numbered sweatshirt. I was a tall. sober male in a sea of squiffy mates... Hello. maybe. Box No U/438/9.

V I saw you SHOOOGA AND CWEEEEEAAAAM? Luv first mate. Jen. Box No L'/438/l(). V I saw you hey Stevie. wot do u take in your coffee?? Box No U/438/ l 1.

VI saw you at Belle and Sebastian on our anniversary. You were the most amazing woman there. I had a best night'. Here's to many more to come. Schemey Midden. I love you. from Johnny X. Box Nt)lI/438/12.

VI saw you Ceilidh. 3() March. Edinburgh. Me. Kiwi guy working the bar - in purple. You. petite and gorgeous. We danced all too briefly together at the start of the evening. Box No [7438/13. V I saw you petite. sexy brunette. Peppermint Lounge. Fri 29 Mar. L' didn't understand why I was staring. we danced. Me: Anthony. wished l'd asked 2 go fora drink when I said goodbye. Box .\'o L'/-138/l-l.

V I saw you in Boots, you worked on the Benefit section. you did my eyebrows for me. they look great. We chatted about my travelling and stuff. Fancy a drink before I head off? Box No L'l-l38/IS.

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Women Seeking Women

I Gazumped? @ 1962 maintains original features. amenities. include cinema. theatre. restaurants and gym. Suitable for cosy nights in. Would suit woman 30+ with (}S()H. Viewing recommended. Box No 439/50.

I Gay female, 36 dark hair. medium build. genuine. no kids. likes sunny days. cycling. drives. nights in/out. occasional scene. (lS()H wltm gay female for friendship +. Box No 439/51.

Men Seeking Women

Tall, attractive man seeks tall. attractive woman to walk tall or lie low. Hopefully

equally open. honest. warm. intelligent. unprejudiced. travelled. solvent. independent. irreverent. naughty - and incredulous that l atn over 40! Edinburgh. Box No 439/1.

I Professional male, 403 seeking female. professional. attractive. sexy. sensual and fun loving. Is that too much to ask? For good times together. interests. cinema. dining in/out. sport. Box .\'o 439/2.

Women Seeking Men

I Vacancy for hunky professional male (Edinburgh) age 28-35. 5'8" plus. non- smoker. (iSOH. solvent car owner. Salary - nil benefits - amazing. If you’re the one. apply in writing. Box .\'o 439/3.

Glasgow female 38 yo. linjoys current affairs. garden- ing. cinema. yoga and comedy seeks n/s male for friendship

etc. Box No 439/4. Female 40 today

seeks male to commiscrate. Likes nature. music. animals. people and zany humour. Must be open minded and non smoker.

Box No 439/5.

Men Seeking Men

Professional male, 48, 5' l0". medium build. (iSOH. various interests. seeks sincere. reliable male for friendship. possible relationship. Glasgow/south l.anarkshirc

Box No 439/52.

25 Apr-9 May 2002 THE LIST 125