Come together

Ain’t heard of some of the cast of tripTych? Then let I F YD L] BA N’T 5 ET The List guide you through with our fantasy compilation. Words: Mark Robertson

I Susumu Yokota: ‘Flying Cat’ T D T H E B A R,

A veteran master of both house and ambient. Yokota - makes his Scottish debut as guest of Philip Glass. This track in his ambient guise is a taste of what to expect at

the live show: shimmering. often playful electronica. The A S K T H E Z Z I

Grinning Cat (The Leaf Label)

I Do Make Say Think: ‘Classic Noodlanding’ Label mates with but far more accessible than Godspeed You T D M D V E A S | D E.

Black Emperor!. Toronto’s DMST specialise in plaintive. complex instrumental landscapes akin to. but never aping the wonderful Tortoise. & Yet & Yet (Constellation)

I Terry Callier: ‘Ordinary Joe’ With a new album in the offing and Paul Weller among the guests on board. a revival for Callier is inevitable. This is a classic track from his back catalogue and is a perfect example of his impassioned soul jazz style from his best of collection. Essential Terry Call/er (MCA)

I Peanut Butter Wolf: ‘A Tale Of Five Cities’ This hip

hop hedonist hosts a veritable battle of the turntablists as L | V E T H E he brings in deck experts such as A Track. Kid Koala. and

Rob Swift to get mob handed for this scratch—fest.

Wiggidy—wiggidy-wah indeed. The Best Of Peanut Butter

Wolf (Copasetik)

I Arab Strap: ‘Haunt Me’ One of the pivotal tracks from their 2001 album lives up to its name: a spooky. aching

musical crescendo from one of the local gems on show at

tripTych. The Bed Thread (Chemika/ Underground)

I Pharoah Sanders: ‘Black Unity’ Don't be put off by the words 'jazz' and 'epic'. This 40-minute beast from

_ 1972 finds Sanders expressing his spiritual leanings through the power of his alto sax and leading his big band on textured. percussive journey. Black Unity (Impulse)

I Bill Wells: ‘Presentation Piece No 1’ Unassuming Scottish Jazz maestro Bill Wells takes a dim view of musical traditions as comfortable jamming with Belle & Sebastian members as a regular jazz line up. This cut is an emotive piano and trumpet driven shuffle from his newest album. issued on Stephen Pastel's excellent label. Also In White (Geographic)

I Osunlade: ‘Morning Glory’ A man of varied tastes. he's dipped his fingers in all manner of musical pies R88. house and jazz but his most recent work pumps with an African heartbeat. something this. the opener from his latest album should qualify. Paradigm (Soul Jazz)

I Hamel On Trial: ‘Bill Hicks’ He's the Dennis Leary of the singer/songwriter world and any man who can open an album with a track entitled ‘Go Fuck Yourself‘ can’t be all bad. This confrontational performer always lets the black humour win through as this tribute to the late great comedian from his latest album shows. Choochtown (Evangeline)

I Pole: ‘Raum 1 Variation’ You can't beat a bit of German dub techno as the sun starts coming out and

Stefan Betke is yer man. Utilising a mix of oblique electronics and spacey dub techniques he does spooky reggae without the beats. Pole Vol.2 (Scape)

and win the lot!

If you fancy your chances and want to win an album by each of the artists featured on our fantasy tripTych 090. then just tell us: What three cities does tripTych take place in? Answers on an email marked ‘FOPP‘ to or on a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Deadline for entries is 14 May 2002. Please include a daytime telephone number.

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