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0 If ( IS) 0000 (Lindsay :\titlct'son. l'K. l‘Kth’l Malcolm .\lcl)owcll. .-\t1htit' l.owc. l l l ntin. ()n tltc l‘acc of it. tltc story of a .s'tudcitt-lcd rcbcllioit iit ait liitglish pub- lic scltool ittight bc takcit as a mctaphor tor tltc profound social changc that ltad gottc on in thc (ttls. ’l‘hcrc arc clcmcnts iit tltc public school tltat suggcst Harold Wilson’s grain- mar school mcritoct'at gcitcration. btit thcrc‘s a much broadcr attack oit botit'gcois \‘ttllICs goiitg oit. aitd tltc rclcyancc ot~ tltc piccc to today's political culturc is cntircly undiminishcd. If. . . is also notablc tor its itarrational cxpcrimcnt witlt llashback. mottocltromc aitd iitycrsion of tltc audi- cncc's rational cxpcctation (at timcs charac- tcrs dic. thcn rcttii'n to lil‘c). Add to that an outstanding pcrl‘oi'mancc by .Malcolm Mcl)owcll. and it‘s a cult classic. Scc rcyicw. t'(i(' chl‘rcw Strcct. (ilasgow: l-'ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

Injustice (tbc) it'K. Kcn l-‘cro/I‘ariq Mcltmood. 2001 ). t’owcrl‘ul documcntary Conc‘ct'ttiitg tltc ltXX) (lcztths in British policc custody iii tltc last 30 ycars. w hiclt has bccit subicctcd to Various attcinpts to ban it by sonic ot tltc individual ol'liccrs inyolycd. 'I'hc lilntmakcrs will attctid tltc scrcciting. l‘ilmhousc. lidiitburgh.

Into The Deep (1‘) it's. loot ). 31) IMAX prcscittation. IMAX 'l‘hcatrc. (ilasgow.

Iris ( 15) C... (Richard liyrc. t'ls'. 2()()l ) Judi Dcnch. Katc \Viitslct. Jim Broadbcitt. ()(l mitt. 'l‘hc loy c story of two of this ccntury 's ittost sigitilicant w ritcr- acadcmics. lt'is Murdoclt and John Bay Icy. is lovingly crcatcd t'rom Baylcy ‘s rcccitt mcntoirs. lt ultimatcly plots Murdoch's dcsccnt iitto tltc agonising log ot .r\l/hcintcr's. btit is intcr-cut w itlt sccncs ol' tltc carly'. tcntatiyc lo\ c bctwccit tltcsc two ()xl‘ord starlcts. Although tltc latcr ycars arc ntorc ittVUlVlllg than tltc carly oncs. tltc two itat'ratiy cs switch w itlt dcl‘t slickncss. 'lakc tissucs. you might nccd a t'cw. Sclcctcd rclcasc.

Italian For Beginners 1 IS) (l,onc Schcrlig. ltaly. 2(N)l l I I2 mitt. l’rcy icw scrccning ot tltc lirst outright comcdy l'rom tltc t)ogmc school ol lilmmaking. Sis (‘opctthagcn-itcs tall in loyc with onc attothcr aitd cross tltc barricrs of class. tcmpcramcnt. cy cit languagc. Think Mikc l.cigh crosscd with l.ars yon 'l‘rici'. it that's possiblc. Scc pt'cy icw aitd rcyicw. Sclcctcd rClCil\C.

Jim Poole Short Film Award t 15) (Various. Scotland. 2001 l ()(l min. 'I‘hc (’amco's annual showcasc of Scottish short lilmmaking talcnt witlt award ccrcmony follow ing tltc scrccning. (it’ll (ilasgow: (‘amco. lidinburgh.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius il') CC. (Jolttt A. l)a\is. 1.3. 2002) VoicCs ot l)cbi l)crrybcrry. Mcgan (‘ayanauglt Patrick Stcwart. 82 ittiit. Jimmy Isaac Ncutroit's my cntions ot‘tcn causc morc prohlcms than lhcy solyc. so w ltcit ltc contacts an ultra-intclligcnt alicn lil'c l'orm. tltc boy gcitius scts oil a chain of cy cnts that lcad to tltc Yokians - iittagiitc an cgg w ith a scc-through shcll aitd grccn yolks - kidnapping all of tltc parcnts iit Rctroy'illc.

When you

So Jimmy lcads an c\pcdition ol' l'cllow l95tls t'ctt‘o-sty'lt‘tl CltissttitttL‘s into spacc to rcscuc thcir parcitts. :\.s is tltc norm sincc My Story. Jimmy .M'ulmn is packcd with pop-rcl‘crcitccs. but lacks stil‘ticicttt sophistication to appcal to adults. (icitcral rclcasc.

John Oi 15).... (Nick ('assaycttcs. [S 2002) t)ctt/cl Washington. Jamcs Woods. Annc llccltc. I I7 min. This dramatic thrillcr with a ittcssagc is a sort of Dog Day" :tjivrnuun mccts I:‘.R.. Washington's John Q. Archibald is a dcccnt family man driycn to cxtrcinc incasurcs whcn his son is rcl‘uscd an cmcrgcncy licart transplant bccausc hc docsn't ltayc adcqtiatc mcdical insurancc. In dcspcratioit ltc takcs tltc cmcrgcncy room of tltc hospital hostagc. including tltc sui'gcott (Woods) aitd a suitably cclcctic group of paticnts. It's supcrbly cast. although initially a littlc hcay'y on tltc mcssagc and manipulation. Scc rcy icw. (icncral rclcasc.

Just Visiting (PG) .0 (Jcan-.\lai'ic (iaubcrt. l-‘rancc/I’S. 2tltll ) Jcatt Rcito. (‘hristiaii ('layici‘. Malcolnt Mc[)owcll. SS ittiit. \thit Mcdicyal l-‘rcitch noblcmatt 't'hibault (Rctio) accidcntally kills his w it'c on tltc c\c of his wcdding ltc implorcs his potion-coitcocting wi/ard Mct)owcll to scnd him back itt timc to rigltt tltc wrongs. But tltc wi/ard ittistakcitly' scnds 'l‘hibault aitd his dcyotcd scryant Andrc t('la\ icr) forward to 2lst ccntury ('lticago w hcrc thcy hay c 'hilarious ady‘cnturcs' with indoor plumbing aitd clcctrical appliaitccs. “hitc thc original. I.(’.\ liyilt'urs cxudcd a ccrtain l’y thoncsquc charm with its pctit bourgcoisic parody aitd schoolboy vulgarity. this slushy rcittakc is saddch with art anacittic. witlcss script co- w rittcn by S(l's tccn llick dircctor John llttghcs (T/u' Brut/(firs! ('luhl. ()dcon ('ity ('cntrc. (ilasgow; ('incworld. t‘alkirk.

The King And Ill’(il COO. (Wallci' l.aiig. t'S. 195m chorah Kcrr. Yul Brynncr. Rita Morcno. I.“ ittiit. Visually spcctacular lilitt ycrsion oi tltc Rodgcrs aitd llammcrstcin stagc musical with Kcrr's prim widow falling for Brynncr's autocratic monarch aitd tcaching him a thing or two along tltc way. (irosycitor. (ilasgow.

Kolya t l2) (Jait Sycrak. (‘Icchosloyakia 10%) /.dcnck Syct‘ak. Andrci ('hamilon. t.ibusc Slittttkout. ltll min. \Vomaniwr and batchclor l.ottka ittai‘t‘ics a Rtissian woman who wants a (‘lcch passport and. whcn sltc skips tltc country. is lcl't to look attcr ltcr liyc—ycar-old son. Scparatcd by languagc. nationality. agc aitd blood. surrogatc latltcr aitd child discoy cr ltow to carc and toy c across such diy idcs. ()scar-w inning drama that proy'idcs a blcak contmcnt on Russian occupicd (‘Icchosloyakia l-‘ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

Koyaanisqatsi it‘) .0... motility chgio. t'S. WM) 87 ntin. Philip (llass' soundtrack aitd Roit lirickc‘s cincmatography arc tltc twin pillars ol' tltc ttarratiy‘c \oicc in this first lilm ol- chgio's “qatsi' trilogy. lt opcns with a siitglc dccp rcd word. sonic archaic cay c drawings aitd a mouthful htiitt. :\ll of which rcprcscnts our collcctiyc “lil‘c out of balaitcc'. a translation from tltc llopi litdian word “koyaaiiasqatsi'.


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34 THE LIST 2:3 Apr {3 May 700?

l’crl'cct lilmmaking in harmony with all its crcatiy c clcmcnts. l’art ol trip'l‘ych. (it’ll (ilasgow; l-'ilittltotisc. tidinburgh.

K-Pax ( l2) 0. (laitt Sol'tlcy'. 15. 2002) Kcy'in Spaccy. Jcll' Bridgcs. Mary .\tc('ormack. 121 min. Prot is a gctttlc. unassuming alicn l'rom tltc plaitct K-l’AX. who \‘isits [Earth and cnds tip in a ntcntal iitstiltitioit wltcrc ltc gcnially allows psychiatrist Bridgcs to try to ‘curc' hint.

w hilc at tltc samc tintc managing to curc his l'cllow paticnts and sort otit Bridgcs' lil‘c too. Or is Hot mcrcly a ittit'.’ 'l‘hcorctically'. this is a rolc tttadc t'or Spaccy: llowcycr. Spaccy play s l’rot as a cross bctwccn his charactcr iii 'I‘lu' (Kim! Sin/mix and Robin Williams iii any of his \oinit-inducing rolcs. 'l’ttci'c arc somc iticc acsthctic touchcs. btit thcy don't succccd in diy'crting your attcntion l'roni tltc fact that this is a bland and uninspiring

w aslc of a good story. (icnci‘al rclcasc. The Lady And The Duke (L’Anglaise et le Duc) (PG) 00. tliric Rohittcr. l‘l'itltt‘L‘. 2()()l ) l.ucy Rtisscll. Jcan—(‘laudc l)rcy l‘us. liraitcois Martltourct. I28 min. 'I’ltc l.ady‘ ol‘ tltc titlc is tltc royalist (it'acc lilliott (Russcll ). a Scottish-born noblcwontan liy iitg iit l’aris during tltc l'i'cnch Rcyolution. l)cspitc lltL‘it' political dillcrcnccs. shc rcmains good tricnds w itlt l‘ormcr loy cr tltc l)ukc ol ( )rlcans il)rcyl'us ). rcpublicait cousin to King Louis XVI. .-\s ittob rulc swccps tltc strccts of tltc capital. howcy'cr. hci' sal'cty bccomcs cy cr tttorc prccarious. Rohmcr has crattcd a suspcnsct'ul and tiittcly account ol how idcalism can bc supplantcd by l'aitaticisitt. .-\ppcat‘ing iit practically cy cry sccitc. tinglish ncwcomcr Rtisscll cotty cy s both ltcr charactcr‘s poiscd assurancc aitd human

\ ulitcrability. (‘antco. lidinburgh.

Last Orders 1 I5) .0. tl-‘rcil Scltcpisi. l‘K. 2tXll l Micltacl ('ainc. Bolt lloskins. l)a\'id llcmmings. 'l'om ('ourtncy. Ray \Viitstonc. ltltS' min. Jack ((‘aiitci. a butcltcr l‘roitt Bcrittondscy. has dicd. Joincd l‘) Jack's son (\Vittstoticl. his tltrcc hcst tricnds ((‘ourtncy. llcmitiings. lloskins) sct oil on a road-trip to Margatc to scattcr tltc old man's rcmams. ('onscrting (iraltam

Sw il't's t'cittarkablc noy cl ol' loss. l'ricndsltip aitd litc's crucl dcclinc into a nun ic was always going to bc soittcthing akin to catching salt in thc w ind. Schcpisi has lost tltc licltt'ilc sctisc that this sad slot} is ltttilt oit odd tcndcr montcnts snatchcd trom ctcrmty. this is. how cy cr. a soap opcra actcd out by a right royal cast. (‘amco. lidinburgh. Last Wedding t IS) ttlrucc chcncy. (’anada. 2(l()l ) ltcittamin Ratncr. t‘rida llctrani. 'l‘oin Scholtc. tilt) mitt.

'l‘hirty somcthing coincdy drama that ptishcs tltc classic buttons ol a modcrn rclatioitship moy ic: physically atlractiy c charactci's.

l'law cd yct not alicnating pcrsonalitics. urban occupational angst. and a ‘w ill-hc. won't-shc' dy natnic to tltc likcly outcomc ot tltc \arious romantic cntanglcmcnts, .\'oah aitd [ipporah arc contctnplating mai't‘iagc. aitd his old l'ricitds. l’ctcr aitd Sltaitc. arc rightly sccptical. But as c\cnts untold. all thrcc couplcs go ittto a tail-spin. l'ilitthousc. lidinburglt.

Laugh For Joy (Risate di gioia) 1 IS) (Mario Monicclli. ltaly. l‘)(t()) .-\nna Magnani. 'l‘oto. llcn (iti/ltlt‘u. too min. .\'cw Ycar's tiy c iit Romc. and Magnani plays ait out-ol-woi'k actrcss w ho. w hilc at a party. managcs to uniittcntionally ruin two othcr gticsts' plans for takiitg adyantagc of drunk pcoplc. Part of tltc ltaliait t-‘ilm l-‘cstiy‘al. (il'vl‘. (ilasgow.

The Law Of Enclosures I Is) (John (ircy son. ('anada. 2()()()) Sarah l’ollcy. lircndan l'lctchci'. l)ianc l.add. l l l min. liilSt‘tl on Halo l’cck's cult ttoVL‘l. 'I-llt' Lair ()1 filth/multiy cottlit‘ttts (it'cy son's audacious dircctorial talcnts. A drama that follow s tltc day's ol’ Bcatricc (l’ollcy) aitd ltcitry (l‘lctchcr). strandcd iit tltc toxic oil rclincry town of Sarnia. w ltcrc tltcy cncouittcr an cmbittcrcd oldcr couplc w ho sccm to hcrald a warning of what thcy too might bccontc. :\ittbitious aitd iitcratc w itlt rclcrcnccs to (lull War. l‘ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

The Long Good Fridayi tis’) 0.... (John McKcn/ic. UK. 1980) Bob lloskins. llclctt Mirrcit. l’icrcc Brosnan. ll-l min.

llarold Shand (lloskiits) is an unl'orgcttablc crcation. at oncc tltc pcrlcct cmbodimcitt of his timc aitd placc (London. IUSO) aitd a tltrowback to tltc monochromc gangslcrs of thc 30s Mtiiti. (‘agncy. aitd lidward (3. With lloskiits as its driy ing l'orcc aitd to-dic— l‘or dialogtic its t'ucl. tltc lilm motors along from onc sct piccc to anotltcr. 'l‘hc \‘iolcncc. though shocking (cy'ctt now ) and brilliantly stagcd. is ncycr allowcd to oycrwhclm tltc charactcrs. lcading this minor classic to its subtlc btit dcy'astating climax. ('amco. lidinburgh.

The Lord Of The Rings (PU) «m (l’ctcr Jackson. .\'cw '/.caland/t‘S. 2t)()l t tan McKcllcn. lilijah Wood. l.i\ Ty lct'. ('atc Blanchctt. Viggo Moi'tcnscn. I78 min. At long last. a sword aitd sorccry adycnturc tltttt rcally dcliy'crs tltc goods. J.R.R. 'l‘olkicn's grcat achicycmcnt was to crcatc art tinglish mythology. localcd iii a lantastical yct bclicyablc world. Jackson's grcat achicy cmcnt is to bring tltc author's l()()() pagc totnc to lil'c. not mcrcly rcalisiitg tltc latttastic clcittcnts with spccial cll‘ccts spcctaclc (though tltcy arc wry spcctacular). but through storyiclling llarc and

mary cllous pcrl'orittanccs from his cast. \'isccral and brcatlttakingly dramatic. 'I'lu' I'i'llmi's/ii'p (UT/iv Ring is art inspii'cd labour of toy c and a ntonumcntal achicyctttcnt. Sclcctcd rclcasc.

Man With A Movie Camera (PG) tI)/iga \crtoy. t'SSR. l‘)2‘)) 90 min.

\t‘t’toy Is poctic account of tltc slatc itl tltc Soy ict t'nion cittploy s \arious c\pcrimcnts with film litt‘lil supcrimposition. split

iii an c\ploration ot' tltc cityscapc. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

Marriages ( IS) ((‘athcrinc Martin. ('anada. 2(l()l ) Maric-liy c Bcitrand.

(itiy lainc 't‘rcmblay. Miriattnc lirtilc. 05 min. .-\ incsmcrising dcbut l'caturc sct iii latc l‘)th ccittury rural Qucbcc. abotit passionatc romantic toy c in Victorian 'l‘imcs. 'l‘hc anguishcd ccntral cltaractcr. Yyonnc is trappcd in a stilling lantin by ltcr sistcr.

w ho wants ltcr to bccoinc a nun. 't‘hc unscttling disintcrmcnt ol' tltcir ittittltt‘i"s l‘Utl} 2U ycars til-tc't‘ ltcl' tlL‘alli tltltls ttt tltcll' conl'lict. But Yyonnc is too cnantourcd w itlt tltc plcasurcs ot' botlt tltc physical

city irontttcnt and a handsomc man to simply capitulatc. (it"l'. (ilasgoyy; l‘ilmltottsc. lidinburgh.

Men In Black 1 l’( it 0... (Harry Sonncttlcld. t'S. W07) Tommy Joncs. Will Smith. Vinccnt l)'()itolrio. 05 min. Sittitlt and Joncs arc two cry ptically itamcd ‘cosmic (i-incn' who monitor c\tratcrrcstrial .ilicits hy ing on liarth. w hitc stopping tltc nasttci' brccd ol' spacc baddic l'rom colonising thc planct. .loncs's sccn-it-all straight man is thc pcrl'cct t'oil tor Smith's

\\ itlc<cy cd ncw kid on tltc block. whilc Sonncitlcld's skillul intcgration ol' tltc \ isual t‘l‘l't'L'l\ [Hm Cs tltat L‘_\C-pttppittg spt's'ttlclc and cohci'cnt story tclling ttccd itot itcccssarily bc diamctrically opposcd. (irosycnoi'. (ilasgow.

Mifune t l5) 0... (Sorcn Knigh- Jacobscit. Dcnmark/Swcdcn. I‘NS) Andci's \V llcrthclscn. .lcspcr :\sltolt. llk‘tt llic'ilc. 93 min. ()n tltc cy c of his wcdding. (‘opcithagcn yuppic Krcstcn (Bcrthclscn) lcai'tts that his lathcr has dicd and rcluctantly rcturns to tltc rcmotc. ncglcctcd lainin tarm. t‘nablc to copc with his mcntally ltandicappcd brothcr. Rud (.-\sholt ). ltc ady'crtiscs tor a housckccpcr. and is dcliglttcd whcit tltc bcautil'ul l.i\‘a illicilc) arriy cs to takc on tltc job. But t.i\a too has a sccrct. Kragh-Jacobscn's liliit. lhc third madc undcr tltc Dogma banncr. distinguishcs itsclt‘ by not play mg last and loosc with tltc rulcs. by tclling a simplc. littcar story with a minimum oi' t'ormal l'ussiitcss. So. ironically. w ltilc .tIi/um' lcss ambitious and innoyatiy c than I‘m/m and HM ,(Il()l.\. it is also tltc pttl‘cst. titttst inyoly'ing and most cmotionally satist'y ing. ('antco. lidinburgh.

Miseria e Nobilita (l’(ii (Mario Maltoli. ltaly. Wit) Toto. Sophia l.oi'cn. 95 min. A w ritcr (’l‘oto) and a photographcr to c iit

poy crty. constantly bickci'ing as tltcy attcinpt to ply thcir rcspcctiy c arts. .-\mid doublc crossing. miscd mcssagcs and bi/ai'rc coincidcnccs. thcy gct inyolycd with tltc