aristocratic (iemma (Sophia l.oreii ). l‘iliiihouse. lidinhurgh.

Mon Oncle Antione tl’( i) ((‘laude Jutra. ('anada. l‘)7l l Jacques (iagnon. l.yne Champagne. Jean Duceppe. I It) min. Funny. lyrical. generous lilm reyered by most (‘aiiadians as their nation's greatest. 'l‘his bittersweet coming-ol-age tale. set in rural Quebec at Christmas. describes in detail. the life of young Benoit ((iagnon). w hose family owns the town‘s store and undenaking husiness. Jutra‘s affection for the town shows the reasons people choose to stay on. rather than move on. l‘ilinhouse. lidinhurgh: l’l’ll ('inema. l-‘alkirk. Monsoon Wedding t IS) 0000. (Mira .\'air. India/l'K. 2()()l ) Naseeruddin Shah. l.illete l)uhey. Vijay Raal. l l3 min. ()n the eye ()l' the longed-for. cooling monsoon season. the tar-Hung memhcrs ol‘ an upper- iiiiddle class liidian family gather in Delhi for a typical l’unjahi wedding. But as the hig day dawns. the wedding contractor's promises become more eyasiye. while the bride's hard-pressed lather worries how he is going to pay for eyerythiiig. .\'air's sprawling. carniyalesque drama comhines the colour and \‘ihraney of Hollywood with an earthy realism. And while she can he sharply satiric. .\'air treats her characters. high and low. without condescension. Ster ('entury (‘inema. lidinhurgh; liast Kilhride Arts ('cntre.

Monsters, Inc. t t‘ ) oooo tl’ctc Under. [1%. 3001tVoicesol'John(ioodiiian. Billy (‘ry stal. Stey‘e Btiscemi. 9: min. The latest (‘(il animation from lily Story makers l’ixar is set largely in .‘slonstropolis. a city inhabited by the t'oulest ol heasts. 'l‘he monsters power their city by sending ‘scarers' through doors which teleport them into children's rooms. Once there. they pull laces at the kids, producing shrieks of terror. which are hottled hack in .\lonstropolis and used as a source of energy. It's a neat idea. but what really hits the film is the sense of fun that pervades the whole moyic. Jimmie/is, Inc runs as \iiioothly as a l‘airground slide. that no one is too hig to enjoy. Selected release.

Moulin Rouge ( 12) ooooo t Ba/ l.uhrmann. [S 3001) liwan .\lc(iregor. Nicole Kidiiian. Jim Broadhent. ltth’ min. [.uhrinann's follow-up to Romeo A” .lll/ll’l is a wildly unrestrained. gloriously camp. lewd as hell musical loyc story that re-inyents the form. from the (iolden Age Hollywood song and dance spectaculars tip. l.uhrmann has traiisl'oriiied the eponymous l()[lt century Parisian dancehall-cum-hrothel into the raye capital ol‘ litirope. w eaying 20th century pop music hits into the may dialogue of the film so that it becomes almost opera. And spiralling around a fairy tale romance between .\lc(iregor‘s idealistic poet and Kidman‘s dance girl is a harrage ot' i'iotous imagery and design. 'l’here's no middle- ground with l.uhriiiann‘s film; it you ahandon yourself to it it'll leaye you intoxicated with pleasure. ()deon (‘ity ('entre. (ilasgow: Adam Smith 'l'heatre. Kirkcaldy.

Mulholland Drive t IS) .000 (Day id Lynch. l'S. 2001i Naomi Watts. Laura lilena

Malcolm McDowell on the receiving end in Lindsay Anderson's anarchic classic If . . .

llarring. Justin 'l‘heroux. l-lo min. (iiy en the troubled production history of l.y nch's latest slice of nightmare noir it was originally a pilot for a [S teleyision series which was cancelled it's nothing short ol‘ miraculous that .llullml/uml [hire shines with the liliiuiiaker's idiosyncratic hrilliance. Although set in the present day talheit with retro styling). l.y ncli draw s on his taseiiiation with 4t)s and 50s llolly wood and its secret history of crime. here itty‘oly ing two actresses. ainnesiac Rita tllarringi and amateur sleuth Betty tWattsi. The proceedings \‘eer into the kind of waking nightmare territory that either lltiiiiiiioses or delights \ iewers as l.y nch ltll\L‘s the hi/arre. almost laughahle with the moments of electrifying l'eai'. l‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgh. New Waterford Girl t 15) (Allan .\loylc. (‘anada. l‘)‘)‘)l Liane Balahan. 'l‘ara Spencer- Nairn. Nicholas ('amphell. 07 min. ‘Moonie' tBalahani. a talented. hookish l5- year-old dreams of life beyond the small town of .\'cw Waterford. When l,oti tSpeneer-Nairn). a girl from the Brons moy es in nest door. this alienated pair plot a ‘dey iotts. sinl'ul and inspired escape route that traiist'orms the liyes of all around them. l‘ine pt'llt)l’lllitllL‘L‘s. especially from Balahan a ltittire star. (il’l'. (ilasgow; l‘iliiiliouse. lidinhurgh. Ocean’s Eleven t IS) 000. (Sin en Smlerhergh. l'S. 3001 ) (ieoi'ge ('looney. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. min. (Hi the cult is the opct'atiyc term for Ste\ en Sodei‘hergh's remake ol' the [as Vegas casino heist thriller that lirankic and Dino and their Rat Pack had so iiiticli fun making hack in l‘)(i(). But where the Rat Pack rascals Used the original lilm as an excuse to run riot in their adopted

home city Soderhergli. screenwriter ’l‘cd (iril‘lin and an all-star cast hay e worked to produ;e a tightly -scripted sty lisli iiioy ic. ()ne. how ey er. which remains at all times sell-consciously throwaway l'uii. Not quite as cool as the original. htit a hetter lilm. SL‘lcclL‘tl release.

The Officers’ Ward (La Chambre des Officiers) t 15) O. tl-‘rancois Dupey ron. l’rance. 2003i liric ('arayaca. lsahelle Renauld. 135 min. Watching

Dupe) ron's film you hay e the feeling that World War I had nothing to do with national pride or international peace. hut simply with the nature ol' physical del'ormity. Here the war isn't being fought on the hattlelields ol iitirope. hut chiefly in the mind (it Adrien t('ara\aeai as he comes to terms with lacial disligureiiient al'tei‘ heiiig sey erer wounded in the war's early days. ()ddly. it turns otit to he w cll-crat’ted hut shallow cinema. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

On Their Knees I lit (Anais (ii-uiiotsky. (‘anada. liltil ) Anais (iranot‘sky. lngrid \'ciiinger. Jackie Burroughs. 35 min. A road moy ie tale of two girls crossing ('anada. Director ( ii‘anol'sky. an accomplished 'l‘\' actress. play s Willie to liigrid Veninger's .\lo. 'l'wo hall-sisters who are reunited on the death ol‘ the grandmother w ho raised them. try to return the old gal to her natiyc soil hack east. liscapades galore and iiiey itahle conl'rontation due to the lact that they don't know w here they 're going. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l-‘iliiihouse. lidinhurgh.

One From The Heartt l5) 0... tl’rancis (’oppola. IS. 1082) l'i‘ederic l‘ori'cst. 'l‘eri (iarr. Raul Julia. .\'astass_ia Kiiiski. Itl7 min. l‘ncharacteristically optimistic el'l'oi't l'rom Coppola. which has

index Film

l-‘orrest and (iart' as a loyin' an' leayin' an loyin‘ again couple. w hose simple history is told in the ton" of a neon-lit musical coiiiedy' set in [as Vegas on Independence Day. l’ilmhoiise. lidinhurgh.

The One t 15).. tJames Wong. l'S. 3002i Jet Li. l)eli'oy l.indo. Jason Stathaiii. 87 min. Yulow tl.i) is a pow er-hungry criminal. who has detei‘iiiined that hy' killing his IZ-l hody douhles currently inliahitiiig the iiiultiyerse's \arious uniyerses. he can achiey e godlike powers. lle's tip to number l33 when he stumhles across a woithy adyersary. |.A cop (iahe tl.i again i. There are all sorts of holes in 'llie ()m'. hut while The .llulrii got away with its ahiect silliness hy heing deeply cool and pseudo- intellectual. this martial aits \eliicle has no such props. And while [is tight scenes are technically impressiye. seeing one supernatui'ally hard llltll\ idual swap kicks with another while some no-hi‘ain metal hand ti‘ashes their instruments in the background can he a decidedly empty spectacle. (iencral release.

Osmosis Jones t Pt it oooo (Peter and Bobby l-‘ari‘elly. l'S. 2001i Bill Murray. ('hris Rock. David Hyde Pierce. Laurence l‘ishhurne. 95 min. .‘ylising live action with animation. the l‘arrelly ‘s haye come tip with a real w inner. Within slothl'ul Ioo keeper Murray 's hody. t'unky white blood cell cop Jttttc‘s United by Rock) is partnered \\ ill] cold capsule painkilling machine l)ri.\ tl’iereet to hring down a lethal tlu \ ll'lls tl-‘ishhtirnet. Writer .\larc lly man explores cy ery win of this nil'ty idea. eiiy isioning .‘ylurray ‘s insides as a metropolis teaming with gangsters and corrupt politicians.

Say \ y. satirical play on the body politic. reminiscent ol' Wainer Bros cartoons of the I‘Mtis. which is esactly what this retro- sty'lctl animation looks like. Scch‘IL‘tl l'ClCil\L‘.

The Others t llt O... tAleiandro _-\men;ih;ir, l'S/Spain. Ztltll t .\'icole Kidman. l-‘ionnula l-‘lanagan. Alakina Mann. James Bentley. ltll min. The ()I/It'l'\ combines all the elements of the Victorian (iotliic thriller. hut .Alttt‘ttziliat'K American dehut is actually set on Jersey. at the end ol World War II. ls'idiiian play s (iiace. a highly-strung woman who keeps her children locked tip in an old mansion because she heliey es they

w ill die it c\posed to the sun. llowcycr. they do not dwell there alone. .’\tttctttiliitt"s is a moody tale that rests on the impossibility of working out w hat is real and what is supernatural. A triumph of merciless psychological manipulation. Adam Smith. l's'irkcaldy.

The Outsiders t t’( i l oooo tl‘t'ancis l‘ord ('oppola. l'S. IUSZi Matt Dillon. ('. ’l‘homas llow ell. limilio listeye/. 9| min. Adaptation ol Stisic llinton‘s iiiillion-selliiig noy L'l til. \ lttlL‘ttl L‘Uttlllcl hetw cctt lllL' ptittt' kids t(ireaserst and the rich kids tSocs) in a middle-Aiiici'ican tow ii. ('Ul‘l‘Ula's earnest. and some might say sentimental. ti'eatiiient ol' his material is a return to the sort of

mm ies you thought they didn't make

any more. Wondei'l'ul in other words. with a staggering east of luture teen idols. l-‘iliiiliouse. lidinhui'gh.

."z'y Apt 3* Mm.

L’x‘t‘.’ THE LIST 35