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Champions League Exhibition Scottish Football Museum. Hampden Park. l.etherby Driye. (il(i(il00. 10am 5pm. Free. An exhibition celebrating Scotland's ties with the Iiuropean (‘up through photographs by Tim Hall. film and the ('hanipions l.eagtie trophy itself. Orienteering For Everyone .\lugdock (‘ountry Park. ('raigeiid Visitor (‘entre. ('raigallian Road. Milngayie. ‘)5(i (i100. (i.3()w7.30pm. £l. .\feet at l)rumlog Moor car park and join the (‘Iydeside ()rienteers for courses and adyise on all aspects of orienteering.


David Sherry 'I'ramiiay. 25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. (ipm. Free. Sherry talks about his recent shoii at 'l‘raniiyay. ('unfiin'htbfy Bertie .'l/fl‘(’. and his recent works shown at 'l’ransmission and his residency at .\'ll-‘('A iii Helsinki.


Champions League Exhibition Scottish Football Museum. llampden l’ark. l.etherby l)ri\‘e. (ilti (i100. ltlam 5pm. Free. See 'I’hu t).

Horse Racing Hamilton l’ark Racecourse. Both“ ell Road. Hamilton. (“098 283806. (i. 15pm. £ ll) t£(i; under

ltis free). Iiiening race meeting. featuring

the Ml'l‘lli .\lile.


Introduction To Rock Climbing 'fiso (ilasgoiy ()utdoor lixperience. 50 (‘ouper Street. To“ ahead. 55‘) 5450.

7- 9pm. £47. l.earn the rock climbing basics from moying on rock to “hat you should be wearing.

Other events

The Power Of Compassion Woodside llalls. 3(i (ilenfarg Street. 08700 600100. 8pm. £0.50 (£5 l. The 'l‘ashi Monastery in South ltidia presents an eyening of Tibetan dance and music.

Book events

Poetry in the Park 'l‘ollci-oss Park. \Vellshot Road. 556 4554. l 3pm. l-‘ree. A chance to read or listen to some poetry and

Spons Champions League Exhibition Scottish l‘ootball .\lttseum. llampden

Permanent I


Rt3llll)l'<’ill(lt. B()llltl(}lli. \Ntiisstler atiti ()atleli. ‘Oaiii-(ipni: Sari Burrell Collection

2000 Polloktdiai'xt; Hoatl. 287' 253130. Mon

Park. l.etherby l)riye. (ilti (i100. l0ani-5pm. l-‘ree. See 'l‘hu l). Introduction To Rock Climbing liso (ilasgoyy ()utdoor lixperience. 50 (‘ouper Street. 'Iiiiynhead. 55‘) 5450. 7~‘)plii. £47. See l-‘ri lt).


Ten Thousand Li: Gallery Talk ('ollins (iallery. l'niyersity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. .\'oon lpni. l’ree. Scottish- (‘hlnese artist i’aniela So presents a guided tour of the exhibition. Modern Views Of Ancient Thebes (ilasgoiy t'niyersity. Boyd ()rr Building. 287 2594. 2pm. £(i. ligyptology Scotland present this lecture by Professor Kent Weeks. professor of ligyptology at the American t‘tiiyersity in (‘airo and founder and director of the 'I‘heban Mapping Project.


Champions League Exhibition Scottiin Football .\lti.seuni. llampden l’ark. l.etherby l)ri\e. (il(i (i I00.

I lam 5pm. l‘ree. See 'I‘Iiu t). Monklands Half Marathon “the Time Capsule. 100 Buchanan Street. ('oatbridge. 0l23(i 449572. 10.30am. £9 (£7) for competitors. Annual race around the to“ ti.


Gavin Stamp St Mary’s ('atliedral. 300 (ireat Western Road. 337 28(i2. 8pm. l-‘ree. Historian and lecturer (iayin Stamp giyes a talk on the work of the (‘athedral's architect Sir (ieorgc (iilbert Scott.

Other events

Antique 8. Collectors Fairs .\loil‘ Hall. Mitchell Theatre (’omplex. (it’anyille Street. 017(i4 (i54555.

10am 4pm. £l (children free). Brousc or buy from a \\ ide selection of antiques and collectables.

Mugdock Castle Open Day .\lugdock (’astle. ('raigallian Road. \lilngayie. ‘)5(i (il00. l 4.30pm. liree. find out more about the history of this ancient nionument’s history spanning 700 years. 20 minute walk from the yisilot‘ centre.


Dorothy Paul Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 5.32 9000. (ipm. £4.50 (£3). The popular Scottish comedy actress talks about her life and career to date.

Coco Fusco Lecture (‘(‘..\. 350 Saucliieliall Street. 352 4000. 7pm. £4 (£3 l. .-\ lecture by (‘oco l-‘usco. a .\'e\\ - York based interdisciplinary artist \sho drayi s on her (‘uban heritage to explore issues of difference and cttltural politics.

880 ’f)l.’i.lv1oii-Sat

71am (Split. SHIN ; infill/1S3“). lliit; attractio'i. tszttiaftxl ovi

iS“../'f> that".

glasgoWl‘istcomk 1

Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove

Argyle Street. 287' 2090.

Mon— Tlitl 8. Sat i()éilll~:3t)lll; in 8. Son liarn~~f>pnr Free. This; fiie example of late V3(Ll()rl£lll architecture houses a permanent (;()ll(:(,‘ll()ll of work by sailoli names; as;

Sat ltlatii--:">pni; M18. Stai lléllll*"f)l)lll. free. Sir William t3tit‘t'ell':; worltl tamotif; collection of beautiful art ()l)l()t;lfs from atoiirirl the globe. "iotl:;e(l ll‘ a specially (l(:.‘;l(jll(}(l. £i‘.'.’£l'(l-‘.'.’|tl'llll(l l)tlll(lll‘.().

Clydebuilt Scottish Maritime Museum Braeliearl Sll()l);)lt‘.(_j (Letitre. Kings; |ti<;li Road.

the Hive" (Ilytle. tDlllltlf; to l|l(l' the story of (Slasgtov'x's (leveloptiietit frotii ll‘t: fol)a(:<:o lottlt; iii the 1,003; l'ltllli ill) to the 2’ l at (Itfllilll‘y'. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

[.50 (heat \‘l/ersletti 19.17:). Daily

': lain sliilii. l rm; lllft;

ill Mitt,

'-€ltii t:(:lll'.l."," gtawleti atitl

(litif;f;"it,.l‘$(:fi an: lioiiiii to


It seems fitting that 25 years on from Celtic’s historic victory over Inter Milan in Lisbon, European football’s biggest prize is coming back to Glasgow. Of course, Glasgow’s links with the European Cup began well before the Lisbon Lions came to glory. Back in 1960, Hampden Park played host to the final to end all finals: Real Madrid versus Eintracht Frankfurt. The Spanish giants claimed the trophy in a ten-goal thriller, seven of which went in their favour.

Glasgow life



gtasgou) {Zinat 2002

Q/E'R /'\

History has a habit of repeating itself and the 2002 final will see eight- times winners Real back in action against a German side, this time Bayer Leverkusen. Of course it’s not quite the glamour clash football fans might have hoped for bad Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United been in the frame - Sebastian Veron, hang your head in shame - but with names such as Figo, Carlos and Zidane still in the picture, it’s hard to feel too aggrieved.

Realistically, the ordinary punter has a better chance of seeing Roy Keane cheering on the German side than they have of stumbling across a ticket. Briefs were snapped up months ago, so, like most Glaswegians, you’ll have to make do with the box. With tens of thousands of Spaniards and Germans descending on the city, our advice is to make like a tourist and head out to city centre pubs to lap up the electric atmosphere.

The final is expected to be worth around £20m to the local economy, and with the eyes of the world firmly focused on Glasgow, Scotland’s hopes of hosting Euro 2008 rest on a hitch-free outcome. Let’s hope the much- maligned Hampden pitch stands up to the scrutiny.

Real are favourites to be crowned European champions for the ninth time, in this, their centenary year (go to www.betdaddy.com for a virtual flutter). As a nation of footballing underdogs, it seems only right that we should spare a thought for Leverkusen. After all, the chances of Celtic or Rangers ever getting this far in the competition seems more like fantasy

football every year. (Maureen Ellis)

Tuesday 1 4

Book events

William Nicholson ()ttakai-‘s Bookstore. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. 7pm. Free. A“ ard-iy inning atithor of The film] (It l'in' 'Ii'i/uei talks about and signs copies of the third and final instalment. 'l'ln' Him] ()/I l'in'.

Anthony Beevor Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. l‘rec. the best-selling author of Stu/inerm/joins Alan Ta} [or of the Sunday Herald to discuss his neyy isork. Ber/in.


Dark Light Commissions - Steve Slater 'riic Arches. 253 Argi'lc Street. 0‘)0l 022 0300. 7pm. f l. 'l‘raniiyay ‘s senior producer Steye Slater talks through the objecthes and aspirations of'l‘ranixiay 's Dark lights (‘onimissions \\ hich offer artistic and technical support to promising Scottish based artists.

an interester and

educational selection of Centre

plants. as we“ as so Péitilllti Quay. 4.20 53000. Daily ltlatii-—(Spri:. S‘fiin—S‘lJ WW 3770'.

featuring; lit the film Jade. Glasgow Cathedral Castle Street. :35»? 8108. Mon Sat Elfiitlani - trim 8 1). —(3l)llll Son 7'-f$t)'ll. tree. A stone 'titiilt <:lit;t'<:li has; stood on this; f§llt§f$fll<1t>illltitllhlillti |o\.'./<;-i til‘itlttlll (I()lll£illlf; Elie E;l‘.l’lll(} o‘ S! lVltllltit). ‘.'.’llt)(ll(?<l(ft()ll"(l(ilZ). Art l‘.()\.'.’(}‘.’(3l most of the present lllllltlltlti (later; from the liltti or lfilli


Glasgow Science

S‘ffim ‘.'t:;ltoi tilll'tltillOl‘. :3; a mine of information ori :;t:!eti(:e atitl technology;

Glasgow School of

the Mackintosh Gallery. 03/ lietifr‘-:>\.«'~.' Street. IiSSL-l 4:500. Glasgow School of /\tt 3?; (Iliarlet; lietirile

Garden Club Lecture Mugdoek (‘ountry Park. ('raigend Visitor Centre. (‘raigallian Road. \liliigayie. ‘)5(i (il()(). 7 9pm. £2. Book in adyance for this one hour talk on yarious gardening matters. The talk is followed by a practical garden demonstration. Booking essential.

Other events

Stella Screen Cinebar Blackfriars. 3(i Bell Street. 552 5924. ()pm. l’ree. Stella bring cinema to the pub. screening classic films iii a relaxed and familiar enyiromiient. Tonight's film is A Room For Romeo li’mxs.

Wednesday 15


UEFA Champions League Final Hampden Park. l.etherby l)ri\e. (ilti (i000. 7.45pm. S()I.l) ()l'T. (ilasgoyy plays host to the prestigious finale of the 2001/2002 (‘hampions l.eague campaign. Who it ill walk away with liuropean football's ultimate club pri/e'.’ See preyieii.

Mackintosli's; greatest a(:li:e\.'ement and it (ZOtlllllthS to intrigue and inspire yrsztors; from all over the work}. Greenbank Garden Flt:"(l(?t‘§; Roatl. Clarkstoti. (380 8281.. Daily liltllllvfiplll. 8.8 5‘28. This; walieo .tartlen. tucked away an the (‘ilasgioy'x solitiilis. contains; a wealth of !'ll(?l't?f§il.’lt} plants and

Situated on the Slit? of the 1088 Garden l estiyal, (‘ilazsgioi'x's

flowers as well at; wootliatitl walks. a glasshouse and water displays.

'1‘ .”.i Mr. THE LIST 99