Glasgow life

Wednesday 1 5 continued


Paisley Art Institute l’aislc} Museum N .v\rt (ialler). High Street. l’aisle}. 88‘) 3l5 I. l3.30pin. l‘ree. .-\rtist's talk h} lid Hunter.

Psychical Research Glasgtm l'ni\ersit) Bo}d ()rr Building. 387 3504. 7.30pm. £3. Lecture h} Rupert Sheldrake \\ ho \xill he discussing “the li\tendcd .\lind: recent e\periinental results'.

Thursday 1 6


Chinese Ceramics Burrell ('ollection. 3000 l’tilltikslt;i\\s Road. 387 3550. 3.30pm. liree. Jenn} lnglis leads a guided tour highlighting some ot~ the inuseum‘s artelacts.

Cathy Wilkes 'l‘ranma}. 35 .'\lhert l)ri\e. 38," 3000. ppm. l’ree. The artist talks ahout her \xork \\ ith relercnce to ltL‘l' I'L‘L'Cltl \Ult) slttm ttl ln\erlcith lltttlsc. lidiuhurgh.


Horse Racing Hamilton l’ark

Racecourse. Botlm ell Road. Hamilton.

0|(i‘)8 38380o. (\.3llpltl. £I0 t £(i; under is l'reel. See l'it’t ll).

Other events

Cafes Philosophiques :\lliancc

l-‘rancaise de (ilasgou. 7 Bo“ mont

(iardens. 33043814 (ipm. £5 t£3 I. .\

l‘rench discussion group on

philosophical questions. .»\ minimum

l'il‘L‘llL‘lt lc\el llllg‘llcl' l‘l‘L‘ttcltl is


Motorsport International Sli('(‘.

liinniestou Qua}. 08“0 040 40t )0.

4 l0pm. £10 t £51. 'l‘he hottest. l'astest

and hen est \xhecls on displa} to the


Saturday 18


Globalisation: The Battle for the 21st Century (‘ii_\ ltall. ('andleriggs. 0703*) 803304. 10am 5pm. £5 (£3). .\ one da_\ cont'erence \\ ith speakers. sessions and \\orl\shops organised h} (ilohalise Resistance Scotland. Speakers include John Watson of the World l)e\elopment .\lo\ement. 'lariq .'\li. a political acti\ ist and author. and \ittot’io .-\gnoletto ol the (ienoa Social l-‘orum.


Challengers Scottish Travellers Series 2002 llelenshurgh Sailing (‘luh. (‘hallengcr (irotlp. Rhu Road. Helcnshtu‘gh. ()44 4384. 0.30am. £l0. RYA Sailahilit} Scotland in conjunction \\ ith llelenshurgh Sailing ('luh host the llelenshurgh regatta sailing e\ent. Variety Club Race Day Hamilton l’ark Racecourse. Both\\ ell Road. Hamilton. llloUS 38380o. 3.05pm. £l0 t£o1 under llis t'reei. ,\ lun charit} da} out at the races. \\ ith lots ol' children's entertainment.

House For An Art -- .- ‘.4..<;<


l)':i<t.',_. ' ' :"' .~-:.' t

On Your Marks

Who’s on their marks? You could he il' )ou put on _\our running shoes and join in the Her-popular annual “omen‘s 10k run through (ilasgou.

Where does it go? It starts at Bellaliouston Park with a pre-run uarm~up and

\\ ea\ es its \xa} through the south side of the cit) hei'ore heading hack to the park and

the entertainment \ illage.

Is it very competitive? There are some “omen \\ ho come from all m er the \xorld to compete hut _\ou can also go to enio} )oursell' and men raise some mone} l'or

)our l‘a\ourite charit\.

Can I still enter? The entr} date has heeu e\tended to Sat l8 .\la_\ so _\ou‘\ e still got time to join in the inn h) phoning the entr} hotline numher or logging on to the

\\ ehsite.

I Br fart/wt: Asset [liartagonient li/omen's Wk Rico. Ber’la/iouston Park. Bo/i'ahousfori [)r/vo. entri’ hot/Hie 2/18 9903). Sun if) mm. 7 lam.

... ‘. (Ii/(mix )L'. (pix. (m

Other events

Motorsport International Sli('(‘. l‘iimieston Qua). 0870 040 400i).

ltlain (ipllt. £|0 t £5l. See l‘ri I7.

28 This Generation 8. Dyna-Mites (‘hde .-\uditoriuin. l‘innieston Qua}. 08—0 040 4000. 3pm. £(1tl)_\lt;t-lltllL‘\lI'L‘L‘l..'\ spiritual gathering l'or _\oung people to lind retreshment. rene\\al and acceptance Movement And Place t’ariiek Burgh Hall. () Burgh Hall Street. 07080 845903. l0am 4pm. £30 I £30l. Simon \Vhitehead hosts a dance \\ot‘l\shop that l'ocuses on sourcing personal and collectne relationships to the intluence ol place. Scottish Academy Of Asian Arts Workshops St Mar} 's (’athedral. 300 (ireat \Vestern Road. 337 38(33.

3 5.30pm. £3 £5 tor all three. All ages. Introductor} \xorkshops featuring Indian music and dance. tahla. Indian classical \oice and Bharara Xanam Dance.


Challengers Scottish Travellers Series 2002 Helenshurgh Sailing ('lnh. ('hallenger(iroup. Rhu Road. Helenshurgh. ()44 4384. 9.30am. £10. See Sat l8.

Britannic Asset Management Women’s 10k Race Bellaliottston l’arlx. Bellaliouston l)ri\ e. 437 5454.

l lain. .v\nnua| run uhich raises thousands l'or charit} and includes a competitne international road race. See photo caption.

‘11 :.:r;::;".<:r"a a. Tl(2‘.’>t‘.ril '.<; ‘7: '.'l-’3 twin", (3‘ f'zinéakflt. -': i People’s Palace 8-

.).. :.:-.~.» '- z. . ww/ :-:. .'-_.- Winter Garden

' ' " ea! " Gautier. (it€:(}'". :'>:'>~1

.' tw' , : \)latl"_ felon lilo 8 Sn.

l/li:.’.i‘7"'. " i 1‘ 2',’ 2 l‘ ' '

Museum Of Transport ' l 2' l '- ~ ‘.B..!'i:~.:;-: av a" r ;' . "‘,'.’il-’rl/l!: r'ifi' ‘."' i' t. ' Hunterian Museum l v. .is . ll" .‘:".'.. .‘7. i’tii .3. 111;” ?.«lg' : «’4' {it t ' " '7l"l'

Scottish Claymores v Rhein Fire llampdeu Park. The National Stadium. lethcrli} [)ri\ e. 0500 35.3535. 3pm. Scotland‘s .-\meriean l'oothall giants continue their .\’l-'l. liurope League campaign.

Other events

Motorsport International Sl-L(‘(‘. l‘innieston Qua}. 0870 040 4000.

Want (ipin. £l0 t£5). See l‘ri l7.

Monday 20

Book events

Nick Thorpe 'l‘lieau'e Royil. 282 llopc Street. 33300001»an £4.50 1 £3 l. The a\\ard-\\ inning journalist and tra\el

\\ riter discusses his lit‘st hook which tells the tale ol‘ his o\\ n pacilic m} age to liaster lsland.

Other events

Orchid Fair Kihhle l’alace. (ilasgou Botatiic (iardens. 730 (lreat Western Road. 33 3433. Want 5pm. lirce. .-\

\\ celxend liot‘ orchid lo\ ers \\ illt colourl'ul displa} s. advice and plant sales. 'I‘here

\\ ill also he a hounc) castle and a children's pla} area to keep the kids entertained.

Book events Sally Beauman Ro}al ('oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 13.30pm.

ttlzii‘i Sir“: H: 8. Sit" 1.0m fla'ii on”. line.

Scottish Football

£3.50 £4. Beauman l'L‘Vlstls .\lander|e)‘ llt ltL‘t‘ novel. Rt'lu't‘t'u '3 Ill/U. the setting for Daphne du Maurier‘s classic \\til'l\. Martina Cole ()ttakar's Bookstore. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. 6.30pm. l'ree. Ii“ an \Vilson. co-ordinator ol'()ttakar's ('rime hook ot' the month is in coin'ei‘sation \\ ith Martina (‘ole as she launches her neu pétpL‘t'lMtclx. I'ilt't'lt’n.


Lions And llliteracy Burrell Collection. 3060 l’ollokshau‘s Road. 387 3550. l l.3()ani. l-‘ree. A guided tour led h)‘ Margaret :\llthl'sott.

Other events

Orchid Fair Kihhle l’alace. (ilasgtm Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 33 3433. 10am 5pm. l‘ree. See Mott 30.

Composing Workshop St Mar} \ ('athedral. 300 (ireat Western Road. 33" 3803. 1 3pm. Free. :\d\ance hooking necessar}. lttnoVatiVe composer Stephen l)u\'istttoon leads this workshop in the art of composing.

Stella Screen Cinebar Blackl'riars. 36 Bell Street. 553 5934. 9pm. i'il'L‘C. See ‘l‘ltC l—l onl_\ tonight's lilm is Soul .Suri'ii'urs.

Wednesday 22

Book events

Cafe Litteraires Alliance l‘rancaise de (ilasgtm. 7 Boumont (iardens. 33‘) 438i. (ipm. l’ree. 'l‘he intortttal hools discussion group discuss Bi'eA-wn/ (/(' t'/I(1.\\(' (I It! Hlt'rt' l1} (iene\ lL‘\L‘ Brisac.


Paisley Art Institute l’aislc} Mtiseum & .s\rt (ialler). High Street. l’aisle}. 88‘) 3l5 l. 13.30pm. l-‘ree. Artist's talk h} Muriel Barcla}.

Book events

Peter Stamm (ioethc liistitttt. 3 Park (’ircus. 333 3555. 7pm. l-‘ree. S\\ iss author l’eter Stamm reads in (ierman and linglish lrom his acclaimed short sltil'} xi QIH’S.


Thanksgiving Service (llasgtm ('athedral. ('astle Street. 553 S’l‘)8. Her .\l;l_lest_\ the Queen ttlttl lllC l)lll\L‘ t l. lidinhurgh attend a thanksgn ing \L‘l‘ lL'L‘.


Graham Fagen 'l‘raimxa). 35 ;\lhert l)ri\'c. 387 3900. (ipm. l‘ree. The artist talks about his \xork. l'ocusing on recent and current projects.

The Hill House - Ten Years Of Change Queen‘s (‘ross Church. 870 (iitl'sctlhe Road. 946 (i(i()(). (1.30pm. £5. Propert} manager at the Hill House. .-\nne lillis. marks her retirement in .\la_\. \\ ith an talk on the changes that ltLt\ C taken place ill lllll lltlltsc 0\L‘l' lltC lzlsl [L‘lt )L‘itt's.

long; "‘e:"‘.ir‘;;:al txi: -.".

i>o'ftt~“u.: (Ti. Eliaari

(-‘xlastioxx't; t)(?t3l~t()‘.(?(t Museum l3t:r:a._::;.\.':; k"‘.?il;‘ .iitstitialoii ."-£tS recently llgi'aptlor‘: l)£t."i'\. l oil‘o'tt', :;;.. rial-9:; "rain: ' .inrimiioraiamajor igttTtlllf'. l)r'\.o.(‘ti$t314){7 Mo" Sat file’fil‘"‘t‘fitJl‘dfl‘. t()(1(}l(?l)l£tl(}llfltjifttttalttf‘, ‘i‘aim 5‘0": Stir: '.;;.'o:; t Me“ 652'". 5‘5) iii/‘50. The Tall Ship At People’s Palace 8‘ lt t ' ' u at Scottzrw Glasgow Harbour winter garden tumult nos. lions-3:; tho St.:i\.".>:;:; Rum. 3.3:? ltStttf“. of tho lnnitltetti. (133501", '* eian rv‘ Scotland. 531.5. $3.36,. Sharmanka Kinetic v" Gallery i' ‘t‘ l l .i :t‘ '. I’iitl l l.\.:l. l-l Knit Since-2. Junkies. lift)? .itif'n) ltit? lt)“‘.. ll‘ti ltt ttll' l t} l'it‘5\ 71"“. 8...“. op"): "1.12:: te' (St-"aw i'u' . t? ._:o ’ar"'.<':;>§orisip" 9301*; 1 ..=1'.:;.: "as": l'. a tll‘ttti‘.’ Waite-.1 ,»\1‘.."a‘..' ' 'a til\