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Trevor Baylis l'ni\ersit_\ ot' lidinhurgh. Sanderson Building. Kings Building. 650 1000. 7pm. Free. The tamed imentor of the it iiidtip radio shares stories from his extraordiiiar} eareer.

Other events

Rising Tide Workshop Quaker Meeting House. 7 Vietoi‘ia 'l'erraee. 06‘) 1735. 7 ‘)pm. The grassroots netnork l‘or action on elimate ehaiige present this isorksliop \\ ith \ ideos. information and talks.

Other events

Paper Moon (it). .-\t‘t ('entre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. 10am 12.30pm. £4. Deirdre Nelson leads a workshop to experiment \\ ith Uses of paper.

Guided Walk Of Newhaven Village Newhaxen Heritage Museum. .\'e\\ lia\ en Harhour. 52‘) 3‘)63. 2pm & 3pm. liree. .-\d\'aiiee hooking required. Volunteers from the Heritage .\1tisetim lead a ualk around this historie \ illage.

Book events

Storytelling With Children Netherhou .-\rts ('entre. ~13 45 High Street. 557 572 . 10am 3.30pm. £15 t£‘)i.

lmprm e )titii' stor_\telling skills at this interaetix e \\ot‘ls‘~ltop.


Formula 3/GT PowerTour Knoekltill Racing ('ii'euit. KIlUL‘kltlll. l)unl‘eriiiline. 01383 723337. ‘)aiii 5.30pm. £10t£5i. High-octane motoring action in a \seekend ot' teleVised raeing. See the l-‘oriiiula ()ne stars of tomoi'roxt eompete in lioriiiula 'l‘lii'ee raeiiig.

Scottish East & West District Championships Meatltmtiimk Spot'ts (‘entre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351.

‘)am 6.30pm. liree. Seotland‘s leading Hawk and field stars meet for the lirst major event ol‘ the season.

Tennis Club Open Day The (irange (‘luh. l’ortgou er l’laee. Stoekhridge. 332 21-18. 2 5pm. Free. (let into the tennis season s\\1llg \\ ith this tun open da}.

Other events

Art Deco Fair Roin l1ighland(‘entre. Ingliston. 335 6200. .’\ll exhihitioii and sale of art deeo goods.

Green Wood Working t-‘oui- Winds Inspiration(’eiitre.'l'1ie 1’aii1ion. 1m erleith l’ark. .-\rhoretimi l’laee. 332 222‘). £30 plus materials. limironiiientalh-l'rieiidl) \Hitttl uorking re\ealed iii a pi'aetieal \\t)l'l\slltip.

- Permanent

attractions .

Brass Rubbing Centre

Cl‘étllt‘tffS Close. Royal l/li‘}. 580414301. Moi: Sat ‘rfia'irwfipii‘. Free. out There 's a charge for

"‘ak "f; a 1'til)l)‘."(l. S‘ftiateti l". the apse of a Gothic church dating hack. to 3100. the centre

houses a secction of

church hrasses and ancient Pictish replicas zlsuai trickery. as eii as lots of crayons so you can get riihtnitg Camera Obscura Castlehitl, Royal Mile. (3709. Mon—Fri 0.130ani—0pni, Sat 8. Sun loath—(Spin. i3‘2.f§()-S‘I%.9:’)i; taniily ticket S‘M. Pick up a pedestrian in your hand at this attraction. ‘.'.’lll(lll gives visitors a real tinte. (300 ith-£190 of the city. The post recent addition to tl1(3‘~.'(311tl(} is the Magic Gallery. giving l1£11l(lf‘y()l‘i


29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale St Andrew '.s and St (ieorge’s (’hureli. 13(ieorge Street. 225 38-17. 10am 4pm. A seek-long sale ()1. thousands of hooks. printed materials and eolleetahles in aid of ('hristian Aid. Guided Walk Of Newhaven Village Ne“ lltl\ en Heritage Museum. Neisliaven Harhour. 52‘) 3‘)63. 2pm & 3pm. l-‘ree. See l-‘ri 10.


Formula 3/GT PowerTour Knoekhill Raeing (‘ireuit. Knoekhill. Dunlermline. 01383 723337.

‘)am- 5.30pm. £20 (£10). See Sat 11. Scottish East & West District Championships Meadou'hank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351. ‘)am 6.30pm. l-‘ree. See Sat 1 1. Hearts v Livingston 'I‘yneeasile Stadium. (iot'gie Road. 200 7201. 3pm. £17 t£‘)i. SP1. l‘oothall mateh.


Tour Of The New Japanese Garden I.auriston Castle. 2a ('ramoiid Road South. 336 2060. .\'ooii. 2pm. 3pm ck 4pm. l‘ree. l)a\ id Seari'att and lain l’ark lead a tour exploring the lien garden.

Other events

Art Deco Fair Ro)al Highland (‘enti‘e. lnglistott. .355 (i301). See Silt ll.

Bello Come Un Fiore l.itlll‘lsttin ('astle. 2a (‘raiiiond Road South. 336 2060. 11am 4.20pm. £3. An Italian- themed t‘lon er liestnal eelehrating the eastle's last on ner‘s low of Ital}. Family Learning Day Ringil Botanic (iardeii. linerleith Ron. 552 7171.

\'oon 4pm. l‘ree. Try your hand at hotanieal art. meet tutors and diseo‘. er learning opportunities. and for ehildren. theies stor} telling sessions and lots ol l‘uii.

Book events

Performance Poetry Workshop Quaker Meeting House. 7 Victoria 'lerraee. 555 2707 7 ‘)pm. £35 t£25l. Big Word's Jeni Rolls and Anita (}o\an host a series of tiio-liour \sorksliops in perl'oi'iiiaiiee poett'} teehnigues. Designed l'or nest and e\perieneed performers.


The Costume Society Of Scotland ()\erseas House. 100 Princes Street. 552 4968. 7.30pm. £10. The Annual (ieiieral Meeting and memhers’ L‘\L‘11lllg ol’ the soeiet).


Dorothy Paul l'esti\al 'l’heaire. l3 2‘) .\'ieo|son Street. 52‘) 6000. 1pm. £4. The popular Seottish comedy aetress talks ahotit her lite and eareer to date.

Other events 29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale St Andre“ 's arid St (leorge's

experiences of tne art of

Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road. 13:30 7800. Daily 10am—0pm. 26 5‘70?) sift/1.530. With volcanoes erupting heneath >.ir feet. a tropical "(HHSHN'U‘ pouring down. earthquakes and tida1 unraves at exec. tiirn tl‘.(‘: history of the earth has never l)()(}1‘. more interesting.

Edinburgh Castle Royal Mile. 22130840. Daily 0.1%0an: (31)l‘.‘. S‘B 5‘1). 80.. Although iiitirtli

, edinburgliélis’tcoiuk

Edinburgh life


Assembly Rooms, Fri 17-Sun 19 May

It you caught him unteariiig i‘eti pants over his trousers. you'd be forgive" t'or' mistaking Greg Palast for a new age Superman. Since givng up his position as an independent investigator for the US government. Pa?ast has forged a career out of kicking had guy ass. Take the alleged story of l‘it)‘.'.’ Bush fixed the vote in Florida or his claims about Blair’s dealings ‘.'/|tl‘. Enron. Whether it's classified. corporate or ociiticat. Pa'ast's got a theory about it. Fen-i (1780 can take part credit for a Sit)". compensation settlement in Favour of the public. but Palast dzd in 1088 when he compiled evidence against a itaciear plant 1". Nev: York. These days he is best known t it his '.'/ork ‘.'.’iill lat:- Close/yer aria sing/if a":i i'tig;i"'i-::-'i o, titany

Booker Prize Winner James Kelman joins the radicals

as a cross between an iniest gatixe genius and a :::>'::;p racy opsesseu 'a":‘:'.-:..

This month sees him in i‘,’l)|(l£l' ‘ig'iti'ig form at the S xtn F.3d 'ii>.ii‘gi" i"’l~f}:1-f}"<l(}"t Radical Book Fair. The prolit-c reporter puts " 'i‘se.‘ ...'i:ier '.".{3 spotlv. lid on goha isation. (X)l't)()"{‘.l011:)1‘8Ettltllling finance ‘r'aiitisfers as "e discuss-cs his cciitroversiai collect'on of essays. Tie Best l)e.~‘.>:r';i::', Car"

And he is in good (:oiiipany. Hosted t;y ‘v‘v’cr:i'l-)o-.'.iei'. 000058013: retornist bookshops. the fair often; an ecie :t c '1“X c‘ 'eaoii‘gs. pnoi'ksiiops. music and lectures. Notahie liigiiiights incTtide the creat 2e {If case (:5 Booker Pr'ze— ‘.'/l.'ll‘.’?r James Ktziiiiziii Ho's; Late /;‘ 1.247;; How. 32ft: :i";: fe'. :33 :i";: ‘or'iier Sinii Fein director o" piip'icity. [)ai‘iiy lvloi‘riso". ‘.'.' t" We One-(WE; It.t7.;(2{} on». ‘.'.’0{3KS away. the two writers teat: a :iisi::.iss.cii assessing; fine egiacy .2? "-::-i:. throug?‘ h-story. pchtics. ’.t-::-rat.ii'e a":i' 'i‘usc. Ate-"wit 5. .j:t-""so"-. revered as the '.'./o"io's ‘ii‘st "egg/at} poet. 18;()".(‘:(2 II". Mad (3 t:so ‘. 'iiitl’.‘ Sa'ter a'id

Voces (iel Stir as he ;.;-roriictes “is ’10‘.'.' collect o" :2" poetry. T

of art: .t'fs the

trl :sif) llxldi

i1:,.(:..,:,.» 1.: .i’. (3.1.

Direct. [DOllthéilElflil1'(}i(l'1£ll()t",. the lair l),'O.'1‘~ :‘es it: pro. .ie a °.’?"..'t‘ ':>" two parts iaity politics seldom i<:.i..'i. mad guns. or; at axi. be .eij. a 'a .i. A. a '1 .i' I For more i/ifo/‘ii‘.’i."or‘ contact nooks nominees. e'..f.>...'< :7' feerv‘c'wv f, ' (:62

9 .4. ..’i./...Hers-pen.e'...()..m.

Other events

29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale 51 Andre“ ‘\ ttlttl St (ieol'ge\ (‘hurelL 13 George Street. 225 3847. 10am 3.30pm. See Sat 1 1. Monuments Of Greyfriars Kirkyard (ire) triars Kirk. (ire) lriars l’laee. 52‘) 3063. 2pm & 6pm. .v\d\anee hooking required. .\ tour ot the tamed gi‘;i\t‘};ti'tl led h} loeal eoiiserxators l)oi'otli} .\larin and 1’atil .\l£'.'\tllL'_\. Stella Screen Cinebar ()\}gL‘lt Bar & (it'lll. 3 5 liiliriiiai‘) Street. 557 ‘)‘)‘)7. 8pm. l‘ree, ’l’oiiiglit‘s liliii is .\ Run/n l-‘or RUIHt'H li’l'iiu.

Wednesday 15


Recent Archaeology

(‘1itireh. 13(ieorge Street. 225 384.". 10am 3.30pm. See Sat 1 1.

Hugh Miller Commemorative Plaque Unveiling High Street. l’ortohello. 52‘) 5558. 1 lam. l‘i'ee. .-\ eoiiiinemoratn e plaque to the geologist \\ ill he unveiled in l’ortohello.

The Power Of Compassion Si Bride's ('enti‘e. 10 ()r\\ ell 'lei'i‘aee. 346 1405. 8pm. £6.50 t £5 t. The 'laslii .\lonaster_\ in South India presents an e\ening ol'lihetaii danee and mtisie.

Tuesday 14

Talks Douglas Gifford Seottisli l’oeti'} l.ihi'ar}. 5 ('rieliton's (‘lose. ('anongate. 557 2876. 7.30pm. £3. The pi'ot‘essor presents his leettii'e on Seot‘s poet Soutai'. An Evening With Max Queen‘s Discoveries In Edinburgh (‘ii_\ .-\t't llall. ('lei'k Street. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. ('eiiti'e. 2 \larket Street. 52‘) 3903.

£8.50 t£7l. ('omposer and eoiiduetoi' Sir 12.30pm. l'ree. .t\eting keeper ol~

l’eter .\la\\\ ell l)a\ is talks to .\lagntis areliaeolog} .loliii l.im soii on signilieant l.iiiklater ahout liis lite and iiiusie. ai'eliaeologieal linds.

of the castle's iiiediei.al ‘Stll“ character vgas lost inliei‘ t was converted into barracks in the 10th century (?()1ll11l11i'ltt

opt". $20.05, :2‘. '3; .i taste .'e r‘

it: ".l .'.".-.?". I'Tt? Nev. .'..i:: f. Hopetoun House

Slsis:_;.‘ s], \\

.S‘.1.‘.ii:'\~i‘f\.é)fii. (The. iiietlitxls ::l torture. pest ‘iii‘tte-ridde". streets.


e (Zél‘.’£tt1()7lS£lll1‘ to ("Al t‘tt.’"‘.t1£il$ Liam-":7- redress this. Other t, (t.'ii:..rgt"s latest t i' 3 i " attractions include .Jaiiies giiiieseiiie \lSlH” :‘o. :1 stat-a. lV's famous cannon. attract up takes. .. " .i i .i". " s :t Mons Meg. ll1(?k)fit? flt‘t"é" spiking ton " ' O'Ciock Gun. tots (‘f \l(?(?l)t?t§i darkest ."‘.‘::‘Zi-':; ‘\.'..i' :..-.t::::->:; '. " thaws. niilitan. sil\.'ei‘\.'.aie and the o‘ St‘t)tt|.‘§11l118l~"‘.. .'..i:; '. " '."-.t Stone Of Destiny. used to Georgian House . 1‘. “.m‘fs S" crown Scottish kings i' (Ilatvotte Sttt..t'i-. ‘.'. .i'i‘ since llll‘O hogan. L‘lot‘.l\.1t>'i—Sat ,»\.t ' Edinburgh Dungeon ican‘ {\iii“: St." .‘ (“l :;" "5):; 151 Market Street. Chit) E‘fi 231.1speize'x‘tmi tufts: t i. f"... \. 8-100 000. Daily perch Georgia." . t .l" t"-.- :xis'. 9.. .‘ '.i‘-.i':;. ~ i.. THE LIST 101