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Wednesday 15 continued

Other events

Peter Green 8. Co Wine Tasting Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £12.50- £25 including supper. Michael Romer introduces a wine tasting complemented by poetry readings. 29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale St Andrew's and St (ieorge's Church. 13 (icorge Street. 225 3847. 10am 3.30pm. See Sat 1 1.

Book events

Big Word Performance Poetry (iildcd Saloon. 233 Cowgate. 226 6550. ‘)pm. £4 (£3 i. Leicester‘s Verbal dynamo Rob (ice. Peter Alexander. 50-word poet Stephen Barnaby and Anita (ioyan puryey their well-Versed patter.

Other events

Adult Workshop City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. l0am~4pm. Free with exhibition ticket. Adyance booking required. A two-part workshop making space—inspired papier inache. 29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale St Andrew's and St Georges Church. 13 (ieorge Street. 225 3847. l0am--8pm. See Sat 1 l.

Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show lidinburgh College of Art. Lauriston Place. 22] 6000. 3pm. 7pm & ‘)pm. £5—L‘l0. Annual fashion show highlighting individual collections from graduating students. See photo caption.

Book events

Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 662 ‘)l 12. Word Power. Scotland’s radical bookshop. host a Vibrant literary weekend featuring publishers‘ stalls and a diyerse programme of eyents. See prey iew. Tariq Ali Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7.30pm. The writer. filmmaker and editor of New [.(f/l Rr’l‘ir'w kicks off the official opening of Edinburgh‘s Independent Radical Book Pair as he talks about his new book. The discussion will be followed by a Varied mix of music and readings.


Rhodo ‘02 Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 248 2‘)2‘). liree. An international conference designed for those with a passion for rhiidodendrons.


Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show lidinburgh College of Art. Lauriston Place. 22] 6000. 7.30pm. £5—£l0. See photo caption.

Other events

Cashmere Sale Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 434‘). ‘)am ~5pm. A sale of luxury cashmere items. Papermaking City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. l0am--l2.30pm.

Edinbur h College of Art Fashion how

Did I hear you saw catwalk? Why yes you did. But forget those oyerpriced creations you're used to seeing on the catwalks of London. Rome and Milan. This is your chance to see the work of lidinburgh’s best young designers before they make it big.

So they’re young, but are they good? How can you doubt it'.’ liCA has a top reputation for producing successful designers. and some of the students haye eyen collaborated with professionals like Mark liley from liley Kishimoto London and April Crichton from Sonia Ry kiel Paris.

What sort of designs can we expect? Imaginations w ill haye been running riot. and as the designers come from the Fashion. Performance Costume

and Textiles courses. you can rest assured \ariety is the name of the game.

And if I can’t get a ticket? If. for whatey er reason. you aren't destined to see the show first-hand in the neo-classical splendour of the Sculpture Court. then log onto ww w.eca.ac.uk and watch the liye webcast instead on Friday night.

I ECA Fashion Show. Edinburgh Co/lege of Art. Launston P/ace. 0737 22] 6000. Thu 76‘ May at 3pm, 7 pm and 9pm; gala performance Fri 77 May at

7.30pm. {25—70.

£4. l'sc seeds. petals and threads to create handmade paper.

29th Annual Second-hand Book Sale St Andrew 's and St (ieorge‘s Church. 13 (ieorge Street. 225 3847. l0arn 3.30pm. See Sat 1 l.

Starting To Tell Stories Netherbow Arts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 557 5724. l.3l)r-4pin. L“) (£6). Beginners workshop coyering story sources. learning a story and making it your own.

Guided Walk Of Newhaven Village New hay en Heritage Mtiseum. .\'ew hay en Harbour. 52‘) 3‘)63. 2pm tk 3pm. l-‘ree. Sec liri l0.

Saturday 18

Book events

Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (icorgc Street. 662 ‘)1 l2. See l-"ri l7.

Scotlands Of The Mind Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). l0.30ain. A range of writers. including Angus Calder. (ierry Hassan. Tom .\'aim and Rowena Arshed tlisctiss Scotland within an international context.

Greg Palast Assembly Rooms. 54 (icorge Street. 220 434‘). 2pm. The prolific .\'mi1xiiielil and ()/)\(’I'l'(’l' reporter talks about globalisation. corporate cons and fraudsters. See prey icw.

Conferences Rhodo ‘02 Royal Botanic (iarden. lnycrleith Row, 248 2‘)2‘). l‘ree. See liri 17.

Other events

Pathways To Nature l‘our \Vinds Inspiration Centre. The Pay ilion. lnyerlcith Park. Arboretum Place. 332 222‘). £25 plus materials. Kate Hedges leads a practical workshop.

PBFA Bookfair Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). l0ani 5pm. L'l. Brow se and buy from the many second- hand and antiquarian books on offer.

Palace Of

Guided Walk Of Newhaven Village New hay en Heritage Mtiscum. New hay en Harbour. 52‘) 3‘)63. 2pm ck 3pm. l'l‘L‘L‘. See l'll‘l lll.

Book events

Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 662 ‘)l l2. See l'il‘i l7.

James Kelman/Danny Morrison Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). lpm. Kelman and writer Morrison lead a discussion assessing the legacy of republicanisnr through history. politics. literature and mtisic.

Poet Power Pamphlet Power Assembly Rtitims. 54 George Street. 220 434‘). 2pm. The ('allum Macdonald Award nominees are announced and there are as readings from Tom Leonard and Tessa RilllSllll'tl.

Conferences Rhodo ‘02 Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. :43 292‘). lirec. Sec l'it‘l l7.


Art: Alchemy Of The Soul? liot'csl Arts. ‘) West Port. 22] 0237. 7 ‘)pm. liree. Artist l)a\ id McAleccc talks about his exhibition.

Other events

Health And Happiness Naturally Through Maharishi Ayurveda lidinburgh \cdic Centre. 4 West \ewington Place. 08705 143733.

l0ain 4pm. £65. Ay urycdic practitioner l)r l)onn Brennan giyes a talk on this ancient form of natural health care.

Wargaming Exhibition Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. 335 6200. Wargaming tips and products for no\ ices and dedicated fans.

Antique & Collectors Fairs Meadow bank Sports Centre. l3‘) London

Road. 01764 654555. 10am-4pm. £1 (children free). Brow se or buy from a wide selection of antiques and collectables. We Need Trees Holy‘rood Lodge. Holyrood Road. 556 I76]. I -—3pm. liree. l’ind out about the history of Holyrood's trees on this guided walk.

Public Plant Sale Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7l7l.

2.30 5.30pm. l; 1. Variety of exotic plants for sale.

Monday 20

Book events

Martina Cole Borders Books, l'nit 26, Port Kinnaird Retail Park. 657 4041. 7pm. l-‘ree. liw an Wilson in coiwersation with Martina Cole.

Performance Poetry Workshop Quaker Meeting House. 7 Victoria 'I‘errace. 555 27‘)7. 7—-‘)pm. £35 (£25). See .Mon l3.


Musselburgh Races Mtisselburgh Racecourse. Linklield Road. Mtisselburgh. 665 285‘). 6.25 8.55pm. “04.45195: under l6s freer. lilat horse racing.


Ken Cockburn Scottish Poetry Library. 5 Crichton‘s Close. Canongate. 557 2876. 7.30pm. £3. Cockburn discusses fishing boats. watering cans and [an Hamilton liinlay‘.

Christian Science Lecture Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7.30 8.30pm. Lecture.

Other events

Up With The Larks Bridge Road Car Park. Colinton. 447 7145. 5 -8am. liree. Hear the choi‘tis of chirping birds in the early hours of the morning. Monuments Of Calton HiII ('alion Hill. 52‘) 3‘)63. 2pm & 6pm. Adyance booking required. A guided walk taking in the heritage of Calton Hill.

Stella Screen Cinebar ()xygen Bar ck (irill. 3 -5 Infirmary Street. 557 ‘)‘)‘)7. 8pm. liree. See Tue l4 but tonight's film is Soul Survivors.

Wednesday 22


Curator’s Choice Evening City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3.

7.30 ‘)pm. The people behind the museum's collections introduce their personal layourites.

Other events

Miniature Patchwork Boxes Latiriston Castle. 2a Cramond Road South. 336 2060. l0am 4pm. £6. Bring along Pieces of fabric to transform a box into a textile box.

The Art Of Paisley Print New hay en Heritage Museum. Newltayen Harbour. 551 4165. l-v4pnt. £4. A hands-on workshop led by Margaret liindlay experimenting in printmaking and batik.

Mary King’s Close Tours

Meet at lvlercat Cross rbesio’e St Giles Cathedrali. 5:")? 6461-1. £75 124; children £73.. Literary. a trip to Edinburgh‘s underworld. Mar, King's Close is part of a no‘.'/ subterranean net's/ork of streets. waned off in We middle ages during an outbreak of the plague. Museum Of Scotland Chambers Street. 247 A219. Mon—Sat thm—Som; Sun noon—5pm: Tue

102 THE LIST 9,23 Ma,» 227/)

lCain—Boin. Free. Devoted solely to tne lTlSlOC)’ and heritage of Scotland. the btiiloiitg contains five illEB'l‘lélllCélll‘} arranged exhibitions. moving from bre-lnstor,z through the Industrial Revolution. to the present (lélyi

Newhaven Heritage Museum

Nev/haven Harbour. 5:31

f. .613. Daily iir)0ii—/..“-:">o"t. Free. f/le'norabilia ano reconstructed scenes tell the stor; of Next/havoc. and its; sea—going heritage.


Royal l\/l|l(}. 5:30 tees. Daily. {)SCarn—(ipi‘i. 326.530 iETI%.l%()—S.‘:">i; lil"‘ll‘,’ ticket 3516.530. Starting life as a

13th ceitu". al>be,. the the

palace has f2‘.(:l‘.(}(l into a su":i:t-..'oti.s‘ i'eglai

res (fence crammed toll of liair‘ttnqs and artet’acts

(latter; back l)fl"lél."il". to

'7th century.

Royal Observatory Visitor Centre Blacktorzi Hizf. (368 840:"). Mon-Sat ‘(lét'W-Clfl‘fi Sun noon—53pm, 5.713.531) 622.51) fern}; ticket ‘28. This att'actici‘ s a "fine of informat on on the llt);l‘.(}".8. l!‘()"t the ates: interactine CD-RC'WS on space and astronomy to the obseisaton. 's o" going; work !.". Hanan and Australa

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

35»: Cast enill. Royal MM).

221) {DJ-1‘, Dairy ifi‘él"‘---Ol)l“. Seer: i5_‘:%.25—é‘.~1.50i: fare. ticket ‘.‘t.:, Take a rem-p through the traditions and ivston. of yer national

(li nk at i'llS tum, :i‘terazxixe Hill'£1(3ll()". Writers’ Museum Lad; Starr's House. Lady Stairs Close. 529-1901. Men—Sat loam—Soot Free. A treas..i'e-.".ot.se of items relating; to three of Scotland's 'nost ‘a'notis piers: Robert Louis Stexenscn. Robert Burns and Sir \‘x’aite" Scott.