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The cardigan I creepiness of Alan 7%.- Titchmarsh meeting the raw ambition of Tony Wilson

him a hilariously awful catchphrase (‘Ah-haa!’).

TV THE ALAN PARTRIDGE STORY Not that it’s all been a bed of sports casual roses. He BBCZ. Mon 13 May. 100m 00000 very nearly triggered an international incident after

insulting the French during his Paris special, unwittingly Ian Partridge interviewing a woman showjumper kissed a transsexual live on screen while in the finale of A after a great ride: ‘Well, let me tell you if you have KMKY he went out with a bang. Quite literally in fact, as any more problems with your horse, you can ride he shot a boisterous food critic straight through the me round the paddock.’ heart with Lord Byron’s own pistol. Alan Partridge interrogating a footballer after a stinking Somehow escaping incarceration, he was forced back :erformance: ‘The atmosphere here hangs heavy, like a to where it all started (and went wrong?), treading the Ig smell. The smell of men together, the smell of cats’ ludicrously early, early morning slot on Radio Norw1ch. musk. Bob Mariner, you missed the penalty. Why?’ And rather than settling into the pre-breakfast show with A montage of Alan Partridge’s finest goal lazy banter and soothing light sounds, he questioned commentaries: ‘Striiiiker! Eat that! And another! Wham ' Joni Mitchell’s lyrics in a hostile manner and insulted the barn stick it in thank you and goodnight! Twat! That was local farming community before hooking up with a liquid football! Shit! Did ou see that? He must have a foot ' ' Geordie who told tall tales of monke s bein thrown into like a traction engine!’ y _ the sea. y 9 What is Alan Partridge? Well, it’s the cardigan So, in preparation for one of the most eagerly

creepiness of Alan Titchmarsh meeting the raw ambition D-d anticipated TV highlights of 2002 (the new series, I’m Still

of Tony Wilson with more than a hint of the intolerant I Alan Partridge in which our hero has a new love interest),

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This self-made local broadcast sensation (Anglia TV gave a Knowing Me Knowing You (plus Christmas special

him his first break on their sportsdesk) whose love of a Knowing Me Knowing Yule: ‘Quite clever, that’) and I’m

Alan Partridge. Ah-haa! Indeed.

ABBA prompted him to Christen his son Fernando, name . " his own chat show Knowing Me Knowing You, and gave (Brian Donaldson)

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