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There's a new Star Wars film coming out apparently. If you don't already know everything you want to know about it. then this is the place for you. Everything from trailers to g( ssip to biographies; of the zi(:t()rs;. ()r iii(l(2(2(l lll() characters; themselves. There's a news board where you can geek out With the best of them. and generally there is more information than you need to know.

SILENT BUT DEADLY atomfilmsshockwave. com/af/content/

silent deadly

But if you want a different take on the Star Wars: hvpe machine. Alon llill“.

y.” .. m. l- i l. 'i : l : .i'l‘lilijlll filmrr..ilaer's' shorts. but it learned up with lucasfiln‘. to find and show tho best Star Wars influenced short. It concerns George Lucas' long—time hatred of fan sites (like above) giving away plot lines and possible actors from f()t’lllf7()llllll() movies. In It ,fil'ii ls: s mail, out a

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The internot is a bit of a transient boast: one day a site is there. and tho next it could have disappeared for good. It has taken years for

Lu II’UIK} to realise that we hao no permanent rerord of this vastly important global resource. lho Wayback Machine is an attempt to take snapshots; of tho web and preserve thorn for posterity by letting its f,[)l( ler crawl tho web and report back to tho ‘it;l .r:r. Since 199/ rt has (A --i .i;(l two terabytes IL/iii ii.r;gabytef;) of

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be retrospectively browsed by entering the web address into its engine. and choosing the snapshot you want to see.


This is a sister site to the Wayback Machine. and is dedicated to the events of 11 September. Combining television reports from all over the world. this attempts to collate as much information as possible in order to help people come to terms with the chaos. One American channel is here broadcasting a live morning show from the streets of Manhattan minutes before the event. Eerie and unnervineg compulsive.


This site is not recommended. It‘s not good for your health and the antics certainly do not make you attractive to the opposite sex (or any other one. for that matter). TOOd related daros' would be an accurate way of summing it up such as crazy people drinking bottles of Tabasco sauce. a fish-hater eating a tin of sardines and drinking the oil. Not much remains within the stomach. and the roSiilts are here to see in glorious Technicolor.


The List has long been a source of reviews of the latest movie releases. The orin problorn is that we use sentences and paragraphs. Sometimes even big words. None Of that here though with a definitive selection of

Mn s surnmod up in four words. So. About A Boy is 'Frght C/uf) gone solt‘. No more spending a minute to read an inforrnod opinion. this site tells it like it is. Watch out Jonathan Ross. (Steve Blair)

1 10 THE LIST s) 71*, May 200?.

Video/ DVD


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Subversive indie cool

Teen bitches Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) have just graduated from high school. It’s the moment they’ve waited their whole lives for but, having arrived at the golden gateway to independence, they realise to their chagrin that ‘adult’ society sucks. They are now, as they’ve always but not consciously been, cast adrift in a ghost world of rank commerciality devoid of pleasure and meaning. At this point they think ‘Shit and also tuck’.

At what point this dull realisation fell upon underground comic artist/writer Daniel Clowes is uncertain. What is certain is that he coped with the meaningless morass of western monoculture through the medium of art, projecting his existential angst on two teenage girls in the Ghost World comic strip.

Documentary filmmaker Terry Zwigoff shared his vision. He shared it enough to collaborate with Clowes and turn his episodic satire into a cult movie hit, one which essentially sees two middle- aged geeks hiding behind the mini-skirts of youth in a warm-hearted but bitter critique of life in a cultureless void.

Clowes then expresses himself through the ultra- sharp dialogue between the main characters Enid Coleslaw (an anagram of Daniel Clowes) and Rebecca, while Zwigotf introduces the character of Seymour, an obsessive blues 78$ collector played by indie prince Steve Buscemi, to explore the retreat from bland reality to warm nostalgia.

Consummate performances from the lead players ensure that they are much more than puppets to the subversive intent of their authors, while the whole piece is peppered with the indie cool that’s still capable of making western culture palatable. (Catherine Bromley)

I Available from Mon 20 May through Icon on VHS and DVD rental and retail.


independent film about Claude. a butch baby- dyke living with her single mother in New York's Hell's Kitchen. Hiding inside her baggy

This is an quirky yet intense American

clothes. Claude is in love Willi her messed up best friend. [Allen who is involved in an abusive relationship with her drug pusher boyfriend. Against a backdrop of queer-bashing. last days at school and pix/a parlour waitressing. a lesbian love story unfolds when a pink- haired rockor girl turns up with her guitar.

Al/ Over Me is held together by a glorious central performance by Alison Folland that is touching. wrso and funny. Rather like the movie itself. (Diva DVD retail) (John Binnie)

HORROR FREEZER (18) 110min 0..

From / Spit On Your Grave to The/Ina And Lou/so. the fornale vengeance movie has proved one of the most controversial sub-genres in the canon. The problem with thorn is that the men have acted so brutally that you simply cheer on the women's retribution. removing any sense of moral conflict.

In Takashi lshii's chiller. a young woman is raped on film by a trio who years later return to persecute her further in her own home. Fortunately. she has some heavy blunt objects and an industrialsi/e free/er to help her out. Oiin the tragic finale prevents this from being a trawl through a predictable

field. (Metro Tartan Vl l8 and DVD retail) (Brian Donaldson)


(PG) 152min 000

Never in the history of cinema has a film been so massively ovor~hyped as Harry sodding Potter. It's no more a great film than .J.K. Rowling's books are great literature. But. like the books, the film is a competent exercise in fantasy storytelling for kids. Take one geeky protagonist. abuse him with wrckod stop- parents. then send him off on a wonder filled adventure where new friends are made. mysteries resolved and villains brought to justice.

The mainly English cast do what they've been doing best for years. the sets. costumes and locations smell of big bucks and the vrsual effects are seamless. Don't make it a great film. though. (Warner VHS retail) (Miles Fielder)

ROAl) MOVll HIGHWAY (18) 97min 0

.Jii‘o cvu’i'i'iiiui

Perhaps in ten years tirno young punters will elevate this odd road movro to cult status. Maybe. )ust maybe. it'll acquire the retro appeal of Barbare/r'a or ll/rthnar/ And /. In the meantime this straight to video offering wrll remain a tiresome escapade that mixes soft centred l()ll‘(lll(i(} and buddy buddy bonhoinio With foul mouthed drug fuelled banter to no great effect.

Set on the day after Kurt (Zobairi's death nor no obyious reason). it's about l‘.‘.’() teenagers it's/ho take to the road after one is (ll§;(T()\.”t}lt}(l in