bed with the local mobster's wife. It's rambling and formless and. even if you watch it stoned. is unlikely to add up to much. (Entertainment VHS and DVD rental and retail) (Mark Fisher)


(18) 104min 000

The fact that this Tourette's-cursed fucking pervert and his hushed sidekick were merely an aside in Kevin Smith's wicked debut Clerks does not go unnoticed. It's apparent they don't have what's necessary to carry their Own movie. This film flags where it should fly. The undynamic duo


find their likeness. previously used in a comic. is now being made for cinema and the pair set out to get their share and spoil the movie. These adventures involve blunts. bickering and of course. a quartet of PVC-clad ladies. Smith sensibly avoids getting deep. Opting for absurd slapstick shtick. But the goofiness wears thin. leaving you craving the grimy simplicity of Clerks. (Buena Vista VHS and DVD rental) (Mark Robertson)


(15) 109min 0000

You'll want to hoof it to India to get hitched after sitting thrOLigh Mira Nair's gorgeous film. Revolving around an arranged marriage. Nair's film looks at the vari0us domestic dramas thrumming through an upper class New Delhi family. It's as if Mike Leigh phoned up Satyajit Ray and said. ‘I want to make an Indian film, but I don't want to

’There heartbeats assleazy, adherent singedb‘ Act- Juscr we

do Bollywood]

And neither does Nair. Her film is by turns sweet. funny and

emotionally affecting. while avoiding Bollywood conventions. The film also da27les with Declan Quinn's glorious coIOur cinematography and Mychael Danna's score. which mixes classic and contemporary Indian sounds. (FilmFour VHS and DVD rental)

(Miles Fielder)

THRILLER SPY GAME (15) 122min 000

The game in question is the one the CIA have




Brass Eye Released: 6 May 2002

off special episode.

Released: 6 May 2002

Released: 6 May 2002

cally for the release.

Released: 6 May 2002

Edition Released: 6 May 2002

p ,

Usual Suspects - Special Edition - HMV

Released: 29 April 2002

Voted 17th Best Film ever in Channel 4‘s poll last year and only previously available on DVD for a short time. Special edition MGM extras include interviews and out-takes and audio commentary from the editor John Ottman.

Released: 29 April 2002

Strong. gritty British gangster movie set in Liverpool and roughly based on a real event there. Performed by 'non' actors and better for it.

The entire series. including the ‘controversial' one

Cold Feet - HMV Exclusive 1-3 Box Set

Reactivated with a limited release to ceinCide with the World Cup for non-football fans. Re-live the lives and dramas of 3 of our favourite TV couples.

Roxy Music - Live at the Apollo

Filmed live at the Hammersmith Apollo (1 1001) on the Roxy MUSIC Reunion World Tour featuring many of their Greatest Hits. The DVD also includes a 20 minute inten/iew/documentary made specifi-

Thelma and Louise - Special Edition

Re-released as Special Edition including "Last Journey" The Making to Thelma and LOuise. Story boards. rare photos and film footage. Music Video. Deleted Scenes and Photo gallery.

Star Trek - Motion Picture: Special

A double disc edition of the first Star Trek movie featuring 5 additional scenes from the 1979 the- atrical version. 1 1 deleted scenes. along With vari- ous features and directors commentary.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Released: 11 May 2002

Released as a double DVD. Disc 1 includes the film, Disc 2 includes never before seen footage. self-guided tour of Hogwarts. features that allow you to mix potions and perform transfigurations.


.' A. 'Storesat m ‘EdinbUrgh Princes St & St James Glasgow ArgyleSt; SauchiehallSt, Union St. , ' Braehead Centre',& Olympia Centre. EastKilbri'de

Hays you

'.4 0

been playing behind the scenes and around the world. here addressed from Vietnam to the close of the Cold War. The film opens with the arrest of Brad Pitt's top operative by the Chinese after he goes rogue and attempts to break a political prisoner from one of their jails. Pitt's mentor (Robert Redford) has just 24 hours to save his protege from execution. and with no help forthcoming from the American government takes matters into his own hands.

All of which is played out in a tense. pacey fashion by style- over- content director Tony Scott. All very gung ho America and wholly forgettable. (Entertainment VHS and DVD rental)

(Miles Fielder)


The Dish Enjoyable Aussie comedy revolv- ing around the monitor» ing station crew for the Apollo space misSion. (Warner VHS retail) The Gift Southern Gothic thriller featuring Cate Blanchett as a troubled psychic. (Warner VHS retail) The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp Powell and Pressburger's bril- liant epic about the old school soldier out of place in the modern (well. World War II) world. (Carlton VHS retail)

On The Edge Irish trou- bled teen drama With Disco Pigs star Cillian Murphy. (Universal VHS rental)

The Verhoeven Collection Three early Dutch films Business Is BUS/ness. Turkish Delight and Soldier Of Orange —— from the emi- gre director of Total Recall, Basic lnstinct etc. (Metro Tartan VHS Retail)


In June 1999. two students were crossing Hungerford Bridge in central London after a late-night party. Mucking around on their skateboards. they were unsure of crossing the dangerous walkway. and their fears were realised when a gang of three mugged them.

Thinking that being robbed was the extent of their damage. they began to walk away. Another trio arrived from the opposite direction. and although seemingly unconnected to the muggers. they set upon the pair. throwing them into the Thames; one somehow survived the freezing waters. the other did not. The youngest of the attackers was fourteen. the oldest just 21: all of whom were one way or another technically homeless.

There is little sense of getting close to the motivations of these killers (all of whom are now serving time) and in other circumstaiices. you'd be hard-pushed not to mock the Simplistic poetry of the dead teenager's mother.

her method of dealing with grief. As an indictment on modern Britain, it falls short. (Brian Donaldson)

COMEDY SERIES DAISY DAISY Channel 4, Thu 9 May, 10.30pm 00

Poor old Daisy Donovan. She does try her damndest to be endearing. witty and cruelly cutting. all at the same time. But no matter how sterling her effons. the former l l O'C/ock Show host (when it started to get really rubbish) can’t help appearing just a little Wishy-washy.

Does she want to be the next Ruby Wax? Or WI” she able to follow her own path of making strange people look even stranger? Let's face it. in the light of others doing this kind of thing much better iRonson. Theroux). who will really care?

In this opener to her new series. Daisy somewhat too easily gains entry into a beauty pageant in Cincinnati. The spoilt brats. austere moms and overly- officious organisers that you'd expect to see at such an event are all there. and no matter hov.l many Barbie walks or nest-hair makeovers Daisy has. you get the feeling that it's all too neatly set up. She may be half cra/y. but you'd be more than a bit mad tc stand too much of this. (Brian Donaldson)

The wishy-washy Daisy Daisy

5) 1).) Mil.

."‘.)C-.‘ THE LIST 111